UKIP is short for the UK Independence Party which makes it sound like a single issue party but it has developed a range of policies which make a lot of sense to a lot of people. You can see their manifesto which tells us about their ideas. The Economist disapproves of them, making them sound like a worthwhile option. The Economist approves of the EU and the Euro as they go to their doom, quite possibly taking the world with it. UKIP is run by Nigel Farage, a man who takes the war to the enemy, not one full of vague waffle.

The Economist also seems to feel that The Tories are preferable although it really wants Labour. There are two main kinds of economist, Austrians and rubbish. The Economist is not run by Austrians. One of theirs was Tom Wise who got two years for thieving.

UPDATE 2015: We are being lied to; UKIP WANTS Immigration, of the worst sort at that. i.e. Third World parasites. See UKIP Is Fraudulent

Their logo is perhaps the worst thing about UKIP.

UKIP Is Fraudulent - Farage Is An Anti-English Racist
Andrew Brons, a decent man explains all. He quotes Nigel Farage, stating his [ Farage ] desire to import a million aliens a year.

Citizenship is very different from nationality. A bit of paper does not make anyone English, only heredity does that.


UKIP Betrays Us
UKIP believe in strong multi-ethnic society united by attachment to Britain and British identity, multiculturalism has worked against this.
Perhaps Nigel Farage has his heart in the right place. Carswell is different.


Junius Explains Michael Zuckerman & UKIP
Junius is not an admirer.


Jews Hate UKIP
That is a strong point in their favour. In fact all two and a bit main parties hate them too; another good sign. Are they good for England? Perhaps, they can't be worse than Miliband's mob.
PS Nick Cohen, an ugly, corrupt, lying Jew says Are you fit to be British? Take the UKIP test. Does he apply the same kind of lie to Zionist crazies in the Stolen Land that he calls IsraelThe Spectator saw fit to publish his rant on 28th April 2014. I will not be buying it again.


BNP Members Are Banned By UKIP
UKIP membership is not permitted for current or former members of five groups – the British National Party (BNP), English Defence League (EDL), Britain First – a BNP splinter group – the British Freedom Party or UK First.

The new row comes days after Kerry Smith, a UKIP candidate in Basildon South, resigned over a series of slurs describing a Chinese woman as ‘Chinky’ and gay people as ‘disgusting’.
Is Nige a bit of a Fascist?


Douglas Carswell
Is UKIP's first MP and, perhaps a poisoned chalice, a snake in its bosom or even a whited sepulchre.


UKIP Has Been Nobbled By Jews
Political manipulation is what the Jews, the Puppet Masters do best.


UKIP Friends Of Israel
Was set up a young Jew who infiltrated UKIP in order to control its agenda.


UKIP Explained By The Economist -
Bagehot: The UKIP insurgency
Jun 7th 2012, 3:06 from print edition
It is time to take the anti-EU fringe party seriously, not least for its impact on the Tories
ANGRY insurgents rarely prosper in British politics. Two big things help explain this: voting rules and sniggering. Britain’s first-past-the-post voting system is rather brutal to small parties. And if electoral rules do not snare a would-be demagogue then mocking laughter probably will. It is a brave politician who stands before British voters, face red and voice shaking with fury. There is always the risk that at some climactic moment a heckler will interrupt, posing a variant on the ancient British question: just who do you think you are?

How, then, to explain the rise of Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), an insurgent (and at times quite angry) outfit devoted to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union? Once a near-irrelevance, UKIP haunts the thoughts of politicians across Westminster. The explanation lies in Mr. Farage’s talent for turning both Britain’s voting system and its traditions of pomposity-pricking mockery to his advantage.

UKIP does not need to win a single House of Commons seat at the next general election to have an outsized impact. The party just needs to threaten, credibly, to siphon off enough Conservative votes to deny David Cameron’s party victory in a decisive number of seats: a disastrous fate in a first-past-the-post system. In happier times such a menace might unite Conservatives against UKIP. These are not happy times.

Battered by grim economic news and a string of government U-turns, the Conservatives are some ten points behind Labour in the polls. Almost two-thirds of Tory voters say that they would like to leave the EU. On the party’s right, the fact that Mr. Cameron wants to stay in the union (and argues that an EU referendum is needed only if Britain is asked to hand more powers to Europe) fuels suspicion that he is not a proper Conservative. His decision to go into coalition with the pro-European Liberal Democrats after the 2010 general election fits the same narrative (right-wingers think he should have chanced a second, snap election).

Though UKIP draws some support from the left and boasts a hard core of voters furious at all big parties, recent gains have come disproportionately from Tory ranks. UKIP’s current policy platform is a land grab of terrain ceded by Tory modernisers. It includes a five-year freeze on permanent immigration, increased military spending, a return to selective grammar schools, calling global warming “not proven” and ending smoking bans in pubs.

Mr. Farage has begun briefing that local Conservative associations have begged him to consider joint Tory-UKIP candidates at the next general election. Recent opinion polls put UKIP within a point or two of the Lib Dems in either direction (though polls traditionally understate Lib Dems’ local strengths). UKIP’s next goal is to increase its foothold in local councils, he says, building grassroots networks in conscious emulation of the Lib Dems.

Why good cheer can work

If Mr. Farage is adept at maximising his clout within the British electoral system, he is—as importantly—good at the derisive bit of politics. He is skilled at supplying disillusioned voters with arguments to sustain their rage. Yet at the same time, his public persona is cheeky and cheerful: he sometimes seems to heckle himself.

At a recent public meeting outside Bristol, in south-west England, Mr. Farage played the packed room (Tory-faithful types, ranging from pensioners in blazers to brawny small businessmen) like a virtuoso. Tiny model Spitfire fighters flashing at his shirt-cuffs, Mr. Farage told the crowd what it wanted to hear. Britain is run by “college kids”. The dead of two world wars are being betrayed by Westminster politicians “impotent” to defend democracy. Britain has turned its back on its “kith and kin” in the Commonwealth. It is an “outrage” that eastern Europeans can come and claim benefits. “Charity begins at home,” shouted Mr. Farage, and the 250-strong crowd roared.

Questions from the floor were darkly angry. Could Britain be trapped into bailing out the euro by some hidden EU mechanism? Was “political Zionism [ Is there any other sort - Editor ]” behind the world’s woes?

Mr. Farage turned the mood upbeat. He described how his post as a Eurosceptic group leader in the European Parliament had earned him a meeting with Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel (cue chuckles). He had asked if it might be kinder to free Greece and other debtor nations from the euro-zone “prison”. He mimicked Mrs. Merkel’s solemn reply: that countries leaving the euro would end “the European dream”. The crowd cheered gleefully. He urged the questioner worried about Zionism to beware conspiracy theories: “We must, must, must be optimistic.” [ Side stepping the major issue of our times - Ed. ]

Five counties to the east, such optimism is on display in Ramsey, a Cambridgeshire market town which is home to the only UKIP-controlled council in Britain. Ramsey’s UKIP councillors take turns cleaning the public lavatories, clearing dog mess and patrolling local pubs at weekends. Pete Reeve, a UKIP councillor, spent the Diamond Jubilee celebrations dressed as the town’s mascot, a furry ram. Yet Mr. Reeve (interviewed in his ram suit while wartime melodies such as “We’ll Meet Again” boomed from loudspeakers) also explained, earnestly, that Eurocrats were trying to build a European army and an electricity grid controlled in Brussels, so that in a few years Britain might not be able to leave the EU. Immigration is a big issue in Ramsey, he added, citing complaints about local factory jobs reserved for Polish-speakers.

In short, UKIP is trying something ambitious: upbeat protest politics for angry, anti-political voters. Will this achieve Mr. Farage’s short-term goal of supplanting the Lib Dems as Britain’s third party? It may not matter. Mr. Farage’s real dream is to reshape Britain, by pulling the Conservatives to the right and bouncing Mr. Cameron into a referendum on EU membership. If he pulls that off, his insurgency will be no laughing matter [ Why not??? - Editor ].
The more Bagehot disapproves the better they sound to me.


Tom Wise
Tom Wise
was elected as the MEP and a member of UKIP, which was formed to get us out of Europe. Now it looks as though he has been treating his assistants badly and lying about it.
PS He got two years for thieving & Yes he was a policeman. See
Tom Wise ex Wikipedia

Tom (Thomas) Harold Wise (born 13 May 1948 in Bournemouth) was an Independent and UKIP Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the East of England. A former police officer, he was elected in 2004 as a member of the UK.

Anti-Europe MEP claimed £36,000 for his researcher, then paid her just one sixth
An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has revealed that Tom Wise, who was elected to the European parliament last year, gave Lindsay Jenkins only a sixth of the amount he has told the EU that he is paying her as his assistant. Given his basic pay of  £59,095 plus some very lucrative perks this qualifies as greed.
UKIP's 10 MEPs make much of the wastefulness of the EU, including the profligacy of MEPs expenses and how they are abused.

In press releases, Mr Wise  denounces the EU for being "a hideous waste of your money".

He said recently: "UKIP are the only party who think that the whole concept [of the EU] is built on a succession of lies. The proponents of the 'project' [the EU] will not tell you where it is going, if indeed they know. They will not tell you what it will cost as they have no idea. Yet you - and I - have to pay for it."

Mr Wise, a wine-loving 57-year-old ex-policeman, first became financially connected to Ms Jenkins last autumn when they agreed a deal in which she would be paid £500 a month to work as a statistical researcher for him.
He was a police man so he should be an expert liar. No doubt he will be working on his story.



UKIP Did Well In Corby By-Election [ 23 November 2012 ]

  • Andy Sawford (Lab) 17,267 (48.41%, +9.71%)
  • Christine Emmett (C) 9,476 (26.57%, -15.63%)
  • Margot Parker (UKIP) 5,108 (14.32%)
  • Jill Hope (LD) 1,770 (4.96%, -9.48%)
  • Gordon Riddell (BNP) 614 (1.72%, -2.93%)
  • David Wickham (Eng Dem) 432 (1.21%)
  • Jonathan Hornett (Green) 378 (1.06%)
  • Ian Gillman (Ind) 212 (0.59%)
  • Peter Reynolds (Cannabis) 137 (0.38%)
  • David Bishop (Elvis) 99 (0.28%)
  • Mr. Mozzarella (Ind) 73 (0.20%)
  • Dr Rohen Kapur (Young) 39 (0.11%)
  • Adam Lotun (Dem 2015) 35 (0.10%)
  • Chris Scotton (UPP) 25 (0.07%)
Local Tories were annoyed because their MP put her family first, whence the Labour win. A respectable third place for UKIP means the Tories need to start acting like Tories, the party of patriots, of Queen and Country, of England, as distinct from a holiday home for Third Worlders on the make. The Liberals lost their deposit which might make them do a policy rethink.

Eight Tories Talk About Joining UKIP [ 28 November 2012 ]
UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler said he had held 'secret lunches' with Tory MPs to discuss switching parties..........

The revelation comes as the two parties continue a war of words over a mooted electoral pact and the fall-out from the decision by Rotherham council to remove three foster children from a couple because they were UKIP members. Mr. Wheeler, a spread-betting tycoon, said he had agreed to keep the MPs' names secret but had passed on their details to UKIP leader Nigel Farage........ Conservative Party vice-chairman Michael Fabricant had urged the Premier to strike a deal with UKIP, arguing it could help the Tories pick up 20 seats at the next election.....

And UKIP leader Nigel Farage said he would only consider a deal if the Tories ousted Mr. Cameron as leader...............

'It's very difficult for us to believe anything David Cameron says because, after all, he gave us a cast-iron guarantee that we'd have a referendum [on the Lisbon Treaty] and it hasn't happened.' ...........

Under his proposal, the Tories were to offer a referendum on Europe and give Mr. Farage a job in government. In return UKIP would agree not to field candidates against the Tories at the next election.
Cameron, is a liar who betrayed us, as well as being War Criminal. Recall that he sent the Royal Air Force to attack Libya. Nigel Farage on the other hand is a rather sound sort of chap who tells EU apparatchiks they are a bunch of crooks. A vote for UKIP is a vote for decency. Mr. Farage is a better Tory than Cameron ever was.
how euro scepticism made the difference
UKIP sceptics cost the Tories 21 seats and a majority in Parliament


UKIP Is The Third Party [ 2 December 2012 ]
The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, has claimed that his party has now displaced the Liberal Democrats as the "third force" in British politics after it performed strongly in three by-elections. In the party's strongest showing in a Westminster by-election, UKIP secured 21.79% of the vote in Rotherham, claiming second place behind Labour, which won with 46.25%. The Lib Dems trailed in eighth place on 2.11%.....

Sarah Champion won with 9,866 votes in Rotherham, though Labour's overall vote increased by just 1.62%. Labour's failure to build significantly on its support may have been due to anger over the resignation of the previous Labour MP, Denis MacShane, after a Commons committee censured him over his expenses [ i.e. for thieving - Editor ]........

The results showed that UKIP will be a major presence in British politics in the run-up to the 2014 European parliamentary elections, which Farage hopes to win. UKIP also came second in Middlesbrough, with 11.8% of the vote, up 8.1 points, and third in Croydon North behind the Tories, with 5.7% of the vote........ Nick Clegg apologized for the tuition fees volte-face [ I.e. lying to people - Editor ] a few months ago. It does not seem to cut any ice with voters at all."

Curtice agreed that UKIP was now a major presence. "UKIP are probably hoping that they are now on a roll, certainly all the way through to the European elections in June 2014. Certainly, last night's performances were not a flash in the pan."
The Liberal Party might have been the way to go, after having 90 years in which to consider whether corruption is the answer to politics. They are slow learners. Nigel Farage does know how to get stuck in. The EU hates him; a big point in his favour.


UKIP Making Progress [ 18 December 2012 ]
There is a new Populus poll in tomorrow’s Times which shows UKIP up significantly but still in fourth place behind the Lib Dems:

      Conservative              29% (down 6%)
      Labour                        40% (no change)
      Lib Dem                       11% (up 2%)
      UKIP                            10% (up 6%)

This is not surprising in mid-term when the usual recipients of protest votes (the LDs) are in Government and continuing to suffer from the difficult decisions that come from being in government at a time of austerity. I’m not a betting man but I am confident that UKIP will not score anything like their current rating when the next General Election comes.

There is also another ComRes poll out tonight with similar findings: Cons 31 (-4), Lab 41 (-1), LD 10 (-), UKIP 9 (+3).
This comes from a Tory apparatchik, one bound to put a brave face on matters. Cameron lied to us about holding a referendum. UKIP will deliver. It has already kept 20 Tories out of Parliament - see Eight Tories Talk About Joining UKIP


UKIP Beats Tories In Eastleigh By-Election [ 2 March 2013 ]
DAVID Cameron has been dealt a serious blow today as the defeated Conservatives were pushed into third place at the Eastleigh by-election – while the Liberal Democrats held off a late UKIP surge to win.

He won with 13,342 votes, a majority of 1,771 over the UK Independence Party's Diane James, who said beating the Tories was a "humongous" shock that represented a "seismic shift" in UK politics. Tory Maria Hutchings polled 10,559 votes - more than 1,000 behind UKIP, which snatched huge chunks of the coalition parties' 2010 general election vote share, taking more than 27 per cent of the total............  "The Conservatives failed here because traditional Tory voters look at Cameron and they ask themselves 'Is he a Conservative?' and they conclude 'No, he's not'," the UKIP leader said. "Frankly, I view him as a conman. I don't believe anything he says. He has made promises before on referendums on Europe and he hasn't fulfilled them.
Cameron is a liar inciting Homosexuality. Real conservatives vote Liberal, real conservatives vote UKIP. Real conservatives vote against The Conservative Party, a bunch of traitors who hate England.


UKIP Screws Tory Traitors [ 3 May 2013 ]
UKIP began a victorious march across the country over-night as early results from council elections showed a surge for the Eurosceptic party.

After beating the Tories into second place behind Labour at the South Shields by-election,, UKIP went on to become the second largest party in Lincolnshire as the Conservatives lost control of the authority.

The Tories also lost control of Gloucestershire County Council as Labour and UKIP ate into their majority.
Good news or what? Her Majesty's Government is a gang of traitors put in power through the system designed by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communist party in Italy. He worked out how to destroy civilization by working from the top down, by Entryism. The Long March Through The Institutions paid off for the enemies of England. Taking over Labour was easy. The Tories were different. The Tories are the stupid party carrying on the flood of Third World immigrants because they want cheap servants, just like Paxman.  People have worked out the Cameron is betraying us.


Cameron's Insolence & Treason Backfire [ 4 May 2013 ]
UKIP 'clowns' have last laugh: Anti-Europe party's surge as PM forced to eat his words
UKIP grabbed 139 council seats after winning a quarter of the vote

Nigel Farage claimed UKIP was the country's third political force yesterday as David Cameron withdrew his dismissal of them as 'fruitcakes'...... In the biggest surge by a minority party in England since the Second World War, UKIP won a quarter of the vote, pushing Labour into third and the Lib Dems into fourth.

Winners and losers: UKIP gained 138 seats, while the Conservatives lost 335 and Lib Dems dropped 124
Winners and losers: UKIP gained 138 seats, while the Conservatives lost 335 and Lib Dems dropped 124.......

The UKIP leader claimed it could now replicate the success of the Reform party in Canada, which used a by-election win to build a significant base in Parliament, and insisted he should be included in any party leaders' TV debates at the 2015 general election........

'It's a bit like the phenomenon you've seen in Italy – a new party [ Five Star Movement ] coming from nowhere, not apparently standing for anything very much, with a sense of humour, not sort of nasty fascist but very much the populist right.'

As UKIP leader Nigel Farage enjoyed a lunchtime pint to toast big gains, defeated Tories tore into Mr. Cameron's 'out of touch' government for the losses.

BBC analysis of the local election results said that if voting had been held nationwide, Labour would have won on 29 per cent but with UKIP a close third on 23 per cent
BBC analysis of the local election results said that if voting had been held nationwide, Labour would have won on 29 per cent but with UKIP a close third on 23 per cent...........

In Hampshire furious defeated Conservatives tore into the 'arrogant, out of touch' government whose failure to listen to voters had cost them their seats. In analysis of the results, the projected national share of the vote if elections had taken place nationwide made for grim reading for the main parties.
The Tories abuse UKIPers as lunatics. The Labour mob call them Fascists hoping that we will not know that a Fascist is just a communist with a different uniform. They left Nick Griffin alone, they did not put him in prison for thieving because he has destroyed the British National Party for them. Now they have to deal with Nigel Farage so they use all of their standard Propaganda lies; Racism, anti-Homosexual, Paedophiles, you name it. They want power, they want to keep power.

The politicians running The Tories are not necessarily all Marxists or Paedophiles like Heath but they are just as dangerous, just as treacherous, just as much enemies of England.


Brits Wake Up To UKIP [ 8 May 2013 ]
SUPPORT for UKIP has soared to its highest level, a poll revealed last night. The YouGov survey showed that 16 per cent of Brits say they would support the party. That’s nearly twice as many as support the Lib Dems, on just nine per cent.

Labour still enjoy a healthy lead on 39 per cent, with the Tories next on 29 per cent.

The findings come as David Cameron faces fresh criticism from within Conservative ranks for his stance on Europe. However, the poll of 2,000 voters also revealed that immigration, rather than Europe, is the most important issue for UKIP supporters. A total of 90 per cent put that at the top of their list of priorities, followed by the economy on 73 per cent. Just 49 per cent say Europe is the most important issue facing the country.
The Tories have betrayed England. Labour is worse of course. The Liberals have forgotten that it was corruption that lost them power all those years ago, which leaves us with UKIP. Why are Englishmen annoyed by corrupt politicians flooding the country with Third World undesirables? Look at the next one. There are thousands more being concealed from us.


UKIP Sacks Pakistani Criminal [ 4 February 2014 ]
They shouldn't have had him in the first place. Actually the real problem is importing them but that is not their doing. It is Ethnic Fouling & Treason. Shipping this comedian back could get him hanged; a win win situation.


UKIP Panders To Jews [ 4 February 2014 ]
Being an honest English party would have been marvellous. At all events they are less loathsome than the Tories, Labour Party & that other lot.


UKIP Beats Tories By Coming Second In Labour Stronghold [ 14 February 2014 ]
Labour Party
- 13,261
UKIP - 4,301
Tories - 3,479
The good people of Wythenshawe knew that the Tories were never going to win so they showed their displeasure.


UKIP Candidate Is A Jew [ 17 February 2014 ]
Shneur Odze is a Jew with a silly hat who will not shake hands with women. Is UKIP a nationalist party. Are they loyal to England. They aren't as corrupt as Labour Party, a party of traitors or the Tories, a bunch of Capitalist Swine, both of who import Third World aliens to commit Ethnic Fouling.


UKIP Attacked By The Times  [ 26 April 2014 ]
Follow Murdoch's agenda? Not me. The criticism means that Nigel Farage is relevant, making a difference. If nothing else he is annoying enemies of England, e.g. Traitors like Cameron.


UKIP Attacked By All Other Parties [ 8 May 2014 ]
This publicity campaign alleges that UKIP is Racist. It is fronted by Barbara Roche, a fat ugly Jew and Lynne Featherstone, a Jew. One was the Labour Party minister importing foreigners to screw the working class. The other is helping. People who haven't been Brainwashed might take this attack as a recommendation. Racism is a Marxist construct being used as a propaganda tool to justify a flood of Third World undesirables.


UKIP Panders To Third World Intruders [ 9 May 2014 ]
Ethnic minority voters will flock to UKIP in the next five years, Nigel Farage predicts today as he says that his party “means what it says” when it declares that it is not racist.

In a bold claim, the UKIP leader says that his party will be twice as popular as the Conservatives among non-white voters by 2019. Writing in The Times, he argues that Tories are lagging with black and Asian voters because they are seen as “a snooty party of and for The Establishment
Is he trying to get votes from the likes of the Pakistanis Who Murdered A Lad? ? Come to that, does he want votes?


Nigel Farage and UKIP - A Step in the Right Direction [ 8


UKIP Doing Well Among Real People [  28 September 2014 ]
Crucially, UKIP's growth has come from the most socially distinctive electorate in British politics. UKIP is not a catch-all populist party. Its appeal is rooted strongly in Britain’s “left behind”; older, white and working-class citizens who have few qualifications, are pessimistic about the future and profoundly anxious about rapid social change [ which is often something called Treason - Editor ]. This profile contains messages for both the Conservative and Labour parties........

On Friday, UKIP will unveil new policies to support its quest for disgruntled Tories and blue-collar Britons who might once have voted Labour or have since abandoned politics..........

At the two most recent general elections, the two main parties failed to secure more than 70 per cent of the vote, while political trust is also in a downward spiral; the percentage of voters who trust politicians to “put the nation first” has slumped from about 40 per cent in the mid-1980s to 17 per cent [ I.e. 17% are optimists, ignorant or gormless - Editor ].
The Financial Times makes heavy weather of stating the obvious. The Tories & Labour have betrayed England; Scotland too of course.


UKIP Hit ‘Unacceptable Low’ with Rotherham Child Abuse Poster Campaign [ 31 October 2014 ]
UKIP have been accused of exploiting the trauma felt by victims of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal to help their campaign in winning an upcoming police commissioner election.......

The election was called following the resignation of Shaun Wright, the former head of child services in Rotherham from 2005 to 2010, who finally stepped down following a damming report detailing how 1,400 children were abused in the town for years......

Speaking at the unveiling of the campaign, Clarkson said: "It is a sad fact that the people have been let down by the Labour Party across South Yorkshire. Politicians, both at the town halls and in uniform for years were more worried about fashionable ideas than about protecting our young in their own towns and streets".
The Labour Party betrayed English children. It betrayed the Working Class. It even betrays its own party workers. The head office has its snout in the trough. The rest are Useful Idiots. Now UKIP tells the truth while Labour whines.
PS The Labour Party does protect Paedophiles if they are not Pakistani Perverts. At all events they looked after Greville Janner but then he is a Jew.
PPS The Tories are just as bent.

Lest we forget; 1,400 English girls were raped by Pakistani Perverts with collusion by Her Majesty's Government.


UKIP Preferred By Honest Working Men [ 25 November 2014 ]
The Labour Party
has betrayed the working class; it is cynical & corrupt. Blair, Brown, Miliband et cetera are Quislings who get money from Jews and votes from Pakistanis using Vote Rigging.


UKIP Sex Accuser Is A Lying Pakistani On The Make [ 11 December 2014 ]
Natasha Bolter, who has accused UKIP's General Secretary of sexually harassing her, was lauded when she joined the party after claiming she had secured a degree in politics, philosophy and economics at Wadham college [ sic ]........

But Oxford University yesterday took the rare step of saying that it could find no evidence that she had she had ever studied there.

However, The Telegraph understands that senior UKIP figures expect the investigation to find in favour of Mr. Bird after he released a cached of more than 100 text messages showing he did "nothing wrong"........

But a spokesman for the university said: "We've recently seen an interview transcript in which Natasha claimed to have attended Wadham and can therefore confirm that Oxford University has no record of a Natasha Ahmed [Ms. Bolter's maiden name] with a birthday of 12 July 1975 having attended Oxford."

Ms. Bolter said:............ “Labour began as the party of the working class – this is not what I found.”
Bolter ex Ahmed is a lying Pakistani on the make, putting herself about. The fact that she was brought up near Tower Hamlets which is riddled with bent Pakistanis is not mere coincidence. Albeit what she said about Labour Party corruption is right.


UKIP Abused By Feminist [ 22 January 2015 ]
is a Marxist single issue attack on Western Civilization, just like Homosexuality & Racism. They are all eagerly marketed by the BBC, a treasonous Propaganda machine. But nobody who likes UKIP would be stupid enough to vote for Harriet Harman, an arrogant ratbag; just the sort that runs Labour what with being a public school girl, wanting to let Paedophiles abuse children.


UKIP Wallah Wants Third World Immigration [ 26 February 2015 ]
But then he is an ex-Tory so Treason is in the blood. Carswell says Enoch Powell was wrong. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Channel 4 Broadcasts Anti-UKIP Propaganda As Election Looms [ 27 February 2015 ]
UKIP has accused Channel 4 of peddling 'liberal-Left poppycock' over an apocalyptic portrayal of what British life would be like if Nigel Farage became Prime Minister.

The row has blown up over a drama-documentary to be screened at tomorrow which imagines life under a Farage government. In UKIP: The First Hundred Days – which mixes acted scenes with real news footage – border guards are seen forcibly repatriating illegal immigrants amid race riots, as the UK prepares to pull out of the European Union.
Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. So does Channel 4. This is propaganda. We need to Read critically; it's what Marxists call Deconstruction. Ignore the lies. Decide what you believe. But first see the next one.


Anti-UKIP Publicity Stunt Was Laid On By A Jew  [ 27 February 2015 ]
A Nazi-themed troupe of dancers and a 16-tonne Second World War [ post war in fact ] tank gate-crashed the start of anti-European Union party UKIP's spring party conference as performers in hot pants, jackboots and Nazi insignia high-kicked to the ‘Springtime For Hitler' tune.

The dancers, from Mel Brooks's musical The Producers, caused the scene outside UKIP's conference venue, the Winter Gardens in Margate, in south-east England. The seven-strong troupe [ all five of them ] of female dancers performed a choreographed routine as 'Springtime For Hitler' blared from a PA system on the tank turret.
The camera men were there like flies on the proverbial. Mel Brooks is a Jew on the make who knows that Sex Sells.


UKIP Promises To Cut Immigration To 50 Thousand [ 9 March 2015 ]
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's anti-EU UK Independence Party promised on Wednesday to stop "mass immigration" if it has any influence in the next government, saying it thought less than 50,000 net immigrants a year was about the right figure.

Eyeing a possible breakthrough at a national election on May 7, UKIP hopes to tap into public frustration about rising immigration, now running at around 300,000 people net per year despite a promise by Prime Minister David Cameron to bring it down to the "tens of thousands."
UKIP talks the talk then bottles out when the media attack. All of their web pages on immigration have been deleted. Nigel Farage needs Moral Courage and decent policies to win elections.


Nigel Farage Goes Soft On Third World Immigration  [ 9 March 2015 ]
Nigel Farage was today accused of 'making it up as he goes along' as UKIP ditched the idea of capping immigration.

The UKIP leader is setting out his party's policy on immigration, claiming the current system is 'unsustainable, unethical and unfair' and calling for more high-skilled workers and people from the Commonwealth to be allowed into Britain.

But during a radio interview it ditched the idea of reducing net migration to below 50,000, which had been backed by UKIP's immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe just last week. [ See Steven Woolfe Responds To Miliband ]
Is UKIP an English party or another bunch of traitors on the make? At all events they are not Cameron's mob, a lesser evil but not by much.


UKIP Loses Two More Parliamentary Candidates [ 20 March 2015 ]
To lose one candidate is a misfortune. To lose three smacks of carelessness. The Guardian managed not to sound too gleeful. The one who walked whined about Racism so he has swallowed the propaganda about Western Guilt. The party will manage without him.


UKIP Woman Forged Drinks Bill  [ 20 March 2015 ]
Janice Atkinson, an MEP who was due to stand in the Folkestone and Hythe seat at the General Election, faces allegations of expense fiddling.

A staff member for the 52-year-old politician was said to have negotiated a £3,150 invoice with a restaurant manager over a £950 drinks bill for a party function, with the intention of then claiming the false amount back on her European Union expenses.
This is disappointing. Money brings out the worst in so many people. It is better to sort it out early on. How much did The Sun pay for the story? We are not told.


Cutting Unskilled Immigration Would Boost Our Prosperity Says UKIP [ 24 March 2015 ]
Patrick O’Flynn said restricting entry to highly skilled professionals would be a “large and unarguable net economic positive” for the UK. The move could improve wages and living standards for millions of households and reduce the growing pressure on the welfare system, he said.

The MEP rejected claims that immigration is always an economic benefit in a speech to UKIP supporters in Middleton, Lancs, where the party narrowly missed out on a spectacular by-election triumph last year.
Importing Third World aliens is good for Capitalist Swine like Paxman & The Guardian's directors who want cheap servants. It drives down wages for honest English working men.


UKIP Betrays Us [ 9 September 2015 ]
UKIP believe in strong multi-ethnic society united by attachment to Britain and British identity, multiculturalism has worked against this.
Perhaps Nigel Farage has his heart in the right place. Carswell is different. This is not to say that the Tories are any better.


Rabbi Is A Bigoted Pervert [ 30 April 2017 ]
A married rabbi standing for UKIP in the mayoral elections has been having an affair with a woman he met on a bondage website.

Shneur Odze, 36, who faces former Labour Cabinet Minister Andy Burnham in the race to become the Mayor of Manchester, is accused of playing out a disturbing ‘sexual fantasy’ with the young woman.

Odze, who The Mail on Sunday revealed earlier this month had burned a ‘bible’ and posted the pictures of the event on social media, met the 25-year-old office worker through a bondage and sadomasochism website.

The rabbi is a senior member of the ultra-orthodox Lubavitcher sect and has previously refused to shake hands with female political opponents on ‘religious grounds’.
Are all rabbis perverts? Possibly not but thousands are Paedophiles. The Failed Messiah, a Jew on his own account tells us where the dirt is - Failed Messiah Paedophiles gives us over 2,000 posts about perverted Jews.


UKIP Subverted By Common Purpose? [ 1 July 2017 ]
Yorkshire regional organiser Mike Speakman is Common Purpose, he has admitted to members.

He has been tasked with destroying the region from the inside and he has done a good job so far, most of the competent Chairman/key people have either been bullied out of UKIP, suspended, sidelined or just become so disillusioned and have left UKIP
Common Purpose is in the business of leading. Where is it leading us? Why? Who are they? They don't want us to know any of this. They are part of the Deep State & Democracy be damned.


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