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Frank Ellis was in the Parachute Regiment and the SAS; he knew Russian and Russia which points to his real work. It means that he understands the politics of the USSR and the oppression of dissidents. Now he is one himself and has been treated in much the same way, albeit not quite so savagely. Locking people up in lunatic asylums was a standard technique. It happened to poor little Emma West for saying what she thought. Doctor  Ellis went into this situation with his eyes wide open. He told the truth about the Lawrence case because he had Moral Courage. We should honour him for it. He treads the same path as Galileo who told us that the earth rotates round the sun or vice versa. Now we assume that Galileo was right without a second thought. He was tried by the Inquisition, forced to recant, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. Doctor Ellis has merely been sacked or paid to go away. His employers found it easier than pretending, in court that he was wrong about blacks being less intelligent.

Various organs of the Main Stream Media took their turns at abusing him. You can see for yourself the full horror of what he said in The Macpherson Report: Anti-racist Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Be aware that you might conclude that MacPherson, also a man of the SAS, the judge who did the Lawrence Inquiry is, at best a fool, or, more likely corrupt, a time server or Moral Cretin.

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An honest analysis - as distinct from the rest.


Conservative Party 2010  An Analysis By Frank Ellis
Until very recently the Conservative Party used to believe that its elected members of parliament were charged with a solemn duty to advance Britain’s interests and to protect Britain’s territorial, economic, racial, legislative and political integrity from hostile forces, internal and external. That is no longer the case. What is now quite clear is that the Conservative Party, in pursuit of some Neo-Marxist multiracial utopia, has abandoned its allegiance to the British nation state, the monarchy, the nuclear family, the parochial, and above all to the idea that Britain as a white, north-west European nation is worth preserving. The Conservative Party’s open espousal of the viciously anti-white, racist doctrine of Multiculturalism is in fact the most obvious and striking symptom of its moral and intellectual decay.
Doctor Ellis, late of the SAS and Parachute Regiment, lecturer in Slavonic Studies knows a lot about oppression, suppression of truth and Brain washing. He did not learn Russian for nothing. He knew that telling the truth was going to get him aggravation. He was right about that and right about the Tories.


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Frank Ellis
In February/March 2006, the paper published an interview by Matt Kennard, a Leeds Student journalist, with Dr Frank Ellis a controversial [ sic ] professor of Russian and Slavonic Studies who has expressed his support for unpopular ideas such as that ethnicity influences intelligence. Dr Ellis's comments were widely condemned. A campaign was launched by Hanif Leylabi, President of the Unite Against Fascism organization, which called upon the university to sack Ellis. The story received coverage in The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Times Higher Education and various other national newspapers and radio stations as well as national and local television services. A statement was released by Leeds University Union calling for his dismissal. Leeds University condemned Ellis' views as abhorrent and announced it was seeking advice on the legal implications of his comments.

Ellis was subsequently suspended by the Vice-Chancellor, Michael Arthur, pending disciplinary proceedings. The University issued a media release stating that it was investigating an alleged breach of its diversity policy. It also said Ellis's views were wholly at odds with the University's values, he had jeopardised the university's obligations under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, and that he had not apologised for his remarks. Dr Ellis took early retirement in June 2006, pre-empting the outcome of the disciplinary action.
Sacked or paid to go away? He would have forced them to defend the indefensible. They bottled out.


Frank Ellis - The Grauniad Takes A Position
A lecturer who insisted that black people and women were genetically inferior has taken early retirement from Leeds University, it emerged today. Frank Ellis, a lecturer in Russian and Slavonic studies, told the Leeds Student newspaper that he supported the theory developed by Richard J Herrnstein and Charles Murray in their 1994 book The Bell Curve, which claimed that white people are more intelligent than black people. Dr Ellis also said that women did not have the same intellectual capacity as men. He was suspended on March 23 after the university launched a disciplinary inquiry and students and academics called for him to be sacked.

The university described Dr Ellis's views as "abhorrent" and today it issued a statement revealing that the lecturer, who ignited debate over academic freedom of speech, had retired on June 30. The statement said: "Dr Ellis, 54, retired on the same standard terms available to his colleagues. However, in bringing forward the retirement a year sooner than Dr Ellis wanted, the university agreed to pay him a year's salary and to make a contribution towards his legal costs." Dr Ellis, a former SAS soldier, first hit the headlines six years ago when he travelled to the US to speak at the American Renaissance conference, an event described by anti-fascist campaigners as a three-day rally bringing together the scientific racism movement. The event attracts white supremacist organisations, including the Ku Klux Klan. Leeds was the first university to suspend a lecturer under the new Race Relations [Amendment] Act.
Notice that the Grauniad does not say that Doctor Ellis is wrong. That is because they know he is right and they are bottling out of a Libel action which they would lose with an honest jury.
This is the only photo out there but the Graun used it because it makes him look nasty.


Frank Ellis - The Times Ed Takes A Position
Farewell to Frank Ellis
21 July 2006
The devil looks after his own and in the case of Frank Ellis it's a truism. He decided to take early retirement and Leeds University has given him with a sweetener of one year's salary as well as making a contribution to his legal costs.

Those who empathise with Ellis believe that he has been expediently sacrificed at the altar of political correctness for expressing his daring views about race and intelligence. To me, some of his actions were not just controversial but contravened the Race Relations (Amended) Act 2000. But since a court case has been averted, we'll never know for sure.

It would appear that Leeds, as a rational economic organisation, has done a deal with Ellis, because I wonder how many other lecturers who took early retirement from that university have been given ex-gratia payments of a year's salary?

Academic freedom is a privilege that must be balanced with responsibility, not an unalienable divine right that trumps the law of the land.

As a black person I am sick of people ramming Voltaire's famous quote down my throat and insisting that as long as it's done in the name of freedom, people such as Ellis have the right to insult, denigrate and perpetuate lies about me on the basis of my ethnicity - an immutable ascribed role that I have no control over. Life as a black university lecturer is tough enough but Ellis's crowing conceit that my genetic make-up makes me inherently less intelligent than my fellow white lecturers is a self-fulfilling fallacy that can make it even tougher.

So it's goodbye from him and good riddance because the world of academia will be richer not poorer without people such as him.
L. Roger Numas Brighton University
The oik that wrote this would make a good Vicar of Bray; pay first, principles nowhere.


Frank Ellis - Sean Bryson Takes A Position
The MacPherson Report Exposed !
'Anti-Racist' Hysteria
and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom
New booklet available from Right Now Press Ltd.
Price: £4.95 ISBN 0-9540534-0-0
Academic says that Macpherson Report was "disgraceful", and that freedom is threatened by ‘anti-racist’ agitators.
University lecturer Frank Ellis has published a devastating indictment of the Macpherson Report into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

In The Macpherson Report: Anti-racist Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom, Dr Ellis, an expert on the Soviet Union, compares the Macpherson inquiry to the witch hunts and show trials of Stalin’s Russia, and calls for the commission for Racial Equality to be scrapped and all race relations laws to be repealed.

Dr Ellis says that the inquiry was conducted carelessly and in an atmosphere of hysteria, and that Sir William Macpherson was "naive" to lend his name to this "disgraceful document". Macpherson’s presumption that the murder was racially motivated, his uncritical acceptance of Marxist concepts and terminology, his “intimidation” of experienced police witnesses and his belief that only whites can be racist means that his Report is fatally flawed. His final conclusion - that the Metropolitan Police Force is "institutionally racist" - has exacerbated racial tensions, demoralised the police and opened the way for far-Left attacks on all institutions. In effect, Dr Ellis says, "The real target of the Macpherson Report is Britain itself".

Ellis continues: "Over the last quarter of a century, the racial-industrial complex, with its nasty, parasitic, semi-criminal fringe of self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ and ‘anti-racists’, has emerged as a very serious threat to our freedom". The experiences of dissidents in the former Soviet Union are increasingly relevant in the West, where certain subjects are avoided or discussed in an atmosphere of fear and hypocrisy. Most obviously, those who differ from the establishment line on race are today’s ‘enemies of the people’ and face vilification and even physical danger from ‘anti-racist’ zealots.

During an election campaign in which race has featured prominently - from the CRE’s gagging order, Conservative MP John Townend’s comments and the Oldham race riots to the slow hand-clapping of Jack Straw by disenchanted police officers - Dr Ellis’s booklet is a salutary reminder that this emotive issue will not go away. The booklet has been circulated widely within police ranks.

The Macpherson Report: ‘Anti-racist’ Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom is published by Right Now Press, publishers of Right Now, an independent quarterly magazine of politics, ideas and culture (

Right Now editor Derek Turner commented "We are delighted to publish this brave broadside against the ‘anti-racist’ fanatics. Only full and free discussion on even this most sensitive of topics will permit sensible policies to be formulated".

"A timely warning" Philosopher Michael Levin, City University of New York "An original contribution to what ought to be, but clearly is not, a public debate about the whole race issue" Ray Honeyford, journalist and author "Professor Ellis suggests the chilling possibility that the fear, loathing and self-censorship involved in contemporary race relations presents a clear and present danger to our civil liberties, free speech and personal safety" Professor J P Rushton, University of Western Ontario, and author of Race, Evolution and Behavior
"Dr Ellis writes powerfully and with conviction" Martin Mears, Past President of the Law Society

Dr Ellis is Lecturer in Russian at the University of Leeds. He has been a professional soldier, serving in both the Parachute Regiment and the SAS. He has also taught at the University of Las Vegas. He has published articles on subjects ranging from Soviet war literature, the Soviet media and censorship to Marxism and defence. He has written two books - #Vasiliy Grossman: The Genesis and Evolution of a Russian Heretic (1994) and #From Glasnost to the Internet - Russia's New Infosphere (1999).

To arrange an interview with Dr Ellis, please telephone Derek Turner on 0845 601 3243 or e-mail

To purchase a copy of the booklet, please send a sterling cheque for £4.95, made payable to Right Now, to Right Now, PO Box 2085, London, W1A 5SX, England. Overseas purchasers please add 20% to cover postage costs. To obtain a review copy, please send details to

The Macpherson Report: 'Anti-racist' Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom, Right Now Press Ltd., London, 2001, 48pps, £4.95, ISBN 0-9540534-0-0
It is still, just possible to tell the truth in England. Mr. Bryson is indulging this endangered right.


Matt Kennard — 'Whiter than white ' Frank Ellis
A Trotskyist student does a smear job.


Vasiliy Grossman: The Genesis and Evolution of a Russian Heretic - (ISBN 0-85496-830-X)
Vasily Grossman (1905-1964) is now regarded as one of the major Russian prose writers of this century whose works have been unjustly neglected. An eminent Soviet scholar said, "Solzhenitsyn writes for the hour, Grossman writes for the age" -- a view widely endorsed by other important critics and writers. His two major works, Everything Flows and Life and Fate were only recently published in the former Soviet Union -- a confirmation for many that glasnost was genuine.

This is the first major study of Grossman in English. It will be of interest not only to students of Russian literature and politics but also to those who seek a better understanding of the struggle for intellectual and moral autonomy in the totalitarian state.
PS Grossman went off communism when Joe Stalin went off Jews; Vasily was one such.


From Glasnost to the Internet: Russia's New Infosphere
The Soviet collapse of 1991 - the Great August liberation - demonstrated the total exhaustion of Marxist-Leninist agitation and propaganda. It was no longer possible to live on slogans. The failure of Soviet agitprop is also the failure of Soviet censorship the latter being a unique institution in anti-thought. In From Glasnost to the Internet Ellis analyses the consequences of censorship, before tackling the media legislation of the Russian Federation and the new dangers to the free flow of information emerging both within and outside the Russian Federation.

Vasily Grossman ex Wiki
Vasily Semyonovich Grossman
(Russian: Васи́лий Семёнович Гро́ссман, Ukrainian: Василь Семенович Гроссман; 12 December 1905 – 14 September 1964) was a Soviet Russian writer and journalist. Grossman was trained as an engineer and worked in the Donets Basin, but changed his career in the 1930s and published short stories and several novels. At the outbreak of the Second World War, he became a war correspondent for the Red Army newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, writing firsthand accounts of the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk and Berlin. Grossman's eyewitness accounts of a Nazi extermination camp, following the discovery of Treblinka, were among the earliest. Grossman also translated Armenian literature into Russian, despite the fact that he could not read Armenian,[1] instead working on the basis of an interlinear translation.

After World War II, Grossman's faith in the Soviet state was shaken by Joseph Stalin's turn towards anti-Semitism in the final years before his death in 1953. While Grossman was never arrested by the Soviet authorities, his two major literary works (Life and Fate and Forever Flowing) were censored during the ensuing Nikita Khrushchev period as unacceptably anti-Soviet, and Grossman himself became in effect a nonperson. The KGB raided Grossman's flat after he had completed Life and Fate, seizing manuscripts, notes and even the ribbon from the typewriter on which the text had been written. Grossman was told by the Communist Party's chief ideologist Mikhail Suslov that the book could not be published for two or three hundred years. At the time of Grossman's death from stomach cancer in 1964, these books were unreleased. Copies were eventually smuggled out of the Soviet Union by a network of dissidents, including Andrei Sakharov and Vladimir Voinovich, and first published in the West, before appearing in the Soviet Union in 1988.