Islamic Criminals

We have our very own genuine English criminals. Blair is just one of them. Importing vicious foreigners makes matters worse. That is the point and Cultural Genocide.

Ali Dizaei
Copper, loud mouthed chancer. Allegations have been made regarding bigamy, whores, perjury, perverting the course of justice. He has beaten them all so far. He is currently [ 10 January 2010 ] on trial for perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office. Known associate of Mireskandari.
PS Now [ 8 February 2010 ] he is sorted. He got off with four years which is trifling but then he played the race card. He always did and got away with that too.
PS He didn't get away with it this time. The Met wanted him. The Met got him. Being guilty as Hell makes it that much easier.


Jami Tehrani
Expensive, mouthy, bankrupt which means he is out of business as a lawyer when his appeal runs out.


Sharokh Mireskandari
Loud mouthed chancer decided to take the Met on. His previous came to light and he came unstuck big time. Represented Ghaffur.


Nadhmi Auchi
Major criminal, Vaz kept him out of prison. Known associate of Obama See:-


Tarique Ghaffur
The UK's highest-ranking Asian Muslim police officer, he often used his position to comment on issues of alleged racism in the police service, and on alleged discrimination against Muslims as a factor inciting radical Islam. In June 2008 he accused his own force of racism, claiming that, inter alia, he was not properly consulted over the proposed law involving 42-day detentions for terror suspects. The MPS rejected the claim of racism and said it would "robustly challenge" Mr Ghaffur's claim at any employment tribunal.
Mouthy, works the race relations racket for all it is worth, colludes with Dizaei but the Wiki did not mention that detail.


Rape In England
Not all rapists are Islamics. Some are blacks. Others are Jews running brothels. Then there are Albanians. There are even Englishmen from time to time.


Keith Vaz
Lawyer, MP, crooked, plays the race card. Gets away with it too much


Sarosh Zaiwalla
"29 May 1996 ... Sarosh Zaiwalla. The high flying NRI lawyer wields clout in Whitehall and is a Vajpayee admirer. How does it feel to be part of the Indian ..."
Zaiwalla claims that he didn't bung Vaz a few thousand.


Ace Bakhtyari
The subject of the story, Ace Bakhtyari, of Iran, was subsequently jailed for having a fake passport and deported. Dizaei, one of the Met's most high-profile officers, complained that the story implied he knew that Bakhtyari was an illegal immigrant but nevertheless employed him.

Describing what it alleged was an "incredible security breach", the paper detailed how Bakhtyari was taken to parliament where he met senior Labour figures such as the home affairs select committee chairman, Keith Vaz, and former home secretary John Reid. The report said Bakhtyari was able to bypass security because he was with Dizaei. It was also said that he had accompanied him to Scotland Yard.
Dizaei claims that he did not KNOWINGLY employ an illegal. It worked.


Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Ten Times More Corrupt [ 10 June 2006 ]
Well there's a surprise and it's the Guardian letting the cat out of the bag.


Islamic Thief, A Friend Of Blair To Be Investigated For Stealing £100,000 [ 6 May 2009 ]
Baroness Uddin is alleged to have been claiming £100,000 in allowances while living in social housing accommodation. A Labour peer will be investigated by Parliamentary authorities over allegations she claimed £100,000 in taxpayer-funded expenses on an empty flat. Baroness Uddin - Britain's first female Muslim peer - faces accusations of profiteering after nominating the property she owns in Maidstone, Kent, as her main home. She actually lives just a short distance from Westminster in a rented house in Wapping, East London. But by saying she lives outside the capital, she is allowed to collect up to £174 a day [ tax free ] for overnight accommodation. In 2007-08 she claimed a total of £29,675. The probe is the latest scandal to embroil Labour Lords. Four are currently under investigation over allegations they asked for cash to amend legislation.
Blair claimed that Labour was going to be clean unlike the Tories. Blair lied. How did Uddin get a council house when honest men get nothing? Knowing the right people is often called corruption.
PS Suggested charges
Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception
False accounting
Perverting the course of justice by destroying evidence.
PPS This is an opportunity to use Sharia law. Cutting her hand off would discourage a lot of other Islamics.
PPPS If you choose to claim that you do not believe that Islamics are more corrupt you might be thinking about Blair's mob but look at Muslim Corruption


Illegal Immigrant Stages Publicity Stunt - Communist Subversives Moan [ 2 August 2010 ]
For two hours Osman Rasul perched on railings surrounding the seventh floor balcony of a Nottingham tower block. He blanked out police officers attempting to talk him down and at 7pm last Sunday, placing his hand on his heart, he looked up to the sky and leapt.

The 27-year-old Iraqi Kurd, classified by the local refugee centre as a "destitute asylum-seeker" and in a fraying relationship with the mother of his two [ bastard? ] children, had lost the legal aid he needed to pursue his application to remain in the UK. A trip south to confront Home Office immigration officers in Croydon saw him being turned away and told to find a solicitor.

Nine years of legal limbo, his friends suggested, had induced mounting desperation. Rasul anticipated deportation and all hopes of a life in Britain had evaporated by the time he jumped from Clifford Court tower. The waiting ambulance carried his body to the Queen's Medical Centre. At 7.21pm he was pronounced dead........

The £2bn legal aid budget is already expected to be one of the hardest hit in Whitehall, with justice secretary Kenneth Clarke specifying in a recent interview that it was one area "where our cuts can come from".
For nine years this comedian has been free loading. It is English tax payers he was screwing with the enthusiastic connivance of lawyers milking the legal aid system, dragging out cases with no merit whatsoever, Her Majesty's Government and of course Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. Their objective is to flood us with millions of third raters, liars, thieves and wasters. It is Cultural Genocide


Pakistani Slavers Forced Girl Of 14 Into Prostitution [  3 August 2010 ]
Missing girl, 14, forced into prostitution by gang who plied her with drugs and vodka
A 14-year-old girl was forced into prostitution, sexually assaulted and plied with drugs and alcohol after going missing from her Manchester home. Nine men have been jailed in connection with the abuse on the girl, who was described as having 'loving parents but low self esteem'. The vulnerable teenager was targeted with vodka and cigarettes after she was spotted wandering the streets before she was made to have sex with a string of Asian men, Greater Manchester Police said.........

Khan, 31, from Fallowfield, pleaded guilty to one count of controlling a child prostitute and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. This was later reduced to seven years on appeal.
Charming lot these Pakistanis. That is why Her Majesty's Government imports them. Her Loyal Opposition ditto.

Perpetrators 1 -3

Perps 4 - 6

Perps 7 - 9


Pakistani Murderers Killed Wrong Family With Fire Bomb3 August 2010 ]
An 'honour killing' gang murdered a married couple in their home when they set fire to the wrong house. Abdullah Mohammed and wife Aysha suffocated after petrol was poured through their letterbox and set alight by the gang of young men. The Mohammeds' nine-year-old son and daughter, 14, were also at home during the attack but survived. Four men were yesterday found guilty of murdering the husband and wife, including 21-year-old gang leader Hisamuddin Ibrahim who had intended to attack a man who was having an affair with his married sister.
Her Majesty's Government imports them. We get to live with the results of their treason. This is not to say that Her Loyal Opposition is any less corrupt.


More perpetrators


Care home Worker Stole £50,000 From Residents To Fund Cocaine Habit [ 5 August 2010 ]
A nursing home worker stole £50,000 from elderly residents to fund his cocaine habit. Jaspal Sandhar, 25, also spent the cash on hiring flash cars, buying designer clothes and gambling at casinos. All his three victims lived at The Willows Nursing Home in Higher Broughton, Salford, Greater Manchester, which is owned by one of Sandhar's relatives. One was a 90-year-old lady who has since died, and the others were a 67-year-old woman and 57-year-old man, both of whom have medical conditions.........

Salford magistrates' court was told he obtained £14,209 from the account of Marjorie Thorpe, who has since died. He also took £17,278 from the account of Paula Nelson, and £18,724 from Brian Roy.
Import Indians, import Pakistanis, import aggravation, crime, disease. That is what our wonderful government does to us.


Pakistani Councillor Charged With Bigamy [ 9 August 2010 ]
Councillor Pervez Choudhry, 52, was arrested on Monday and later released on bail. Choudhry, who was originally elected as a Labour candidate for the Central Ward but later defected to the Tories, is due to appear at Maidenhead Magistrates’ Court next Monday. Peter Dale-Gough, the acting leader of the Conservative group on Slough Borough Council, said Choudhry had told him that he took part in a religious ceremony to his first wife but never went through with the civil ceremony and was therefore not married by law. His second wife, a GP who was said to be about 10 years his junior, lives and works in Birmingham. He was said to have met her while using an online dating site and married her in Pakistan. She was thought to have left Choudhury on learning that his previous marriage may not have legally ended.
Cameron is getting more of his sort into the Tory party and more women to boot. The man is fool or a rogue.

Choudhury looks like an arrogant chancer. He is treacherous too. Defecting to the Tories proves that. Pakistanis do not vote party. They vote racial.


UK 'Most Wanted' Captured In Bangladesh [ 9 August 2010 ]
Officers have been wanting to speak to Ayab Khan, 27, since a double murder in east London in 2003. Amarjit Singh, 52, and his nephew Rajinder Singh, 35, were shot dead near the hotel they owned in Forest Gate. Police are now seeking his formal extradition to Britain following the arrest in Dhakar. Khan, originally from Chigwell, Essex, was detained as he was on his way to an airport, it was believed..... The Met had offered a reward of £10,000 for information leading to Khan's arrest and conviction. In 2004 he was placed on Scotland Yard's Most Wanted list [ Then they ran out of space for him - Editor ].... The uncle and his nephew - both businessmen - were shot with an Uzi-style machine gun following an argument, it was reported at the time. At the time of the killings, the police said the pair may have been shot dead following a row about parking.
Khan looks convincingly nasty. Her Majesty's Government imports swine like him as a matter of policy, in order to achieve Cultural Genocide just like Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.


Mahendra Shah Is A Bent Landlord [ 10 August 2010 ]
The Croydon Advertiser tells us that Shah has previous but it is only in the print edition. There are more crooks out there is the same name. It must be in the blood. There was a threat of murder as well.


Mahendra Shah Guilty Of Fraud, Money Laundering And Arson [ 10 August 2010 ]
Mr. Shah evaded over $480,000 in taxes for those three years. Shah’s finances came to light in connection with the investigation of his father, Mahendra Shah, for the arson of several industrial buildings in South Baltimore. Mahendra Shah was convicted last April of arson and related counts of insurance fraud and money laundering in connection with that fire, and is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday,
Father and son are both crooked and greedy too.


Corruption, Fraud & Manipulation All Thrown In - Mahendra Shah Is At It Again [ 10 August 2010 ]
The MD of Globus Corp, in alliance with a lawyer, has not only forged signatures of another person, but also continued share manipulation in a company promoted by himself, using a director’s name

It doesn't get more bizarre than this. A company's managing director (MD) has actually forged the signature of a director of other company that he himself had promoted. Further, he 'authorised' an advocate to represent himself and the director of the company for a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) hearing. The MD further went on to manipulate the shares of the company that he had promoted, using the director's name as a front. 
Import Indians, import crime. Aren't we lucky to have another thousand million chancers out there wanting to rob?


Pakistani Day Release Prisoner Made Thousands Running A Brothel [ 13 August 2010 ]
An inmate on day release from an open prison recruited Eastern European prostitutes and ran a brothel for six months, it emerged yesterday. Prison staff thought Rashpal Singh, 28, was working at a tyre fitting firm six days a week, earning the minimum wage. But he was actually raking in thousands of pounds a month running a vice den from a terrace house in Rotherham, South Yorkshire – remaining undetected for an astonishing six months. He was only arrested after police received a tip-off and found him with £2,000 in his pocket and a large quantity of cannabis.

The extraordinary lapse by prison staff was condemned by a judge who yesterday added two years to Singh’s original six-year sentence for aggravated burglary. Singh, who pleaded guilty to keeping a brothel for prostitution, had only served one year and 11 months of his sentence when he was given day release in April 2009.
Enterprising chappie. His sort are liable to wind up in Parliament or prison. See the next one on the point.


Islamic MP Treats Law With Contemptuous Indifference [ 20 August 2010 ]
First Muslim woman MP gets 6-month driving ban for using a mobile phone and having no insurance
She was elected as Britain's first Muslim woman MP three days earlier. But before Yasmin Qureshi had a chance to start making laws, she was caught breaking one in her new constituency. The human rights lawyer turned Labour politician was stopped by police for using a mobile phone while driving. To add to her humiliation, it was found that she had no motor insurance. Yesterday the former aide to Ken Livingstone did not attend a court hearing at which she was given a six-month driving ban and fined £1,250..... She already had nine points on her licence after being caught using a mobile phone while driving, as well as two speeding offences. Mrs Qureshi follows Ed Balls, Liam Byrne and Harriet Harman as Labour MPs to fall foul of a law brought in by their own government.
Livingstone's henchwench is an arrogant rogue. She regrets nothing except getting caught. Ditto for Harman - they let her off lightly too Cann, Labour Drinking and Driving is another.
PS Qureshi is the first Islamic MP and a criminal. Uddin is the first Islamic woman in the Lords and the first to be caught thieving. A pattern is clear. Islamics are even more corrupt than England's ruling classes.


700 Corrupt Senior Islamic Police To Be Sacked [ 17 July 2011 ]
In a rare show of unity, Egypt's largest political Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, will join a vast array of liberal, leftist and secular political forces, including youth representatives from this year's anti-Mubarak uprising. They will demand that police officers and former regime officials are finally held accountable and that the army's grip over the justice system comes to an end.............

In another apparent attempt to appease the public ahead of the rally, interim interior minister Mansour al-Essawy has promised to purge up to 700 corrupt senior officers from the police force as part of the largest reshuffle in the interior ministry's history. But five months on from the protests that led to Mubarak's fall and left almost a thousand dead, only a single officer has been convicted of wrongdoing – and he is yet to be put behind bars.
To be fair they are police criminals in Egypt not England. It may even be that some are Christian. This is a follow up to Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Ten Times More Corrupt [ 10 June 2006 ] which the Guardian hopes we have forgotten about.


Islamics Claim That They Murder And Torture [ 11 February 2014 ]
I believe them. They are Third World thugs imported by Her Majesty's Government with the collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. Recall Cameron's Claims That Islam Is A Religion Of Peace. Cameron lies.


Muslim Immigrant Crime Rates Goes Up By 218 Percent In Second Generation [ 23 April 2014 ]
The former chief of Danish Statistics concludes that immigrants from countries with Buddhist culture are much easier to integrate than Muslim immigrants. Besides the violent jihad, political jihad and demographic jihad, I think it is fair to speak of welfare jihad: Muslims’ destruction of Western societies by draining their welfare systems by systematic fraud and unending demands for social benefits — or jizya, as it is called in the Qur’an (Muslims’ right to get money through tax paid by non-Muslims). Via, translated by Nicolai Sennels:


Blacks Charged With Murdering A White Man [ 23 April 2014 ]

They are only offering $5,000 for him but then he is black. A white man they would really have wanted.


Four Blacks Charged With Attempted Murder Of A White Man [ 23 April 2014 ]
See the faces, know the guilt. It was in Detroit.


Islamic Preacher Incites Murder In England [ 13 January 2015 ]
Cleric Mizanur Rahman, of Palmers Green, north London, defended the brutal murder of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices, saying ‘insulting Islam…they can’t expect a different result.’........... Speaking to an audience in London which was streamed online to thousands of his followers, Rahman praised Al Qaeda and said ‘Britain is the enemy of Islam.’....... Rahman, who also goes by the name of Abu Baraa, is currently on police bail after he and others were arrested last year on suspicion of terror offences......

He manages the Siddeeq Academy in Tower Hamlets, an Islamic tuition centre in East London. In May last year Rahman was investigated by police after a video showed him praising the Boko Haram militants who kidnapped more than 300 Nigerian schoolgirls........

Rahman also had placards calling for the annihilation and beheading of those who insulted Islam.
The Mail alleges that he is British. I allege that he is an enemy alien infiltrated by corrupt politicians of  Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought. The fact that he operates in Tower Hamlets where corruption is gross and Vote Rigging is rampant does not prove his guilt but it is suggestive.


Twelve Islamic Thugs Get ASBOs [ 24 January 2015 ]
They were incited by Anjem Choudary, another vicious chancer. They were imported by Treason, by Her Majesty's Government with the collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition to be used as a Trojan Horse, as the foot soldiers who destroy England.. It why Cameron is running the Army down.


Islamic Murderer Gets 28 Years [ 2 May 2015 ]
The man he killed was a Pakistani taxi driver; in all probability a Rapist, illegal immigrant or both. The killer went Islamic in prison. The girl friend was charged with murder as well. She is in for a retrial.
PS Cameron is importing more with malice aforethought.


Black Terrorist Was Not A Lunatic Says Pakistani Neighbour [ 6 August 2016 ]
It's just a lie that police use as a cover up for Islamic criminals that Cameron imported with malice aforethought when he was marketing the joys of Multiculturalism. The Daily Mail is helping pervert the truth but then it is a Propaganda machine.