Tax is a system used by those in power to pay special interests. Frederic Bastiat, a very sound  Libertarian says, in effect that tax is theft. I think that some expenditure is justified. Most is not. When politicians have taxed us as much as they can their response is to extort by other means. Government Financiers use Quantitative Easing, an evasive term for printing money. It is called forgery, a crime when we do it. Then there is Privatization which qualifies as a humungous Boondoggle with a lot of sticky fingers in the pie. The whole is a giant parasite that pretends to be for our benefit while being expanded to pay an ever increasing number of free loaders, Capitalist Swine, bribing illegal immigrants to vote Labour et cetera. Another straightforward technique is Asset Stripping; they steal tax payers' property, selling it off cheap to their peculiar friends. The rewards, post-dated Bribes, pay offs come later. But this is about tax.

A lot of people do not know how much tax they pay. It is deducted before they ever see it and they accept it as a fact of life. Some sources claim that it is around 40% of our gross income. They are wrong; it is much higher. A video called The Big Swindle tells us that the take is 78% of our income. That is about right. It also tells us that the Bank of England is owned by Rothschild. In fact it was nationalized by Her Majesty's Government in 1946. See Bank of England Legislation on the point.

Given the reality that we are allowed to keep 22% of our income, reducing tax so that we kept 44% would double our standard of living while reducing tax from 78% to a less rapacious 56%. It is perfectly possible because huge amounts of tax payers' money get wasted. Honest government would be better government albeit various apparatchiks and parasites would not like it.

Today, in 2016 AD we have Green Tax inflicted on us. The Greenies love it; they love Social Contract because they think they know how to run our lives better than we do.

PS Negative Income Tax is an approach to helping the poor; it has its difficulties but Sean Gabb approves - see Libertarian Thoughts on State Welfare.

Frederic Bastiat
"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorises it, and a moral code that glorifies it.”
Thus quoth
Frédéric Bastiat


Tax Waste
The title tells all. The evidence is out there. The waste is humungous. That is before considering the fraud.


Milton Friedman Explains Tax
I am in favour of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it's possible. The reason I am is because I believe the big problem is not taxes, the big problem is spending. The question is, 'How do you hold down government spending?' Government spending now amounts to close to 40% of national income not counting indirect spending through regulation and the like. If you include that, you get up to roughly half. The real danger we face is that number will creep up and up and up. The only effective way I think to hold it down, is to hold down the amount of income the government has. The way to do that is to cut taxes.
Professor Friedman got a Nobel prize for economics but I respectfully disagree with him on his 40% figure. I settle for 80% in England. For the rest he is spot on.


Tax 2010
We can still blame this one on to Brown. Next time it will be down to Cameron and the other one.


Tax Analysed
More about the yoke that is round our necks.


Tax Brown And Slavery
Tax farming is one name for it. Extortion is another. When 80% of a man's income is taken he has some right to expect a result. Most of it is wasted or used to bribe Brown's greedy friends.


Tax And Marx
Just recently, I was discussing the tax system with my attorney who had just completed my mother's estate. When I informed him of the Marxist underpinnings of, not only the so-called "death tax," but also the graduated income tax, he was shocked. He had no idea that Karl Marx had written the major elements in the tax code with which he had been working his entire professional life. All one has to do is read the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in 1848. The fact that an educated, sophisticated man, such as my lawyer, had been totally unaware of this fact speaks volumes about the vast majority of Americans. As Yankee manager Casey Stengel used to say, "You could look it up!"
It is there in The Communist Manifesto. All you have to do is look.


Tax Farming
The Wikipedia takes the position that it was a Roman system where a rich man paid the tax and was allowed to extort it from a particular population. I see it as a cynical and honest name for the robbery carried out by the Inland Revenue in England and the IRS in America. It is said that William the Conqueror brought Jews over from Paris & Rouen to do his tax farming for him. This is consistent with the Wiki's claim and an effective way to screw the peasants.


Tax In America
An American view of American tax. It is incomplete.


Tax In England
Here are some numbers. Your tax loss is around 80% of your gross unless you have made some moves.


Tax Slavery
Tax Slaves Existing for Government
Alan Keyes, a candidate for the Republican 2000 presidential nomination, argues that the income tax is a slave tax and that Americans are slaves. He is correct.

A slave is a person who does not own his own labour. After tax, successful Americans retain no more of the income they produce than 19th century slaves -- and considerably less than medieval serfs. The maximum that could be extracted from a medieval serf was one-third -- an amount extracted today by the combination of the payroll tax and the bottom rung of the federal income tax. Add in state sales and income taxes, and it is apparent that Americans are not a proud, free people.

Our Founding Fathers knew that an income tax was a slave tax, and they forbade it. It required a constitutional amendment -- the 16th -- to make us slaves.......... An income tax is different from other taxes. An income tax gives government a claim to your labour, just as a slave owner had a claim to the slave's labour.

A slave who withheld his labour was likely to be punished. He would be put on short rations or whipped. If one of us today withholds from the IRS, the punishment is more severe -- several years in prison.
Doctor Roberts knows of what he writes. Things are worse in England, much worse. We get mulcted of 80% of our gross.


Tax Top Ten
There are happy countries where their wonderful governments don't bother to tax people. At all events they don't charge income tax. If you have that many million barrels of oil being pumped every day why bother?


Some of the numbers. They are HUGE.


Taxes, Brown And The Budget
Her Majesty's Treasury admits a certain amount of truth.


Wage Slaves and Tax Slaves
The average man loses 80% of his gross income to extortion. Cutting tax by 20% would double his pay. It sounds good to me.


Brown and the Budget
Brown is a sanctimonious rogue with unlimited greed. Unlimited means well over £600 billion a year and that is just what he admits to. He is getting it up by at least 6% a year which is well over the claimed rate of inflation. Of course the inflation is something he causes to make us poorer. Cranking up the printing presses to make more money has a huge profit margin for him. The cost of production is well under 1%.


John Birt
Soon after Birt became director general [ of the BBC ] , his future was risked by revelations that he was selling himself to the BBC as a consultant, with Schedule D tax arrangements and an expense account which included secretarial payments to his wife and a large sum for suits. He survived, and joined the staff, where his salary rose to more than compensate. The scandal became known as Armanigate, since Birt is vain about his clothes: an acquaintance recalls once seeing Jane Birt in a beautiful dress and asking 'Is that Japanese too?' (Acknowledging that her husband was obviously wearing a suit by Issey Miyake.) 'No,' John Birt replied, indicating his own outfit, 'this is Japanese.
Did engineering at university it seems. But sound on tax; only victims pay. The Jew, Grade hates him so he is not all bad. View of tax confirmed by John Birt, Baron Birt


Residence and Domicile
Residence is the big issue when tax men argue about who gets to rob the resident during his lifetime. Domicile is the same except that it applies to the end game, death duty.


The American Constitution and Federal Powers
The Constitution grants certain powers to the Federal government and no more. The Federal government has chosen to ignore the Constitution in order to cheat, lie steal and wage war in spite sworn obligation of every Federal official.


Death Duty - A Capitalist Swine Explains


Tax In Pictures - An Analysis
It comes in:-

It goes out:-
If you wonder why things get worse, read this.


Recent Disasters [ 4 February 2010 ]
They start bad and get worse. Put a price on each and you have to think billions every time. Can you guess which is the worst?


Save The Tax Havens – We Need Them [ 12 April 2009 ]
What is it about tax havens that makes the G20 leaders so keen to crack down on them? Outrage against all those Russian mafia bosses secretly laundering their prostitution and protection racket money through Luxembourg or disgust at Third World dictators being able to siphon millions of their people’s money into numbered Swiss bank accounts in case they need to make a quick exit one day?
The Adam Smith Institute puts a view. Brown extorts over £500 billion a year from us, forges [ Sorry - make that Quantitative Easing - Editor ] God knows how much then whines about people avoiding his robbery.


Head Taxman Is A Tax Evasion Expert [ 23 July 2012 ]
HMRC have announced the appointment of Edward Troup as the new Tax Assurance Commissioner (to take over from Dave Hartnett), and Ian Barlow as the Lead Non-Executive Director to succeed Mike Clasper.
Saw in Private Eye the other day new head Edward Troup quoted as saying in 1999 Taxation is legalized extortion and only valid to the extent of the law. Set a thief to catch a thief? Or set a thief to let his little friends get away with it? To be fair the man is right. Tax is extortion that politicians use to bribe special interests. The Mafia understands them.
Danny_Dravot said:

Is this the city that nearly bankrupt our country - that relied upon the taxes of the working man to be bailed out? Where drug-taking, indulgence, opulence, tax-evasion and uber-complicity in stinking financial malpractice are rife?

I'll stick to my working-class values of common decency if you don't mind....

The bit that failed was a very small part of the City revenue. The rest was still one of the major contributors to the UK economy.

I don't like to burst your bubble, but "ordinary working people" don't actually contribute much in the way of taxes. First of all, discount anyone employed in the public sector. They get their
Money from the state, so anything they give back is a nil sum item. They are a tax burden.

Discount anyone in the private sector on a relatively low (less than perhaps £30k) wage, because pretty much everything they pay in taxes will be absorbed by them in services provided by the state. They are tax neutral.

Only corporations and people in the private sector with higher incomes pay taxes in excess of the services provided by the state. They are tax contributors. The City is one of the largest of these, both corporately and on an individual level.

Anyway, back to discussing how an email about sandwiches and who writes the thank you letters will bring about the downfall if the British military.
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