The Bible

The Bible is an important book. It was the first book a lot of people had. There were Bible reading lessons given by the well meaning, some of whom qualified for the Lunatic Fringe. It influenced the language in England & Germany. So did Shakespeare. This is not to say that it is true; it did evolve according to the views of the era. The King James Version is on line, complete in one lump at

A corrupt version, the Scofield Reference Bible was produced to manipulate Christian Zionists in America. It worked. They wanted the End times & the Battle of Armageddon. Naturally enough the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse have a big part to play in the goings on. Then there are the Whore of Babylon, the Beast of Revelations, the Tribulation, the Second Coming of Jesus, the Last Judgment & the Rapture. That is the part where the righteous go somewhere much nicer.

Twerps like them voted for  Bush & war in Middle East.

Bible Story Is Fraudulent - Camels Were Not Domesticated Until Much Later [ 14 February 2014 ]
Jews excavated. Jews studied camels' remains. Jews proved that they were domesticated 1,500 years after the Book of Genesis. This spoils the Jews' claims about originating in Palestine. Will this embarrass Zionist crazies. Probably not. They are expert liars. Marketing the Big Lie is second nature to them.
PS It is nice to see that The Guardian tells the truth from time to time, especially when it is going to annoy God's Chosen People.


The Bible Was Written By Lifelong Liars
That is a perfectly reasonable point. Is it wrong? Have they cleaned up their act? Do they believe the rubbish they have written? [ Hint: NO. ] Who were they trying to cheat? [ Hint: Us ] Albeit the Catholic Church developed into something better, a major force for good, at the heart of Western Civilization. That is why Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communist party in Italy knew that it had to be destroyed to enable a Bolshevik take over of the world. That means essentially a conquest by Jews, by the Zionist crazies who run Palestine, the Stolen Land, the one they call Israel.