Privatization is an important aspect of Government Finance. Gigabucks are involved every time. It doesn't sound very thrilling. It isn't very thrilling unless you happen to be involved and you have a strong desire to be at the receiving end of a golden stream of lovely money. But let us begin at the beginning.

Privatization was a bright idea that some one had. It was introduced by Maggie Thatcher. Private firms are much more efficient than government departments run  on a basis of idleness, insolence, indifference to the alleged recipients and incompetence. Their idleness is deeply ingrained and barely distinguishable from corruption. Being run on commercial lines makes sense.

That was the theory and well founded. However  Her Majesty's Allegedly Loyal Opposition aka the Labour Party complained bitterly about selling the family silver, post dated cheques and rampant capitalism. But all of that changed when they became Her Majesty's Government - forget any concept of loyalty though except to their own enrichment. It was snouts in the trough time. It still is and billions are being spread around.

Do the media bother to tell us about these things? Not really. They are not concerned. Is there a conspiracy? Possibly but the rich have common interests and rocking the boat is not the way to get on. Private Eye is different though. It makes a business out of telling us what the mainstream press do not. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

To be fair, Labour have added a bit of window dressing and they now talk about Private Finance Initiatives or PFIs.  There are a few variants because they do like jargon. It serves to cloud the truth, just like their reams of waffle.

Of course men go into government from business and vice versa. They get well paid jobs on their merits without any thought of favours past, present or future. Golden hand shakes, golden goodbyes? They are all part of the fun. At least in Nigeria and such like places the corruption is honest. Nobody pretends that it is not a normal part of business.

A difference between corruption in Africa and England is that the blacks have a spot market. The official delivers the piece of paper and the recipient delivers the money on the spot. In England we have a future market. The official delivers just the same but the payment comes later in the form of a very well paid job. The Nigerian system is more honest.

Privatization and Blair
Blair is nominally a Labour man but he has never done an honest day's work in his life. When it comes to the pay offs of power he is there and shameless with it. Get it while the getting is good! It doesn't go down too well with ordinary working men but then they are being screwed - sorry, phased out or even released into the community.


Privatization and Bush
Bush is bankrupting America and Americans. He is a destroyer or rather his handlers have made him into one. Grossly humungous waste of money is just part of it. And Halliburton is getting much richer each day.


Privatization Explained
A Jew explains. A Jew quotes Adam Smith. A Jew tells the truth, strange as a it may seem.


Privatization in Russia
This was carried out by really expert, totally unprincipled thieves. It is fair to say that one of them is alleged not to be a Jew but I have not found him. Boris Berezovsky was the worst of them. A fair number of them have decided that it makes sense to do a runner. Living in Israel means that they are safe from extradition - see Oligarchs. Berezovsky is being protected from justice by Her Majesty's Government. What is the pay off for our wonderful politicians? Don't ask.


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