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2016, the year in prospect does not look good but then, do they ever? This time it got better. We won the #Referendum so #Brexit is on. The Establishment is furious; Jews are sabotaging but it is on. #Theresa May says it will not be delayed by the attacks.

The other really big news is #Donald Trump's victory over The Establishment in America. He is hates with a passion by the enemies of Western Civilization, a big point in his favour.

The year was off to a bad start on Day One, on New Year's Day. The opening theme is Ethnic Fouling, with Germany as a major victim. Angela Merkel imported them; Germans are paying the price. Third World criminals know that Rape is fun. Merkel is one Traitor allowing them to do it. Then there is Ethnic Fouling In England with the enthusiastic connivance of Cameron, Comrade Corbyn, Her Majesty's Government & Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. There is also:-
Ethnic Fouling In America

Ethnic Fouling In Canada

Ethnic Fouling In France
Ethnic Fouling In Holland
Ethnic Fouling In Ireland
all of which merge smoothly into Ethnic Cleansing then Genocide.

That is why
Angela Merkel is Race Traitor 2015


Glenn Beck is  Race Traitor 2016


The Referendum [ 23 June 2016 ] happened. We won, Cameron lost. So now we have Theresa May, who wanted to remain as our prime minister. Cameron stalled on Brexit, May is not any sort of a hurry.


Donald Trump


Islamics have laid three major killings in order to make a point, that they hate us:-
Paris Massacre [ 13 November 2015 ] 137 dead
Charlie Hebdo Comes Unstuck
[ 8 January 2015 ] 12 dead

Nice Massacre
[ 14 July 2016 ] 84 dead



Third World criminals have been using mob violence.

German Patriots Defend Against Illegal Immigrants Inflicted By Government Treason [ 1 January 2016 ]
This sounds like a good start. It is minor operations for the moment, arson etc. They have an opportunity to learn from the French resistance or even Third World criminals - see e.g. French Rioting Special.

French Build Illegal Immigrant Camp To Help Invasion Of England [ 1 January 2016 ]

Black Makes Bomb Threat At Dutch Airfield [ 1 January 2016 ]


England Wins - Cameron Loses - Referendum Victory [ 23 June 2016 ]
Britain has voted to leave the European Union, with the Leave campaign securing around 51.8 per cent of the vote.

David Cameron, who will address the nation shortly, is now facing calls to resign as Prime Minister.

While England voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain. Statements are expected to be made by Sinn Fein and the SNP later today calling for a breakaway from the Union. London backed Remain but the turnout was lower than expected because of bad weather.

The pound crashed to the lowest level since 1985 as sterling fell below $1.35. Complacency about a Brexit outcome will come clear this morning, as out of hours trading suggests that the FTSE 100 will drop by 8.8pc, or by some 560 points. The fall would be the third worst in history if stocks ended the day down as sharply.
The Referendum proves one thing, that politicians hate Democracy. They lust for power; wanting to be a politician should be a disqualification for office.

We voted OUT but we never voted IN, that happened by stealth, by lies, by Treason At Maastricht incited by Ted Heath, a fat Marxist paedophile with an unwholesome interest in choir boys and brown envelopes.

Now  has collapsed as people look to see how much the pound has dropped. It might have done the same in 1939 when we stood alone against the world. We coped then, albeit at a price. The pound is now circa EUR 1.23, down from EUR 1.30.

Politicians Hate Democracy

We are the huddled peasant masses, there to be taxed, robbed & betrayed.

Cameron Will Resign Later
Delaying will give him the chance to inflict more damage on England.

BBC Wallah Acknowledges The Truth
David Cowling, the BBC’s head of political research, in an internal memo…

“It seems to me that the London bubble has to burst if there is to be any prospect of addressing the issues that have brought us to our current situation. There are many millions of people in the UK who do not enthuse about diversity and do not embrace metropolitan values yet do not consider themselves lesser human beings for all that. Until their values and opinions are acknowledged and respected, rather than ignored and despised, our present discord will persist. Because these discontents run very wide and very deep and the metropolitan political class, confronted by them, seems completely bewildered and at a loss about how to respond (“who are these ghastly people and where do they come from?” doesn’t really hack it). The 2016 EU referendum has witnessed the cashing in of some very bitter bankable grudges but I believe that, throughout this 2016 campaign, Europe has been the shadow not the substance.”
Cowling is a supercilious rogue who might find it expedient to claim that he is not a paedophile Marxist. Diversity is BBC code for Ethnic Fouling In England and throughout Western Civilization but not, of course in Israel - God's Chosen People are too important to have blacks inflicted on them.

This was the day the British people defied their jailers

The Telegraph comments, The Telegraph witters. The Telegraph manages not to notice that Cameron has inflicted millions of Third World aliens on us but then The Telegraph doesn't live anywhere near them, especially not the thugs in the next articles.


Innovation Of The Year?
Pass. Here is mine, discovered on 25 December 2016. Table confetti adds to civilization, that is Western Civilization of course. It helps to have a vacuum cleaner as well. This implies having mains electricity. That means coal or whatever. It goes on but then civilization is why we don't still live in mud huts.

23 June 2016 Today is Referendum Day; the one that Cameron promised us in 2007 on  Treaty of Lisbon. He lied then. He lies now.


The #StolenReferendum How Cameron & Co have ruthlessly exploited the murder of MP Jo Cox to save their skins and the EU ‘Project’
Nick Griffin writes. He is a corrupt rogue but telling the truth for once.
See more on her, a ratbag on the make, one with sharp elbows at Jo Cox. She was using the Charity industry for her own advantage but she Had No Compassion For English Girls Raped By Pakistani Perverts.


The Meaning Of Brexit
Gilad Atzmon explains; it demonstrates that 'Right' & 'Left' are different terms for the same gang of corrupt manipulators.



Top Stories 2015 covers the year just gone.