Does Iraq matter to us? Yes, because it has Oil. Should we trade with them? Certainly. Invade them and murder them? No, that is crime. Bush and Blair are guilty as Hell. So are Brown and Obama. Does the cost of invasion mean saving money? Very far from it. Oil prices have soared since Bush used the 9/11 Job as an excuse for war. Then of course there are the men's lives lost. We forget about the broken men who come back - unless they are family. Brown weeps a few crocodile tears when he wants votes then keeps them short of the kit they need to do the job they are ordered to do. Here are some little essays on the place.

Neocons Wanted War
Neocons wanted war on Iraq for Israel but Pat doesn't quite say that. But Stephen Walt John Mearsheimer do in so many words  - see See Lesson #2: in Iraq War Lessons.


Russians in Syria - Mission Accomplished
That is what Gwynne Dyer tells us. He lectured at Sandhurst Military College so he has the right background. Stopping Islamics spilling over into Russia sounds like a reasonable idea. It is not what Cameron is doing to us; he is inciting them with bribes etc.


It's The Oil
Well, who would have thought it? Oil men like Bush just for starters. Iraq has a quarter of the world's oil, worth around $30 TRILLION! America has five permanent bases there. Guess who runs the place. Given that Jews run Bush, Obama, Clinton et al you just might think the head office in Tel Aviv but that aspect is not touched on.


Iraq War Lessons
Stephen Walt tells us among other things that this war was set up by Neocon Jews, opportunists and Useful Idiots. It was done by Jews, for Jews to Iraq using Americans; they paid with life, limb and treasure.


Michael Yon Tells It Like It Is
Michael Yon has enemies in the US Army as a result. The public relations bods don't like someone telling the truth. The men think he is all right.
PS His pictures are good too.


A Marine reports from Iraq
A Marine makes sense. How competent are the enemy? An important issue. He does not ask why men were there in the first place. We should all do that.


Casualty States Iraq
Men pay a price. Some are dead. Others are going to be casualties for the rest of their lives. Who cares? Not the politicians who sent them there. I don't think this was meant to be released into the wild.


Iraq And Brits
Brits are out there. Brits are soldiering well. Why are they there? They should ask, they really should. Corrupt politicians, stupid politicians, some combination are the answers. Stealing oil for Israel is the objective.


Iraq Going Wrong
Invading Iraq was a good idea, wasn't it? Taking it sounded easy enough. Stealing the oil sounded like a good idea. Holding it is another ball game. Using the tactics of Jews in Palestine is going to make matters worse not better.


Iraq What works and what doesn't
A Marine reports from Iraq. The old weapons are the best weapons. The M1911 is a favourite. So is the .50 cal Browning.


Iraq, Why It Happened
Try stealing oil as an explanation. You will not be wrong but there are other reasons; not creditable reasons, just reasons.

Questions were asked. Questions were answered. The truth did not emerge.


Lockerbie Job
Is very political. Vengeance was the motive. Convicting a Libyan for it was done to take the heat off Syria(?) because it had to be onside for Desert Storm, the retaking of Kuwait.


Scott Ritter
Scott was the weapons inspector who went to Iraq, told the truth and got sacked big time. The agenda comes first with the truth as a bad second.


The Americans Gave Us The Will To Fight Says Tribal Leader
'The Americans gave us the will to fight when they showed us how barbaric they were. Fallujah does not deserve this barbarity. Where is the world community? Where is the Arab League? A thousand damnations on them. We will fight and we will die, alone if need be. This is the beginning of the end for the Americans and Israelis here.'
Christians all? Perhaps not but then they are run by  Fascist Jews.


Losing In Iraq & Afghanistan
Anger and shame assailed me when I was reading Losing Small Wars: anger with a corrupt Prime Minister (Blair) for the lies used to justify the deployment of British forces to Iraq and Afghanistan and the professional collusion of senior officers and the security services in the dissemination of the lies; and shame for the untold misery inflicted on Iraqi and Afghan civilians, the deaths and maiming of our soldiers and the lies used to comfort their families and to mislead the public. As if this was not bad enough, we are confronted at every turn in these badly judged deployments with far too many examples of incompetent political and military leadership in theatre. With all these failings and the scale of the invasion and occupation in Iraq, and the NATO mission in Afghanistan, Ledwidge’s title hardly does justice to what is revealed. In any case these are hardly ‘small wars’: the lying alone was and remains even now on a mass industrial scale.

If, having read Losing Small Wars, I had to identify the single most important failing about the disastrous British interventions in Iraq and, currently Afghanistan, it would be the failure on the part of the British government and its military advisers to spell out quite clearly why the British armed forces were ever deployed to these two parts of the Middle East. Factor out the obvious lies disseminated by Blair and his political-military clique that Iraq was armed with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and that these weapons posed a threat to Britain and there was no justified reason for Britain’s ever having had anything to do with the US-led invasion of Iraq.
Frank Ellis, lately of the Parachute Regiment and SAS comments on murderous evil.


Uranium Ore Allegedly Found In Iraq [ 27 July 2010 ]
(AP)  The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program - a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

The removal of 550 metric tons of "yellowcake" - the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment - was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam's nuclear legacy. It also brought relief to U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach insurgents or smugglers crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions.
This bomb factory is allegedly well known so it would have been investigated big time. Nothing was found to back up Bush's claims. Therefore this is a pack of lies.


Iraq War Illegal And Blair Is A War Criminal [ 24 January 2010 ]
Tony Blair's decision to take Britain to war in Iraq was illegal, the Foreign Office's former chief legal adviser will tell the Chilcot inquiry this week. The Observer has been told that Sir Michael Wood, who was the FO's most senior lawyer, is ready to reveal that, in the run-up to war, he was of the opinion that the conflict would have been unlawful without a second UN resolution............. His testimony will come the day before the appearance of Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general, who is said to have dropped his legal objections days before the invasion, following intense pressure from Blair and his closest advisers, and the US authorities.

A senior legal figure close to the discussions at the time told the Observer: "The advice that was given consistently in the Foreign Office [by Wood] was that war would be unlawful without a second resolution. The important thing is that Foreign Office advice was given consistently in one way, and then the attorney general, right at the end, gave advice to the contrary. That is what will come out.".........

Wood's deputy at the time, former Foreign Office lawyer Elizabeth Wilmshurst, who resigned two days before the war because she believed the invasion was a "crime of aggression", will appear at the inquiry after Wood on Tuesday
What's the difference between Blair and Bush and the other pair, Hitler and Stalin? The latter were more honest. Adolf's real crime was being the loser but he had the courage to serve then what it took to top himself.


Chilcot Report - Some Comments [ 14 July 2016 ]
The Chilcot Report may be longer than The Bible. It is about as useful. Sean Gabb, England's leading Libertarian tells us that The Establishment Left are evil. Blowing children to pieces can have that effect on one in criminal wars. That same Establishment Left claim the Moral high ground while destroying civilization. They follow on from the Bolsheviks who murdered millions and never apologized. Yes, Blair is a War Criminal On The Run but he will be allowed to get away with it.
PS Even The Guardian is not doing Blair any favours. Chilcot's Report has produced plenty of evidence for the prosecution. I am willing to be the hangman.



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