Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman
Mikhail Fridman  is a  businessman who got very rich very fast when the Soviet empire collapsed. He founded  the Alfa Group Consortium  which today controls Alfa Bank (opened in 1991), Alfa Capital, Tyumen Oil and several construction material firms (cement, timber, glass) as well as food processing businesses and a supermarket chain. The two are also major holders of tea and sugar plant processors. He sold half of  Tyumen Oil to BP for $6.15 billion.

There was a  scandal over a couple of houses that he bought on the cheap.

Big in oil. Not much scandal. Wikipedia does not tell us his nationality. Mikhail Fridman Chairman, Alfa Group, Russia does.
For Mikhail Fridman, 39, the West has long held a powerful allure. He grew up in a Jewish household in Lvov, a melting-pot city on the Western border of Ukraine that once was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and in the mid-20th century passed from Polish to Soviet rule. He says he never came to see himself as a Ukrainian. Nor did he feel at ease under the anti-Semitic Soviet regime. And although he grew to love Russian culture, what he yearned for most was to feel himself a European -- the ultimate badge, in his mind, of civilization.


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