Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault [ 1926 - 1984 ] was a Frenchman, academic  and  political subversive. He was also a communist but didn't take to Stalin's enthusiasm for mass murder. He went the other way regarding communism among other things. His claims about whatever were not really based on common sense. He was however  Homosexual who used LSD and was  heavily involved in sadism & masochism in San Francisco. AIDS was what finished him off. Stupidity was fatal.

His output was very effective at convincing quasi-intellectuals that he had something worth saying. It seems that Frenchmen who go down this road have to be first class wafflers to get any where.

One of his wheezes was objecting to "social constructs" which means inter alia denying that man and woman are valid classifications. Ditto for criminal and political activist. I could go along with that one. Anyone swallowing this kind of tosh is an arrogant fool who is not bright enough to know when he has been taken for a ride. There seem to be a lot of them in important positions.

He was influenced by Louis Althusser which does nothing for his credibility. His entry in the Wikipedia is much more sympathetic but gets round his stupidity by talking round it. See Michel Foucault. He has been criticized by Charles Taylor, Jrgen Habermas, Jacques DerridaNancy Fraser and Slavoj iek.


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