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NHS is short for the National Health Service, England's nationalised health service. It is like any other bureaucracy; it grew to fill the available space. The trouble is that it then kept on getting bigger. Of course the service is getting worse and the price is out of all proportion. What makes matters worse is that has become the INTERNATIONAL health service, battened on by rogues, thieves. liars, chancers, the sick et cetera from all over the world. The American government health service is the victim of major fraud - see e.g. #Fresenius Fraud And HMG or #Health Fraud. Is NHS England getting robbed blind too? Believe it. The fact that the Main Stream Media say nowt is irrelvant. 

American Health Care Versus The Rest
Is so much better, isn't it? Fred says not. I believe Fred.


 Rigging The Death Rate
If patients keep dying it is inconvenient - make that embarrassing. Dead men tell no tales but relatives do. One answer is cheating. It works. Statistics can tell the truth. They can also hide it. An expert explains.


NHS Croydon
It has gotten bad enough to be mentioned in Private Eye. The £5 million surplus turned out to be a £25 million deficit. The auditors claim it is not their fault. Deloitte are good at lying their way out of things.


Surgeon warns NHS over sweatshop instruments
.... implements made in Sialkot [ the one in Pakistan - Editor ] had "Made in Germany" stamped on them. The small manufacturing operations are sub-contractors for larger firms which finish the implements to international standards. Most of these sell their goods on to surgical instrument suppliers in the developed world - principally Germany. The mark-up is considerable. A pair of scissors made for $1 (54p) in Pakistan will eventually sell for $80. The global market is worth around £350m.
That kind of mark up is probably legal. It just feels like fraud and has precisely the same effect. It benefits from collusion along the supply chain.

PS The Guardian mentions this little matter en passant. It is not in the business of rocking the boat when it is government fraud and Labour is in power.


Fresenius Fraud And HMG
Fraud is routine. Fraud is big time. Fraud is profitable. Why bother earning money when you can steal it?


Health Fraud
This is in America. It is humunguous. But there is plenty more money coming.


The National Health Service - A Libertarian View
During the past week, much of the English speaking world has been drawn into a debate on the merits of the National Health Service.........

At the most fundamental level of analysis, legitimacy and merits have no connection with each other. The NHS is funded by compulsion. I am forced, as a taxpayer, to contribute to a system that provides health care of a kind and at costings that, given any choice in the matter, I would never accept for myself and those who look to me. I am also forced to pay towards the health care of strangers...........

This should not be taken as a defence of the NHS. I am simply pointing out that is no worse on balance than the American system. They are differently organised and differently funded. Each has specific advantages and disadvantages. neither has much connection with a free market.............

What is so fundamentally bad about the British system – its compulsory principle aside – is that it nearly abolishes individual control over health care. Compared with the system with which we entered the twentieth century, all real power is centralised into the hands of the professional bodies...............

The growing state involvement in medicine that began with the National Insurance Act 1911, and culminated in the establishment of the NHS forty seven years later, was largely a power grab by the medical professions. Doctors were relieved of having to do business with ordinary working class people, and could deal instead with officials and politicians of their own class. These officials and politicians had their own status enhanced by the ability to spend vast amounts of the taxpayers' money. For the rich and for increasing numbers of middle class people, choice remained – if at a cartellised price. For ordinary working people, however, medicine became something that was doled out by their betters................

This contributed immensely, I think, to the decay of free institutions in England. Freedom owes much to historic evolution and to paper guarantees. It owes far more to a people who are accustomed to take responsibility for their own lives. The main difference between us and our free ancestors is that, unlike them, we find ourselves trapped within a system that provides the amenities of life but over which we have no personal control.
Doctor Gabb explains. He is right about tax. If we spend four days paying tax and only one working for ourselves we are all impoverished.


Dallas Doctor Arrested For Alleged $375 Million Medicare Fraud Role [ 18 April 2012 ]
WASHINGTON - A physician and the office manager of his medical practice, along with five owners of home health agencies, were arrested today on charges related to their alleged participation in a nearly $375 million health care fraud scheme involving fraudulent claims for home health services.........

“The conduct charged in this indictment represents the single largest fraud amount orchestrated by one doctor in the history of HEAT and our Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations,” said Deputy Attorney General Cole.   “Thanks to the historic partnerships we’ve built to combat health care fraud, we are sending a clear message:   If you victimize American taxpayers, we will track you down and prosecute you.”.....

Since their inception in March 2007, Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations in nine locations have charged more than 1,190 defendants who collectively have falsely billed the Medicare program for more than $3.6 billion.
That kind of money sounds like a living to me. Of course the NHS or National Health Service in England is not like that, it could not possibly be that bad, or could it? The trough is huge. Greed is unlimited. The detail is different. The fraud is not.


Medicare Costs $60 BILLION In Fraud Alone [ 18 April 2012 ]
MIAMI, Florida — On an FBI undercover tape, the fraud was plain to see: A patient came to a South Florida AIDS clinic, signed some papers, walked into an office and was handed $150 in cash.  She politely thanked the workers and left, her visit to the doctor finished without ever receiving any treatment. According to records seized by investigators, the office staff (who was assured of the patient's cooperation) used her name to fraudulently bill Medicare for a list of expensive treatment and medications. 

Law enforcement officials said it's just one of the many widespread, organized and lucrative schemes to bilk Medicare out of an estimated $60 billion dollars a year — a staggering cost borne by American taxpayers. 
American snouts in American troughs do very nicely. [ 6 February 2013 ]


Communist NHS Boss Killed 1,200, Communist NHS Boss Promoted, Communist Boss Wastes Billions [ 7 February 2013 ]
NHS darkest hour: 1,200 'appalling' deaths at horror hospital but NO ONE blamed

The blunders, neglect and abuse that left up to 1,200 patients dead at Stafford Hospital should have been met with strong ­disciplinary action against those responsible. Yet not one person was fired over the shameful four-year period where bosses put cash before care as the sick lay in dirty beds crying for help because they were refused pain relief and food and drink was left scandalously out of reach.

But as relatives of those who died grieved for the needless loss of their loved ones, the man in charge of the health authority for part of the time, Sir David Nicholson, was promoted and is now chief executive of the NHS on £270,000 a year with £50,000 annual expenses. And Stafford’s chief executive Martin Yeates quit over the scandal with a £400,000 pay-off and refused to attend two inquiries claiming he was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder – despite jetting off on lavish skiing trips.
Nicholson was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Perhaps he now feels it expedient to claim that he is not one of them. Next he was an NHS administrator in the business of closing mad houses, releasing lunatics "into the community" where they did what they do best. They carried on murdering people. Nicholson did what Nicholson does best. He talked the talk. He spread money round, lots of it. He ran a firm bigger than Lenin's, the Red Army. He did not kill so many but he spent a lot more.
PS If you had read the Private Eye you would be up to speed on the gross waste that is Privatization, a system of postdated cheques that is breaking the NHS. Brown is an Asset Stripper who used to it fund utterly unlimited greed.


NHS Defrauded By Foreigners Costing Us £2 Billion [ 23 October 2013 ]
The TRUE cost of health tourism: Foreigners using NHS cost Britain up to £2BILLION a year, government report reveals...up to 100 times more than thought Foreign visitors and short-term migrants cost the NHS £2billion a year, an official report warns today. The first comprehensive assessment of ‘health tourism’ says the true cost to taxpayers is up to 100 times bigger than some estimates.

It concluded the Health Service has ‘some of the most generous rules in the world’. And it even found evidence of relatives of migrants taking advantage of visits to Britain to have free treatment. The bill was put at between £1.9billion and £2billion  – with only around 16 per cent of the money clawed back. The Government said it would be ‘impractical or inappropriate’ to charge in full some patients, such as students or those with infectious diseases......

Today's findings will prove highly controversial – and are likely to be hotly disputed by the Left-wing medical establishment.
A national health service sounds like a good idea. Making it international leaves it wide open to thieves. The Tories are pretending to do something about it as the next election looms.


Foreign Thieves Have Babies In England At Our Expense [ 30 December 2013 ]
"An NHS surgeon, Prof J Meirion Thomas, says the flow of West African women flying in to give birth for nothing at St Thomas’ is known by its staff as the “Lagos shuttle”. As with many issues involving foreigners, some on the Left dismiss health tourism as an invented problem — an attempt by the Government to deflect criticism from its own failings by “scapegoating” others."
This is just one example of Ethnic Fouling. It is going on in America, Canada, England, France, Holland, Ireland & the rest of Western Civilization with the approval of Her Majesty's Government & the connivance of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They are the enemies of England.


NHS Fat Cat Screws Taxpayers [ 29 January 2014 ]
"An NHS manager was given a £370,000 redundancy payoff even though he never left the health service, it can be revealed.

He is one of three managers paid a total of almost £1 million, despite still working in the NHS, according to figures which have provoked a fresh row about “scandalous” revolving-door payments.

Other senior managers were each paid up to £200,000 more than previously admitted by ministers in a mistake [ Mistake or fraud? Editor ] that MPs said was staggering"
The MP is narked because he couldn't get away it. You don't mind medics getting well paid but admin wallahs chosen because their fits with the communist liar running The NHS are different.

Snouts in the trough. It's only tax payers' money.


USA - 25 Charged In Fraud Involving Home Care In DC, Many From Cameroon [  22 February 2014 ]
One black stole $75 million. One black news outlet reported the. The Associated Press sourced it. The Main Stream Media knew it; they suppressed the truth. All the news fit to print? NO! All news print to fit!
PS She went to prison last time - IMPOSTER REGISTERED NURSE SENTENCED TO 2 1/2 YEARS


Labour Is Going To Bully Us Into Being Healthy [ 4 May 2014 ]
Food was rationed during the Second World War then on until 1954. Rationing was good for us - allegedly. Labour loved it. People hated it which is why we voted them out. Socialists hate liberty, love bullying & think we are fools who do not know how to run our own lives.
PS They also like champagne, caviar, expense fraud, bribes et cetera. Blair knows all about it. So does Brown.
PPS The Guardian's spin is different - and perhaps worse.


NHS Chiefs Abuse Expenses Big Time [ 13 May 2014 ]
The expenses culture at the top of the NHS has been exposed by figures showing that nine health officials spent almost £200,000 last year on fine dining, taxi fares and hotels at up to £500 a night.
Nicholson alleges that he is not a communist. Nicholson that he does not know how many hundreds or thousands he killed when he was running the NHS. Nicholson is a Capitalist Swine


NHS Run By Bullies Who Suppress Whistleblowers & Truth [ 10 February 2015 ]
was run by a communist. It starts at the top and works its way down. Brown inflicted Privatization on it using lies, fraudulent accounting and malice. He created billions in debt. Now he has taken the pay offs and gone quiet.
PS Private Eye told us about it years ago. The Main Stream Media also kept quiet.


NHS Defrauded By Another Black Thief - Another £145 Thousand Stolen  [ 29 August 2015 ]
Bimbo Ayelabola, 37, had to have complex caesarean section while in UK The operation and neo-natal care for five babies cost in excess of £145,000 She returned to her native Lagos where she is successful a make-up artist  It's emerged that Homerton Hospital, east London, won't chase her for bill 
The NHS seemed like a good idea at the time. It was but now it is The IHS or International Health Service being robbed by all and sundry. Why was this black treated at all? Why did she come to England in the first place? To defraud us. The hospital know there is no point in chasing her. She is outside the jurisdiction.
PS The EHIC, emergency treatment cards are handed out willy nilly then get used by Indians. Why pay when you can steal? If you complain you are a Racist.


Blacks Rob NHS Blind [ 1 September 2015 ]
With a dazzling smile and expensively-styled long hair, glamorous Dr Ola Orekunrin is a walking advertisement for the new multi-ethnic Britain. Not only was she — at 21 — the youngest person ever to qualify as a doctor but she has since held down important posts at a string of prestigious hospitals............

Her venture, Flying Doctors Nigeria, gave her an enviable international profile. She was featured by Time, CNN and the Guardian. She graced the pages of Forbes as one of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs, and she was a hit on the international conference circuit with her TED talks. She was named a 2013 New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum .

But the flying doctors career plummeted into the ground earlier this year when she was exposed as a liar and fraudster at a London medical disciplinary hearing. She personally jetted in a critically-ill burn victim from Nigeria, ‘dishonestly’ claimed the Nigerian was a UK resident, and obtained NHS treatment costing more than £45,000. This patient was then found to be carrying a deadly superbug infection which meant that one of Britain’s foremost burns treatment centres — a reception centre for injured servicemen — had to be temporarily closed because of the potential risk to other patients. NHS management is so notoriously lax that, if not for that last disaster, she might have been getting away with this racket to this day............

The two cases were one-offs. But much larger sums, potentially tens of millions a year, are ripped off by more routine and mundane scams such as doctors fraudulently obtaining drugs and sending them to family members abroad.  Dr Sukhendu Chattopadhyay abused his position as a ward doctor at Orpington Hospital in Kent, to write scripts for his mother-in-law in India for nearly four years. Amongst Muslim and Hindu NHS staff this practice is thought to be endemic...........

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that all this is deliberate.  If a politician wanted to surreptitiously destroy the NHS then they could hardly do a better job. The NHS is such a politically untouchable issue that no assault on it can be done in the open. What better solution then, than to run it into the ground with the present covert mass-immigration policy?
Francis Carr Begbie does not mention that European Health Insurance Cards  [ EHIC ] are a passport to free treatment worldwide. Just how many Pakistanis called Khan or Singh had their relatives treated at our expense in Lahore? They have cost us millions, if not billions. As I write black nurses are trying to get an old Englishwoman suffering from Alzheimer's out of hospital even though she cannot stand up by herself. They are making room for their favoured customers.
PS Mr Begbie is mentioned by Wikispooks.


Third World Medic Does Not Notice Husband's Illness Then Sues NHS [ 12 November 2016 ]
Kumudu Rupasingh was training to be a consultant but didn't notice that her old man was going to have a heart attack. She sued the NHS & came in for £335,000. Could this be reverse Racism, anti-English racism? It most certainly could. Once one of them gets away with it the rest will be there like flies on the proverbial.
PS It is alleged that she is a 'brilliant' doctor.


American Health Care Versus The Rest
It is far more expensive and often mediocre. Fred explains all in usual lucid fashion. 


Pfizer Fined £84.2 Million For Defrauding The NHS In Drug Sales [ 9 December 2016 ]
Pfizer increased the price of an anti-epilepsy drug by as much as 2,600%. The NHS noticed eventually. But of course it is only tax payers' money. Notice that the fine will not touch the perpetrators, just the share holders.


Health Tourists Will Get To Pay First [ 6 February  2017 ]
It is a gesture in the right direction but there are so many blacks here that it will hardly make a dent in fraud. Forged utility bills are available. Their prices will now go up. Getting referred by a doctor means using one that is open to bribes. That is the reality of Third World immigration.


Arabs Charged With $132 Million Medicare Fraud In Detroit   [ 18 July 2017 ]
In fact only six are Arabs; one reads as Greek. It is part of a national crime system because government medical insurance is open to fraud. See e.g. Medicare Fraud Cost $1.3 Billion - 400 Charged. It happened before - Sixteen Charged in Detroit Area as Part of Largest National Medicare Fraud Takedown in History back in 2015. That one includes Arabs and a Jew.


Health Tourists Steal Billions From NHS  [ 24 October 2017 ]
A fellow doctor had the nerve to tell me on national radio yesterday that health tourism is an insignificant problem for the NHS.

Listeners to the Today programme on Radio 4 heard her claim that ineligible patients from overseas account for just 0.3 per cent of the health service’s budget.

That’s what many doctors like to believe. And even if this were the case, 0.3 per cent would amount to some £360 million, enough to pay for thousands more doctors and nurses in our overstretched health service.

But the truth is actually far worse: health tourism costs the NHS in the region of £2 billion. And it is contributing hugely to a crisis in our capacity to provide care as patients are turned away because beds are full and operating theatres are not available.
Blacks from Nigeria impersonate brothers or sisters; it is easy. Forged electricity bills 'prove' addresses. Emergency admissions are well enough to scarper in the night when there is no one around. And, yes, the BBC is a corrupt Propaganda machine.


Nine Out Of Ten Pregnant Patients Were Foreign Thieves  [ 17 December 2017 ]
A clampdown on foreign women who fly in to give birth ‘for free’ on the NHS is proving to be a resounding success, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Since the spring all pregnant women giving birth at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London, have been required to prove they have lived in the UK for at least a year. The drive – a trailblazing programme being rolled out across dozens of other hospitals – has led to a huge fall in the number of women from outside Britain attempting to obtain maternity care without paying.

Official NHS figures indicate the number of labour ward health tourists has dropped by at least 90 per cent at St George’s, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
This is good news, if it is true. Forging gas bills is not difficult. Anyway what does a passport mean? Driving licence pictures are even smaller. Telling one black from another is not that easy.


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