Deconstruction Deconstructed

Deconstruction is the approach to texts which analyzes the background assumptions of the writer and then goes on to claim that the author's worldview invalidates his thesis. This implies that history as written is bunk; dishonest or just plain wrong.

It is an approach which has a superficial validity. It is not totally false. We can never know all history because the evidence is rarely complete and provably reliable. But we can take the evidence we have, compare the sources and get a fair view. This means accepting that our knowledge is incomplete. For example we are told about the Stone Age and its tools. But stone is almost the only evidence. We can however see the Stone Age in real time or could until quite recently in Papua New Guinea. Their Stone Age is actually a Wooden Age too. Wood is lost far more easily than stone.

The virtue of deconstructionism for the originators is that it can be used to promote a world view which is false,  fraudulent and useful for destroying civilization. Getting it accepted means clothing the whole thing in waffle. As some one writes or speaks louder and longer it becomes more  difficult to understand his ideas. That is why French quasi-intellectuals are all plausible patter merchants.

One other reason for these theses' acceptance is that acolytes want to believe. If people are embittered by life and wish to be political activists, they find a rationale which justifies their malice, the deconstruction of society and its destruction. Look at the front men of various half mad causes and see the followers who are keen on the idea of violence. Look at the Bolshevik Revolution with its follow on to see what the results can be. They are in The Black Book of Communism. Marx produced the ideas that they used. Post Marxism is being used by our more recent enemies.

For a far more sympathetic commentary see Deconstruction. It was invented by a political subversive, a Jew called Jacques Derrida who never bothered to define it.


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