New Orleans Special

The media reported Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath but they only showed you the bits that they wanted you to see. I have tried to use the same sources to show the pattern of behaviour in Orleans and area. It was ugly. It was evil and the media do not want you to know. A link to more pictures is further down or try New Orleans Looting.

Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina
A decent summary from American Renaissance about what happened and why. The media are suppressing the real story Amren is not.


The dark side of black people
A Jamaican writes about what his own did in Orleans.


The Excuse of Poverty
Poverty is an excuse for rape and anyway rape is fun. How would that go down in court? Don't try it unless you are black. Even then it is fraudulent but if your judge is a fool it might keep you out of prison. Fred explains all. BTW, this nearly went into the page on morals.


Houston to Feds - Pay Up for Katrina Crime
Blacks leave New Orleans. Crime leaves New Orleans. They both go to Houston. Houston is not amused.


Katrina fund scam uncovered
WASHINGTON: Nearly 50 people have been indicted in connection with a scam that milked hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Red Cross program that gave cash to Hurricane Katrina victims, US federal authorities say.


Katrina Looms Overhead
Katrina, if that is what the photos show was rather impressive. Umbrella and wellies were never going to do what it took. But these pictures are not of her.


Katrina - Problem or Business Opportunity?
For some of us it is pure opportunity? The report does not bother to tell us whether he is robbing his brothers or a white man but guessing is easy. It was four truck loads and that is a fair amount of aid.


New Orleans Looting
A problem for some, an opportunity for others. Even the police joined. Of course ethey were black too. You doubt?

Seeing is believing, isn't it?


Louisiana: Another Black First
Corey Pittman was the first Black man to be named Chief of Police of the small Louisiana community of Lutcher, a placement that reflects the politically correct ideal that has been transforming the South since the 1960s.

As a real pioneer, Chief Pittman also achieved another first, being the only Luther Police Chief to ever face 120 years in federal prison for the distribution of cocaine. Pittman pleaded guilty to three counts and faces sentencing in the Spring of 2006. However, he still refuses to resign his office, so that Lutcher must continue to pay him, despite his felony conviction, and is unable to legally appoint a replacement.


Moral poverty cost blacks in New Orleans - A Black Man Explains [ 28 February 2007 ]
When 75 percent of New Orleans residents had left the city, it was primarily immoral, welfare-pampered blacks that stayed behind and waited for the government to bail them out. This, as we know, did not turn out good results. Enter Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. Jackson and Farrakhan laid blame on "racist" President Bush....The two demanded massive governmental spending to rebuild New Orleans, above and beyond the federal government's proposed $60 billion. Not only that, these two were positioning themselves as the gatekeepers to supervise the dispersion of funds. Perfect: Two of the most dishonest elite blacks in America, "overseeing" billions of dollars. I wonder where that money will end up.
Jesse Jackson got his secretary up the duff a while ago which shut him up for a while.


Murder and mayhem in Superdome
“They hated us.” is the headline that David Duke put on his excerpt and it is a fair one. The Age is a left wing comic in Australia so it has refined sensibilities but some of the facts are there. It was racial; black hates white.


New Orleans Descends into Savagery
Stealing food and water is crime but understandable. Stealing the rest is crime without any excuse. Ditto for murder and rape especially if it is racially motivated but the media will skate over these details.


New Orleans and Urban Warfare
The police deserted or even joined the enemy. The second line is the army. After that it is the General Militia of the United States of America and that means every man with a gun - if he is on the right side.


New Orleans gets more troops, mass evacuations
"George Bush doesn't care about black people," black rapper Kanye West alleged during an NBC benefit concert on Friday night for Hurricane Katrina victims.
That doesn't prove that blacks were murdering white men, raping white women and looting but it tells us a bit about attitudes


New Orleans in Words
Look at what The Nation has to say and how they say it. Read it and play Spot the Agenda. Blacks are victims and white men are their oppressors. That is the theme. Then you could have a look at Media Distorts the News and see what an insider has to say about agendas.


New Orleans Looting
Stealing food and drink is illegal but understandable in the circumstances. Stealing valuables is illegal too and less excusable. When the police [ black only in the photos ] join in the looting you know that it has gone to pieces.


New Orleans' Perverted Rulers
Jews infiltrated Orleans very early on and were big in trading. They have money. They have influence. They have no scruple and they are standing together to clear blacks and rebuild the place as they want it.


Now it's rape!
Rape them, then if they squawk too much, kill them. It is all too easy. The evidence is not the kind that would pass muster in court. It often isn't but victims act like victims. It isn't pretty.


Plight of Katrina's forgotten victims
Things are tough all over. Carry on stealing chaps. It is your moral right. And blame the white man.


Police chief defends officers
Police in Orleans are wonderful caring human beings who ran out of ammo and did not stand by and watch white women being raped far less join in. The colour of aforesaid police men is unspecified and very largely black.


Race Baiting as New Orleans Sinks
Weather problem or black problem? Some one else tells us that it the blacks who are the problem but good when it comes  to blaming the white man.


Storm Survivors Told To 'Expose Themselves
That was from the police. They didn't so they were left to die. This Yahoo report gives The Liverpool Echo of 6 September as the source. It  was no longer there on 9 September - for me at all events although there were Katrina reports either side of it. Was this a cover up? Perhaps. One event of this sort is one of those things. When it happens repeatedly it looks like a pattern of suppression.


Whites Saving Blacks While Gangs of Blacks are Killing Whites!
Had it been the other way round the media would have screamed to the heavens worldwide but it wasn't so they censored it.


White Genocide in New Orleans!
To be fair, it is murder rather than genocide but the potential is there; the hate is there. The media are keen not to show it, especially American sources but the truth is out there. I am just trying to put some of it in one place; enough to show the pattern that emerged.


Words as Propaganda Tools
Media bias is alive and kicking. The main tool is suppression of the truth. The next is the diversion; waffle about a footballer or actress. Then there are the emotional words. Watch how they sneak under the radar and feed us their real  message and the truth comes down the line.


Shots Ring Out During New Orleans Parade [ 17 January 2006 ]
Blacks return to Orleans. Crime returns to Orleans. A comedian got three hits but no kills. Are you surprised?
Analyzes Katrina. Their emphasis is on government malice and incompetence rather than the criminals on the ground but they are not government mouth pieces. See also:-


'Racist' police blocked bridge and forced evacuees back at gunpoint
Media bias can be blatant. This is. A black mob tried to over run a white area and the police stopped them robbing, raping and looting. Notice the loaded words. The police admitted/said/claimed/boasted that.....
the terrified/vicious/desperate
advanced/charged/attacked/fled/sought refuge.
PS See the next one.


Policeman Admits Perverting The Course Of Justice After Police Murders [ 10 April 2010 ]
NEW ORLEANS — A former New Orleans police officer told federal authorities he saw a fellow officer shoot and kick unarmed, wounded civilians in a deadly incident on a bridge in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, marking the first time an officer has provided federal authorities with an eyewitness account of the events. The former officer, Michael Hunter, pleaded guilty Wednesday to helping cover up the shootings on the Danziger Bridge less than a week after the August 2005 storm.........

Former Lt. Michael Lohmann and Jeffrey Lehrmann, a former detective, have pleaded guilty to participating in the cover-up, which included a planted gun, phony witnesses and falsified reports.
This was deliberate, systematic perversion of justice but then that's how the police are. I am not buying to the idea that the blacks were not perfectly prepared lie, steal, rape and murder.


A Victim of Katrina and Nasty White Men?


Katrina fund scam uncovered
WASHINGTON: Nearly 50 people have been indicted in connection with a scam that milked hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Red Cross program that gave cash to Hurricane Katrina victims, US federal authorities say.


After Katrina come the Swindlers  [ 26 February 2006 ]
How surprising. But the Internet charity operations were not an all black effort like the looting and cannibalism in New Orleans. Amusingly one comedian who has been fingered is a white supremacist.





Katrina Looms Overhead
This is Hurricane Katrina on its way in or not as the case may be. Someone thinks that these are once in a lifetime shots from different events. Katrina was not the real problem. It was government idleness and incompetence in damage protection that allowed the levees to break. It was exacerbated by people [ read that as blacks and some Hispanics ] using it as an opportunity to rape, murder, loot, burn and destroy.









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