French Rioting Special

Actually it is not just France and it is not just blacks. There are sundry North Africans at it too. Look at how the media handle evil when it is foreigners at it. If they can accuse an Englishman of racism that is another matter. They squawk at maximum volume.


Racism Rears Its Very Ugly Head In France  [ 9 November 2005 ]
The answer is to get a grip of the enemy and the traitors who imported them. Shoot as many as it takes and export the rest.
Antonio Gramsci's fans are winning for the moment. It might even have the effect of concentrating minds in Christendom as well as France.


Racism Rearing Its Ugly Head  [ 8 November 2005 ]
The enemy within is attacking. Why is the enemy within? Because it was imported by fools and rogues with an agenda. Antonio Gramsci's fans are laughing up their sleeves. They have saddled France with 7 million ethnics, enough to make a lot of trouble. See French theory of assimilation  We are being told that it is the French to blame for the aggro.


Paris Riots Becoming New National Sport?  [ 8 November 2005 ]
Fair comment? I think so. Here are some of the sportsmen. PS Multiculturalism is wonderful.


Douce France  [ 8 November 2005 ]
France was a great place for civilized life, lounging, drinking, chatting. It still is if you are careful about where you go. Just ignore the ethnics and hope they will ignore you. Your children won't have the option though. Perhaps you should think about emigrating to uh, somewhere, uh where?


Racists Get Away With It  [ 7 November 2005 ]
Pandering to racists big time is normal - if they are ethnics. That is what caused the problem in the first place. Ship them back to the ghastly Hell holes they created and let them murder each other. Notice how The Telegraph skirts round the real issue i.e. race. Of course if Frenchmen were at it that would be different.


'Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Paris. Subversives Lie About It'   [ 6 November 2005 ]
'The bitter fruit of government policy'
That is true enough but the liars proceed with their propaganda. Importing vicious foreigners was bound to cause problems. That is why they did it. Why? See Gramsci on the point. Exporting them is the answer. Then they can kill each other.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Paris. Subversives Lie About It II  [ 6 November 2005 ]
French urban violence worsens: 1,300 cars torched, 300 arrests. 300 prisoners. 300 thousand would be reasonable. How many have they killed? Not many. What is wrong with les flics? Are they under orders to let the ethnics get away with it? This is happening in  Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier,  Pau,  Rennes, Nantes, Lille,  Mulhouse and Colmar. If the politicians will not sort the ethnics people should get a grip of the politicians.


Hostility towards immigrants sparks off riots  [ 5 November 2005 ]
Pravda gets it wrong. Russians know about Marxists and Zionists inciting trouble and murdering millions of them. Post Marxists are doing the same in Christendom here and now. Has Pravda been taken over by the enemy? They were last time. Their writer, one Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey does not sound very Russian; more like a graduate of a corrupt university that systematically perverts history on the Gramsci agenda. For an example of that corruption see Keith Windschuttle and Education


Racists Rear  Ugly Heads and Shoot At Parisians  [ 4 November 2005 ]
Shoot them and ship the rest back to the ghastly Hell holes that they created  is the answer. Post Marxists want them to ruin France and civilization so that won't happen. Putting the post Marxists where they would be shot by the ethnics would be worthwhile. See what they can do for you:-



Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Marseille   [ 4 November 2005 ]
Paris first. Then Marseille, Dijon and Trappes. Le Legion Etrangère is used to dealing with North Africans. Use them.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Oz  [ 4 November 2005 ]
Islamics in stupid hats incite war. This is crime. Ship them back to the Hell holes that they created and let them kill each other instead of  bludging off the dole.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Denmark  [ 4 November 2005 ]
But it is ethnics raping, robbing and rioting so that is different.


Jihad against newspaper  [ 4 November 2005 ]
Racism again. Denmark again. Ethnics again so that is all right. The media suppress the truth about that one. They have the same corrupt agenda as the rest of the post Marxists and Jews who control them.


Racism rears its ugly head in France  [ 3 November 2005 ]
Ethnics attack. French politicians twitter. They imported the ethnics.  They can shoot the ethnics. That is what the army is for; defeating enemies, internal or external. Then France can get back to being itself; relaxed, civilized, corrupt, idle, drinking, fornicating etc. It would make sense to shoot the post Marxists who caused the problems in the first place too.


French Rogues Destroying France  [ 2 November 2005 ]
Import trouble makers then step back and let them rob, rape, loot murder and have fun. Pretending that it not your fault is a reflex. Ask Althusser, Derrida, Foucault and few other French comedians of the same sort. Communist subversives are using the situation to make more trouble. They want ethnics to get away with it.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head. Telegraph Keeps Quiet  [ 1 November 2005 ]
Accusing Englishmen of racism is fine. It makes lots of headlines. Blacks in Paris get a very low key treatment. Agenda first. Truth last. But the National Vanguard is not in the business of suppressing the truth.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in Zanzibar. Telegraph Keeps Quiet  [ 1 November 2005 ]
Tribe X versus Tribe Y. What's new? Nothing except the enthusiasm for pretending that it is something else. Blair pushes the line that the head crook is a wonderful human being. He might be less crooked than Blair.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in Los Angeles   [ 31 October 2005 ]
Bush incites illegal immigrants in LA. Illegal immigrants want to take the land over.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in the Ivory Coast  [ 31 October 2005 ]
Once West Africa's most prosperous nation, Ivory Coast has been in the grip of an on-and-off civil war since 2002, when rebels seized the northern half of the country. Their grievances were numerous. But ethnic tension over fertile cocoa and coffee land is at the heart of the conflict, between those who see themselves as native Ivorians, mainly southern Christians and animists who control the government, and those, mostly Muslim, whose forebears came from neighbouring countries or who are native northerners.
But they can't blame us for it so it gets somewhere on the business pages.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Paris  [ 30 October 2005 ]
Black thieves on the run die. Blacks riot. Grauniad claims that they were French. The Graun's agenda is post Marxist destruction of civilization. Infiltrating illegal  immigrants is a major part of it.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Australia  [ 30 October 2005 ]
Islamics must be allowed to beat their wives because it is part of their culture. Are they allowed to behead thieves? That could be worthwhile. Abos, Hindus and Buddhists are also getting superior treatment. Australians have inferior rights. Perverting the course of the law will be overcome by making the police suppress evidence of the crimes. This is a post Marxist operation.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Dallas   [ 30 October 2005 ]
Dallas: Cabdriver on trial is accused of sprinkling grated faeces on grocery store goods. Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh, 49, faces two felony charges of tampering with consumer products in separate incidents in July at the Fiesta Mart at Ross Avenue and Henderson Street. He has been at it for seven months.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in Botswana  [ 29 October 2005 ]
Clearing Bushmen to make way for game reserves and rich foreigners makes sense. Ask your accountant. Of course human rights come down the line.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Virginia  [  October 2005 ]
MS-13 has announced that tomorrow is Kill a Cop Day. MS-13 is a Hispanic mob.

Multicultural Diversity Is Wonderful  [  October 2005 ]
Actually he murdered one of his own rather than an Englishman so it qualifies as an own goal.


Black Riot, Media Lies  [ 28 October 2005 ]
That is what blacks do. That is what the media do. Lying has an agenda, a purpose, to advance the Zionist cause by destroying Western civilization. Lying about black criminals is just part of it. And the police are no use when it comes to dealing with rioters - if they are black.


Racism Runs Riot in Birmingham  [ 24 October 2005 ]
Multiculturalism is being pushed by politicians who want this kind of thing to happen. Divide and conquer. Blair has thirty police at the end of Downing Street to protect him. The rest of us have to take our chances and hope that corrupt policemen will do something useful about it. Black criminals will get away with it while Englishmen get screwed. BTW, the police are going to let the illegal immigrant get away with it if she grasses  the 19 Indians that raped her.


Racism, Ritual Murder, Revenge in Lagos  [ 24 October 2005 ]
Any resemblance to goings on in Birmingham are coincidental. They have only got twenty kills so far. Ritual murder of children can irritate people. Did the English media bother to tell you about this one? Me neither.


Racism in Pretoria   [ 24 October 2005 ]
'We will kill the whites, all of them' - it makes a good headline doesn't it? Were they sincere? I wouldn't be surprised. Did the BBC bother to tell us about it? It doesn't fit their agenda. Of course if white men had threatened murder they would have been all over it.


Racism in Toledo  [ 24 October 2005 ]
Lies about racism in Toledo, Ohio is the real subject. There were riots. Police took 114 prisoners and guess what, there was not a single white man among them. Those nasty Nazis were long gone before the blacks started. The media lied in its teeth again. Not one paper but three at least.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in South Africa  [ 23 October 2005 ]
Apartheid was awful. Racism is worse but that has been sorted in South Africa, hasn't it? No. It getting worse and the  oppressors are black. A few blacks are getting rich. The rest are poor and going to stay that way. Big business men there are staying rich, the cunning ones that is. They incited the ANC all those years ago and now it is paying off. They are playing like Mugabe and thousands will starve as a result.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in Birmingham  [ 23 October 2005 ]
Black raped by Indians. Blacks riot. Two dead. Isn't it awful? Isn't it racism? Isn't it the white man's fault? Yes. It was those lefties that imported them. BTW, why do they all have baseball bats? They don't play it do they?

Police took prisoners but didn't charge anyone. They claim that this is because nobody has complained. If you believe that you will believe anything. They are totally politicized. They have no problem with charging Englishmen. Charging foreigners needs approval from New Labour.


Racism in Birmingham Update  [ 23 October 2005 ]
The black might not have been raped but she is staying in hiding because she is an illegal immigrant. There was only one kill. The copper was only shot with an air gun or some such so his injury is trivial but worth playing up for propaganda purposes.


Gun Crime. Ethnic Crime  [ 23 October 2005 ]
Armed crime is a growth industry according to one, Tarique Ghaffur, an assistant commissioner of the Met as ethnic groups copy Afro-Caribbean gangs.


Migrant racket not exposed  [ 23 October 2005 ]
Chinese illegals are being imported because they are being bribed to come here by Her Majesty's Government. Think of all those council houses and legal aid to help them lie their way in. That is what we get from the gang of post Marxists which constitute HMG but The Telegraph didn't mention that bit.


Racism in Israel   [ 21 October 2005 ]
Jew murders Arabs. It is not terrorism even though Sharon the mass murderer said that it was so the victims get no compensation.


Multiculturalism in Action - Diversity Celebrated   [ 21 October 2005 ]
A man was captured smuggling people's heads into Uganda from Kenya. A regular customer pays about £100 for fresh heads. They are useful for witchcraft. This is a good price in the local economy.


Racist Propaganda    [ 18 October 2005 ]
The Grauniad, an English left wing newspaper tells us about the  awful racism is in New Orleans. They are telling us about white men being racist and they might even be telling us the truth in a very limited way. They are doing it to cover up the monstrous black racism  that showed up after Katrina hit. Pictures that show blacks thieving and black police collaborating are at New Orleans Special . It wasn't just looting either. There were rapes, murders, arson and you name it. Trust the media? Look at Media Distorts the News


Rape in the Congo is Different and Much Nastier  [ 18 October 2005 ]
Rape is fun especially when you have to make your own amusement but deliberately injuring the woman and permanently is malice. The left wanted blacks to run the place. They got their way. Do they care? No! They are trying to do the same to us by destroying our culture. See
Culture Wars


Racist Incites Mass Murder And Total Extermination  [ 17 October 2005 ]
Racism ride rampant on C-SPAN. Speaker is  Kamau Kambon. Inciting murder is crime. But he is black so that is all right and the media keep quiet about it - all apart from Hal Turner that is. See Get the .mp3 from C-SPAN Conference


Nazi 'Dr. Death' located in Spain [ 16 October 2005 ]
Jewish war criminal located in Israel. Sharon is the name. He is the prime minister. Ask him about the Shatila job. He carried out the  Qibya Massacre too. Ben Gurion told him not to bother about what people thought as long as Jews got away with it.


Racist Israel abandons refugees from 'village of traitors' [ 16 October 2005 ]
Sharon pulled Jewish settlers out of a small part of the Stolen Land. They got first class treatment and compensation. Jews are racists who look after their own. The Bedouin had to go to court to get anything at all. Actually they have been put in a place that sounds about as nice as Auschwitz.


Anti-Zionist show trials [ 16 October 2005 ]
Left wing subversives are putting two Jews on trial or espionage. That is the line. Given that the American government has been pandering to Jews for decades you can only wonder at the chutzpah of this one. The FBI have been watching these comedians for years and they have got them rock solid. They had to get it right or get sacked for being anti-Jew. That is the reality of Zionist control in the White House etc.

The Jerusalem Post censored this article then it came back. Sinister or just one of those things? See Justin on the point at


Racist Riots in Toledo, Ohio [ 16 October 2005 ]
Some white men went there to do a little demonstration. They left quietly when the police invited them to. Black  racists used it as an excuse to riot, just the same as they did in New Orleans, Watts and so on. Did your national newspaper cover this one? Let's not be naive. There is an agenda. For in depth coverage go to Hal Turner Show and The Toledo Blade
PS The ABC have pulled this report by 18 October.  Hal Turner has not. They have been running little things about blacks not being guilty. Look for the bias and find it. See what an insider says at Media Distorts the News


Brooklyn's 'Torah Club' Under Investigation [ 15 October 2005 ]
The New York Daily News says that  FBI agent Robert Katz has been assigned to investigate a Jewish club where most of Brooklyn's Supreme Court justices are members, who include  half of the appeal  judges and almost all of the state Supreme Court justices in Brooklyn. Ed Reich is still under investigation since he was nicked for taking bungs in 2003.

Victor Barron, a judge and a Jew pleaded guilty to bribery in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Barron was allowed to keep his annual pension of $97,000. He even stayed out of prison. The system looks after its own. But Reich  was grassed by another Jew. He got bail of $500,000


Racist Killer 'Nazi' gets Life  [ 16 October 2005 ]
He murdered a helpless, young black woman. He stabbed her 67 times so he obviously meant it or she was obstinate. Then he took her to his altar dedicated to Adolf. He was studying to become a police man at the time But we must extend him every sympathy because he was a black racist. English racists are awful of course. See also Care in the community 'kills 40 a year'  A search for this little piece got a grand total of 125 hits. Stephen Lawrence gave 396,000 but then he was killed by Englishmen. Media bias or what?


Racists Desecrate Synagogue in London   [ 16 October 2005 ]
Isn't it awful? There are so many racist hooligans out there. This lot are Jews. Whoops. Hold off writing the headlines. We are going to keep quiet about this one. Abusing Englishmen for racism is policy but Jews are wonderful caring human beings; victims of Adolf to boot.


14 October 2005 On this day in 1953 Sharon carried out the Qibya Massacre. It may have been his first. It was not his last. Ben Gurion told him not to worry about what foreigners thought, just do it. Much what Adolf might have said. Gurion lied to the public about it. Benny Morris sees no particular reason to believe Sharon's claims.



New Orleans Cops Suspected of Stealing Up to 200 Cars
Problems for some. Opportunities for others. Police know how to get away with it. They join to find out - in Orleans especially. We don't THINK that they were thieving. We KNOW and we have the pictures to prove it. See New Orleans. To be fair it wasn't only filth and it might not have been only blacks.


8 October 2005

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