The Lunatic Fringe are manipulated by cunning rogues pushing Racism. They market people as secular saints because they will advance a communist agenda. Here are some of them. Nelson Mandela was discovered then marketed by Joe Slovo, a communist Jew then he was advertised by the BBC and other Marxists. The Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King was also discovered by a communist Jew and heavily marketed.

Ovadia Yosef
The Very Reverend Ovadia Yosef was a vicious, senile, racist old fool. He was also the Chief Rabbi of Israel, a recognized Talmudic scholar and foremost halakhic authority. He founded Shas, the seventh largest political party in Israel, where Racism isn't crime; it is main stream policy.  The Wiki's article has an approving tone. It tells us, in essence that he is a real, whole hearted Jew, one who believes the tosh they come out with but lacking the sense to keep his mouth shut about it. Was the swine an exception? Given that Over Half A Million Attend Funeral Of Revered Racist Rabbi the answer has to be NO!


Gandhi, the racist is not the story being sold by Attenborough but then Attenborough is a communist subversive or perhaps, one of Lenin's Useful Idiots. Gandhi admired Adolf Hitler.


Che Guevara
Guevara was a mass murderer and communist subversive. What we are told about the man is very selective; facts with a liberal covering of lies.


Coudenhove-Kalergi, Racist Philosopher
Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi was a mongrel and a Racist but their kind of racist. His face fitted. He was in crowd with the politicians who run Europe. In fact he was pretty much the one who started it. He put his position at Destroying Civilization.


Martin Luther King
He has his very own day in America because he was a communist front man used to incite hatred among blacks. He was useful alive and even more so dead. It meant that he could be sold as a martyr and victim of the nasty white man. It also made it easier to cover up his track record of thieving, fornication and beating up his whores.


Muhammad Ali
Was a loud mouthed oaf and Racist


Abraham Lincoln
Honest Abe was a cunning lawyer and a cunning liar. He did not care a fig about slaves or slavery per se. The history industry sells him as an abolitionist. The industry is run by liars and propagandists.


Nelson Mandela
Jews of the South African Communist Party like Joe Slovo used Mandela to incite racial Hatred among blacks in South Africa. It worked. Brits and Afrikaners were screwed while the Jews running De Beers got even richer as they laughed up their sleeves.


Vince Reid, A Black Racist
During the 50th anniversary celebrations of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks on June 22 1948, Vincent Reid, who has died aged 66, featured prominently in radio and television interviews. For Vincent was, at 13, the youngest West Indian to make the Atlantic crossing on the Windrush. In Britain, he was to become a pioneering teacher of Caribbean and African history, a fighter in the struggle against racism and injustice, and one of the two advisory lecturers who helped the former Inner London Education Authority inspectorate establish its multi-ethnic division.
Reid was stupid, dirty, malicious and idle. It may be that he washed every year. I would not hazard a guess. He was also a racist full of hate for Englishmen. It was why he bullied his wife. Telling students - they had to be an all black class that Homosexuality was a disease imported to the West Indies by white men was an attempt to incite racial hatred, a criminal offence under the Race Relations Act 1976. Of course he was allowed to get away with it because the Act was passed by racists who also hate England. Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. When the agenda cuts in they lie in their teeth when they do not  suppress the facts totally.

ex http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/modern/arrival_01.shtml - He looks uglier in the mug shot.


Ovadia Yosef
Is a senile, racist old fool. He is also the head rabbi of Israel. His views are main stream Jews' views.


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