Racism in Israel

Zionist crazies invented racism as a political tool for destroying civilization to incite Black Hate & White Guilt, to keep us quiet while flooding us with Third World aliens. It is putting them in control. They are profoundly racist and here are just a few examples. For more see Jews in the News. Jews hate blacks. Jews have Concentration Camps In Israel to deal with them.

Prevention Of Infiltration Law
Is grossly Racist but then that is Jews for you. It was mainly to keep Palestinians out, while Jews from wherever are unconditionally allowed in.
PS They bribe Jews to go to Israel. Some are stupid enough to do it.


Over Half A Million Attend Funeral Of Revered Racist Rabbi
Over 500,000 Jews are grossly racist, in Israel alone.


Shas Party - The Rampant Racists
The Shas Party in Israel was set up by rampant Racists, Zionist crazies & thieves. It has one redeeming virtue. It says what it thinks about Homosexuals. What do the Main Stream Media say about it? Nothing because they are corrupt as well.


For Jews Only - Racism Inside Israel - An Interview with Phyllis Bennis
The murderous hooligans who run Israel are racists to the core.


Israeli Racism
Racism is the defining characteristic of the Jew. It informs their attitudes to honest men. Fear and hatred are result. It makes them political subversives, manipulating politicians by bribery, blackmail; exploiting their greed, their gullibility. They are destroyers. Menachem Z. Rosensaft is an example.


Jews Hate Us
Jews are grossly racist. They have never been anything else. They are destroying us, the Europeans who invented civilization, science, you name it.


Racism In Israel Gets Nastier
Jews feel that they can get along very well without blacks. Jews say so loud and clear. Does the Main Stream Media bother to tell us? Not a chance! The main stream media are propaganda machines controlled by Jews while Racism is a Marxist construct.


Some of the guilty are named. Political manipulators, subversives and politicians use various people as secular saints. The truth behind the lies exposes the corruption and hypocrisy.


Racist Jews Defeated By An Honest Man
Two heavyweight patter merchants fronting for Zionism took on Gilad Atzmon and came unstuck.


Stilling The Voices Of Dissent
Being a people "of the book", Jews have always practiced censorship, and sought to imprison and murder those who dare to disagree with the "Rabbis and sages". The Jewish Talmud, in Erubin 21 b, states (see also: Sanhedrin 88b),
The truth has its uses. Jews will understand that one day.


Jewish Majority Vital for Israel's Future
The Australian Jewish News
May 9, 2006


Changing Israel's Marriage Law
The Jewish Week of Greater New York
April 4, 2006
Non-Orthodox Jewish couples are forced to submit to an Orthodox marriage ceremony with an Orthodox rabbi and are compelled to attend classes on family purity.


On Problems of Jewish Intermarriage & Loss of Jewish Identity
Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
March 4, 2005
Let's be honest. We are losing the battle of Jewish identity. Intermarriage is growing.


Israel's Marriage Law
Znet Magazine
August 2, 2003
Israel's Parliament has passed a law preventing Palestinians who marry Israelis from living in Israel.


Israel's Racist Marriage Law
Jeff Rense Information Archive
August, 7, 2003
The Israeli Parliament voted to block Palestinians who marry Israelis from becoming Israeli citizens or residents, erecting a new legal barrier as Israel finished the first section of a new physical barrier against Palestinians West Bank.


The Jewish Ezra Marriage Covenant with God - Never Marry Gentiles
Book of Ezra, Chapter 10, Holy Bible
Ezra Announces the Sin of Inter-Marriage Must End...
Adolf Hitler was keen on racial purity for his Herrenrasse or master race. That was very dreadful. Jews were at it 2,000 years ago. They still are.
PS The links to Jewish sources were all live in August 2007.


Yitzchak Ginsburgh is a Racist rabbi who approves of murdering us.

Ginsburg Is In Favour Of Murdering People
“Jewish blood and a goy’s blood are not the same.” — Israeli Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Inferring that killing isn’t murder if the victim is Gentile. Jerusalem Post, 19 June 1989.
Grossly racist or what?

Incitement To Murder Might Get Dealt With As Crime
Four days after the attack on the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem, we are discovering a tense and disturbing situation. The massacre, which was directed against Jews who study in one of religious Zionism's flagship institutions, exposed the extent of the rift between some parts of the religious right and the government. Flyers distributed yesterday in Jerusalem and the settlements and signed by 11 extreme-right rabbis deserve not only a harsh condemnation, but a determined response from the legal authorities. "Each and every one of us must imagine what the enemy is plotting to do to us, and to match it measure for measure," wrote the rabbis, including Daniel Staveski, Yitzhak Shapira, Yaakov Yosef, Gadi Ben-Zimra and Ido Elba, who in the past was convicted of racist incitement. 
Zionist crazies don't the coverage from the main stream media that Arabs do.
Murder Is Right For Jews
Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, head of the Kever Yossev Yeshiva (school of Talmud) in Nablus has stated, "The blood of the Jewish people is loved by the Lord; it is therefore redder and their life is preferable." According to a pamphlet compiled by Rabbi Ginsburg entitled, Five General Religious Duties Which Lie Behind the Act of the Saintly, Late Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, May his Blood be Avenged, "the killing by a Jew of a non-Jew, i.e. a Palestinian, is considered essentially a good deed, and Jews should therefore have no compunction about it." 
Even the thugs who run Israel weren't going to let him say these things in public. In private it is main line policy.

Racism in Israel
Jews are too lazy to do man's work like building or other things involved muscle. So they hire poor men to do it for them. Employing Chinamen was part of it. Making them agree not to fornicate with locals was part of it too. This was an abuse of a dominant financial position. Their racism is legally required and legally enforced. This is just an example.


Racists Desecrate Synagogue in London   [ 15 October 2005 ]
Isn't it awful? There are so many racist hooligans out there. This lot are Jews. Whoops. Hold off writing the headlines. We are going to keep quiet about this one. Abusing Englishmen for racism is policy but Jews are wonderful caring human beings; victims of Adolf to boot.


Racist Israel abandons refugees from 'village of traitors'  [ 16 October 2005 ]
Sharon pulled Jewish settlers out of a small part of the Stolen Land. They got first class treatment and compensation. Jews are racists who look after their own. The Bedouin had to go to court to get anything at all. Actually they have been put in a place that sounds about as nice as Auschwitz.


IDF may build Palestinian-only roads  [ 20 October 2005 ]
They already have Jew only roads which are much better. This is one of their ways of celebrating diversity and multiculturalism. Murder is another.


Mordechai Vanunu, the atomic bomb, Israel and apartheid  [ 21 October 2005 ]
Nuremburg trials were fair compared to the Vanunu trial. Lying to the world is standard operating procedure. Ask Wiesenthal and Sharon. Apartheid is nice compared to the way they treat Arabs.


Racism in Israel   [ 21 October 2005 ]
Jew murders Arabs. It is not terrorism even though Sharon the mass murderer said that it was so the victims get no compensation.


Sharon’s Final Solution [ 28 October 2005 ]
Mass murder is part of it. Ethnic cleansing is the dishonest name for it. The Jews have got to the stage where they can ignore international nausea. They control the American army so why worry?


Jews Harass Palestinians  [ 3 November 2005 ]
Doing supersonic runs over Gaza with F16s given to them by America for free to help them murder people is a small part of their systematic evil and ethnic cleansing. Adolf would have taken the point.


Flames consume 600 dunams of orchards in Carmel region [ 4 January 2006 ]
Live firing in an army training area burns out "wild" orchards. Meanwhile Jews are cutting down trees in Palestinian orchards. Coincidence? I doubt it. How many wild orchards are there in a desert country? See also Racism in Israel


Chief rabbi's son gets jail time for abduction [ 5 January 2006 ]
The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Meir Amar, son of Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, to 32 months in prison for the abduction of his teenage sister's 17-year-old suitor. He gave the lad a good kicking too. The prosecution wants another(?) three years for that. The thug also gets to pay 32,000 shekels. God's Chosen People are not like mere mortals.
PS Perhaps this qualifies as crime rather than racism but it does tell us something about God's Chosen People.


Jews and Father Christmas  [ 8 January 2006 ]
Jew dresses as Father Christmas. Jews beat him up. Are Jews any better than Arabs? He thought Israelis was not as vicious as Russians. We all learn.

Here he is about to get a kicking.


Jewish Attacks Continue [ 9 January 2006 ]
Jewish settlers cut down another 120 Palestinian olive trees. This is racism and ethnic cleansing. The local police are going through the motions of investigating. Meanwhile the newspapers tell us about the problems of Sharon, the mass murderer.


Holocaust care group cutting assistance to 20,000 survivors  [ 10 January 2006 ]
Do the Jews care about survivors? Not really. They didn't even pretend to care about the survivors who were Gypsies or other undesirables. This is a multi-gigabuck boondoggle.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Jerusalem And Comes Unstuck  [ 10 January 2006 ]
Well maybe. The copper shot the Arab in the back which lets self defence out. The police testimony was very different from that of honest witnesses. Police have had the practice at committing perjury that the rest of us have not.


IDF did nothing to stop settlers uprooting olive trees   [ 11 January 2006 ]
The military and police did nothing to prevent the felling of Palestinian olive trees despite having the names of the settlers responsible, the head of the Shin Bet security service claimed [ Claimed is a tendentious word but at least they are reporting it. Editor ] Tuesday. Yuval Diskin told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that the Shin Bet had handed over the names of members of the "hilltop youth" from the West Bank settlements of Yitzhar and Itamar who were involved in uprooting the olive trees, but the security forces refrained from taking any action.

According to Diskin, the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police "are turning a blind eye, and doing nothing to deal with this phenomenon."
Are racism and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians official policy? Yes.


Cabinet to vote next week on allowing Jerusalem vote  [ 11 January 2006 ]
Jews might let Arabs vote but only for their candidates. Racism is policy in Israel, the Stolen Land.


Does Israel want peace? [ 11 January 2006 ]
The people of GAZA are living under occupation. The prison quarters diminished as Israel implemented “no-go” areas in the northern Gaza Strip and took military control. Israel remains firmly in control of the airspace as well as the sea and all borders except the European Union monitored Rafah border, which according to Israel can be shut down at any time.
All the while, human rights reports come and go, asserting that the harsh conditions of “post DISENGAGEMENT” are worsening rather than improving. Poverty, malnutrition, and unemployment are on the rise, while new “peaceniks” like Ehud Olmert are ushered into the Kadima party on feathered pillows to bring Israel to new heights
If they want peace they are showing a strange way of going about it.


Ariel Sharon's eulogists ignore the blood on his hands  [ 11 January 2006 ]
Various politicians are telling us that Sharon was a man of peace. They are lying. Consider:-
August 1953,  El-Bureig Massacre led by Sharon.
October 1953, Qibya Massacre got 69 kills under Sharon's command.
1982 Invasion of Lebanon, planned by Sharon, led by Sharon. It achieved 18,000 kills.
1982 Shatila and Sabra Massacres caused by Sharon got 2,000 kills and  a slap on the wrist.
September 2000. Sharon visited the Temple Mount with 200 armed guards in order to incite war. He succeeded by causing the  al-Aqsa intifada. There were Jewish casualties too.
Unilateral "disengagement" from Gaza was a  tactical withdrawal, no more. When he wasn't murdering Arabs he was thieving. His prosecution for  political campaign fraud  be beaten by death, a tactical withdrawal. Maxwell did that too.


Shin Bet gives IDF, police `harvest incident' suspects  [ 12 January 2006 ]
Are the police doing anything about it? Encouraging them perhaps? This is ethnic cleansing and important to Zionists. They want Lebensraum. They learnt a lot from Adolf. See also Shin Bet: IDF did nothing to stop settlers uprooting olive trees They did catch four Jews beating up old  women though.


Eight stabbed in Moscow synagogue   [ 12 January 2006 ]
The most important question is why Jews get themselves hated so effectively but nobody seems to ask that not even the head rabbi. See Chief Rabbi warns of anti-Semitic 'tsunami'. Of course their current ethnic cleansing operations in Israel do not help. See Racism in Israel


Yad Vashem worried by Iranian Holocaust denial   [ 13 January 2006 ]
Why would this be? They have extorted billions on the strength of it. They have stashed them away What is the problem? Of course genuine(?) Holocaust survivors are going hungry in Israel but nobody really cares about that, do they? See Holocaust survivors go hungry in Israel.


How Quickly They Forget the Real Sharon  [ 13 January 2006 ]
Some people do. For his victims it is different. Those he murdered remember nothing but their relatives do. His expansion of Israel will carry on. And here is the good news Americans. You will get to pay for it.


Organized crime holds state hostage  [ 23 January 2006 ]
The state in question is Israel. The organized criminals are the settlers. Thus we are told by Haaretz. I would have thought that the Sharon mob were vicious enough and evil enough not to be pushed around but I am not there.

Settlers have been doing the ethnic cleansing. Palestinians are the victims and nobody really bothered. The High Court is just as bent as the rest.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Israel  [ 2 January 2006 ]
Harassing Palestinian farmers in order to drive them out and steal their land is the name of the game and it is not the first time that it has been done. Chopping down their olive trees was last week's little lark. See Mofaz orders probe into uprooted olive trees  And the head rabbi whines about anti-Semitism. See Chief Rabbi warns of anti-Semitic 'tsunami' To be fair, a [ Jewish? ]  human rights mob, Yesh Din helped to protect the victims from the Jews.


Olive Trees Follow Up [ 2 January 2006 ]
Thousands of Palestinian trees have been destroyed with official connivance; that is to say official racism and official ethnic cleansing. Jews want Lebensraum. Official policy is Nacht und Nebel [ night and fog ]. But there are Jews who seem to think that maybe they should clean up their act. See They won't forget and won't forgive


World Council of Churches slams Israel [ 25 May 2006 ]
Israel bears the burden of responsibility for the present crisis in the Middle East, the World Council of Churches has announced, following a meeting of its Executive Committee in Geneva from May 16-19.
That sounds about right to me. Murdering children for fun is not nice.


Jewish Security Matters. Human Rights Do Not [ 25 May 2006 ]
Palestinians are human so they have rights according to the UN among others. Jews are not interested. Jews just want ethnic cleansing. Maybe it is just most of them Haaretz explains.


Israel allows attacks on Palestinians but not vice versa [ 25 May 2006 ]
They are allowed to murder Englishmen too. That is the kind of people they are. Amnesty say so. They have a reputation for telling the truth some times and irritating murderous thugs.


Israeli Occupation Forces fire at Palestinian ambulance [ 28 May 2006 ]
It was carrying a pregnant woman to hospital but they failed to murder her. These trigger happy  comedians could show the Wehrmacht a thing or two about atrocities.


Israel's Racism Is Alive And Well [ 29 April 2007 ]
The Israel Prize this year was a scandal.... "Where are the Mizrahi ethnic groups" (referring to Jews with origins in the Muslim countries), or: "Where are the Sephardim?"... how can it be possible that in the 15 prize categories not a single place was found for a worthy candidate who is not Ashkenazi?
Racism is the world's greatest evil isn't it? The media tell us and it is run by Jews but that is just for those of us who are not God's Chosen People. They do not have to like their black brethren and they don't.


Democracy for Jews only in occupied Palestine [ 30 May 2007 ]
... Israeli democracy is careful not to talk about the constitutional status of the Arabs within its borders. It has established a devious system of laws and regulations to expropriate from them rights reserved only for Jewish citizens, and even for Jewish non-citizens. The real estate laws are an example of this, as are the actions of the Jewish National Fund and the Jewish Agency, which behave as if the state were only for Jews..... Israeli law defines the state as Jewish and democratic. The Shin Bet is now trying to turn the "and" into an "or."...
Israel can be Jewish OR democratic NOT both. Shin Bet is right - and racist.


Israeli & Jewish Racial Purity Laws [ 27 August 2007 ]
This is a study file of articles published mostly by Jews about Jewish separatism whereby Jews seek to keep their own race pure. The irony is that their leaders seek all other races to intermix and such Jewish groups as the ADL and ACLU have expressed some of this irony from time to time.


Racist Jews Ban Ethiopian Students [ 12 August 2009 ]
At least 100 students of Ethiopian origin in Petah Tikva [ in Israel ] do not know what school they will be attending in the fall, with the opening of the school year just two and a half weeks away. The uncertainty stems from the fact that the city's private schools with an ultra-Orthodox or national Orthodox bent have refused to accept children of Ethiopian origin. Much of the funding for the private schools comes from the Education Ministry and the city. Education Ministry director general Shimshon Shoshani said Wednesday that the schools that continue to refuse to enroll the children will be fined and may have their licenses suspended.
Related articles:
Petah Tikva religious schools reject kids of Ethiopian immigrants
Ministry: Suicide twice as likely for Ethiopians
Jew and Marxists use allegations of Racism against people in England, America and the West generally but in Israel it is very different.


Leading Settler Rabbi Calls Obama A Nigger [ 4 February 2012 ]
Leading Settler Rabbi Calls Obama A 'Nigger', Compares Him To Haman
Dov Lior, considered to be the leader of Zionist Orthodox West Bank rabbis, called US President Barack Obama a "kushi" (a derogatory term for black people equivalent to nigger or darkie) of the West and compared him to the biblical archenemy of the Jews, Haman of the Book of Esther.

Meretz MK calls for investigation against rabbi who called US president a "Kushi"; Lior brands Europeans as "Nazi collaborators."
Kiryat Arba's Chief Rabbi Dov Lior compared US President Barak Obama to Haman - an enemy of the Jews in the Book of Esther- during a conference in the West Bank this week, Army Radio reported Friday. He also labeled the Obama a "kushi" of the West, a derogatory term used to describe people of African descent......

Like all official chief rabbis of cities and towns in Israel, Rabbi Lior's salary is paid by the state. Lior has a long history of racism and radicalism, and is identified as being the rabbi of the most extreme West Bank settlers.
Another arrogant racist oik who incites murder. Jews put Obama into office, illegally of course. Now they want another puppet who will dance to their tune. The settlers are the thieving Jews robbing Palestinians, stealing their land.


Racist Jew Objects To Human Rights For Palestinians  [ 16 February 2014 ]
Zionist crazies
stole Palestine by treachery. They hold it by terror. Ethnic Cleansing is policy although they would prefer Genocide. This is gross Racism but then Racism is a Marxist construct. It only applies to civilized peoples. Jews invented it as an attack on our weakness; a feeling for the underdog. We are prone to Western Guilt.


Racist Jews Burn Arab House Murdering One, Injuring Three [ 31 July 2015 ]
A one-and-a-half-year-old Palestinian baby was burned to death and three others were seriously injured after Jewish settlers allegedly set fire to a Palestinian home in the Palestinian Arab village of Douma, near Nablus in the West Bank, Ha’aretz reported.

Several settlers allegedly spray-painted graffiti reading "revenge," "Long live the King Messiah" and "price tag" on the house and then broke its windows and then threw firebombs inside as its occupants slept. The settlers then ran away, leaving the home’s occupants to burn alive.
Jews always claim that they are victims especially when they are the perpetrators.


Jews Want Blacks Out Of Israel  [ 1 April 2015 ]
Israel is set to force illegal African migrants to choose between leaving to a “safe third-party” country in Africa or face imprisonment, the interior ministry said.

A statement from the ministry's population and immigration authority said the measure would apply to migrants currently at the southern Holot detention centre, “who infiltrated Israel and cannot be expelled to their country of origin”. There are currently around 2 000 African migrants at Holot out of an estimated 42 000 in Israel.................

Most African migrants in Israel reside in impoverished areas in southern Tel Aviv, where their presence has triggered protests from veteran residents.
So Jews don't like blacks. Jews are grossly Racist. That is why they have Concentration Camps In Israel albeit they are not known to have gas chambers. Jews in South Africa claimed that Apartheid was very bad, very Racist. In Israel it is different. Jews in England claim that Multiculturalism is very good for us. Jews are vicious racist liars intent on destroying England by Ethnic Fouling, by Genocide.


Black Victims Of Racist Jews Try To Escape Persecution [ 1 August 2015 ]
The dramatic attempt by over a thousand Africans being held prisoner by the Zionist regime in Israel to flee across the border into Egypt rather than face continued Jewish racism, has once again highlighted the incredible hypocrisy of the Israel-supporting Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has demanded an “open border” policy for America.

The Africans, all being held at the Holot detention center [ Or Concentration Camp - Editor ] in southern Israel have announced that the racismand hatred which they encounter from the Israeli state and public is so bad that they would prefer to be sent back “to be shot” or at the very least sent to another country. According to a report in the Times of Israel, the Africans who tried to flee Israel were arrested and thrown into the Saharonim prison  [ A Concentration Camp in fact - Ed. ], which is located next to Holot.

If such a thing should happen in America, or any other country in the world, the ADL and other Jewish Supremacist organizations would be the first to start screaming “racism” and “oppression” and be calling for their release.........

However, because this is Israel, the ADL and the other Jewish Supremacist gangs which claim to be “civil rights” organizations are completely silent and continue to support their country no matter what.
What is the difference between Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Germany and Saharonim Concentration Camp, the one in Israel? Not a lot apart from the Main Stream Media coverage, the Propaganda; it makes Germans look bad and Jews look good. It is a fraud upon the public.


Racist Jew Wants All Churches In Israel, The Stolen Land Destroyed [ 8 August 2015 ]
Zionist crazies are full of hate. They even believe their own propaganda about being God's Chosen People & a Light Unto Nations. We are different; we are Life Unworthy of Life or lebensunwertes Leben. That is the used by Nazis for people who were one way or another a burden, unable to care for themselves; alternatively, Untermenschen or sub-humans. It is not used by Jews - in public but it is very much a main stream policy in the Stolen Land that Zionist crazies call Israel. That why they have infiltrated civilization & why we have a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ].


Racist Jews Hate Blacks [ 16 August 2015 ]
“We are facing a time bomb, a threat that is bigger than the one from Iran. Filipino women are going to bed with Israeli men and staying here. I’m familiar with this. It’s no less a danger than the infiltrators. The women have learned the system. It’s a demographic catastrophe. I would prefer a million drug addicts to one infiltrator, because the infiltrators have come to swallow us up.”
The Jews understand blacks. That is why their wonderful government has Concentration Camps In Israel. They are not known to have gas chambers but then did Auschwitz? Albeit there are Jews who have gone the other way, welcoming Illegal Immigration in
Israel. The normal Jews want Illegal Immigration into Western Civilization but that is different; that is Ethnic Fouling, which will morph into Genocide. Jews hate & fear White people; they are Paranoid when they are not psychopaths.


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