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The Wikipedia admits its existence. That is something in a wicked world full of corrupt Main Stream Media with an agenda. One of the Hard Left, Viscount Stansgate, living under an assumed name as Tony Benn was soft in the head according to the KGB. See An Unnecessary Simpleton - A Stupid Recruit. The Hard Left included the Labour Research Department. They are presumably less extreme than the Ultra-left, which Comrade Lenin dismissed as An Infantile Disorder. Is Comrade Corbyn one of them? [ Hint: Yes! ]

Other groupings are #Alliance for Workers Liberty, #Left Unity (UK), #Socialist Party (England and Wales), #Socialist Workers Party (UK) & the #Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.


Far Lefties Explained
Problem is, you put 100 Left-wing activists in a room and you'll get 120 contradictory versions of what is genuinely socialist / left-wing. And then they'll meet again next week and you'll get another dozen or so versions as a handful of people change position.

The far left is best left to arguing among itself as to how many Stalins can dance on the head of a Trotsky, and whether the presence or absence of an ice pick sticking out affects the number.


It's Not Just The Marxists - It All Of Them
I agree with that. As much as I am in a state of ecstasy over the Labour parties current state, there is soon to be a generation of young people who can't compete with foreign labour, can't afford university and can't afford a mortgage or to raise a family.

Hard Left ex Wiki
The 'hard left' is a specific tendency within the British Labour Party, as well as the Australian Labor Party. In the 1980s in the United Kingdom, the term hard left referred to supporters of Tony Benn, organized in the Socialist Campaign Group and Labour Briefing, as well as Trotskyist groups such as Militant tendency and Socialist Organizer. The hard left was more strongly influenced by Marxism, while the soft left [ such as the Fabian Society - Blair is a member ] had a more gradualist approach to building socialism. Politicians associated with the hard left in the Labour Party included Diane Abbot, Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone, Dennis Skinner and Eric Heffer.

Paul Anderson and Nyta Mann wrote:

Labour [in the early 1980s] was ... in the depths of the fratricidal blood-letting that had engulfed it after the defeat of Jim Callaghan's government. The activist left in the constituency parties and the trade unions, with support from some left MPs, most notably Tony Benn, was in revolt against what it saw as the failure of the 1974–9 government to put Labour's principles into practice. On policy, it was insistent that Labour adopt unambiguously radical positions, particularly withdrawal from the European Economic Community and unilateral nuclear disarmament ... But the activists' biggest priority was to make the Parliamentary Labour Party accountable to the party as a whole ... The left coalition [the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy] was a bizarre mix of radical democrats, Leninists old and new, traditional Labour leftists, feminists, libertarians and decentralists. It was notoriously unstable, not least because it could not agree on the detail of its proposed reforms to the party constitution, and was already beginning to divide into a hard left that wanted to push the revolt to its limit and a soft left that was prepared to compromise.[1]

In more recent times, John McDonnell and other MPs in the Socialist Campaign Group and the Labour Representation Committee are seen as constituting a hard left in contrast to a soft left represented by politicians like Jon Cruddas.[2]
So the Wiki admits their existence. It links to:-


Ultra-leftism ex Wiki
Is the same only more so. Even Lenin thought it was over the top:-

Used pejoratively, ultra-left generally criticizes positions, especially those the mainstream historical Marxist parties, that are adopted without taking notice of the current situation or of the consequences which would result from following a proposed course................

The mainstream Marxist critique of such a position began with Vladimir Lenin's Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder, which attacked those (such as Anton Pannekoek or Sylvia Pankhurst) in the nascent Communist International, who refused to work with parliamentary or reformist socialists. Trotskyists and others see the Communist International's Third Period — when it described social democratic parties as "social fascist" and therefore essentially no better than Adolf Hitler's Nazis — as a strategy of ultra-leftism. The term has been popularised in the United States by the Socialist Workers' Party, who have used the term to both describe opponents in the anti-war movement[1] and opponent Trotskyists,[2] including Gerry Healy. Ultra-leftism is often associated with leftist sectarianism, in which a socialist current might attempt to put its own short-term interests before the long term interests of the working class and its allies.


Alliance for Workers' Liberty ex Wiki
The Alliance for Workers' Liberty (AWL), also known as Workers' Liberty, is a Trotskyist group in Britain.[1] The group has been identified with the theorist Sean Matgamna throughout its history. It emphasises working-class political independence, radical democracy and anti-Stalinism. The AWL publishes the newspaper Solidarity.


Left Unity (UK) ex Wiki
Left Unity
is a left-wing political party in the United Kingdom, which was founded in 2013 when film director Ken Loach appealed for a new party to replace the Labour Party (which, he claimed, failed to oppose austerity and shifted towards neoliberalism)[5][6][7][8] and has been characterised as a hard left party.[9]

More than 10,000 people supported Loach's initial appeal.[10] In 2014, the party had 2,000 members and 70 branches across Britain.


Socialist Party (England and Wales) ex Wiki
The Socialist Party is a Trotskyist political party in England and Wales which adopted its current name in 1997. It was formerly known as Militant, an entryist group in the Labour Party from 1964 until it abandoned that tactic in 1991. It stands under the electoral banner of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).[4]

The Socialist Party has members in executive positions in a number of trade unions.[5][6][7] It has sister parties in Scotland and Ireland and is a member of the Committee for a Workers' International and the European Anti-Capitalist Left. It is considered by many centre-left publications as being on the hard left of British politics.[8]


Socialist Workers Party (UK) ex Wiki
The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is a far-left political party in Britain. Founded as the Socialist Review Group by supporters of Tony Cliff in 1950, it became the International Socialists in 1962 and the SWP in 1977.[1] The party considers itself to be Trotskyist. Cliff and his followers criticised the Soviet Union and its satellites, calling them "state capitalist" rather than socialist countries.

Over the decades, the SWP has founded several 'front' organisations which have sought to exert direct influence over issues of interest to the wider left, such as the Anti-Nazi League in the late 1970s[2] (now Unite Against Fascism) and from 2001, the Stop the War Coalition. It also formed an alliance with George Galloway and Respect; this alignment's eventual dissolution in 2007 caused an internal crisis in the SWP. A more serious internal crisis emerged at the beginning of 2013 over allegations of rape and sexual assault made against a leading (now former) member of the party.[3][4] The SWP's handling of these accusations against the individual, known as Comrade Delta, led to a significant decline in the party's membership.[5]

On the international level, the SWP is part of the International Socialist Tendency.


Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition ex Wiki
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
(TUSC) is a socialist electoral alliance that originally launched in Britain for the 2010 General Election. The alliance has been characterised as left-wing by some elements of the media[5][6] and hard left or far-left by others.[7][8]

Prominent trade union support comes from the RMT union. TUSC's co-founder was former RMT general secretary Bob Crow. Leading members of the PCS, NUT, FBU and POA unions are on the steering committee. Prominent participating socialist groups include the Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party, and Solidarity. In the 2015 General Election, TUSC stood 135 parliamentary candidates across England, Wales and Scotland,[9] and 619 in the local elections.[10] As of 2016, TUSC has three affiliated city councillors in Southampton, and a parish councillor in Warrington.[11]



Hard Left Take Over Bid For Labour Party [ 26 July 2015 ]
Harriet Harman has been urged to suspend the Labour leadership race after evidence emerged that hard left infiltration is fuelling a huge surge in party membership.

More than 140,000 new activists are projected to have joined by the deadline for registration to vote, a rise of more than two thirds since the election, with many signing up to back the hard left candidate Jeremy Corbyn. The Communist Party of Great Britain has called on supporters to join and back Corbyn as part of its revolutionary “strategy” while Green Party activists have also been discussing how to vote for him.
The Hard Left is the blanket name for communist subversives on the Proscribed List. They were allowed into the Labour Party by Harold Wilson. Jeremy Corbyn is one; so is Ken Livingstone who took over the GLC by fraud and low cunning. This is another stitch up in the making. They are more of The Enemy Within, intent on the destruction of England & Western Civilization.


Vote Rigging Scandal Being Set Up In Oldham By-Election [ 24 October 2015 ]
Labour is being warned that an upcoming by-election could become another Falkirk vote-rigging scandal after it emerged that unions are already trying to parachute a hard-left ally of Jeremy Corbyn into the safe seat.

Insiders said that union members on Labour's National Executive Committee are already pushing for left-wing allies of Mr Corbyn to be nominated to contest the Oldham West and Oyton by-election, called after the death of Michael Meacher..........

The Falkirk vote-rigging scandal focused on allegations that Unite was attempting to manipulate the selection of a candidate in Falkirk for the 2015 general election after the incumbent, Eric Joyce, stepped down in the wake of a brawl in a Commons bar........ It has also emerged that Mr Corbyn is facing a revolt from his own MPs over his decision to appoint Seumas Milne, a left-wing Guardian journalist, as his director of communications.
The Hard Left is moving in for the kill and as Joe Stalin proved that is not just a figure of speech. Labour MPs are annoyed about the infiltration of Seumas Milne, a Stalinist public school man who has been dubbed Seumas O'Semtex.


Cox Murder Is A Very Useful Propaganda Tool For Far Left [ 17 June 2016 ]
The murder of far left British MP Jo Cox by a deranged assassin has sparked an international outcry, with campaigning in the Brexit referendum being suspended.

However, when nationalists have been murdered by leftists, the “democrats” have ignored such events and carried on as normal..............

Cox—a fanatic supporter of the nonwhite invasion of Europe who previously called for more “refugees” to be admitted to Britain—was stabbed and shot by 52-year-old Thomas Mair in a street in Yorkshire yesterday..........

This international outpouring of grief over the murder is in marked contrast to the complete lack of reaction to the November 2013 assassination of two members of Greece’s Golden Dawn party by communists.......

No one in the international political community bothered to even respond to the 2013 murders—because the victims were nationalists.

This is the real lesson of the Cox murder: the shameless hypocrisy which only objects to political assassinations when the victims are far leftists.
Cox may well do more damage dead than alive.

Importing War Criminals Is Far Left Policy.
PS Hillary Clinton says that that US policy is to destroy Syria for Israel - see Clinton's Email. Their victims are coming to England.


Hard Left Students Want Jews Out  [ 19 July 2016 ]
Hard Left members of the NUS have voted to block Jewish students from choosing their own representative on the union’s anti-racism committee. A vote to put a Jewish student chosen by other Jewish students back on the committee was rejected last night. Rather than consulting with the Union of Jewish Students, as happened in previous years, the NUS NEC will now pick their own comrade to serve on the committee instead. The motion was a close run thing, requiring a deciding vote from none other than NUS president Malia “Zionist-led media” Bouattia. You can guess which way she voted…
This is perhaps just a straw in the wind but it is suggestive. It is payback time for Gaza Massacre I. Ditto for Gaza Massacre II & Gaza Massacre III. They were great fun for Zionist crazies, for psychopaths who enjoy murdering women & children.
PS Jews are whining about a lack of Democracy. Do their victims in Gaza get to vote?


Hard Left Infiltrating Benn's Constituency Party  [ 12 November 2016 ]
The Hard Left is like the Ultra-left, expert at taking over groups, at infiltration. It is what they call Entryism. It is all part of the  Long March Through The Institutions, the one that took over Her Majesty's Government. Other Marxists from Militant - A Trotskyist Group are trying get in as well; their excuse is that Donald Trump won.


Hard Left Conspiring With Unite To Take Over Labour Party [ 20 March 2017 ]
A secret plot by the hard-left campaign group Momentum to seize permanent control of the Labour Party was revealed today.

Momentum leader Jon Lansman was secretly recorded revealing the campaign group will officially link with the huge Unite union if Len McCluskey wins re-election. Affiliation with Unite will give Momentum - born out of Jeremy Corbyn's first leadership campaign - access to huge funding and institutional support.

The group is plotting to ensure it retains control of the Labour Party after Mr Corbyn leaves his post, whether by his own choice or because he is forced out for failure.......

'As far as Len McCluskey is concerned Unite's members' money is his to play with as he chooses, from taking out a loan to allow him to buy a luxury London apartment to propping up the ultra left. This is not what trade unions are for. It is time for a change.'
Entryism is the name of the game & the lifeblood of Marxist political operations. Comrade Corbyn has blown it so the Ultra-left moves on. They are making it easy for the other lot, the Tories, the crooks, the Capitalist Swine who want "cheap labour",  Illegal Immigration and England overrun with Third World parasites.


Hard Left Threaten Deselection Of Jew [ 6 July 2017 ]
A Labour MP has been threatened with deselection by Hard Left activists unless she apologises for criticising Jeremy Corbyn.   

Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger [ a Jew ] was one of the shadow ministers who quit her frontbench position last year in protest at the Labour leader................ Momentum activists swooped in to take nine out of the ten positions on the Wavertree group's executive committee at a meeting.
Comrade Corbyn has the naive idea that Palestinians have human rights e.g. the right not to be murdered, robbed, raped, tortured, starved etc. by Jews. This annoys Zionist crazies. They want Ethnic Cleansing & Genocide in Israel.


Hard Left Taking Over Labour Party   [ 24 July 2017 ]
Jeremy Corbyn supporters target deputy leader Tom Watson for removal
Hard Left Labour supporters are plotting to depose the party’s deputy leader over what they see as disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn.

The activists are pushing to replace Tom Watson, a centrist, with Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, who is close to the party leader.

Mr Watson is viewed by the Labour leader’s allies as an alternative power base and therefore a threat to Mr Corbyn’s control of the party. Grassroots supporters have accused the deputy leader of trying to place anti-Corbyn members on the party’s governing body.

He has also sparked anger among the left by branding Momentum, the leader’s network of supporters, a “rabble” and accusing “Trotsky entryists” of influencing its younger members.
The Hard Left use Entryism to infiltrate organisations. It is part of the Long March Through The Institutions, the method worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communists to destroy Western Civilization. It is about attacking from the top down; it's about Treason. Tom's rival, Emily Thornberry is a fat, ugly lump of lard on the make, who despises the honest Working Classes, especially English Patriots. Joining Labour means she didn't manage to worm her way in with the Tories at university. NB See the next one.