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2016, the year just gone didn't look good at the start but then got better. Cameron, the liar gave us the Referendum that he promised us years ago to buy votes. He lost, England won. At all events we voted OUT, for Brexit. Whether Theresa May will deliver is a question; she is not in any hurry about it. Then we had Donald Trump winning; great news greeted by a howl of outrage from the Main Stream Media. This means real people got it right. Will Don walk the walk as well as he talked the talk? Western Civilization is in with a chance. Marine le Pen is in with a chance. With decent luck Germans will be rid of Merkel. We had the Berlin Massacre to remind them of her evil.

That is why
Angela Merkel is Race Traitor 2015

 Glenn Beck is  Race Traitor 2016

My nominations for 2017 are
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
&  Jean-Claude Juncker.
They are anti-White Racists both.

Donald Trump  became the President of the United States of America. This is a huge improvement on the previous inmate of the White House, a black Marxist full of hate.

Donald Trump Is Inaugurated Not Murdered And Acts On Day One [ 21 January 2017 ]
President Donald Trump wasted no time getting to work on Friday night, heading straight to the Oval Office where he signed his first Executive Orders since arriving at the White House.......

He has already made changes to the Oval Office decor, swapping its formerly crimson drapes for gold curtains and putting back in its former place a bust of former British prime minister Winston Churchill. Later, he attended three inaugural balls with the first lady before spending his first night at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Don has started well. The haters are full of hate but they didn't succeed in getting him killed, not yet. He could make the world a better place.


2017 Saw A Major Assault By The American Totalitarian Left
They attacked Donald Trump. In the end that means Democracy and us, the people that actually live here, the citizens of Western Civilization, as distinct from the Third World aliens they import by the million.


Perhaps the point to take on New Year's Day is that the 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is still going on, after a fashion & at great expense. A few Pakistani Perverts have been thrown to the wolves. Police and politicians are laughing up their sleeves. The New Corruption is just as entrenched, just as bent as the Old. Business as usual.


The bad news in prospect? Matt Taibbi, another Left Winger, an  anti-white Racist tells us that it could be very bad. Believe him if you want.

The  GOP Is Now Officially  The Party Of Dumb White People
The decision by huge masses of Republican voters to defy D.C.- thinkfluencer types like George Will and throw in with a carnival act like Trump is no small thing. For the first time in a generation, Republican voters are taking their destiny into their own hands.

In the elaborate con that is American electoral politics, the Republican voter has long been the easiest mark in the game, the biggest dope in the room. Everyone inside the Beltway knows this. The Republican voters themselves are the only ones who never saw it.

Elections are about a lot of things, but at the highest level, they're about money [ Actually, it is now about the mass Immigration of Third World aliens - Editor  ]. The people who sponsor election campaigns, who pay the hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the candidates' charter jets and TV ads and 25-piece marching bands, those people have concrete needs.

They want tax breaks, federal contracts, regulatory relief, cheap financing, free security for shipping lanes, antitrust waivers and dozens of other things.

They mostly don't care about abortion or gay marriage or school vouchers or any of the social issues the rest of us spend our time arguing about. It's about money for them, and as far as that goes, the CEO class has had a brilliantly winning electoral strategy for a generation.

They donate heavily to both parties, essentially hiring two different sets of politicians to market their needs to the population. The  Republicans give them everything that they want, while the Democrats only give them mostly everything.

They get everything from the Republicans because you don't have to make a single concession to a Republican voter.
The little man gets screwed on time, every time.

Donald Trump told the voters that Goldman Sachs was a bunch of crooks making the Mafia look like small time amateurs. Now he is taking their top management on board to run America. Are they going to screw the huddled peasant masses? Have they ever done anything else? See e.g.
The Vampire Squid Occupies Trumps White House
The People vs. Goldman Sachs: Why Top Execs Should Stand Trial


THE Story Of The Century   [ 19 May 2017 ]
We are going to be outnumbered big time by "Sub-Sahara Africa". This is the current euphemism for Blacks

At the beginning of the century, people in Niger were starving. Now there are 50% more of them. The sensible answer for them is go to Europe and get rich. Get paid to do nothing apart from, maybe robbery or rape. Mark Steyn explains it all so much better than me. One of the results is that little towns like Rotherham & Rochdale have been infested with hostile aliens who have been allowed to carry out wholesale Rape of English girls. But they are Pakistani Perverts, whose pay off, the quid pro quo for bent politicians and police is wholesale Vote Rigging for the benefit of the Labour Party, the wonderful people who pay them the dole.


2017 Saw A Major Assault By The American Totalitarian Left
Can this be true? Are Social Justice Warriors, politicians, the Main Stream Media, the Lunatic Fringe etc. trying to impeach Donald Trump and overthrow Democracy? It can be true; Yes, it is true. James Kirkpatrick explains. He links to the sources, to the evidence. That is as good as it get in a wicked world.
Nobel Economics laureate and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman [Email him] is famously always wrong........................

Krugman, and the Opposition Party generally, have it backwards. What actually emerged in 2017 was an American Totalitarian Left, uniting Democrat officials, their Main Stream Media and academic Democratic elected officials, their Main Stream Media academic and corporate auxiliaries and their paramilitary Antifa wing. It is Trump and his objective allies in the Dissident Right, who constitute the democratic resistance.

Consider—in 2017,

  • It has become virtually impossible, because of Leftist threats, for Dissident Right groups to hold peaceful conferences in private facilities. And, with federally-owned Reagan Center’s cancellation of the National Policy Institute’s scheduled conference , it appears that state facilities think they can evade their First Amendment obligations by pointing to “security threats”—themselves enabled by the authorities’ failure to enforce the law.
  • College campuses have essentially been closed to non-Leftist speakers, even harmless old personages like Charles Murray and’s Peter Brimelow.
  • As early as May, nearly 200 assaults on Trump supporters across had been cataloged by American Renaissance. But the MSM has not acknowledged this as a Trend, much less updated it............................ et cetera ad nauseam.......

The plain fact is that, in 2017, there is absolutely no price to be paid for attacking the elected President of the United States in the most outrageous terms...............

Instead, there is a three-tiered system of repression developing in the United States. Information repression, economic repression, and violent repression are all tools used by America’s Hostile Elite to defend itself against popular resistance.......

Information Repression
Whatever one thinks of President Donald J. Trump’s conduct so far, he’s been remarkably effective at forcing the MSM to reveal its true motivations.................

Economic Repression
It’s tempting to say the war between what Steve Bannon called the “Opposition Party” and President Trump is undermining trust in the country’s elite newspapers and journalistic institutions.............

Economic Repression
Still, there is clearly a market for alternative media source and viewpoints. However, there is a concerted effort to render dissidents unemployable and prevent them from getting their message out. has been a victim, as our PayPal account was cut off following the protest in Charlottesville, even though our site had nothing to do with it.............

Physical Attacks
If censoring people and cutting them economically off all fail, physical violence against dissidents is the last resort for leftists. The massive MSM campaign in support of “Antifa,” who function as the paramilitaries of the cheap labor corporate establishment, is the most obvious way.............

Krugman pretends TheResistance and his “pussy hat” protesters are a grassroots movement. But they are a top-down driven movement, incited by the media, funded by plutocrats, and increasingly violent in both rhetoric and tactics. They are not operating to block an “authoritarian” threat, but to preserve America’s emerging Cultural Marxist totalitarianism and above all to ensure that immigration policy continues to Elect A New People.

Donald Trump and his nationalist supporters who are confronting the Left, the cuckservatives, the globalist elite and the cheap labor lobby are the real resistance. They always have been. And Paul Krugman has always been a shill for those who hold the real power. After all, with a record like his, there’s no other reason to explain why he still has a career.
The Hard Left is attacking or  James Kirkpatrick is totally wrong. Obama & Comrade Corbyn are just as much Marxist front men as Comrade Lenin & Trotsky.



Top Stories 2016 covers the year just gone.