Nice Massacre

The Wikipedia tells us about the QUOTE 2016 Nice Attack UNQUOTE. I prefer to call it a Massacre because that is what it was, a very successful one carried out by an Islamic terrorist who killed 84 in Nice, France. He did it on Bastille Day, implying political awareness although it might have been because there were going to be lots of locals there to kill. It is the third major attack since 2014. There were the Charlie Hebdo Massacre [ 7 January 2015 ], which achieved 11 kills & the Paris Massacre [ 13 November 2015 ] with 137 dead. All three operations were carried out by Islamics. Terrorism in France is a growth industry; so is importing malicious Third World aliens.

There was plenty of Main Stream Media coverage but it was evasive. The story they were avoiding is that Islamic crazies are being imported into la belle France with malice aforethought using corrupt politicians who are controlled by the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies. They hate us, they are destroying Western Civilization.

Take the point that Jews control the media, which makes it easy to see why they are concealing the truth about what they are doing to us until it is too late. Then they will come out of the woodwork and sneer at us while thugs come pouring out of the Trojan Horses they have created. That is why some pictures get coverage & others don't e.g. The Most Heartbreaking Image From The Nice Truck Massacre

Arab Terrorist Murders 84 In France On Bastille Day [ 15 July 2016 ]
Third World terrorists are imported into France by Hollande and other Enemies Of The People with malice aforethought
Hollande Swears His Undying Loyalty To Israel
Hollande lets Third World scum into la belle France because Jews want Ethnic Fouling - in Western Civilization
Israel  swears its undying commitment to keeping Blacks out because they are grossly Racist
The Main Stream Media keep quiet about the Zionist crazies' agenda; they are also Enemies Of The People
It is time for people to realize that the political class is the real problem, that they are filling these Trojan Horses to make Guerrilla War easy.


The Most Heartbreaking Image From The Nice Truck Massacre

Killing children is fun, isn't it? It certainly is for Islamics full of hate for us.


Third World Terrorist Who Murdered 84 In France Is Not Islamic - Allegedly  [ 16 July 2016 ]
But is he was a vicious criminal imported by the Treason of Socialists, the Useful Idiots like  Hollande, the tools of the Puppet Masters.


Islam IS The Reason For The Nice Attack Says Pakistani  [ 16 July 2016 ]
That is stating the obvious. He doesn't say why vicious foreigners are being imported though. The Main Stream Media keep very quiet about that. So do the perpetrators, the Zionist crazies who hate us, who are destroying us by Ethnic Fouling In England, by Ethnic Fouling In France, by Ethnic Fouling throughout Western Civilization but not in Palestine, in the Stolen Land that thieves call Israel.


Nice Massacre Was Caused Multiculturalism & Political Correctness Says Polish Interior Minister  [ 16 July 2016 ]
Poland's right wing interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak has blamed last night's terror attack in Nice on 'multiculturalism' after it emerged the killer was a French Tunisian living in the city............

Unlike other international politicians, Blaszczak blamed France and the European Union's Foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini for last night's deadly attack....... 

He said: 'We must reject political correctness and call things by their true names. Rather than shedding tears like Mogherini and ... organising marches that solve nothing, authorities should ensure the safety of citizens.'

He also praised his party, Law and Justice, for standing firm against accepting migrants.
The 'Daily Mail' alleges that a 'Right Wing' politician claims that 'Multiculturalism' is evil but then the 'Mail' is a Propaganda machine, just like The Guardian, but corrupting honest minds.


Donald Trump Uses Nice Massacre As A Propaganda Tool - Alleges Daily Mail  [ 16 July 2016 ]
The 'Daily Mail' has claimed that 'Donald Trump' has alleged that a 'Third World' massacre is 'horrific'. The 'Mail' is a de facto 'Marxist operation', a 'Propaganda machine' marketing Left Wing memes to its chosen audience while pretending to sympathise with us. It is more corrupt than The Guardian, which does not pretend it is not Marxist.


Terrorism Policy Is Learn To Live With It [ 18 July 2016 ]
Liberal hypocrisy aside, events in Nice revealed more novel aspects about our current situation. Although it would have been no real comfort to hear the French authorities parrot familiar nonsense about ‘doing something’ and ‘tackling radicalism,’ I was left speechless by the immediate official response to the latest catastrophe associated with the invasion of France. Following the crushing of innocent French citizens on their own soil, Prime Minister Manuel Valls' statement that France is going to have to “learn to live with terrorism” was breath-taking in its coldness and its cynicism. More than that, it marked a break with decades of pretense that the liberal worldview is based on optimism, ‘progress,’ and the achievement of a wonderful and peaceful new society. In a France that has been in a consistent state of emergency for 19 months, the message, in that brief moment, was crystal clear: There is nothing ‘progressive’ about modern liberalism. Your society is regressing into violence and chaos. Your nation is slipping into the abyss. And you will have to learn to live with it.
The Left Wing establishment claimed that Multiculturalism was good for us. They lied deliberately, systematically with malice aforethought. Now the mask is coming off. The Trojan Horses are full enough to cause real problems. Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide is policy & Treason. The Puppet Masters use corrupt politicians as weapons against us but they don't let Third World parasites get away with it in Israel.


2016 Nice Attack ex Wiki
On the evening of 14 July 2016, 84 people were killed and 303 injured when a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.[6][7][8] The driver was Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian resident of France.[9][10] The attack ended following an exchange of gunfire during which police surrounded the truck and shot the driver, killing him.

Agence France-Presse described the incident as the third major Islamist terrorist attack in France since the beginning of 2015, following the Île-de-France attacks in January of that year and the Paris attacks in November 2015.[11] On 16 July, Amaq News Agency, associated with the slamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), said Lahouaiej-Bouhlel "executed the operation in response to calls to target citizens of coalition nations which fight the Islamic State".[12] SIL later included the claim on its daily al-Bayan radio news bulletin.[13][14] On 21 July, the French prosecutor said that Lahouaiej-Bouhlel planned the attack for months and had help from five accomplices.[15][16][17] The five suspects were held in custody on charges of terror offences.[18]

In response to the attack, the government announced three days of national mourning. It extended the state of emergency, declared following the Paris attacks, for another three months. Thousands of extra police and soldiers were deployed while the government called on citizens to join the reserve forces.