Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone is a Marxist, a Subversive of the Hard Left who took over the Greater London Council [ GLC ], thereby screwing the moderate Andrew McIntosh, Baron McIntosh of Haringey. Of course Livingstone Panders To Jews. E.g. he favours cruelty to animals when Jews want it, when they want Kosher Slaughter. In fact, it turns out that he is one because his mother's mother was also a Jew. Her name, Zona means whore. See Ken Livingstone is a Jew and Whoreson. The source of this little gem is Simply Jews, not a hostile source. More is at Ken Livingstone from Something Jewish.

Livingstone understands power plays, manipulation, treachery. Working with the Puppet Masters is the key to success for Marxists.
PS He helped Comrade Corbyn take over the Labour Party in an action replay of stealing the GLC.


Ken Livingstone Approves Of Tyranny In Venezuela
This is fair comment on evil. Curiously it comes from an Israeli propaganda operation.


Ken Livingstone Takes Over ex Wiki
Becoming leader of the GLC: 1979–1981
Inspired by the Bennites, Livingstone planned a GLC take-over; on 18 October 1979, he called a meeting of Labour leftists entitled "Taking over the GLC", beginning publication of monthly newsletter, the London Labour Briefing. Focused on increasing leftist power in the London Labour Party, he urged socialists to stand as candidates in the upcoming GLC election. When the time came to choose who would lead London Labour in that election, Livingstone put his name down, but was challenged by the moderate Andrew McIntosh; in the 28 April 1980 vote, McIntosh beat Livingstone by 14 votes to 13.[95][96] In September 1980, Livingstone separated from his wife Christine; they remained amicable, holidaying in the Far East together. Moving into a small flat at 195 Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale with his pet reptiles and amphibians, he divorced in October 1982 and began a relationship with Kate Allen, chair of Camden Council Women's Committee.[97][98]

Livingstone turned his attention to achieving a GLC Labour victory, exchanging his safe-seat in Hackney North for the marginal Inner London seat at Paddington; in May 1981 he won the seat by 2,397 votes.[99][100] Supporting leftist candidates across London, Cutler and the Conservatives learned of Livingstone's plans, proclaiming that a GLC Labour victory would lead to a takeover of London by "Marxists and extremists". The rightist press picked up the story, with the Daily Express using the headline of "Why We Must Stop These Red Wreckers", in which Cutler warned of a potential communist takeover of Britain. [101][102][103] Such scaremongering was [ totally honest but ] ineffective, and the GLC election on 6 May 1981 proved a victory for Labour, with McIntosh installed as Head of the GLC; within 24 hours he would be deposed by members of his own party, replaced by Livingstone.[104][105]

On 7 May, Livingstone called a caucus of his supporters; announcing his intent to challenge McIntosh's leadership, he invited those assembled to stand for other GLC posts. The meeting ended at 4:45pm having agreed on a full slate of candidates. At 5 o'clock, McIntosh held a GLC Labour meeting; the attendees called an immediate leadership election, in which Livingstone defeated him by 30 votes to 20. The entire left caucus slate was then elected. The next day, a leftist coup deposed Sir Ashley Bramall on the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA), replacing him with Bryn Davies; the left group now controlled both the GLC and the ILEA.[106][107][108]

McIntosh proclaimed the GLC coup illegitimate, asserting that Labour was in danger from a leftist take-over.[109] The mainstream right-wing press criticised the coup; the Daily Mail called Livingstone a "left wing extremist", and The Sun nicknamed him "Red Ken", stating his victory meant "full-steam-ahead red-blooded Socialism for London." The Financial Times issued a "warning" that leftists could use such tactics to take control of the government, when "the erosion of our democracy will surely begin."[110][111] Thatcher joined the rallying call, proclaiming that leftists like Livingstone had "no time for parliamentary democracy", but were plotting "To impose upon this nation a tyranny which the peoples of Eastern Europe yearn to cast aside."[112][113]
Livingstone is marketed inter alia by the BBC, a Marxist propaganda machine.


Ken Livingstone ex Wiki
According to Le Monde diplomatique, Livingstone had requested a report to inform himself on al-Qaradawi before his visit. After reading the study, he concluded "nearly all of the lies distorting al-Qaradawi's statements came from the MEMRI institute, which pretends to be an institute of objective research. However, we found out that the MEMRI had been founded by a former Mossad officer, who systematically distorts not only al-Qaradawi's statements, but what many other Muslim scholars say. In most of the cases, disinformation is total, and this is why I published this study."[293]
The man does consider the truth from time to time it seems. It implies that he is not a Mossad tool per se.



Livingstone Suspended By Labour Party For Alleged Anti-Semitism [ 29 April 2016 ]
JEREMY CORBYN denied that his party has a “problem” with anti-Semitism after Ken Livingstone was accused of being a “disgusting Nazi apologist” by a fellow Labour MP.

In a day of unprecedented turmoil, the Labour leader suspended Mr Livingstone after he invoked Hitler to defend a colleague over anti-Semitic remarks and claimed that there was a “well-orchestrated campaign” against the party by the “Israel Lobby”.........

Mr Livingstone became the second figure to be suspended from the party in as many days after he said that it is “over the top” to “think of anti-Semitism and racism as exactly the same thing”.

His comments led to a face-to-face confrontation with John Mann, a Labour MP, who told Mr Livingstone on live television that he was a "disgrace" and a "Nazi sympathiser".......

Seumas Milne, Mr Corbyn’s most senior adviser, is said to have claimed Mr Livingstone “has a point”, prompting calls for his resignation........

 Mr Corbyn said: “No, there is not a problem. We are totally opposed to anti-Semitism in any form within the party.
"The Telegraph" puts the "Israel Lobby" inside "quote marks" to imply that the term is fraudulent without telling the lie direct. "The Telegraph" is called "The Quislinggraph" with good reason. If pandering to Jews, to the "Israel Lobby" is what it takes, then that is what it gets. It does not bother to tell us that "John Mann", the foul mouthed oaf who turned nasty with Ken is the chairhuman of All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism, one who doubtless colludes with the "Labour Friends of Israel", a bunch of treasonous rogues in Parliament who have sold their souls to the murderous psychopaths who run Israel, the Stolen Land. The allegation by Comrade Corbyn that Labour is not anti-Semitic demonstrates his Lack Of Moral Fibre, lack of Moral Courage & the power of the "non-existent" Israel Lobby.


Livingstone Claims Hitler 'Collaborated' With Zionists  [ 30 March 2017 ]
The 'Daily Mail' treats the fact that Ken Livingstone is right as a trifling irrelevancy. In fact they pretend it is not true, just like the 'Labour Party' See e.g. Jews Collaborated With Nazis. Recall too that Terrorist Jews Offered To Help Nazis Against England.


Labour MPs Complain About Livingstone After He Tells The Truth About Jews Collaborating With The Nazis [ 6 April 2017 ]
Labour MPs have slammed their party’s decision not to expel Ken Livingstone for making comments that were widely interpreted as anti-Semitic............. The accusations relate to remarks made in April 2016 in which Mr Livingstone claimed Adolf Hitler had “supported Zionism…before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”...............

Speaking outside the hearing, Mr Livingstone compared the process to “sitting through a court in North Korea”. 

Asked if he wanted to apologise to Jewish people who had been offended by his comments, the former London mayor replied: “I apologise for the offence caused by those Labour MPs who lied and said I said Hitler was a Zionist”. 
The idea that 100 Labour MPs are seriously annoyed with Ken Livingstone for telling the truth about Zionist crazies is interesting. Do they know that Jews Collaborated With Nazis? Do they care? The agenda comes first; the truth nowhere. Most of them will be Labour Friends of Israel, an organisation set up by the Puppet Masters to run Parliament; it colludes with the Conservative Friends of Israel to control another lot of bent politicians.