English Defence League

The name sounds good to an English nationalist and that means most Englishmen. The reality is not so good. Who runs it? Who funds it? Being given sympathetic coverage by Richard Desmond, a foul mouthed oaf, pornographer and Jew is not a good sign. If the English Defence League are prone to demonstrate in favour of Jews they are crazy mixed up kids. This may be preferable to a British National Party run by swindlers. Any connection to Michael Coren [ Cohen deliberately misspelt ], a bear baiting homosexual Jew is not good news.

The Hungarian equivalent has been got at, just like the EDL. See e.g. the next one.


English Defence League
Tommy Robinson, the EDL leader defected by going off with Islamics. It happened a few days before he was telling honest Englishmen about Islamic hordes flooding England to Rape our womenfolk. Is Robinson a fool, rogue or blackmail victim?






English Defence League Is Worthless Say Jews
Haaretz was prone to tell the truth so it was taken over by Zionist crazies. However this requiem has elements of honesty.


EDL Infiltrated By Jews Say Jew With A Sneer
An exasperated friend tells me his father, a fearsome Jewish anti-Fascist in his day, now spouts near-the-knuckle canards about "illegal immigrants" and "asylum seekers". This phenomenon is known as "pulling up the ladder" – as each wave of migrants grows to feel at home "aboard" their new country they identify evermore with the host community, sharing in its resentment towards newcomers and not recognising any empathetic connection with their own historical experience.........

Indeed, these useful idiots now have a spokeswoman, Brazilian-born Jewish activist Roberta Moore. She told the Jewish Chronicle that that the Jewish division has around 100 members, "most of whom are Jewish"........

Worse still, on October 24 the EDL plan to hold a "solidarity demonstration" outside the Israeli embassy. The Israeli diplomats are horrified. Adding to the cringe factor, they have rustled-up a rabbi to embellish the cynical ploy aimed at cultivating hatred between Jews and Muslims. Not surprisingly, Rabbi Nachum Shifren, an ex-lifeguard known as "the surfing rabbi" and a long-shot Republican candidate, is a kooky Californian who's is well known in the USA for making a fool of himself and is set to do the same at the proposed demo.

While many in the Jewish community have understandable concerns about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism – so often streaked through with virulent anti-Semitism –  it is important to remember that the EDL are not our friends. They are part of the problem, not the solution.
is an ugly rogue. The mug shot is arranged to hide the similarity of his nose to Concorde's The sneers tell us about the ugly mind behind it. Kossoff does not explain why Islamics hate them. You just might think that Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II, the Deir Yassin Massacre, Hebron Massacre etcetera have something to do with it. Islamics have not forgotten the thieves who robbed them of the Stolen Land then called it Israel


A Jew Tells EDL People The Truth About Jews As Racists
Watch the video. Hear the truth then listen to the cheers.


English Defence League - ex Wiki
The English Defence League (EDL) is a [ allegedly ] far-right street protest movement which opposes what it sees as the spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in England. The EDL uses street-based marches against what it labels as Muslim extremism.

It had a couple of offshoot organizations, the Scottish Defence League, and the now defunct Welsh Defence League. The EDL was also the subject of a 2010 BBC documentary, Young, British and Angry.
They are against Islamic infiltration which is fair enough. They are heavily infiltrated by Jews which means that are worthless. The 'far-right' claim is a lie.


98 People Out Of 100 Back English Defence League Policies [ 12 February 2011 ]
Express Group now openly promoting the English Defence League
The promotion which the billionaire Zionist Jew Richard Desmond is giving to the English Defence League via the Express Group component of his ever-growing media empire would seem to challenge the ‘official’ position of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and its Community Security Trust that Zionist-Jewry in Britain is firmly opposed to the EDL and its ‘Islamophobic’ policies. An article in Desmond’s Daily Star (“EDL to go political“), touts the electoral prospects of the EDL and reports results of a phone poll finding that 98% of Daily Star readers agree with EDL policies.

Desmond has always been a bit of a maverick. He built his fortune on pornography before selling up to raise the capital to buy the Express Group, which includes the Daily Express, the Sunday Express and the Daily Star. Last year he bought Channel 5 TV. Recently he withdrew his publications from the Press Complaints Commission, to which all major national and small local newspaper groups belong.

But his backing of the EDL should not be seen a genuine split within the Jewry.

Throughout history, wherever they have settled, the Jews have not been bothered by the concept of a principled, unified and consistent approach to any issue — except one: the survival and advancement of the Jews. In all other matters they are entirely morally pragmatic and often deliberately contradictory.

Thus it is that they want to promote immigration and race-mixing among non-Jews in Britain — and indeed among all White European peoples and nations — but also want to make Britain an uncomfortable place for Muslims, except those who are willing both to accommodate themselves to the Jewish domination of Britain’s ‘Establishment’ and abandon the Palestinians to Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing.

So they operate a ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ routine which confuses the Goyim, be they indigenous Anglo-Saxon-Celtic British, or any one of several hundred varieties of ethnic aliens who have been encouraged (by the Jews) to invade and settle in our homeland since WW2...........

A week before that rally the EDL held an anti-Muslim rally in Leicester and the “anti-fascist” rabble led by Searchlight mobilized against it. For some reason Searchlight did not mobilize its supporters against the EDL’s pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish rally outside the Israeli Embassy. I e-mailed Searchlight via its web site to ask why. Guess what? I didn’t get a reply!
Martin Webster is a veteran nationalist who he understands the Jews. Richard Desmond is a foul mouthed oaf, pornographer and Jew. Searchlight is run by criminal Jews specializing in Libel. If the English Defence League are prone to demonstrate in favour of Jews they are crazy mixed up kids. This may be preferable to a British National Party run by swindlers.


Meet The New Face Of English Extremism
Murdoch does not approve of the League. Murdoch is an enemy of England running a Culture War against us. He is an unrepentant Zionist to boot.


The English Defense League
A group of extremist Islamists attacked the returning soldiers as "butchers of Basra," "baby killers," and "terrorists" during a homecoming parade not long ago in the city of Luton. With years of anti-British "political correctness," and a political class that has failed to tackle Islamism with seriousness, this proved to be too much: the crowd that had turned out to cheer on the soldiers was soon making their disgust known to the Islamists; the two groups had to be held apart by police.............

A short time later, the English Defense League [EDL] emerged from the United People of Luton, and, in a little over the year since its founding, has become the largest street protest movement in Britain...........

As Natan Sharansky has described in Defending Identity: Its Indispensable Role in Protecting Democracy, multiculturalism has allowed the politically radical to use those identities which they deem "progressive" and "anti-colonial" to destroy the majority culture, which they view as "reactionary" and "colonial." [ So destroying civilization is all right when Jews are at it? - Editor ] For the radical Left, the media and political class, Englishness is firmly "reactionary" and "colonial." To defend national values is taboo, if not regarded as outright "extremism." To extend liberty to everyone is, we are told, "human rights imperialism."
The New York Times is owned by Jews, run by Jews, as a propaganda machine for Jews. This means they are part of the Culture War being waged against us. They are part of the not so Invisible Enemy who hate England, who hate Christendom. They brought us the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. They use the techniques developed by Antonio Gramsci, the leading theoretician of the communist party in Italy. Using Feminism, inciting to Homosexuality, marketing the Holocaust® story, it made them billions.  They call themselves God's Chosen People and brought us the Gaza Massacre



English Defence League

The English Defence League is what the name says. It is not a political party at the moment. In fact it may never be one. It has succeeded in getting hated by the BBC and other communist subversives; very much a point in its favour. The police have done their alleged duty by harassing them.

But things are worse. The Jews are infiltrating the EDL, financing the EDL in order to muzzle it. For that part of the story read on.



From: Martin Webster <martinwebstir@virginmedia.com>
Date: Thursday, 22 December 2011 16:24
To: [deleted]
Subject: BFP + EDL link & cash backers -- & Michael 'Coren'

Dear [deleted] :

This is the material about the British Freedom Party and English Defence League link-up and some of the people who are putting big dosh behind that enterprise. Also added is info about a former British, now Canadian, journalist called Michael Coren

Michael Coren (i.e. Cohen) who is now a very big noise in Canada’s mass media (which is ultra pro Jewish and largely Jew owned) who seems to be connected to the BFP/EDL set-up.

Below the Sunday Times and Morning Star reports I run out the Wikipedia entry on ‘Coren’. Take particular note of the info I have put in bold purple in the Wikipedia item.

The Morning Star report contains this quote:

“....It’s not about Nazis and hating Jews ......  It is about extremist Christian identity political types who see themselves as crusaders against Islam.....”

Is this a reference to the self-styled Christian Evangelical Jim Dowson, the Belfast-based former fund-raiser for Nick Griffin and the BNP who is now (I think) the main financial backer behind the BFP?

Any info you [or anybody else] may have about any of this would be appreciated.

Again, best wishes for a good Christmas,




Date: Monday, 12 December 2011 10:35
To: Martin Webster <martinwebstir@virginmedia.com>
Subject: Unmasked: wealthy backers behind far-right league

http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/  [£]
The Sunday Times – Sunday 11th December 2011
Unmasked: wealthy backers behind far-right league:
A City investor and a property tycoon are trying to turn the
English Defence League from a rabble into a political force
by Dipesh Gadher; Robin Henry; Mark Lewis  

A PROPERTY tycoon and a City based financier quizzed by police over his links to the gunman who slaughtered 69 people in Norway are exposed today as key figures behind the rise of the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

A Sunday Times investigation has revealed that Ann Marchini, a mother from Highgate, north London, and Alan Ayling, a former director of an investment fund, have sought to mould the thuggish anti-Muslim group into a credible political force.

They are both linked to the murky world of the online "counter-jihad" movement from which Anders Behring Breivik drew ideological inspiration before committing his massacre in Norway in July. They have remained in the shadows until now by using aliases on the internet to mask their true identities.

Breivik repeatedly mentioned the EDL in his 1,600-page "manifesto" and once belonged to an Oslo-based offshoot called the Norwegian Defence League.

The EDL, whose support has mushroomed since it was formed in Luton in 2009, has organized a string of protests against what it perceives as the growing "Islamisation" of Britain.

Many have descended into violence perpetrated by a hard core of football hooligans.

However, the "brains" behind the group ˜ which plans to field candidates at the next council elections ˜ come from a different background.

Marchini, who is thought to be in her fifties, runs a buy to-let property empire from her £1.6m mock-Tudor home in Highgate, a leafy suburb usually associated with liberals. Marchini, who is believed to be divorced from an Italian banker, operates under at least two aliases: "Gaia", the Earth goddess from Greek mythology, and "Dominique Devaux".

She is said to have helped organize a "pivotal" meeting between EDL figures and antijihad thinkers in July 2009 and recently attended a discussion where the EDL agreed to consider an electoral pact with the right-wing British Freedom party (BFP).

A report by Gaia on the BFP website states that Stephen Lennon, the EDL leader, "explained that the EDL need to move up a notch ˜ they cannot go on forever staging street demos. They are still widely perceived as a rabble, and as such cannot possibly obtain funding or be taken seriously by the political class".

Marchini was photographed alongside Lennon, 28, at a far right demonstration this year and the image was posted on the website of Hope Not Hate, an anti-fascist group. Her name and address also appeared on a leaked list of EDL donors.

The 2009 EDL meeting took place at the £500,000 flat of Ayling in the Barbican in central London. Lennon attended with two relatives from Luton.

Paul Ray, who claims to be a founder of the EDL, was also there. He says he travelled to the venue from Highgate with Marchini, whom he knew at the time as "Ann", "Gaia" or "Dominique". He says he had previously stayed for "a few months" at one of her rental flats on British Street in Bow, east London.

Ray regards the Barbican meeting as "pivotal". "It was the key people being brought together," he said. "It was bringing together the ideological and political side with the boots on the ground."

Two days after the meeting, Ray received an email from "Dominique Devaux", using the account "gaia2600@hotmail.com". "Still very interested in helping EDF [sic] grow as a movement," it stated. It was signed off by "Ann".

Another email, seen by The Sunday Times, gives a mobile number used by Marchini for letting her properties.

Ayling, 57, has been operating under the alias "Alan Lake". He is an IT expert and was a director of Pacific Capital Investment Management until January this year. The fund was dissolved in August.

Last month Ayling was interviewed by officers from Scotland Yard at the behest of Norwegian police who were investigating whether he was a possible "mentor" of Breivik.

Paal-Fredrik Kraby, an Oslo police prosecutor, confirmed that "the man known as Alan Lake" had been questioned. "But his real name is not for us to give to the press," he said.

In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper nine days ago, Lake denied having any contact with Breivik. However, he admitted to having met a prolific anti-Islam blogger called "Fjordman". "People ought to read him, he is good," Lake said. Breivik named Fjordman 111 times in his manifesto.

In the same interview, Lake said Breivik was "wrong", but added the following about Norway's immigration policies: "You let in dangerous people who do not share your values, who will destroy your society and take your freedom. You will have to pay the price for that."

When shown a photograph of Lake last week, two separate sources at the Barbican confirmed that the man in the picture was Ayling. A man inside his flat denied he was Ayling when contacted over the intercom and refused to step outside. Ayling did not respond to a written list of questions.

Norwegian police say Lake was interviewed in London as a "witness". They have also spoken at length to Ray, 35, who voluntarily flew to Oslo to try to clear his name after speculation that he could have unwittingly inspired Breivik.

The Norwegian gunman, 32, who has been declared insane by psychiatrists, claimed in his manifesto that he once had an English mentor called "Richard (the Lionhearted)". Ray, a born again Christian who subsequently fell out with the EDL, runs a blog called Lionheart.

When The Sunday Times first approached Marchini about her EDL links on November 30, she slammed the door shut on a reporter. Last week, she and her son, Paolo, hung up at least three times when contacted by telephone.

On Friday, a lawyer for Marchini said: "Ann Marchini does not operate under the alias of either Dominique Devaux or Gaia. She is a member of British Freedom, but joined only to show support for her personal friend Paul Weston [the chairman]."

Two names on Dominique Devaux's list of Facebook friends ˜ Paolo and Bianca Marchini ˜ disappeared on the same day.

Weston, a former UK Independence party candidate, said he could not recall befriending Devaux on Facebook. He described Breivik as "a psychopathic lunatic".

Lennon admitted knowing Marchini under the Devaux alias, but denied she was influential. He said Lake was a "nut job" and had not been involved with the EDL "for ages". Lennon, a former member of the British National party, denied the EDL was racist and said Breivik was "a monster".


Morning Star - Sunday 11th December 2011

Rich and powerful feeding far right
by John Millington

The far-right English Defence League showed itself to be boot boys for the rich and powerful today after revelations that wealthy backers are bankrolling the organization.

The extremist group, which has been cited by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik as an inspiration and has links with anti-Islamic groups abroad, pretends to be a grass-roots community organization - but it has been funded by millionaire Ann Marchini and former investment fund director Alan Ayling.

The aim of the pair was to influence and help shape the organization to make it appear more credible in the political arena.

Ms Marchini operates a buy-to-let empire in Highgate, London, and is believed to operate under a pseudonym - although her lawyers deny this.
She is a member of the far-right British Freedom Party and friend of chairman Paul Weston.

The EDL is looking to stand in elections in the near future and Ms Marchini is believed to have been trying to foster closer links between the two organizations.

Mr. Ayling, who has been operating under the name Alan Lake, used to be director of Pacific Capital investment and is an IT expert.

He was questioned last year by Scotland Yard detectives into possible links he had to Breivik.

Mr. Ayling denied any such links and said he believed the brutal massacre to be "wrong."

He said on Norwegian immigration policy: "You let dangerous people who will not share your values, who will destroy your society and take your freedom. You will have to pay the price for that."

Former UK Independence Party candidate Mr. Weston tried to distance himself from the situation, describing Mr. Breivik as "a psychopathic lunatic."

Speaking to the Morning Star about the story which first appeared in the Sunday Times, Hope Not Hate spokesman Matthew Collins pointed out that the EDL has established links with the anti-Islamic "global crusader movement."

"Alan Lake has become less important, in terms of a global crusader movement," said Mr. Collins.

"The EDL has now jumped into bed with Paul Weston - quite a wealthy man."

Mr. Collins said he was not worried about the EDL standing in elections as it would "poll very badly" and had less than 1,000 members - well down on the group's own official estimates.

But he said fascists and the far right in Britain had changed their focus in recent years.

"It's not about Nazis and hating Jews," he said.

"It is about extremist Christian identity political types who see themselves as crusaders against Islam.

"With this unpleasant English nationalism - the EDL, English Democrats and the British Freedom Party - chuck in this evangelical hatred of Islam and it makes it difficult for traditional anti-fascists to deal with."


From: [deleted]
Date: Sunday, 11 December 2011 22:18
To: Martin Webster <martinwebstir@virginmedia.com>
Subject: BFP interview with  pro Zionist News Channel


This pro Zionist group are interviewed by a Canadian news channel with equal views, all very odd indeed.


Michael Coren* with Paul Weston, British Freedom Party


Michael Coren*:
The "New" Left & The "New" Islam Are On Their Way To Genocide


*MW file note: “Coren” is an adaptation of “Cohen”. Wikipedia (see below) states his father was Jewish.]


Wikipedia - downloaded Monday 12th December 2011
Michael Coren
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Coren Born Michael Coren
15 January 1959 (age 52) Occupation Author, journalist Nationality United Kingdom, Canada Alma mater University of Nottingham Literary movement Traditionalist conservatism Notable work(s) As I See It, C.S. Lewis: The Man Who Created Narnia, Why Catholics Are Right, J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Who Created the Lord of the Rings
Influences [show]

Life and career

Michael Coren (born January 15, 1959) is an English-Canadian columnist, author, public speaker, radio host and television talk show host. He hosted the television talk show The Michael Coren Show on the Crossroads Television System from 1999 to 2011 when he moved to the Sun News Network to host an evening talk show, The Arena.[1] He has also been a long-time radio personality, particularly on CFRB radio.

He has written more than ten books, including biographies of G.K. Chesterton, H. G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, and C. S. Lewis. His latest book, Why Catholics are Right, was published in 2011

Coren was born in Essex, England. After obtaining a degree in politics from Nottingham University, he moved from the UK to Canada in 1987. For several years, he was a columnist for Frank and then The Globe and Mail, before he began syndicated columns for the Financial Post and Sun Media in 1995. Following his departure from Frank, he became a favourite target of that publication, culminating in a spoof ad contest to "deflower" Michael Coren (a nod to Frank's notorious "Deflower Caroline Mulroney" contest, and a satirical jab at Coren's conservative leanings.) Coren had also been a favorite target of Frank back in the days before he began writing for them. Coren took exception to being labelled a "literary prostitute" during a 1994 interview.[2]

His career as a broadcaster began in the early 1990s when he co-hosted a political debate segment with Irshad Manji on TV Ontario's Studio 2. In 1995, he began an evening talk show on CFRB. In 1999, Coren briefly moved to Talk 640 for a short stint as its morning man. He returned to CFRB, where he hosted a show from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. weekday nights, and regularly filled in for other hosts until November 2005. Coren was dismissed by CFRB as a result of complaints arising from comments ridiculing the weight of an apparent guest. In fact, the guest was an actor and the segment was scripted. According to CFRB's Operations Manager, Steve Kowch, "Pat Holiday, our general manager and myself went through the tape of Monday night's show and were shocked....it was totally out of bounds." Coren argues that it was a satire comparing in his mind public attitude to third world starvation with North America's obsession with slimming and self-indulgence. After moving to North America Coren gained one hundred pounds.[2]

Despite this acrimonious termination, Coren made regular talk show appearances on CFRB in July 2006, at the start of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, as he happened to be in Israel at the time. After receiving 60% approval from CFRB listeners in an August 2006 poll, Coren returned to the CFRB airwaves in September 2006 with a Sunday evening show.[3] As of the 22nd of April 2007, the show expanded from its usual 1 hour 7-8pm to 7-9 pm.[4] Coren celebrated by giving away double the prizes usually given out. In the fall of 2007 he and former Liberal Party of Canada president Stephen LeDrew launched a daily hour-long afternoon show on CFRB called Two Bald Guys With Strong Opinions in which the two argue about the issues of the day.[5] After the departure of LeDrew, Coren was joined by Tarek Fatah after several on air auditions by potential replacement co-hosts. Coren was again let go by CFRB along with 12 other staff of the Toronto radio station on 27 August 2009.[6]

On television, Coren hosted the Michael Coren Show on the Crossroads Television System until June 2011 when he left to join the Sun News Network where he hosts The Arena weeknights on beginning August 30, 2011. Coren also has a newspaper column published every Saturday in the Sun newspaper chain. He has been a columnist for the Western Standard, Catholic Insight and The Women's Post and has contributed to National Post, Reader's Digest and several other publications. A self-professed Tottenham Hotspur fan, he has appeared as a guest host on The Score's The Footy Show. Coren is also a public speaker, particularly at religious gatherings.

Political controversies

In his earlier, satirical Aesthete column in Frank magazine Coren was by his own admission deliberately provocative. In response to a 1994 interview question about AIDS he responded:

"Look, people are dying all over. When it was blacks in Africa dying of AIDS, no one gave a toss. Nobody gave a toss. Suddenly, it's middleclass men in California and everyone goes crazy about it. It's a double standard. I'm trying to provoke people into rethinking comfortable points of view."[2]

In September 2006, Coren published an article in the Toronto Sun, supporting the use of tactical nuclear strikes against Iran.[7] This position was later retracted.[8]
On the subject of AIDS Michael Coren wrote a column in 2006 titled "Why is AIDS so special?" in which he said "At its most simple, stop fornicating." "AIDS in the West is still overwhelmingly a threat to male homosexuals and intravenous drug users."[9]

In an article which appeared in Sun Media in 2007, Coren said "As for Jesus not condemning homosexuality, nor did He condemn bestiality and necrophilia."[10]

In early 2001 Coren was under scrutiny from many federal authorities, he seemed to be if not the leader, one of the leaders of a illegal homosexually oriented nightclub. The reason why it received so much press was due to the fact that the club featured:

1. Bear baiting (illegal throughout Canada),
2. Un-restricted underage gambling, and finally
3. a presence of Black Tar Heroin [
1] was detected in the establishment.

Although due to Coren's legal team he only served 5 years on his sentence, he was on house arrest for a year after in which he started his journalism career.
[Emphasis & colour added by me. - MW]

[edit] Religious Views

His articles and speeches often include stories of his own personal spiritual journey.

Coren's father was Jewish as was his maternal grandfather, while his maternal grandmother came from a family of Welsh coalminers and converted to Judaism. Coren's father and uncle were cab drivers. Coren has said that his father's family left Poland a few decades before the Holocaust.[11] He has also said that his father's family emigrated from Poland in the 1890s.[12] He said "People have called me an anti-Semite. I thought it quite rich since my father's family was massacred in the Holocaust".[2] Michael Coren was profiled on Credo, on Vision TV, and said that his father told him he could not attend his son's wedding in a Catholic Church without becoming "physically sick". [Emphasis & colour added by me. Blue text are hyperlinks when on-line at Wikipedia web site - MW]

He converted to Roman Catholicism in his early twenties while still living in England, but that didn't last long. He said that he "converted to an institution." He eventually converted to Evangelical Christianity in the 1990s, after a conversion experience as an adult, greatly influenced by Canadian televangelist Terry Winter. [‘Winter’? Another name popular with ‘integrated’ Jews - MW]

In 1991 Michael Coren said in a column for a humour magazine: "The evangelical Christians may be intolerant, small-minded, and repellent, but at least they hold a consistent set of beliefs".[2] [Yes! They tend to support Israel as “Christian Zionists!” - MW]

In a 1993 book review he said "Can anyone imagine a detective priest? Regrettably, it is easier to conjure up the image of a priest being questioned by secular detectives over abuse charges." Also in 1993, Michael Coren had a falling out with the Catholic Church over an unflattering profile he wrote of Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic for Toronto Life magazine. The Bishop, who made Coren a "Knight of the Holy Sepulchre" in a ceremony in October 1992, was quoted using words including "friggin" and "bitch", and said that Francisco Franco was a "conservative Roman Catholic and not a bad fellow". Coren defended himself, saying "He's an archbishop and he was vulgar...obviously what thousands of Roman Catholics expected me to do was lie. I still get hate mail about the article."

After this incident, Coren said that he didn't consider himself a Roman Catholic anymore. He said "My wife is Catholic and the children will be raised Catholic, but that's it. It's just not there for me." Daniel Richler observed that Coren loves scandal, but hates having it come his way. In one of his columns for the satirical humour magazine Frank, Michael Coren depicted Mother Teresa getting drunk in a bar.[2]

In early 2004, he embraced Catholicism again. He cites St. Thomas More, C. S. Lewis, Ronald Knox and his godfather Lord Longford as spiritual influences, and remains connected to the ecumenical scene in Canada and beyond.

[edit] Published books
   •    Theatre Royal: 100 Years of Stratford East (1985) ISBN 0704324741
   •    Gilbert: The Man Who Was G.K. Chesterton (1990) ISBN 1557782563
   •    The Invisible Man: The Life and Liberties of H.G. Wells (1993) ISBN 0689121199
   •    The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1993) ISBN 0747512299
   •    The Man Who Created Narnia: The Story of C. S. Lewis (1994) ISBN 1895555787
   •    Setting It Right (1996) ISBN 0773729402
   •    J.R.R.Tolkien: The Man who Created the Lord of the Rings (2001) ISBN 0752261568
   •    As I See It (2009) ISBN 0981276709
   •    Why Catholics Are Right (2011) ISBN 0771023219

[edit] References
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[edit] External links
   •    Official website
   •    Michael Coren's blog
   •    [2] Coren's column in The Toronto Sun


Toronto Sun - Tuesday 28th June 2011

Michael Coren to deliver 'straight talk'
Talk show star to join Sun News Network prime-time lineup
by QMI Agency

Sun News Network is proud to announce Michael Coren -- renowned author, commentator and broadcaster -- will host a new show in prime time called Coren Tonight.
"Coren is not afflicted by the politically correct self-censorship that plagues most commentators. He is perfect for Sun News," said Sun News spokesman Luc Lavoie.

The show will be debuting in August at 7:00 p.m. ET on weeknights and repeated later in the evenings.

For the past 12 years, Coren has hosted The Michael Coren Show on CTS, a Canadian Christian TV station. His weekly column appears in Sun newspapers and he has written for the Catholic Register, the Women's Post, the Landowner and the Interim.

He is the bestselling author of 13 books, including biographies of writers G.K. Chesterton, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

His most recent book, Why Catholics Are Right, has been a Canadian bestseller for 11 weeks and has gone into its third printing.

"Whether it is taking on radical Islam or exposing political hypocrisy, Michael Coren has proven to be one of the most fearless, substantive commentators in Canada," said Sun News vice-president Kory Teneycke. "Michael has strong opinions, but he is also fair. He loves to debate his opponents and challenge conventional thinking."



English Defence League

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