Sheffield is town in the north of England, a town where men once made steel and cutlery. Now it is another Hellhole full of Pakistani criminals. Aren't they lucky? NO! They have a Labour council, the sort supposed to care about the honest Working Man. Do they? Not a chance; they milk him for all he is worth. See How Sheffield Labour Council Harvests Its Poorest Citizens. They abuse Tory Capitalist Swine but Labour Party rogues are just as greedy, just as corrupt.

Police Protect Pakistani Paedophiles In Sheffield [ 8 December 2014 ]
Senior police in Sheffield said burglary and car crime had higher priority than 668 actual and potential rape victims. That is what Ann Lucas, who ran the city's sexual exploitation service told BBC News. Notice the BBC's tone of indifference. Mrs. Lucas claims, she alleges. The  BBC knows how to use Words as Propaganda Tools & how to protect Paedophiles such as Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall & Cyril Smith.
PS The BBC admits that South Yorkshire Police did act, did not Pervert The Course Of Justice, did put six Third World aliens in prison but there is not a word about Racism. Of course when it accuses Englishmen of killing a black it cries to the heavens. It is still complaining about the Stephen Lawrence Job twenty years later.
PPS The two aliens named by the BBC  benefit from a total news blackout. There is no independent source out there telling us what they did or even that they exist.


South Yorkshire Police Ignored 200 Rapes By Pakistanis In Sheffield  [ 14 March 2014 ]
 South Yorkshire Police has been accused of ignoring hundreds of reports of sexual abuse against young girls in a widespread cover-up deemed 'bigger than Rotherham'. Tony Brookes, a former police constable with 30 years' service, claims the force knew that girls as young as 12-years-old were being raped and assaulted but chose to ignore it. It is understood that more than 200 girls were reported to the force as being potential victims of sexual exploitation in Sheffield, mainly between 2007 and 2010.

Mr. Brookes, who has now left the force, said he believes the 'size of the exploitation was massive in Sheffield', adding: 'I think bigger than in Rotherham'.
This is crime, police crime & major crime. It is not accident; it is policy. They were doing what Her Majesty's Government wanted them to do, protecting Illegal Immigrants. They Perverted The Course Of Justice, which was also Misconduct In Public Office. Notice that the policeman had to wait until he retired before talking.
PS They will walk free. You doubt? See Police Will Get Away With Collusion In Pakistani Rape In Rochdale


How Sheffield Labour Council Harvests Its Poorest Citizens [ 2 March 2016 ]
How Sheffield Labour Council Harvests Its Poorest Citizens

What follows is but one aspect of the local  Labour administration.

Where there exists an area that attracts funding, for example with high crime, or adverse Index of Multiple Deprivation [ English Indices of Deprivation ], or poor community health,  Labour's usual ‘money-chasers’, supported and to a large extent Labour council controlled, move into the area.

What follows is a well-practiced routine that has worked well for Labour, financing its private agenda, using money designated for the poorest to pay wages for non-jobs for its puppets and sycophants, and bankrolling its political self-promotion.

Already with a well-developed and secret plan, the party machine falsely claims to be the community leaders.

If any groups already exist, they are infiltrated for control or destroyed.

Existing, independent, successful groups, or genuine community leaders, are considered a threat and treated like the enemy.

FUD is often used – widely promoted Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

Targeted individuals, starting with the most vulnerable, are subjected to a variety of repeated and systematic abuses, ruthlessly and relentlessly imposed by Labour puppets who reap the rewards for their Labour loyalty when destroying their victims.

Often, the victims are frightened into silence, for fear of the inevitable reprisals if they disclose or resist, as has happened to so many others, as the Labour Law of Kill the Messenger reigns.

The destruction of individuals is fuelled by malevolent, politically-induced mass paranoia and hysteria against the targets.

Targeted groups are subjected to disempowerment, cash-starvation, sabotage, public vilification, and eventual destruction, by council officers and councillors, aided by a subservient press.

Sanction and Prejudice is Inflicted on the Basis of Unspecified Allegation and Innuendo about Issues and Concerns.

What more proof of guilt is needed – body language ? Already done!

The Antoinesque  Labour controlled or created groups and Labour-stacked decision-making quangos are then falsely ascribed ‘representative’ status, and the targeted resources are channelled through these groups.

It is sometimes more efficient that an existing group can be infiltrated and taken over.

The common factor is that the Labour parasites use dirty tricks, confident that the party machine will protect and reward them.

The required consultation process is not started until the substantive decisions are made, with the following process engineered towards the pre-determined outcome, not least through the use of tactics such as control of the flow of information, or disinformation – all highly illegal, as consultation must be ‘fair’.

Having imposed a foothold in the area, and falsely claimed to represent the community to be milked, it is then falsely claimed that the necessary community consultation has taken place and also falsely claimed to have community consent.

It matters nothing that the community consensus is unanimously against the imposed group and imposed project, the Labour cash vacuum machine simply fabricates the documents.

In effect, the Labour group is only consulting with itself.

Even if there are established groups within the community that do not support the imposed project, it is falsely claimed anyway, thus riding off the backs of the genuine community volunteers who have a good reputation in their neighbourhood.

True community cohesion can never be allowed to happen.

The next phase involves the efficient extraction of any value from the funded project, with the resources used for a political agenda, to create non-jobs for their own, to further their self-interests, and progress the pre-set agenda.

What follows is a description of corrupt political Insider Dealing.

Many of the projects are so vague in nature as to be unmeasurable, thus ensuring that the inevitable false claims of success following abject failure are not challenged, as are the self-congratulatory public awards.

Of course there is a need for secrecy, the targets must never know.

Anyone with a Panglossian tendency who ‘susses’ the scam or publicly disagrees is ruthlessly neutered.

Political pragmatism, damage limitation, reputation management, and information flow control have primacy over honesty, truth, accountability, openness, and duty to citizens.

Once the money is gone, false claims of success are inevitable, even when the project is a disaster.

The result is that the community is left worse off than before the exploiting Labour group entered the neighbourhood to harvest the funds falsely claimed to be intended for the poorest and most needy.

For the evidence of the repeated failures, despite the tens of millions of pounds drawn to the deprived areas over the past decades, the IMD figures are self-explanatory.

It is in the interests of the self-appointed groups to ensure that the neighbourhoods do not improve, as such would kill their golden geese.

Of course, any disclosure of the truth – the scams – is met with Deny and Lie, followed by Control or Destroy.

Local leadership is top-down imposed, and true bottom-up is not allowed, as locally, Labour is the ultimate corporate bully.

Labour has never been able to cut the strings of absolute, total control, having become a dangerous cult.

What happens is the creation and maintenance of an illusion of genuine consultation and meaningful engagement, when the truth is the exact opposite.

The abused are demonised – the abusers are politically canonised.

Digging deeper, it cannot be criticised that the reality is that many of the problems were cynically created by  Labour, or even purely imaginary, who then offered a ‘solution’, ( even if to a non-existent problem ) followed by suppression and containment, not least through the equivalent of political incest.

The above mechanism is repeated throughout the city, using any community group as its cash laundry, has operated for at least twenty years, and remains ongoing to this day.

There is no more stark and indicting evidence necessary than in the Index of Multiple Deprivation statistics themselves, which have been the subject of scrutiny for years.

Not only do the IMD figures expose the lie of the Labour claims of success, they also show that the most deprived areas continue to be deprived, and one case-study showed that the rate of increasing deprivation is accelerating.

The question must be asked, if these deprived communities are still deprived, what has happened to the tens of millions that have been spent?

Who has gained from the vast amounts of money ? – certainly not the vast majority of citizens condemned to live in ever declining neighbourhoods.

Complicit private companies have benefited, as have Labour activists who would otherwise not have a (non-) job, whilst Labour politicians have politically profited from the hubris and kudos that is translated into votes and thus power, via their new loyal ‘family’.

There is also a thread involving the organisation Common Purpose, but this is too large a subject to be discussed here.

What can never be allowed by the Labour control-freaks who are destroying the fabric of society is for communities to own and control their own agenda. Northern Powerhouse? Sheffield City Region? Local Enterprise Partnerships? – no chance of success !

A genuine, successful, bottom-up, self-empowered community group is perceived as a threat, because it proves that communities can do better without Labour council and political interference.

Is this corruption? Yes, and then but one aspect of the institutional corruption that is rife, lead from the top down, and out of control.

Being rotten to the core and from the core, everything it touches it taints.

Having neither the will nor ability to change, outside intervention is indicated.

Even the Stasi, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin and Genghis Khan would be shocked at Labour’s antics of the false charities and not-for-profits.

The principles described above are not necessarily limited to the toxic Labour in Sheffield, but regionally also, in fact, at every tier of governance in the region and above, through the use of packed quangos, structures, mechanisms, and management devices.

The media bubble of propaganda is bursting, the schemes are unraveling, the decades of deceit are exposed, the emperor is wearing no clothes, the golden geese will stop laying.

Had the local and regional schemes been successful, would we be where we are today?

Locally, Labour is incapable of managing its own affairs honestly.

Locally, Labour first falsely accuse their targets of being and doing what it is and does, for example, describing its citizens as “an infection to be eradicated”.

Labour has created its Potemkin Village.

Throughout all this, the principle applies:

Those that fail to deal with corruption, or condone in any way those determined as corrupt, become, by definition, corrupt themselves.

Can anyone consider doing business with a council such as this ?

If it cannot manage its own affairs, how can it be trusted ?

Martin Brighton
Mr Brighton is not amused by the corruption he sees around him, Labour corruption to be fair but the others are just as bent. Not for nothing is Tory the Irish word for thief.


Sheffield Council Understands Gypsy Incomers [ 6 April 2016 ]
Sheffield City Council obviously has high hopes for its new Roma enrichers.
 'Don't defecate or urinate on the street'
'Don't have sex on the street'
'Don't dump your rubbish in your neighbour's yard'
'Don't try to sell your babies'
'Don't shoplift'
'Don't rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing'...........

In Sheffield we can see at first hand the results of their evil machinations.  How cannot the great mass of people not see how they've had their country taken from them?  Is there any hope?
This helps explain why Her Majesty's Government hates the Armed Citizen. They want us helpless against their Treason, their destruction of England.


Pakistanis Raped Hundreds Of Girls In Sheffield [ 3 January 2017 ]
More than 200 allegations of children being raped in Sheffield have been reported to police in the last three years.

The figures for 2013 to 2015 reveal 190 occasions where girls aged under 16 are alleged to have been raped, with a further 36 incidents involving boys of 16 or 
younger. The overall number of rape cases in the city has more than doubled between 2013 and 2015, the Star’s Your Right To Know campaign can reveal.

In 2015, a total of 298 rapes were reported across the city – up from 133 in 2013 and 253 in 2014.
This report, taken in isolation doesn't justify the headline but the political reality that protecting Pakistani Perverts from justice is policy does. Notice too the difference between "girls" & the total number of victims. The Mail isn't so keen on perverting the truth; See the next one.


Sheffield Child Prostitution And Abuse Trial Begins [ 2 February 2017 ]
Five men and a woman have gone on trial accused of the rape, sexual abuse and prostitution of nine girls. Prosecutors allege some of the girls were befriended and given drink and drugs before being forced to have sex. Sheffield Crown Court was told one girl was tied to a chair in a bedsit by four of the defendants and made to have sex with men for money..............

Amanda Spencer and Christopher Whiteley played ‘key roles’ in a Sheffield child prostitution ring through which they forced girls as young as 12 to engage in sexual activity for their financial and personal gain, a court heard.

During the opening of the trial today, through which six defendants are being tried for 42 offences against nine victims, Sheffield Crown Court was told how both Christopher and Amanda would befriend young girls, plying them with alcohol, drugs, make-up and attention before forcing them to carry out sex acts they did not consent to.
The BBC tells us the names. Only one is clearly a Pakistani. The mug shots show another who is also a Third World undesirable imported by Treason with the enthusiastic collusion of the BBC.


Englishmen On Trial For Prostituting A Girl In Sheffield [ 18 February 2017 ]
We have our very own criminals as well as the flood of Pakistani Perverts inflicted on us by Her Majesty's Government & Treason. Of course they don't get away with crime because they are not Pakistani.


Englishmen Prostituted A 15 Year Old Girl [ 31 April 2017 ]
Three brothers who plied a 15-year-old girl with drink and drugs and then forced her to have sex with up to 40 men for money have been jailed.

Christopher, Shane and Matthew Whiteley, from Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, were sentenced to 15, eight and seven years respectively after being found guilty of child prostitution. Christopher Whiteley was also sentenced for sex offences against other victims. The brothers were convicted after a trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Associate Amanda Spencer, who was found guilty of four child prostitution offences, was jailed for three years. The sentence will run consecutively to a 12-year jail term imposed in 2014 for similar offences. Taleb Bapir, who was convicted of rape, was jailed for ten years.
Our wonderful police weren't going to do them any favours, that is because they are English [ there was a Pakistani too ] South Yorkshire Police succeeded in concealing systematic Rape by Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham et cetera. Their 1,400 victims were the quid pro quo for systematic, wholesale Vote Rigging for the Labour Party.


 ‘I was failed by the authorities’ – Sheffield foster kid pimped out to 50 men by child prostitution gang leader speaks out [ 4 May 2017 ]
A former foster child pimped out to 50 men in Sheffield when she was aged just 15 by a child prostitution gang leader says she was ‘failed’ by the authorities.

Girl A, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was groomed, drugged and raped by around 50 clients of Amanda Spencer, formerly of Canklow Road, Canklow, Rotherham, while she was in foster care in 2012.
Are the police who Perverted The Course Of Justice guilty of Misconduct In Public Office? Looks that way to me. Are the politicians who wanted them to ignore Pakistani Perversion for the sake of large scale Vote Rigging going to get away with it as well?