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Reid was a loud mouthed, pushy drunkard. Then he married money and a Jew. See the Wiki on the point. Admitting to being a hard line communist probably helped with her. The rest of us were not supposed to know. He has a doctorate in West African history and the slave trade so he knows, or should that Jews were the black Slavers. But he probably does not mention it to Her Indoors aka Carine Adler because she is one of them. Given that she is from Brazil she pretty much has to know where the dirt is. Coming from a slave owning family has that effect. Being a pornographic film director is a social distinction of sorts - see John Reid's wife and another shocking erotic film

Brown Was Given His Job By The Communists [ 20 November 2009 ]
On the whole, however, the communist infiltration of the T&G is hardly a joking matter: its influence in the Labour party was substantial. The decision to give Gordon Brown his first and only safe seat, Dunfermline East, was made by two T&G officials: Hugh Wyper, the regional boss and a Communist Party member, and Alec Kitson. This is not exceptional. Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett, Harriet Harman, John Reid — to name just a few — were all T&G people who made their Labour party careers thanks to the union’s backing. And at that time, of course, T&G political backing was within the gift of Alec Kitson. Chernyaev only saw part of the story however. Other documents, still secret, show Labour’s Soviet relationships ran still deeper.
What a surprise that it is. Well, perhaps not. Pandering to anyone and everyone who will give him leg up is the mark of a real politician, an unprincipled politician, a greedy politicians, a man desperate for power to harass us about.


Communism's Poisoned Legacy From Which Labour Has Never Quite Recovered  [ 20 November 2009 ]
Judging only by its electoral performance, the Communist Party of Great Britain was a near-total failure in the 20th century. It only secured a tiny number of MPs at Westminster, while the party membership peaked at just over 60,000 at the height of Soviet popularity during the second world war. But this public lack of success was misleading. The communists exercised considerable secret influence in universities, publishing houses, journalism and even the civil service for decades after 1945............

These diaries indicate that, by the 1970s, an alternative government was in place, handpicked by Moscow to take over the apparatus of the British state once the Cold War was lost...............  

Even today we still do not possess anything like a clear picture of how far this penetration stretched. The lure of Moscow is recent. It remains quite staggering how many aspirant Labour politicians were either members of the communist party or, like the Justice Secretary Jack Straw, influenced by the CP at a time when it was controlled by Moscow. The former defence secretary John Reid, for example, was a CP member well into the 1970s, while Peter Mandelson was an influential Young Communist....

Yet Soviet infiltration of the Labour movement remains a neuralgic subject on the left. One of Jack Jones’s brightest protégés was Gordon Brown. And when I approached Downing Street to ask the prime minister whether he would withdraw his outspoken praise for Jones in the light of the recently disclosed fact that he was a KGB asset and long-term traitor, the Prime Minister dithered and dawdled. At length Downing Street came back with a robust ‘no comment’. [ Is this code for Fuck Off? - Editor ]
Treason was afoot. Treason is afoot. Brown, Blair, Mandelson, Reid and Clarke are very much part of it.
It is marketed as art through main stream distribution channels which means by Jews. It is pornography none the less.


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