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I have never been a fan of the Labour Party. I have grown to detest the Conservatives too. It is a loathing which came from the heart without  clear reasoning behind it. GK Chesterton told us that a Philistine is a man who is right but does not know why. Sean Gabb, England's leading libertarian does know and gives his reasons; he is spot on. You can find his articles at 

Has nothing to do with the Conservative Party as currently constituted; far from it. Conservatism is a decent approach to life, one that deserves being better understood. In explaining it Roger Scruton, the well known professor of philosophy has done us a service.


Lib-Dem New Labour Paedophilia Parasite Plaid Cymru 


A Letter of Solicitation from the Right Honourable Michael Ancram QC MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party
Michael Ancram is well thought of in his constituency and has two good looking daughters. Whether he is good for England or even the Conservative Party is another issue entirely.


Conservative Friends of Israel
This group of political associations with similar names [ Labour Friends of, Liberal Democrat Friends of etc. ] tells us about Jewish infiltration. The similarity of names is not just coincidence. Nor is the fact that the Wiki's articles on them were written by the same hand. This piece fingers several Tories but claims over two thirds of the party. There are no BNP Friends of Israel.


Israel Friendship Associations
Names other groups with similar names. Some are foreign. The Nazis did something similar before the war. One of them, American Israel Public Affairs Committee has two men on trial now [ November 2007 ] for espionage against America.


Conservative Party
You can see what they have to say for themselves at their web site. Look for an honest direct statement of principles if you want. If you find one I would be delighted to know.


Conservative Party As Quislings
Doctor Gabb tells us that the Tories [ an Irish word for thieves ] have no intention whatsoever of doing anything about Europe or the flood of foreign undesirables that Labour is inciting. He is right.
PS Quisling was an infamous traitor.


Conservative Party Cowardice
Until very recently the Conservative Party used to believe that its elected members of parliament were charged with a solemn duty to advance Britainís interests and to protect Britainís territorial, economic, racial, legislative and political integrity from hostile forces, internal and external. That is no longer the case. What is now quite clear is that the Conservative Party, in pursuit of some Neo-Marxist multiracial utopia, has abandoned its allegiance to the British nation state, the monarchy, the nuclear family, the parochial, and above all to the idea that Britain as a white, north-west European nation is worth preserving. The Conservative Partyís open espousal of the viciously anti-white, racist doctrine of multiculturalism is in fact the most obvious and striking symptom of its moral and intellectual decay.
Doctor Ellis, lately of the SAS and Parachute Regiment, lecturer in Slavonic Studies knows a lot about oppression, suppression of truth and Brainwashing. He did not learn Russian for nothing. He knew that telling the truth was going to get him aggravation. He was right about that and right about the Tories.


The Tories
Links to one of Sean Gabb's essays on them. He is not a fan either.


British Government 2010
Sean Gabb explains the sincere nastiness of the Tories and the far worse evil of Blair & Brown.


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