Armed Citizen

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
Mao Tse Tung
That is what a communist said when he had power.
That is what communists are not saying because they want power.
Si vis pacem, para_bellum
If you want peace, prepare for war

This is being written in the aftermath of the Oslo Massacre in July 2011 as a response to the idea that gun control is about preventing crime. If people had been armed in Oslo on that day the death toll could well have been lower. It might never have happened in the first place. His Majesty's Government decided to disarm England in 1919, after the First World War for fear of revolution. They claimed that the reason was crime. It was fear of revolution, it was politics, it was about power. They lied; nothing new for politicians. See the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Blackwell Report or the Blackwell Report for more. That is why armed crime is so much easier in England.

That is not what the Media  are telling us. Read How To Frame A Patriot to understand how they pervert the truth. To know why realize that our Invisible Enemy is at work running a Culture War against us. Disarming us makes us easier to oppress. The objective is Cultural Genocide in Christendom. It began with the Long March Through The Institutions, the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes leading to the importation of millions of Third World free loaders destroying our nation. Statesmen, writers and politicians have views about the armed citizen. They are worth knowing about. Read some at Every Citizen A Soldier. Practical advice is at How to buy your first gun for defense.  The Saker [ a pseudonym ] puts his highly informed views about Self-defense myths and choices for civilians. He feels that a revolver is better for the rest of us in the kind of high stress situation that can arise. has something worth saying about legal citizens making America safer. By the same token Professor MacDonald, a rather sound sort of chap tells us that Jews Want To Disarm America and why; it is not for our wellbeing. Or find out Why Every Warrior Should Own A Firearm. Useful background is at Sword hunt.

A little background is at the Armed Citizen And Politics. It is something that Niccolò Machiavelli would have understood perfectly.


Democrat Party Hates Democracy


Americans Practice Fire And Movement 
They are serious about this matter. They look pretty competent in what would be CQB or Close Quarter Battle. It means getting through a lot of ammo fast. Further back one would want to take more time to aim.


Swiss Gun Law and Practice.
The Swiss have guns; it is compulsory. They have Democracy as well, cause and effect? Quite possibly. How does it work out? Various enemies of Freedom object. This is a point for, not against. One hostile puts his case. Believe it if you want.


Guns Save Lives
Richard Munday explains. Governments like banning guns. Crime is the excuse. Power is the reason.


Gun Lobby
The Wiki explains, sort of.

Can Gun Control Reduce Crime?
Hint: No, it makes crime easier. Political oppression ditto.


Gun Ownership Versus Murder Rates
There is no correlation between guns and murder. It is that simple, it is very checkable. The Main Stream Media systematically ignore the fact because they are Propaganda machines with an agenda.


Self Defence In America
Is a report on statistical investigation of the number of Defensive Gun Uses per annum. It is carefully written, reads as honest & reports a minimum of armed 640,000 encounters every year. Further that less than 3,000 perpetrators are killed while far more lives are saved.


Private And Public Law Enforcement In Shooting Attacks
Is a look at the numbers of attacks, of kills, how many criminals were defeated etcetera. Concealed carry is the answer.


Sullivan Act
The Sullivan Act of 1911 required licencing in New York because Sullivan, a major political criminal was helping his own people rob outsiders.


Gun Control Fails Again
Bad cases make bad law. This is very much a case in point. One crime was used an excuse by power crazed politicians.


Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership
Agree totally with using weapons for self defence against various criminals. See e.g. especially when they want self-protection - see e.g. When Guns are Outlawed Only Jews will have Guns


Private And Public Law Enforcement In Shooting Attacks
The results of this paper support the hypothesis that concealed handgun or shall issue laws reduce the number of multiple victim public shootings. Attackers are deterred and the number of people injured or killed per attack is also reduced, thus for the first time providing evidence that the harm from crimes that still occur can be mitigated. The much greater level of deterrence for multiple victim public shootings than for other crimes like murder is consistent with the notion that a higher probability of citizens being able to defend themselves should produce a greater level of deterrence. The results are robust with respect to different specifications of the dependent variable, different specifications of the handgun law variable, and the inclusion of additional law variables (e.g., mandatory waiting periods, and enhanced penalties for using a gun in the commission of a crime).

Not only does the passage of a shall issue law have a significant impact on multiple shootings but it is the only law related variable that appears to have a significant impact. Other law enforcement efforts from the arrest rate for murder to the death penalty to waiting periods and background checks are not systematically related to multiple shootings. A particularly surprising result is how the death penalty is so important in deterring murders generally, but has no significant impact on multiple victim public shootings. Finally, the data provides little evidence of either a substitution from shootings to bombings or of "copycat" effects.
The idea that hanging does not discourage murder is a little surprising. Effective response when it matters is clearly the way to go. As Robert Heinlein said: An armed society is a polite society.


Libertarian Nationalist Advice from Airstrip One




Pistol Packing Momma Fights Off Rapist [ 16 November 2011 ]
S.B. said her concealed carry training took over in the parking lot of her bank, when a man confronted Bennett in broad daylight as she left the bank. The man pushed her into her vehicle, lay on top of her and said sexual things to her. "He was hitting me from behind, trying to force me into my vehicle," S.B said. She struck the man with her elbow, then was wrestled down across the front seat of the SUV. While lying on her back, with her assailant atop her, Bennett arched her spine, opened the SUV console with her right hand and pulled out her firearm. "I said, 'I got a gun. Don't make me use it,'" she recalled. While the man tried holding her arm, she fired a shot out of the open passenger door. The assailant had enough. He ran off. S.B. was not injured. Police found her attacker, 23 year-old Billy Joe Covington, a few blocks away. He is a registered sex offender wanted by police on escape charges.
The Main Stream Media feed us the stories about American loons shooting people but never about legal citizens defending themselves. The Media are propagandists. The Armed Citizen makes us all safer.


Pistol Packing Momma Kills Attacker [ 30 November 2011 ]
A 29-year-old man has died after a Phoenix mom shot him in her backyard in what police believe was a case of self-defense. The woman's 13-year-old daughter called 911 at around 3 p.m. Monday and alerted dispatchers to send officers to their home on 45th Street near Roeser, said Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes. "The first officer that gets there approaches the home, sees the mother and daughter in the front yard and secures their weapon," Holmes said.

Police found the wounded man in the backyard and recovered a gun he reportedly had been carrying. He was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition and was later pronounced dead.  His name has not yet been released.
He will not try that again.


Armed Citizen Gets A Good Result [ 7 December 2011 ]
The Times Daily, Florence, AL, 12/27/96   State: AL   American Rifleman Issue: 4/1/1997   Canadian Football League player Roosevelt Patterson was visiting relatives in Mobile, Alabama, for the Christmas holidays when he was approached by three men, two of them armed, outside of a barbecue restaurant. Asked for cash, Patterson refused and instead, pulled a gun and killed one of the armed crooks. The remaining two were arrested by police.
One less criminal to try it on. More at Armed Citizen.


Armed Citizen Succeeds In California [ 14 December 2011 ]
Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA, 01/08/04   State: CA   American Rifleman Issue: 5/1/2004   Ivory Grayson responded to a knock at his front door early one morning. The young man on his doorstep asked for Grayson's grandson. The 65-year-old homeowner replied that his grandson was not there. During the conversation at his front door, Grayson noticed a second man trying to hide from view. When the two men returned and knocked on his door again, Grayson retrieved a handgun before answering. Both men were armed, and they forced their way into the home. Grayson took cover behind a living room chair and "a gun battle ensued," reported Sacramento police spokesman Sgt. Justin Risley. Grayson exchanged gunfire with one of the armed intruders and killed the gunman. He then exchanged fire with the second man at the front of the house, until the intruder fled.
One kill, one nervous is a whole lot better than one robbery.


Man Misses Mouse And Shoots Roommate, Revealing Child Rapist [  [ 28 December 2011 ]
A Utah man who was trying to kill a mouse ended up shooting one roommate and getting another arrested for child rape, while a fourth roommate slept through the whole thing. Taylorsville Police Sgt. Tracy Wyant told Deseret News that the first roommate, 27, had been trying to kill a rodent when he missed and the round went through the kitchen wall and struck a second roommate, 28. “After the gun was fired, both the roommate and Paul heard a scream,” Wyant explained.

Officers responding to the scene early Tuesday morning found a 13-year-old girl hiding in a basement closet. She told police she had been having an affair with the third roommate, 34-year-old Paul Daniel Kunzler. During an interview, the Children’s Justice Center determined that the girl had been having sex with Kunzler over a period of four months. He was arrested on suspicion of two counts of rape of a child, three counts of sodomy of a child and three counts of sexual abuse of a child. A fourth roommate, Zach Baker, told Fox 13 that he slept through the gunfire.......

The roommate who was shot in the chest was taken to a local hospital, and was later upgraded from serious to stable condition, according to KSL. The roommate who fired the gun was not arrested. Charges could be possible after prosecutors review the case.
The Armed Citizen helped justice be done, by accident but none the less he helped. The fourth man got it right.


Home Invasion Foiled By Armed Citizen [ 29 December 2011 ]
Christmas Day home invasion foiled by armed homeowner - The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that a homeowner shot two juveniles who broke into his home and tried to steal items on Christmas Day. From the article:

The teens were found with gunshot wounds to their legs outside a residence in the 3600 block of East 114th Street shortly after noon. They were arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

Police said the homeowner was inside when he heard his burglar alarm go off. The man retrieved his handgun and began to check around his property. Police said the man saw two teenage boys inside his home trying to steal property, and he fired his gun toward them. The boys ran out of the home and police later found them. Two other teens who acted as lookouts fled the scene.

Under Ohio's Castle Doctrine law, if someone unlawfully enters an occupied home or temporary habitation, or occupied car, citizens have an initial presumption that they may act in self defense, and will not be second-guessed by the State.
They won't be trying it on so quickly next time.


Multiculturalism Rears Its Ugly Head In North Carolina With One Dead, Two Captured  & One On The Run [ 7 January 2012 ]
The Black Undertow has reared its ugly head again in Vance County, North Carolina. In this case, a group of four African-Americans attempted to burglarize a White middle class home in Henderson, NC that was occupied by a 14-year-old boy and his 17-year-old sister.

The polite teenage boy was armed with a shotgun and did what was necessary to defend the homestead and protect his terrified sister from the threat posed by real domestic terrorists.........

Michael Henderson, the African-American who was shot and killed in this home invasion, has previous criminal charges stemming from trespass, assault, and property damage. Andrew Terry was wanted for a November burglary in another Vance County home. Seneca Henderson and Jatwaun Donkes Davis have since been arrested. Is this just an isolated incident? No, when I first heard about this story, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn the home invasion had occurred in Henderson of all places. While violent crime has declined statewide in North Carolina, it has soared by 16.5 percent in Vance County, which elected its first black sheriff in 2006.

In this Black Undertow city of 16,100 residents, 59 percent of whom are African-American, there was a drive-by shooting in December, an African-American murder victim was found in a field in September, an African-American was charged with 84 counts of burglary in June, and nine African-Americans were arrested in May and were charged with 350 felonies in connection with 27 home invasions in Henderson......

Note: In The Color of Crime: North Carolina, we learned the Black Undertow is responsible for 47.8 percent of homicide, 44.5 percent of rape, 88.7 percent of interracial rape, 75 percent of robbery, 51 percent of aggravated assault, and 47 percent of burglary in North Carolina.
Did the Guardian tell you about this one? Thought not. If they had they would have squawked about Racism.

This repeat offender has stopped repeating.


84-Year Old Man Kills Intruder - Armed Citizens Make Us Safer [ 10 January 2012 ]
HAMILTON — An 84-year-old man shot and killed an elderly intruder at his home in the 2700 block of Hilda Avenue Tuesday morning, police said. Officers discovered the body after they were summoned to the residence about 10 a.m. when the homeowner called 911, said Officer Kristy Collins, spokeswoman for Hamilton police. Ed T. Stevens, 75, of Hamilton was found dead in the home’s basement. Police said Stevens forced his way into the house past Charles V. Foster. Once inside, Stevens assaulted Foster. who then shot Stevens to stop the assault, police said. Stevens’ family told police that Stevens has a history of suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s......

“It’s a tragic situation on both sides,” Waldeck said. “On the one hand, the dementia or Alzheimer’s (may have) played a part in this. ... And then on the other side of this you got an elderly man that doesn’t know this guy comes into his house (and) starts assaulting him. And so he doesn’t know what else to do.”... Waldeck said it appeared to be a case of self defense.
A messy story. Why was the attacker still driving if he was demented?


Cleveland Restaurateur Forced To Shoot Attacker Who Threatened Employees - Armed Citizens Pay Off [ 11 January 2012 ]
Cleveland restaurateur with concealed handgun license forced to shoot man who threatened employees with two handguns
WEWS, Cleveland's ABC affiliate, reported recently that a Cleveland business owner who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun shot and killed a man after police said the man made threats during an argument..........

Police said during the argument, the man made threats about shooting the store owner and then left. About 10 to 15 minutes later -- just before midnight -- as the store owner was letting his employees out the front door and closing the business for the night, the man returned. Police said, this time, he was armed with two guns and threatened the café's owner for a second time. According to police, during the second argument, the man brandished his weapons and the store owner shot him in the chest with a shotgun. It is unknown if the man fired any shots.

That is one less criminal to try it on. The Armed Citizen makes us all safer. A complete list of known incidents involving Ohio CHL-holders defending themselves is available here. More are at the Armed Citizen.


Mums Need Guns [ 18 January 2012 ]

Regis Giles is a keen hunter and a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment 
Every good mum in Great Britain needs a gun. Law-abiding citizens should have full power and ability to protect themselves against criminals and evildoers. Despite America’s current failing economy and self-obsessed political leaders, the United States of America is blessed with a Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights. There is one right that is exceptionally practical; and that is the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.   

With this lovely amendment, Americans possess the power to defend their person, loved ones and property with lethal force.

It is a statement of freedom.

Rather than relying on unarmed police men to come and save the day in an untimely manner [ or not as the case may be - Ed. ], like so many British citizens do, gun totting Americans don’t have to depend on law enforcement for protection. We can take care of the unlucky thugs before the police get there, and walk away with hardly a scratch, and our dignity still intact............

Like Robert Heinlein said, “an armed society is a polite society.” And who better to teach politeness than mothers?
I'll drink to that. A Government Colt, calibre .45 ACP will do just fine. A Berretta .22 is easy to use. Waiting for the police to show up after dialling 999 can take the rest of your life. The Armed Citizen pays off. Of course Her Majesty's Government does not like the idea of people being able to protect themselves against the black criminals they are so eager to import or against corrupt politicians for that matter. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition know that if we shoot criminals they will not be voting Labour.


Woman Kills Boy Friend In Self Defence - Armed Citizens Make Us Safer [ 25 January 2012 ]
Reynoldsburg police say woman who shot boyfriend acted in self-defense
The Newark Advocateis reporting that Reynoldsburg police have determined that a woman who shot her boyfriend Saturday, January 14 acted in self-defense.

From the article:

Terrance A. Hughes, 28, was fatally shot at about 10:50 a.m. Saturday at 9148 Firstgate Drive, in a house he shared with his girlfriend of three years, Reynoldsburg police Lt. Scott McKinley said. They recently moved to the area, just east of the Licking County line. The woman was able to obtain a gun that Hughes brought to the home and used it to shoot him, McKinley said.............

McKinley is quoted as saying the investigation is complete, and no charges will be filed against the woman.

Under Ohio's Castle Doctrine law, if someone unlawfully enters an occupied home or temporary habitation, or occupied car, citizens have an initial presumption that they may act in self defense, and will not be second-guessed by the State.
One trouble maker the less is good news.


Armed Citizen Fires On Intruder Three Times - Attacker Escapes [ 26 January 2012 ]
A Utah man fired three shots at a man who broke into his home. The suspect ran from the home immediately and police were unable to locate him. It is unclear if the suspect was hit.
Please follow the link below to read the full article:
Is the link above broken? You can view an archived copy of the article here:
A successful encounter. A problem was sorted before it got bad. A criminal taken or shot would have been better.


TX Homeowner at Home with Daughter Shoots Home Invader Through Door [ 2 February 2012 ]
A bold, daytime home invader tried to kick in the back door of a Texas man’s home at around 12:30PM. The homeowner retrieved a handgun and fired at the invader twice through the door, before he could break through. Police caught the suspect in the backyard. No charges have been filed against the homeowner. The suspect is in custody and is being treated at a local hospital, under police guard.
Please follow the link below to read the full article:
Is the link above broken? You can view an archived copy of the article here:
Another chancer will think twice before trying it on.


Retired Michigan Police Officer Shoots Career Criminal Invading A Home [ 9 February 2012 ]
A retired police officer in Warren, MI opened fire on a man who forced his way into the home after beating on the door. The suspect was a 26 year old who was out on parole. Police say homeowner in the right......... Police commissioner Galasso said, “The act of breaking into a person’s home certainly comes with a high degree of risk.”
Did he kill? It would be nice to think that another career criminal had given up on crime. What colour was the perpetrator? Detroit means black.

See for yourself at Retired police officer shoots intruder at Warren home


California Homeowner Shoots & Captures Intruder Who Was Kicking His Dog  [ 15 February 2012 ]
A CA homeowner who was at home with his wife and children shot an intruder and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Before forcing his way into the home, the intruder broke into the family’s car and kicked their dog in their yard. The homeowners called police, but the man broke into the home before they arrived, forcing the homeowner to defend his family. The suspect is in custody and expected to live.
Please follow the link below to read the full article:
It sounds good to me. Armed citizens make us all safer. RSPCA members please note.


North Carolina Teenager Kills Home Invader With A Shotgun [ 22 February 2012 ]
A Henderson, NC teenager used a shotgun to shoot and kill a suspected home invader. The suspect was taken to the hospital and died of his wounds. The 14 and 17 year old residents were home alone. No charges will be brought against the teens or homeowners.
Guns do save lives! Guns make criminals nervous. Guns make corrupt politicians nervous too. That is why they were outlawed in England. Background is at the Blackwell Report


North Carolina Home Invader WearingArmour, Shot, Killed [ 29 February 2012 ]
Four to five men took part in a home invasion in NC. At least one of the suspects was wearing body armor. A man inside the house drew his own gun and shot the armored suspect. Despite the body armor the suspect died at the scene. Another suspect captured. The others remain at large.
A mob like that breaking in was dangerous. Guns save lives. Guns make criminals nervous. Guns make corrupt politicians nervous too. That is why they were outlawed in England. Background is at the Blackwell Report


Armed Citizen Kills Five Black Robbers [ 7 March 2012 ]
Training and preparation paid off. He lived, they died.


North Carolina Homeowners Hold Drug Using Burglars At Gun Point [ 14 March 2012 ]
Cherokee County, NC authorities have arrested a man and woman for Breaking and Entering.

They arrested Joseph Bryan Hughes, 25, of Marble North Carolina, and Constance Richardson, 21, of Andrews, NC, on Sunday. Richardson was also charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. Sheriff Keith Lovin said a call came in to 911 Dispatchers from a homeowner on Fairview Road asking for help. When officers got there, they found the homeowners holding Hughes at gunpoint. Officers also took Richardson into custody nearby.

The sheriff said the same home had previously been robbed about a week earlier. Hughes is held on a $1,500.00 bond while Richardson made a $2000.00 bond on December 04, 2011. Both Hughes and Richardson have court dates set for January 2012.
Armed citizens are safer citizens. Waiting for the police to show can take the rest of your life. You ask why? Read the next three.


North Carolina Store Clerk Shoots Armed Robber [ 21 March 2012 ]
Clerk makes good on promise to defend store, shoots would-be robber [ Follow link for the video ]

A would-be armed robber got a taste of his own medicine today when the convenience store clerk pulled out a gun of his own. After being held up last month, the clerk vowed to protect himself and be prepared for future threats.
The clerk had never fired before so he only managed to get two hits. The owner is disappointed that he did not get a kill. Shooting lessons are the answer.


North Carolina Fireman Kills Thief Who Tried To Run Him Over [28 March 2012 ]
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead late Monday night. Police said the shooting happened at the intersection of Lawing School Road and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road after a man allegedly tried to steal a trailer from another man's home.....

The homeowner, who is Charlotte Fire Department firefighter, told police he caught two men trying to steal his trailer from his home off of Travis Floyd Lane around 11:45 p.m. Monday. Police said the homeowner chased down the thieves and shot Lambert at the intersection. Lambert was taken to Carolinas Medical Center where he died from his injuries. Lambert was arrested by CMPD in August of this year for four misdemeanors, including assault on a female and communicating threats.
One kill, one on the run. Not a bad result. Armed Citizens make us all safer.


Greensboro Store Clerk Shoots At Robbers [ 5 April 2012 ]  
Greensboro, NC -- A Greensboro store clerk took matters into his own hands when he fired a shot that scared off two robbery suspects, Wednesday night around 7pm. Officers responded to Andy's Pantry, where they located the store clerk who stated that two men entered the store with their faces covered with bandanas, one pointing a handgun. The clerk told police he fired a single shot at the suspects which caused them to run from the business. It was unknown if anyone was struck by the discharged round.
This was a draw so to speak with no casualties on either side but the thieves failed. They are unlikely to try again for a while.


North Carolina Home Invader Wearing Armor, Shot & Killed  [ 11 April 2012 ]
LITTLETON — An intruder in a four-person armed invasion was killed Wednesday night despite wearing body armor, authorities said. 
Lt. Bobby Martin, with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, said 20-year-old Ricardo Keith Harley, 20, was killed following an exchange of gunfire at a home in the Short Street area Wednesday. The sheriff’s office is looking for two suspects today as authorities continue their investigation. Martin said deputies are still trying to identify those involved and provide the public with detailed descriptions...... While en route to this location, officers were made aware shots had been fired and one suspect was still in the house.

“Deputy Corey Griffin arrived ... and discovered that one suspect had been shot and was not responding and another was being detained by the home owner, also two other suspects had fled on foot,” Martin said, Kayman Northington was taken into custody at the home of the victim upon Griffin’s arrival, Martin said, adding one suspect found shot at the scene was later pronounced dead.

Northington is charged with first degree burglary, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon. He is being held in the Halifax County Detention Center under a $200,000 bond. His court date is Feb. 1.
One dead & one captured is good news. Two escaped which is a pity. The Armed Citizen makes the world a safer place.


North Carolina Teen Captured By Armed Citizen [ 18 April 2012 ]
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- For the second time in a month a Wilmington store clerk has turned the tables on a would-be robber. The owner of the store says the man who allegedly tried to rob the store is "lucky to be alive." The owner of A&J Food Mart on Princess Place Drive says Jaquan Martin said, "Please don't kill me, please don't kill me," when his apparent attempt to rob the store went wrong. Police say Martin fumbled as he pulled out a gun giving a store clerk a chance to pull a gun of his own. The clerk did not shoot, unlike a foiled robbery attempt last month at another store.....

"It's unfortunate any time anyone gets shot, but people have to do what people have to do to protect themselves," Evangelous said. Martin is due back in court January 5. This is not his first run-in with the law. The 17-year-old was supposed to be in court for separate drug charges Thursday morning. Instead he made his first court appearance for the attempted robbery Thursday afternoon.
Making drugs illegal makes crime a growth industry.


North Carolina Homeowners Hold Drug Using Burglars At Gun Point [ 25 April 2012 ]
Cherokee County, NC authorities have arrested a man and woman for Breaking and Entering. They arrested Joseph Bryan Hughes, 25, of Marble North Carolina, and Constance Richarson, 21, of Andrews, NC, on Sunday. Richarson was also charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. Sheriff Keith Lovin said a call came in to 911 Dispatchers from a homeowner on Fairview Road asking for help. When officers got there, they found the homeowners holding Hughes at gunpoint. Officers also took Richarson into custody nearby. The sheriff said the same home had previously been robbed about a week earlier.

Hughes is held on a $1,500.00 bond while Richarson made a $2000.00 bond on December 04, 2011. Both Hughes and Richarson have court dates set for January 2012.
The Armed Citizen can be on the spot when it matters. The Armed Citizen stops crime. The Armed Citizen makes us all safer.


Armed Citizen Shoots Intruder Breaking Into His Home [ 2 May 2012 ]
Homeowner shoots intruder who breaks into his Bedford Heights home BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Bedford Heights police Detective Kenneth Hatcher said a homeowner shot a man with a 45 caliber handgun who broke into his house on Mardale Avenue around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

It all began, detectives said, when the burglar tried unsuccessfully breaking into a neighbor's house. A man next door heard commotion and looked out his window to see what was going on and called 911. That's when detectives said the burglar smashed some flower pots then smashed his way through a front window in the 5300 block of Mardale Avenue and crawled in.

The homeowner can be heard on the 911 call telling the burglar to leave and get out of his house or he'll "blow his head off." The suspect wouldn't listen and instead began rummaging through a drawer and grabbed a knife, police said. Fearing for his life, the homeowner grabbed a gun and shot the suspect once in the torso..........

Authorities expect the suspect to be charged with aggravated burglary and attempted murder. Police said the suspect has a history of mental illness and has been in trouble with police in the past including a harassment complaint against him at the neighbor's house a couple of years ago.
A satisfactory result.


North Carolina Female Store Clerk Shoots Suspected Serial Armed Robber [ 3 May 2012 ]
Workers at Bethpage Grocery in Kannapolis said their store has been robbed three times in the past three months. When an armed man tried to rob the store on Tuesday evening, a clerk fired her own gun at him, police said. The man then ran out of the store, according to investigators. The suspect, who police identified as John Davidson III, called 911 and said he “tried to rob the store and got shot,” police said. Officers later found him behind the store, suffering gunshot wounds to his lower right leg and upper right torso. Robbery suspect calls 911 after being shot

After making the call to police, Davidson made another. "He just said he was sorry and shouldn't have did it," said Aaron Davidson, the suspect's younger brother. Aaron said his brother was crying as he apologized to him and told him to tell their mother that he loved her......

No charges have been filed against the store clerk. Police say there have been at least 10 store robberies in and around Kannapolis in the past month and a half. While authorities have not connected Davidson to any of the other robberies, police said they will be investigating whether he can be linked to them.
The girl done good.


North Carolina Store Clerk Fires At Robbers [ 10 May 2012 ]
Greensboro, NC -- A Greensboro store clerk took matters into his own hands when he fired a shot that scared off two robbery suspects, Wednesday night around 7pm. Officers responded to Andy's Pantry, where they located the store clerk who stated that two men entered the store with their faces covered with bandanas, one pointing a handgun. The clerk told police he fired a single shot at the suspects which caused them to run from the business.
The Armed Citizen pays off again and again. The Guardian never tells us that. The Guardian never tells the truth about some things.


North Carolina Homeowner Fires At Juvenile Burglars [ 17 May 2012 ]
Homeowner Shoots At Two 15-Year-Old Suspects During Burglary Attempt On Thornaby Drive In Winston-Salem
Winston-Salem, NC -- Officers responded to a house break-in on Thornaby Drive around 2:30 early Monday morning. Upon arrival, officers learned that multiple suspects forced themselves into the victim's home while the victim was upstairs. As the suspects began going upstairs, the victim fired at the suspects with a .357 handgun. The suspects then ran from the home. After some investigation, juvenile petitions were obtained and a 15 year old male and 15 year old female were charged with 1st degree burglary. A 16-year-old female was also charged with 1st degree burglary.  She was placed in the Forsyth County Jail under a $10,000 bond. As a result of the investigation, it was found that no one was injured.
Shooting in the dark is not easy but at least the perpetrators were captured.


North Carolina Homeowner Shoots At Intruder [ 23 May 2012 ]
Gunfire is exchanged after a man comes home and finds someone in his shed. It happened shortly after noon Tuesday on Croatan Drive in Carteret County. Deputies say the homeowner found the intruder in his shed, confronted him, and then the two shot at each other. The homeowner was not hurt, but it's unclear if the intruder was hurt. That man ended up escaping into the woods.
A draw so to speak but at least a burglary was prevented. The Armed Citizen pays off again. The Main Stream Media keep this truth secret.


North Carolina Man Kills Home Invader with Shotgun [ 31 May 2012 ]
Isaiah De von Walker, 27, of Charlotte was shot in the chest after he broke into the apartment at 27 Flowers Court, Belmont, occupied by 20-year-old Dequan Raheam Thompson, police say. Belmont Police Chief Charlie Franklin said detectives reviewed the case Tuesday morning with District Attorney Locke Bell and there will be no charges in the case, as Bell concluded that Thompson acted in self-defense.

When Walker and Jeffrey Boyd Gaither, 24, also of Charlotte, arrived at Thompson’s neighborhood, they went to several doors trying to find out which apartment Thompson lived in. Once they found 27 Flowers Court, they knocked at the door, Franklin said.

Thompson looked out the window, saw Walker and Gaither, then called police about two suspicious people on the property. Thompson told police that he heard something at his back door and retrieved his shotgun. “Dequan Thompson stated a few minutes passed and he heard his back door bust open and observed Mr. Walker standing in his kitchen area with a tire iron,” Franklin said. Thompson fired one shot into Walker’s chest, Franklin said. The wounded man fled and made it to the front of the apartment before collapsing. He was pronounced dead at the scene.... The case has been closed by the Belmont Police Department. Thompson, Walker and Gaither have criminal records.
The Armed Citizen makes everyone safer, especially if he kills.


North Carolina Teenager Kills Home Invader With A Shotgun [ 10 June 2012 ]
Henderson, N.C. — A Henderson teenager shot and killed an intruder Thursday morning, according to the Vance County Sheriff's Office. When deputies arrived at 586 S. Lynnbank Road, they found a man lying in the yard. Michael Anthony Henderson Jr., 19, had been shot in the chest with a shotgun, deputies said. He was taken to Maria Parham Medical Center where he died. Deputies did not say which of two people home at the time -- teens ages 14 and 17 -- pulled the trigger, but no charges are expected against them or their parents. Deputies said Henderson, of 150 Freedom Lane, had an accomplice. They are looking for Andrew Terry, of 113 N. Woods Drive. Terry is also wanted for a break-in Nov. 14 at a different Vance County home.
One dead, one on the run make a good score and the world a safer place.


California Homeowner Shoots Intruder [  29 June 2012 ]
An intruder was shot and wounded in an Inglewood home today, police said.

The shooting occurred just after 2 a.m., after Inglewood police received numerous calls from residents reporting a suspicious person in the neighborhood, said Inglewood Sgt. Greg Held. A male allegedly broke into a house in the 11700 block of Christopher Avenue and someone inside shot him, Held said.

The intruder broke in through a side window, according to a camera crew at the scene. After the shooting, he could be seen in handcuffs on a stretcher. Details on the intruder's wound were not immediately reported, but it appears he will require surgery, Held said. No one inside the home was reported hurt.
One comedian will think twice before trying it again.


California Homeowner Kills Burglar  [ 11 July 2012 ]
DANA POINT, Calif. (KABC) -- A Dana Point resident woke to the sounds of an intruder Monday night, then fatally shot the suspect. The resident has not been charged in the shooting, though the case is still under investigation.......

"The homeowner heard some noises inside his home, checked around initially, did not see anything. Went back into his bedroom, heard some more noises," said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Investigators say the resident then armed himself with a handgun and opened his bedroom door, where the suspected burglar confronted him.
The Armed Citizen makes us all safer. This man might find himself the victim of a Malicious prosecution. Bad law makes bad cases.


California Home Owner Gets A One Shot Kill With A .22 Pistol [ 1 August 2012 ]
A man was killed in a shooting at about 7:45 p.m. Monday in the 15100 block of Jack Pine Way in Magalia, and preliminarily the Butte County's Sheriff's Office is saying the shooting may have been justifiable. According to information from the Butte County sheriff's log, a so-far unidentified man called the sheriff's dispatch at 7:49 p.m., reporting he had shot an intruder in the chest with a .22-caliber handgun.

Allegedly the man who died, wearing a bandana obscuring his face, had pounded on the home's front door, demanding to be let in. Subsequently, the man forced open a sliding door and burst into the house. The resident, who was in the home with his mother, reportedly shot the subject once.
Guns make people nervous - if they are criminals or, for that matter politicians. They can stop crime long before the police get anywhere near. Waiting for the police can take the rest of your life.


Armed Citizen Shoots Burglar [ 18 August 2012 ]
BALDWIN HILLS (CBS) — Burglars messed with the wrong senior when they decided to break into Jack Goodwin’s Baldwin Hills home. The 87-year-old retired postal worker was in bed, listening to the Laker game Tuesday night when he heard a rear window in his house breaking. Goodwin got out of bed, picked up his gun, and walked down the hall. When he saw intruders at his window, he raised his gun and fired.............. Goodwin happens to be an Army veteran who was a platoon leader for a rifle company stationed in Okinawa during World War II. His discharge papers labeled him a marksman.
CBS tells us that the intended victim was black but fails to mention that the perpetrators were also blacks. If they had been white or even Hispanic they would have said. CBS is all about anti-white propaganda. However the Armed Citizen paid off again.


Florida Homeowner Captures Career Criminal [ 23 August 2012 ]
A Brevard County man found a stranger burglarizing his home when he returned from work Tuesday. But he wasn't going to let the crook get away easily. That homeowner decided to fight back, drawing his gun and holding the burglar until police arrived on the scene. Homeowner David Fleig had no idea he had just caught a career criminal. The tense standoff between the two unfolded at a home on East Ford Circle in Melbourne.......

It turns out Jenkins has been convicted of six other burglaries since 1989, not to mention grand theft and dealing in stolen property.
The Government Colt .45 is a sound piece of kit. This one paid off, just like the Armed Citizen.


Nevada Homeowner Shoots At Burglar [ 31 August 2012 ]
A homeowner fired a weapon at a man who broke into his northwest Las Vegas home, police said Tuesday. According to Las Vegas Metro police, the break-in happened around 11:30 p.m. Monday at a home near W. Ann Road and N. Rainbow Boulevard.

Police said a man came home to find a stranger had broken in. The suspect hit the homeowner on the head with an object, investigators said. The homeowner then fired a handgun at the suspect but did not hit him.
He missed which is a pity but he made the thief nervous. The Armed Citizen makes everyone safer.


Retired Detroit Policeman Kills Burglar [ 5 September 2012 ]
Detroit police said one of their retired officers shot and killed a 20-year-old man who invaded his home Friday. Police said the man broke into the home in the 9900 block of Coyle Street through the side door. The homeowner fired one shot, killing the intruder. Police found the intruder dead on the kitchen floor.
A one shot kill is as good as it gets. They stop repeat offenders every time.


Bystander Shoots Robber In Sandton, South Africa [  13 September 2012 ]
Johannesburg - A suspected house robber has been wounded in a shoot-out in Parkmore, Johannesburg, police said on Thursday. Two others were arrested shortly after the 22:00 shooting on Wednesday, Captain Kym Cloete said. The three apparently robbed a home and held three people at gunpoint before taking laptops, jewellery and other items.

While fleeing, a shoot-out ensued between the robbers and someone who saw what was happening. The witness was unhurt.
Good news for once. You should be able to guess the colour of the perpetrators. The Main Steam Media silence is a further clue. The Armed Citizen makes us all safer.


Woman Killed Breaking Into Ohio House [ 19 September 2012 ]        
DAYTON — A woman is dead following the attempted burglary of a residence on Burbank Drive, according to police. The woman was fatally shot by the resident of 1932 Burbank Dr., after she broke in to the residence Saturday afternoon and was confronted by a resident of the home. The resident told the unarmed woman to stay put after he discovered her intruding, but the woman threw an object at him. He then shot the woman in the chest using a semiautomatic handgun, according to Dayton Police.

When asked if the resident was justified in firing his weapon, Lt. Kenneth Beall said, “It’s going to take more investigation and a more detailed interview to make a conclusion like that. “In the eyes of the courts, a man’s home is his castle,” Beall said. “(But) I can’t come to that particular conclusion right now in respect to this incident.” ....... The Montgomery County Coroner's Office identified the woman shot and killed as Rovena Turner, 18, of Dayton. Police did not identify the resident.
Well there's a surprize. The perpetrator is a black with previous for drug crime.


Virginia Restaurant Owner Fires At Armed Robber [ 28 September 2012 ]
The owner of a popular Hopewell eatery who was shot Friday by a man who accosted him and his wife at their Prince George County home is set to be released from VCU Medical Center today with a broken collarbone and a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

Kenny Purdie and his wife, Linda, who have owned and operated K&L Barbecue for 17 years, survived a harrowing robbery attempt and shootout with a gunman who accosted the couple in the garage of their home about 9 p.m. After first confronting Linda Purdie, who yelled for her husband, the assailant jerked around and fired at Kenny Purdie, hitting him once in his left shoulder in a shot that broke his collarbone, said police and Steve Nugent, Kenny Purdie's stepson. Although wounded, Kenny Purdie — who holds a concealed-gun permit — grabbed a pistol from under the seat of his truck and returned fire, causing the intruder to flee, police and Nugent said.
It would have been nice if the thief had gotten shot instead. The Armed Citizen paid off again.


Woman Killed By Armed Citizen As She Broke In [ 17 October 2012 ]
The woman was fatally shot by the resident of 1932 Burbank Dr., after she broke in to the residence Saturday afternoon and was confronted by a resident of the home. The resident told the unarmed woman to stay put after he discovered her intruding, but the woman threw an object at him. He then shot the woman in the chest using a semiautomatic handgun, according to Dayton Police.

When asked if the resident was justified in firing his weapon, Lt. Kenneth Beall said, “It’s going to take more investigation and a more detailed interview to make a conclusion like that. “In the eyes of the courts, a man’s home is his castle,” Beall said. “(But) I can’t come to that particular conclusion right now in respect to this incident.” The resident was placed in police custody, but has not been charged with any crimes at this point, police said.
Perhaps the householder overreacted. At all events, the thief will not be trying it on again.


Burglar Shot By Householder. Burglar Seeks Help From Nasty Rough Man [ 16 November 2012 ]
VIRGINIA BEACH - A College Park resident shot and injured a teen he found inside his home unannounced Thursday and will not face criminal charges, police said.

The incident occurred about 12:30 p.m. in the 6300 block of Bucknell Circle, a street that neighbors said has been plagued by break-ins this year. The homeowner heard glass breaking and found an intruder, a male in his late teens, walking up the stairs to the second floor, said Officer Tonya Borman, a police spokeswoman. The resident confronted the youth and shot him, she said.

The teen ran. A few blocks away, a wounded teen asked a passerby for help. That person called 911, and medics took the teen to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, Borman said.

After consulting with prosecutors, detectives charged the 17-year-old with breaking and entering with the intent to commit a felony and destruction of property, police said Friday. He's being held in juvenile detention pending a court hearing. Police do not release the names of juvenile suspects.
The Armed Citizen pays off again. Waiting for the police to arrive can take the rest of your life.


Off Duty Virginia Deputy Sherriff Kills Intruder [ 6 December 2012 ]
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, Va. – The Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation's Appomattox Field Office is investigating a home invasion that occurred overnight at a residence in the community of Rice. The incident occurred shortly before midnight at a residence on Pisgah Church Road off of Route 460.

It was shortly before midnight when a male stranger broke into the home. When the residents encountered the man, a struggled ensued and the intruder was shot by the homeowner. The intruder, Clarence Bobby Banks, 30, of Farmville, died at the scene. Banks was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond for examination and positive identification. There were a total of five people in the residence at the time of the break-in, to include two adults and three children. No one in the residence was injured. No charges have been filed at this time as the incident remains under investigation.
Waiting for the police can take the rest of your life. The Armed Citizen pays off again.


Pizza Hut Worker Kills Two Robbers
CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police say a restaurant employee shot and killed two armed robbery suspects after they allegedly beat a fellow employee during a robbery attempt late Monday night. The incident occurred around 11 p.m. at the Pizza Hut located at 5422 East Independence Boulevard. Two would-be robbery suspects were found dead on the restaurant floor after police said an employee washing dishes pulled out his own gun and fired at them. "I shot them, first him, and then the other one runs to us and then I saw him, he's also holding a gun so I shot him," said the employee who didn't want to be identified........

Two of the robbery suspects were shot and killed. Police have identified them as Dauntrae Wallace and Gregory Hardy. The third suspect managed to get away.
A good result. The Colour of Crime is - see if you can guess


Boy With Naughty Assault Rifle Shoots Two Home Invaders - Media Go Quiet [ 30 December 2012 ]
The teenage son of a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy shot a home intruder Tuesday afternoon in the 2600 block of Royal Place in northwest Harris County, deputies said. The 15-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister had been home alone in the Mount Royal Village subdivision when around 2:30 p.m. a pair of burglars tried the front and back doors, then broke a back window. The teenager grabbed his father's assault rifle and knew what to do with it.
It seems that the lad did not manage to get a kill but he did get rid of them. The reporter is tactful, not telling us the colour of the perpetrators. [ Hint: Black ]. The Main Steam Media mention this one just barely. The media are corrupt. The media are Propaganda machines. Lying by omission is one of their major techniques. The Armed Citizen pays off again. Recall the Ruby Ridge Massacre perpetrated by the FBI on Clinton's watch; also the Waco Massacre run by the same wonderful government.


Armed Robber Killed In Chicago By Armed Citizen  [ 3 November 2015 ]
The thief had a gun too. He was dangerous and incompetent.


District Attorney Says Armed Citizen Performed ‘Public Service’ by Killing Robber [ 6 June 2016 ]
See if you can guess what colour the perpetrator is. Look at his henchman if you need to.

The Armed Citizen pays off again. The Main Stream Media perverts the truth again.


Armed Citizen Kills Black Murderer & Saves The Police Victim [ 17 March 2017 ]
Ashad Russell has been called a hero after he gunned down armed suspect Edward Strother while he was beating Deputy Dean Barde on the ground in Estero, Florida. The newly-released video of the November shooting shows Strother pinning Deputy Bardes to the road after the cop chased him several miles on I-75 before finally pulling him over.

Russell, who has a concealed weapons permit, steps out of his car raises his gun, and fires three shots, all of which hit Strother.

Seconds later, Russell dropped his weapon and slowly walked away to wait for first responders to arrive. On the film three shots clearly ring out as the witnesses describe seeing Strother on top of the cop.
The Armed Citizen pays off again but this kind of event is determinedly, systematically censored by the Main Stream Media of England; they are corrupt Propaganda machines. Mr Russell fired three rounds and got three hits; not  bad going when it is for real. It turns out that he is a "person of colour" proving that not all blacks/Hispanics/et cetera are criminals. He also proved that Guns Save Lives. We can take it that the copper who let himself be overpowered by a vicious black will come in for a lot of teasing.

The perpetrator pretending that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.


Armed Citizen Kills Hispanic Attacker At A Petrol Station [ 11 May 2017 ]
The Daily Mail is in Propaganda mode again while the Armed Citizen makes America a safer, better place. NB three murders out four in Chicago are perpetrated by blacks. Fortunately most of their victims are also black. Most of the rest are carried out by Hispanics.


Oldie Shoots Two Intruders Killing One    [ 13 June 2017 ]
The police will give him major aggravation. He needs to know Resistance to Interrogation. The rule is: One shot, two stories - Two shots, one story. The survivor will be incited to drop them in it.


Black Medic Murders One & Injures Six After Being Sacked [ 1 July 2017 ]
Another time when the Armed Citizen would have paid off. The black might have been qualified as a doctor but he is not much of a shot.


Pensioner Killed Murderous Thief  [ 19 September  2017 ]
A pensioner has admitted shooting dead a burglar he caught breaking into his caravan home in the middle of the night with his illegally-kept double-barrelled shotgun.................. Gregory, initially arrested on suspicion of murder, was later released and told he would not be prosecuted for the death of Wayne Digby, 48, who he caught trying to remove the door from his caravan....................

"It should be pointed out that next to Mr Digby's body was a rucksack. That rucksack was later searched by police who found a mallet, cable ties that had been placed in a position to restrain a person, a bottle of bleach and a funnel..............

Mr Digby died after he was shot in the stomach when he tried to burgle the pair's caravan on June 12 and a third man arrested in connection with the incident, Tony Hearn, 48, was charged with a single count of conspiracy to commit burglary............

Nearby residents described the Mr Digby, who had died instantly [ a lie ] after being shot, was a known heroin addict and also had been involved in previous incident involving the Gregorys.
The burglar was a vicious chancer who came unstuck. He didn't die instantly and deserved what he got. Mr Gregory deserves public thanks; he is getting aggravation instead.


White Man Murdered 26 People In Texas Then Got Killed By An Armed Citizen  [ 6 November 2017 ]
The mass shooter who opened fire during Mass inside a Texas church killing at least 26 - including a two-year-old child - has been identified as a 26-year-old former Bible study teacher who was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force for assaulting his wife and child.

Devin Patrick Kelley, a married father, walked into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, dressed in black, tactical gear with a ballistics belt and an assault rifle, and began shooting, according to local law enforcement sources.

The attack only stopped when Kelley, of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio, was confronted by local hero Stephen Willeford, 55, who shot him through a gap in his body armor as the gunman tried to leave the church. Kelley was reportedly killed by that same brave neighbor following a high speed car chase.
There seems to be a nastiness in America of late. Notice that Kelley was sorted out by an Armed Citizen. Notice too that the Main Stream Media keep very quiet about Baltimore Being On Track To  Shatter 2015 Murder Record with 142 [ largely black ] murders to date and similar stories about the Negro Crime Rate but they are eager to incite Black Hate.
PS All 96 St. Louis Murder Suspects For 2017 Are Black.


Gun Dealer Supplied Third World Criminal  [ 15 November 2017 ]
An antiques dealer has been found guilty of supplying guns and ammo to gangsters which were later used in several murders and over 100 shootings across Britain. Paul Edmunds, 65, from Hardwicke, Gloucestershire, was dubbed the 'Breaking Bad of the gun world' after he altered out-of-date calibres to bring them back into use in an armoury in his garage.

They were supplied to Dr Mohinder Surdhar, 57, from Handsworth, Birmingham, who then sold them on to the criminal underworld. The weapons and ammunition have been directly linked to crimes across nine police forces including murders, attempted murders and the 2011 Birmingham riots when shots were fired at the West Midlands Police helicopter.
The Mail fingers the Englishman but goes easy on the Third World criminal. The users were Blacks imported by corrupt politicians like Blair, Brown, Cameron & Theresa May. They are traitors all. NB another Surdhar is also a bent medic; see the next one.



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