Blacks and Crime

The BBC's masters and many of its deluded politically correct 'social studies' lobotomized staff are gloating over PW Botha's death.  Its clones in Australia and the US (SBS, ABS, PBS) are doing the same. They see it as an opportunity to regurgitate their version of the dismantling of Apartheid. See Crime and Blacks for an American perspective. Or wonder why 97% of shooting arrests are black or brown. Incredible? Untrue? See Blacks And Statistical Fraud. We are being lied to big time.

What is however the South African reality?

The murder rate is now 8-10 times higher under the current South African ANC regime than it was under the Apartheid regime.  Both Blacks and Whites are nearly 8 times more likely to be murdered.

Statistics on crime and HIV/AIDS  are routinely grossly under reported.

Torture murders of White farmers continues.

F.W. deKlerk's wife was murdered by a black burglar.

 The UCA Report on Murder in South Africa reveals that according to the official statistics, in the 44 years from 1950 to 1993, there was an  average of 7036 murders per year. This covered the turbulent strife of the  apartheid years of warfare, conflict, terrorism, riots and "repression". " (IE when Whites were accused of 'inciting' violence and just before handover the rate was far less than it is now!)

"However, in the first eight years (of peace) of the new democratic dispensation, under the ANC, an average of 24 206 murders were committed each year - officially!. However, if the Interpol statistics are accepted, then the murder rate in South Africa during the ANC years has averaged 47 882 per year."

So in ten years we have 30,000 Whites out of an estimated total of
240,000  (470,000 Interpol)

New Nation News
Feeds us truth, a non-stop stream of crime committed by blacks. It uses Main Stream Media sources so it must be telling the truth, mustn't it? Socialists hate it because it is honest.


Black Murderers, Black Rapists Imported By Her Majesty's Government
This is a tiny fraction of the criminals inflicted on us by Socialists, by Marxists, by the well meaning i.e. their Lenin's Useful Idiots and by Pathological Altruism.


Four Out Of Ten Criminals Are Blacks Or Ethnics [ 9 December 2012 ]
Proportion of youth offenders in custody from black and minority ethnic communities also rose slightly to 42 per cent

One in five males (21 per cent) in young offender institutions identified themselves as Muslim in 2011/12, compared with 13 per cent in 2009/10 and 16 per cent in 2010/11, the annual review of children and young people in custody showed......

A quarter (25 per cent) of young men said they had been victimised by another young person [ i.e. vicious black criminal - Editor ] at their establishment and 23 per cent said [ stated/alleged/claimed/asserted ] they had been victimised by a member of staff.

Children in custody are amongst those with the very greatest needs and their safety and welfare is our highest priority.'
These children are up to eighteen or nineteen years old. They are perfectly capable of rape, murder, arson, GBH, burglary, robbery etcetera. That is why they are in prison. They are perpetrators not victims. Their welfare is not my highest priority. Protecting honest folk from them takes precedence. YJB chairhuman Frances Done is, at best a well meaning fool. One good answer to blacks and others is deportation. Hanging would be cheaper, quicker and more effective even if they are English.


Blacks Imported Into Holland Are Stupid And Vicious
Until the 1970s there was no significant Negro presence in Holland. In the 1970s the first wave came from Surinam, in the 1980s the second wave from the Antilles and in the 1990s the third wave from Somalia. Since elites in the media and academic world never tire of saying that mass immigration is beneficial to the receiving country, it is good to put this thesis to the test using publicly available government sources and applying it to Negro migration. As the government uses regions of origin instead of ethnicity, we leave Surinamese out, because this group is composed of Whites, Blacks and Hindus. It is more interesting to use Antilleans and Somalis, because they are ethnically pure groups and they are both Negroid. These groups are particularly interesting because the Antilleans are descendants of African slaves under the White colonial regime. It will come as no surprise that it is common in the media and among intellectuals to claim that the reason for the backwardness of the Antilleans is that they were enslaved by Whites.  On the other hand, this argument fails to apply to the Somalis because they were not brought as slaves from Africa.........

The main problems are broken families, school dropout, unemployment, and criminality. Half of the Antilleans grow up with one parent (usually the mother) according to the Yearly Report on Integration of 2009 (p. 14). The school drop-out rate among Antilleans is almost half (p. 9). The crime rate is 6 times higher among Antilleans than among the native Dutch (page 10). One of the consequences is that in 2008 there were 14 times more Antilleans in jail than native Dutch if the figures are corrected to reflect their ratio of the population. The overrepresentation of the Antilleans in jail compared to their crime rate is mainly the result of the brutal violence that is a hallmark of Antillean criminals.

Somalis don’t fare any better than their Black brethren from the Caribbean......... The heavy reliance of broken families on social welfare is illustrated by the fact that 46% of Somali women rely on welfare. Somalis are also not entrepreneurs, unlike the overseas Chinese, 13.4% of whom are entrepreneurs. The Somali rate of entrepreneurship (0.8%) is 9 times lower than that of native Dutch. According to the 2011 report Somalis in Holland, more than half of the Somalis (58%) have no education beyond primary level, which in effect means no education at all (p. 25).........

The daily newspaper Sp!ts of 14 January 2011 reported an investigation of the Dutch psychiatrist David Vinkers, a member of the Dutch Institute for Forensic Psychiatry, who investigated no less than 249 cases of Antillean criminality and requested an IQ test for all criminals. The outcome was that more than half had an IQ of less than 85, indicating that their average IQ is below that of American Blacks and implying that a substantial percentage are in the retarded range for Whites (i.e., IQ < 70).........

The irony is that although Somalis were not enslaved in contemporary history, they have a lower average IQ than the enslaved Antilleans—thereby demolishing the slavery-causes-low-IQ argument........... They are neither willing nor able to make a contribution for the common welfare of Western countries. This should be a warning for advocates of Sub-Saharan (and Caribbean) immigration in America and Europe.
The advocates of immigration do not need warning. Destruction is their objective.


Rape of a nation
QUOTE The violent culture in South Africa has bred another abomination - babies are being raped, infected with HIV/AIDS and then dumped in trash cans and garbage dumps. These latest victims cannot say ‘no’ - they are too young to speak or walk. Police statistics state that 58 babies are raped daily; this number could effectively be doubled as Interpol warns that upward of 50% of serious crime goes unreported.
It gets worse as you read on. South Africa is dangerous.


Getting Away with Murder
A shocking new report by United Christian Action presents evidence that South Africa’s murder statistics are even worse than official statistics have so far admitted. For every 1000 crimes committed in South Africa, only 430 criminals are arrested. Of these, only 77 are convicted and barely 8 of these are sentenced to two or more years of imprisonment.

With the massive increase in organized crime, and violent crime in South Africa, it is all the more incomprehensible that the government should be turning their attention towards disarming the potential victims through more rigid firearms control laws, rather than re-instating the death penalty as a deterrent for violent crime.
The disarming is easy to understand. Criminals vote ANC. Victims do not.


Mother Africa Theory Looks Dodgy
Chicago - A new analysis of the dental fossils of human ancestors suggests that Asian populations played a larger role than Africans in colonizing Europe millions of years ago. The findings challenge the prevailing "Out of Africa" theory, which holds that anatomically modern man first arose from one point in Africa and fanned out to conquer the globe, and bolsters the notion that Homo sapiens evolved from different populations in different parts of the globe......
Why aren't Africans the brightest? It could be to do with lying under banana trees waiting for the fruit to drop.


Crime Rate Of Negros
This is the last know honest article in the main stream media on the subject. It was published in 1958.

The crime and murder rate shows no signs of abating, the government is showing signs of following the abysmally murderous Zimbabwe policy on White farms and the Governments continues to help spread HIV/AIDS by not telling culturally promiscuous polygamous Blacks that fornication is spreading AIDS. (Tuvo Mbeke the author of the idiotic idea the HIV aids is caused by poor nutrition is lionized by the lunar 'anti-racist' ethnic

In the UK African origin people have 8-10 times the crime rate of

Here are some figures:

Table A Representation of ethnic groups at different stages of the criminal justice process

Ethnicity %              White   Black   Asian   Other   Not known    Total  aged 10+
                                 94.5   1.8          2.7       1.1              0.0    100.0
Stops and searches(1) 85.2    8.2         4.4       0.9              1.3     100.0
Arrests(2)                  87.0    7.3         4.0       0.8               0.9    100.0
Cautions(2)                87.2   5.7          4.1       1.0               2.0    100.0
Prison receptions        86.0   8.5          2.5       2.9              0.0     100.0
Prison population        81.2 12.3          3.0    3.4                 0.1     100.0
(1) Stops and searches recorded by the police under section Police and Criminal Evidence Act and other legislation.
(2) Notifiable offences.
These Home Office numbers tell us that blacks are in prison 683% pro rata


What about HIV and AIDS?
In the US The prevalence of AIDS among African Americans is nine times
higher than that of whites, and the prevalence of AIDS in Latino
populations is four times higher than that of whites."

Actually its more like 13 times.

US Black males have 15 time the white HIV/AIDS rate.
-  In The USA a black male has 16 times the HIV rate as a white
male.  (A US government study is referenced here)

 Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the UK Afro-Caribbean
 - community 20 times higher. Thursday, 24 July, 2003

In the USA blacks, after 40 years of affirmative action, have 8-12 times the crime rate of Whites.  This is particularly so with murder. You  can't hide a body easily so the stats aren't fudged.  In case you are wondering what the origins are then it is the US Dept of Justice.  More accurate and politically correct figures can't be found apart from the FBI's victims of crime survey which interviews victims and perfectly confirms the Dept of Justice's figures.

Here are some figures:

If you want the up to date figures from the DoJ here they are: US Department of Justice Note the deliberate trick that defines "Hispanics" as White. Most Hispanics are Mexican in origin and are 82% Mestizo Indian.  The three categories are "white, black and other"

By incorporating Hispanics, who have a crime rate of 3-4 times the White rate into the White category the White crime rate is almost doubled and the black crime rate looks only 4 times instead of 8 times the white rate.


Three Black Thugs Convicted Of GBH, Evening Standard Tells The Truth, The Rest Like Hiding It [ 26 March 2012 ]
Shocking footage of the shooting was released by police hours after three gang members were found guilty. The bullet which hit her was intended for a suspected drug dealer. Nathaniel Grant, the evil thug who pulled the trigger, had been cleared of an identical shooting three years earlier, it can be revealed for the first time today. Thusha's heart stopped twice before she was brought back to life by doctors but she remains paralysed for life.

The gunmen also shot a shopper in the face and he too had a remarkable escape and has recovered despite the bullet still being lodged in his neck. Grant, 21 - a member of the GAS or OC gang in Brixton, had opened fire into the shop in Stockwell in March last year. Two years ago he was cleared on the judge's direction of the murder of Ryan Bravo who was also hit by indiscriminate drive-by shooting into a Costcutter shop in Walworth........ The intended victim of that shooting in August 2008 was a member of the Peckham Young Guns who had run into the shop.... Grant, of Camberwell, Kazeem Kolawole, 19 of Kennington, and Anthony McCalla, 19 of Streatham, were all found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Thusha and to Mr Selvakumar, and the attempted murder of Mr Bryan.......

GAS gang members also stabbed to death Zac Olumegbon, 15, outside school gates in West Norwood in July 2010. Another member Ashley Bucknor was jailed for a minimum of 32 years for the Ryan Bravo shooting which he carried out shortly after being released from prison for stabbing a 40-year-old man.
Jamaica knows how to deal with the likes of these swine. Hanging stops repeat offences. It works every time. They were imported by Her Majesty's Government, traitors all apart from a few fools. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition is 100% treasonous.


Kazeem Kolawole Nathaniel Grant - hit man Anthony McCalla



Nathaniel Grant - hit man


Anthony McCalla


Black Made Judge By Anti-English Racists, Black Arrested For Lying To Police [27 February 2013 ]
A judge has been arrested over claims that she lied about her involvement in leaking information on Chris Huhne to the Press, it was revealed yesterday. Constance Briscoe, 55, was questioned over allegations that she lied to police during the investigation into whether former Cabinet minister Huhne asked his then wife Vicky Pryce to take his speeding points.

Miss Briscoe, a neighbour and friend of Pryce, told police she had not been in contact with newspapers about the story. But emails revealed the barrister and part-time crown court judge was in contact with a freelance journalist, Andrew Alderson, who was working for the Mail on Sunday........

Andrew Edis QC, prosecuting, said Pryce and Miss Briscoe ‘cooked up a plan’ to leak the speeding points story to the Press in 2010 in  revenge after Huhne left Pryce for his PR adviser Carina Trimingham........

Miss Briscoe was a neighbour of the couple in Clapham, south-west London, and became a close friend of Pryce after the acrimonious break-up, as she had also been abandoned by her partner. She acted as Pryce’s intermediary with the Mail on Sunday and arranged a meeting between Pryce and a news editor in her legal chambers.
Pryce wanted vengeance. Briscoe presumably told Pryce how to lie and how to get away with it. This sounds a whole lot like a Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Of course if the papers say this Briscoe will use it as an excuse; claiming that any jury would be prejudiced. If they keep quiet the perpetrators get away with it. The Director of Public Prosecutions has the option of  prosecuting or not so he can   pervert the course of justice when he fancies. Recall that they put poor little Emma West in a lunatic asylum with a trial or anything resembling justice while a  Policewoman Killed Then Walked Away Laughing Up Her Sleeve. If the DPP does not bother prosecuting a blatant case of Death by Dangerous Driving it is one law for the funny hand shake mob, his peculiar friends, whatever and honest folk.

She was never going to make it in beauty competitions.


American Government Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Into America [ 22 December 2013 ]
Customs & the Department of Homeland Security are actively importing children illegally at taxpayers' expense. It is crime. So is the refusal to prosecute known illegals living there. They have the implicit approval of Obama's administration. Haven't they got enough criminals already? Yes, but blacks vote Obama.


Eyewitness to America Betraying Mandela’s South Africa: The Gore – Mbeki Commission [ 22 December 2013 ]
The headline is verbatim. The complaint is standard Marxism, using the attack techniques worked out by Antonio Gramsci. The complainant, one Marsha Coleman-Adebayo has not worked out that the Jews such as Joe Slovo running the South African Communist Party used Nelson Mandela to put blacks into the government while Jews like the Oppenheimer family kept control of De Beers, gold, diamonds, things that matter.


Four Blacks Captured After Mall Murder [ 22 December 2013 ]

See the faces, know the guilt. Did the police act because it was a Jew they murdered? Quite possibly. It turns out that these comedians are career criminals. One was just days out of prison before this operation.


Blacks In Prison For Rape, Assault, Kidnapping Et Cetera [ 22 December 2013 ]

Look at the faces; know the guilt.

Horry County Most Wanted [ 22 December 2013 ]

Would you want to meet him on a dark night? Not without a pistol. This Most Wanted isn't an all black line up, not quite.


Third World Thug Tried To Burn Girlfriend To Death [ 22 December 2013 ]

Notice how our wonderful Main Stream Media often use smaller pictures when they report black crime; that is assuming they do not conceal the truth totally. Business as usual. Propaganda as usual. Corruption as usual.


Black Murdered Man  [ 24 February 2014 ]

See the face, see the hate.


Black Murderer Gets Soft Sentence From Soft Judge  [ 25 February 2014  ]

Killer                                               Victim
This thug should hang. So should the Traitors who imported him and his.


Black Drug Dealers With Guns Linked To Triple Murder

One has been deported four times already.


Black Thief Took Fools For £300 Thousand


Black Paedophile Molested 8 Year Old Girl [ 10 March 2014 ]

He's done it before.

Black Paedophile Charged With Molesting 9 Year Old [ 10 March 2014 ]

See the face, know the crime.


Black Paedophile Charged With Raping 11 Year Met On Facebook [ 10 March 2014 ]

He has done it all before.


Black Paedophile Raped 11 Year Old, Impregnated Her & Murdered Her Baby [ 10 March 2014 ]

Black Paedophile Gets 60 Years For Molesting 12 Year Old

Black Triple Rapist Captured In Tulsa [ 10 March 2014 ]

Black Rapist Is A Policeman  [ 10 March 2014 ]

How did he get to be a policeman? Well it was in Detroit.


Mother Of Baby Killer Gets Ten Years [ 12 March 2014 ]

Murderer                                         Perjurer                                     Sister
The woman [ that's the one in the middle ] looks worse than the son.

Black Man Murdered White Slut [ 12 March 2014 ]
The whore told him that she had AIDS, a mistake she will not make again.


Three Blacks Arrested After Murdering A 'Friend' [ 23 March 2014 ]


Black Murdered Wife & Kidnapped Child [ 23 March 2014 ]

Another Islamic twerp. They were imported into America by Jews.


Black Get Life Without Parole For Murdering A White Man [ 9 April 2014 ]

Actually he got life without twice for two kills.


Black Thief Steals £2.5 Million Then Scarpers  [ 13 April 2014 ]

The Mail says he is a criminal mastermind but not whether he is a Cannibal.


Black On Trial For Murder Laughed His Way Into Court [ 13 April 2014 ]


Black Raped 93 Year Old Woman [ 13 April 2014 ]
He pleaded guilty minutes before trial so that he gets 50 years maximum.

Stupid? Vicious. Worthless. A prime case for the gallows, cheaper quicker, effective. Flogging would be useful. It discourages others.


Black Judge Convicted Of Perverting The Course Of Justice In A Retrial [ 2 May 2014  ]
The Guardian
is going easy on Briscoe because she is black, because her face fits, because it is
Racist; it is anti-English Racism but Racism none the less. Recall that Chris Huhne got very soft treatment because he is in crowd. Ditto for his old woman, another Third World interloper. Compare this with the treatment handed out to the patriotic Englishmen alleged to have killed Stephen Lawrence. Blair changed the law so that he could bring a Malicious Prosecution against them. She one of the first black judges in England and the first to be convicted of major crime. It is rather like Uddin; the first Pakistani woman in the Lords & the first to be caught thieving. Uddin was allowed to get away with it because she is a Pakistani.


Apologist For Black Crime Murdered By Blacks  [ 4 December 2014 ]
This mantra of the Critical Race Theory and the Southern Poverty Law Center applied to all white people because, even if they were not personally cracking the whips, or breaking the skulls, white people benefitted from a racist system that did all that — and a lot more.
White race traitor believes his own rhetoric. Race traitor comes unstuck. Hoist by his own petard. All broke up? Me neither. Was the Main Stream Media all over this one? Not a chance. It was written up by Colin Flaherty,  is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.
PS The Southern Poverty Law Center is run seriously unpleasant Jews on the make.


Black Babysitter Throws Child On Floor [ 4 December 2014 ]
Black then beats it & stamps on it. Use a black baby sitter? Not me, not ever. The only saving grace of the matter is that the victim is black too. All over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance.


Blacks Thrive On Mortgage Meltdown In America  [ 31 January 2015 ]
They moved from Ghana to America, took out mortgages on two houses, haven't paid a thing for six years so now they are victims owing $1 million. The taxpayers will take the hit. Who cares?


Black Tries To Murder Unarmed White Man - No Riots - No Media Outrage [ 4 December 2014 ]
Black shoots American in the back. The police have charged the black with a hate crime. That is why the media are looking the other way.
PS The colour issue has been independently confirmed by The White Voice.


Black Attacks In Minnesota Covered Up By Main Stream Media [ 2 February 2015 ]
For months the media in St. Paul, Minnesota has pretty much ignored the roving gangs of blacks randomly attacking white people in the downtown area of the city, but this month they are finally reporting the story. All of these random attacks have been by black youths against white people..... Notice that the first person that ABC 5 interviews is a black guy saying that he is worried about being downtown and getting attacked. But it isn’t young black men getting attacked it is young black men doing the attacking.

Even in reporting the story months late the media lies about it.
The Main Stream Media are propaganda machines run by liars with an agenda. Inciting Black Hate is part of it. So is pushing Western Guilt.


Black Arrested For Murdering White Mother  [ 2 February 2015 ]
An arrest has been made in a Callahan County murder case, when a woman was shot at a home with children inside.  Three others have warrants out for their arrests in connection to the incident. 20-year-old Shaliko McGee was arrested on Wednesday in connection to the murder.
Another black, another crime.
imports them by the million.


Blacks Criminals Involved In St Louis Murder [ 2 February 2015 ]
Small time criminals graduate to big time then come unstuck.


Black Thug Attacks White Lad  [ 2 February 2015 ]


Black Charged With Rape [ 2 February 2015 ]

Would you trust him an inch?


Blacks Charged With Rape And Robbery  [ 2 February 2015 ]


Black Robber Gets Three Life Sentences [ 2 February 2015 ]


Black Robs 93 Year Old Man, Taking £5  [ 16 February 2015 ]
The black is still out there. Her Majesty's Government doesn't care. They imported him and his to use as enemies of England. Another case where the Armed Citizen could have paid off.


Three Blacks Jailed For Kidnapping Pakistanis [ 24 July 2015 ]
Three Sheffield men have been jailed for a total of 24 years for their part in a £100,000 blackmail plot.
Gamal Foster, aged 30 of Ironside Road, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, was jailed for 12 years after being convicted of false imprisonment, blackmail, possession of a firearm when prohibited and possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin.

Ahmed Ismail, 22, of Exeter Drive, Broomhall, and Mubarrack Hassan, 24, of Glossop Road, Broomhill, were both jailed for six years for blackmail and false imprisonment.


Black Murdered Two White Journalists On Live Television [ 27 August 2015 ]
Two television news employees who were shot to death on air during a live broadcast Wednesday are being remembered by their colleagues as "special people" who could "brighten up a room."

Jeffrey A. Marks, general manager of CBS Roanoke affiliate WDBJ-TV, identified the two killed as Alison Parker, 24, an on-air reporter for the station, and Adam Ward, 27, one of the station's cameramen.
Black murders White People. Black blames White People. The Main Stream Media incite Black Hate. Now it bites back. But ask Who Controls Television? Then look at the evidence - it's Jews.

Victims                                                                         Black full of hate


Black Racist Murder Was Very Sensitive [ 28 August 2015 ]
The inoffensive everyday phrases used by reporter Alison Parker that earned her a death sentence because Flanagan deemed them 'racist'
Parker used phrases like 'swinging' and 'field' while she interned at WDBJ Colleagues said they were commonplace, but Flanagan thought otherwise  Staff said his assumptions were 'crazy' and he was a 'nightmare' coworker When someone brought a watermelon to work, he thought that was racist  He believed the fruit was placed in a 'strategic location' to harass him
Flanagan was what is politely called a diversity hire. In other words he was given a job because he was black. If he had been upset about Racism and somewhat intelligent he would have known what the Nation of Islam tells us; that the Slave trade was run by Jews, just like those who run television stations. You doubt? See The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews to be enlightened, or try Blacks And Jews then go to Who Controls Television?
PS Bryce Williams Has A History of Racial Allegations & Sued TV For Calling Him A Monkey
PPS He made a mess of shooting himself; another indicator of incompetence.


Armed Blacks Fight On Civil Airliner [ 28 August 2015 ]
Razors and tear gas are illegal but security in Jamaica is nonchalant/sloppy/idle/incompetent/whatever. The Telegraph does not show us pictures of the perpetrators because it is a Racist rag; instead it shows a photo of a white woman with tear gas(?) instead.  The Telegraph is a Propaganda machine just like The Guardian but with a different audience. The Free Republic is also different; because it tells the truth.


Black Racist Murderer Was A Homosexual Sacked For Very Good Cause  [ 29 August 2015 ]
Did the Main Stream Media tell you the truth? Thought not. Did they even tell us that he was black? Yes, just barely. That is why he will disappear down the Memory Hole.


Black Thug Wants Out Of Prison After Six Years [ 29 August 2015 ]
The thug who disfigured Katie Piper in an acid attack has applied for parole. Stefan Sylvestre, 27, aims to convince officials he poses no risk to the public after six years in jail. Katie, 31, spoke last year of her horror at the prospect of him being released.

And a justice campaigner said tonight: “Six years is too lenient.”

Katie was given a life sentence when she suffered horrific scars in an acid attack, but the monster who did it could be back on the streets in weeks after just six years behind bars. Sylvestre’s legal team are believed to have applied for a parole hearing and aim to convince the board he is no longer a danger to the public.
See if you can guess who is paying his 'legal team'. Hint: You see him in the mirror when you shave.

Perpetrator                                                                                                         Victim after 40 operations


Blacks Tried To murder Their Parents [ 8 September 2015 ]

See the faces, know the guilt.


Teenager Jailed For Life For London Stabbing Of 15-Year-Old Cyclist [ 20 September 2015 ]
Alleges Racist Propaganda Machine
The Guardian's
headline is verbatim. The Guardian is run by Racists in the business of perverting the truth. The perpetrator was a black imported by Her Majesty's Government, by way of Ethnic Fouling.

The murderer is a thief as well.
PS Two more blacks were involved. They will be sentenced later.


80 Year Old pensioner Beaten By Thieves & Left For Dead In South Yorkshire [ 12 October 2015 ]
They stole £30K, his life savings as well. it wasn't just robbery; it was sadism. Were they Pakistanis? The South Yorkshire Police aren't saying but they are the lot who let 1,400 English girls be Raped by Pakistani Perverts. That was in Rotherham alone.
PS He served with the Northumberland Fusiliers, defending England while Her Majesty's Government betrayed it to Third World criminals.


Black Shoots Policeman & Fails To Kill [ 17 October 2015 ]
The Main Stream Media are keen on hiding Tyrone's mugshot but then he is black and they are hiding the truth.


English Lawyer Hacked To Death By Blacks In Tobago  [ 22 October 2015 ]
They murdered his wife too. It is a pity that they did not a kill a couple of bishops instead.


Four Witches Stripped Naked And Tortured In Papua New Guinea  [ 23 October 2015 ]
Women accused of witchcraft are filmed being stripped, tied up and burned by mob before one of them dies as they deny 'invisibly taking out a man's heart' in Papua New Guinea Video shows at least four women being threatened by gang with machetes The women were accused of sorcery after a young man fell ill in the village Gang claims they 'invisibly' took out man's heart and then put it back later............

The footage was reportedly taken in a village in Papua New Guinea, a country where violence and murders linked to sorcery are rife.
The fact that they put his heart back shows that torturing them worked. Of course if they decide to be refugees Cameron will bribe them using our money & allow them to act like savages.


Black Fires On Police In London - Black Misses Every Time [ 29 October 2015 ]
Three police officers escaped injury when a submachine gun was fired as they carried out inquiries. At least 14 shots were discharged from the semi-automatic weapon, damaging an unmarked police vehicle......... in Willesden, north-west London.......

Scotland Yard described a suspect as a black male in his late teens or early 20s, of slim build and wearing dark clothing.
Another black, another criminal. Was it joie de vivre, drunken shooting, an accidental discharge or just plain bad shooting? Pass. Why do Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Obama et al import them? Because they cause trouble, because Ethnic Fouling is policy. Ditto for the resultant Genocide in England & the rest off Western Civilization. It is Treason but The Establishment runs the law so they are above the law. Equality Before The Law only applies when they want it to. That is why 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham was not prosecuted.


Black Paedophile Attacked 11 Year Old Girl on A London Bus [ 30 October 2015 ]
The Metropolitan Police have released an image of the suspect, who is described as black, with short dark hair.
Another black, another criminal.


Three Third World Terrorists Captured  [ 2 June 2016  ]
Labour politician does not say they are a problem because they are Islamic criminals & she is Racist


Third World Paedophile Pervert Gets Off With Fifteen Months [ 2 June 2016  ]
He did it to an eleven year old girl. A Labour politician does not say he is a problem because he is Third World criminal & she is Racist.


[ 2 June 2016  ]
Labour politician does not say he is a problem because he is black & she is Racist


Black Murdered By Another At A Party In Surrey [ 26 July 2016 ]
A terrified eyewitness has spoken of the horrifying moment a man was shot dead at a Surrey 'sex party' organised by a Jamaican dancehall star and his girlfriend. 

Two suspects have been arrested following the murder of a 34-year-old shot in the chest after violence erupted at the raucous party, attended by some 450 people.

Surrey Police say a man has been held on suspicion of murder and another on suspicion of assisting an offender but detectives have not found the handgun used at the £1million bungalow in Headley, Surrey.  

The party was organised by reggae dancehall artist Braintear Spookie and his girlfriend Summerlyn Farquharson, who goes by the monikers Krissy Braintear and 'The Female Boss' on social media. She is understood to be his manager..........

'Some people think it was people from Brixton who did it. It was all very heated. He [the victim] was not 'innocent', he was well known to police and he's got a long list of enemies.’
Blacks behave like blacks and we have to pretend they weren't any different from us. The BBC is keen on accusing us of Racism but they give Blacks a pass because they, the Beeb are anti-English racists.
PS Be aware that Racism is a Marxist construct.


Blacks Attacked In London [ 26 July 2016 ]

One got 15 years, t'other got eleven for robbery et cetera.


National Guard Called Out After Blacks Riot In Wisconsin [ 15 August 2016 ]
MILWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker activated the Wisconsin National Guard in the wake of a fatal officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee on Saturday, August 13th, and violence that followed.

“Specifically, what this means initially is that 125 members of a Rapid Response Team -- there’s a component of that rapid response that’s 125 members that are of the 32nd Military Police Company.................

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said Sunday that officer is African-American, and there are concerns for his safety. He has not been identified at this point.
We know that “Black Lives Matter” unless the perpetrator is black or police. This one was police. Various Propagandists are using this kind of incident to Black Hate.


Black Raped Englishwoman In London [ 4 September 2016 ]
Another Rape, another Black albeit The Telegraph is keen on suppressing the truth. Importing Third World criminals & parasites is Her Majesty's Government's policy; it is also Ethnic Fouling, Genocide & Treason. Inciting Black Hate is Main Stream Media policy and crime under Part III of the  Public Order Act 1986.


Vicious Black Paedophiles Get 32 Years After Perverted Abuse Of English Girls  [ 1 November 2016 ]
Three members of a Somali sex gang who trafficked, raped and subjected British schoolgirls to 'violent and horrible' abuse have been jailed for 32 years. Girls as young as 14 were plied with drugs and alcohol before being 'pestered again and again' for sex by the men who operated in inner city Bristol. Bristol Crown Court heard the rapes became 'routine' and the men regarded some of the victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, as 'cheap and easy'.

Seven Somali men went on trial at the beginning of September accused of 46 charges in connection with the sex ring.

Three of the men - Sakariya Sheikh, 23, Mohammed Dahir, 24, and Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23 – have now been convicted of 14 charges, including trafficking, sexual assault and rape.

Sheikh was jailed for 16 years after being found guilty of three sexual assaults, two counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, rape and supplying a class B drug. Both Dahir and Abdulahi were convicted of two counts of rape each and jailed for eight years............

A series case review published in March found that the gang was able to continue the systematic abuse due to failings by social services, police and doctors.
The politicians let them in. The police let them get on with it. The social workers got paid but what did they do?


Black Shoots Two White Policemen - Blacks Don't Riot - Blacks Laugh Instead [ 19 December 2016 ]
To be fair he failed to murder them but he was, naturally guilty as Hell & that was before he opened fire.


Black Pervert Imported By Her Majesty's Government Attacks In Lewisham [ 29 January 2017 ]


Monty's Driver Murdered & Robbed By A Black In Camberwell [ 28 January 2017 ]
Cheryl Weatherly, manager for Norfolk House care home where Mr Bacon was taken after the attack, said: 'Mr Bacon talked to staff about the assault on himself and displayed a bitter outlook on his assailant and where he had come from [ The West Indies perhaps? - Editor ].
This sad little story was run by several Main Stream Media operations but they all kept quiet about the perpetrator's colour. Marketing Race hatred is policy and crime when the perpetrators are English or white. Blacks get a pass. He fought to save England; politicians like Blair & Cameron are betraying it.


Blacks Still Attacking The French In Paris [ 19 February 2017 ]
Paris rioters are tear gassed while protesting against the 'rape of a black man with a police truncheon' as demonstrations continue two weeks after the attack........

Thousands took to the streets in the French capital in support of a 22-year-old black man who was allegedly raped by a police officer with a truncheon.

Two officers were injured and 13 people were arrested following clashes between police and bottle-throwing demonstrators at the rally on Saturday.
Two weeks later blacks are still rioting but the [ chosen ] pictures show moreWhite Men. They will be Socialist thugs, Rent A Mob & Rebels Without A Cause, what the Wikipedia describes as QUOTE emotionally confused suburban, middle-class teenagers UNQUOTE. The alleged victim is just an excuse; the alleged attack an impossibility.


Black Racists Attack Illegal Immigrants In South Africa [ 25 February 2017 ]
Isn't Racism awful? No, not when the Main Stream Media can't blame Englishmen or other White Men. The media are Propaganda machines. NB Apparently this isn't really racism; being  Xenophobia, something quite different even respectable.


Vicious Black Murderer Imported By Her Majesty's Government [ 27 February 2017 ]
Demspey [ sic ] Hawkins, 57, killed beau Susan Jacobson on Staten Island, New York, in May 1976. London-born Hawkins, then 16, lured the teen to an underground bunker and strangled her with his shirt sleeve, before stuffing her lifeless body in an oil drum.

Two years later, he was caught and sentenced to 22 years in prison. But It would be 20 years until he finally confessed to killing his victim. After he was turned down for parole 10 times by US prison chiefs, he was finally granted his freedom on the ruling that he was shipped back to England. 

Now he is back in the country of his birth after campaigning by Cambridge University criminology expert Dr Ruth Armstrong [ of ] Prisoners Abroad, a human rights charity, and support by the British Consulate.
Ruth Armstrong looks nice, looks well meaning and is dangerously naive. She has never had anything to with criminals, except when they were trying to get out of prison. The fact that this thug was able to pretend that he is British is an accident of birth. His father was USAF on a posting. The Mail's readers are not amused by this abuse. They understand the value of hanging.


Drunk Driver Rams People In London [ 27 February 2017 ]
The Mail isn't admitting that the perpetrator is black, not quite.


American Football Team Achieves 52 Rapes [ 4 April 2017 ]
What colour were they? Do you really need to ask? To be fair though, why weren't attacks reported at the time?


Fat Black Used A Prepaid Phone To 'Make Racist' Calls To Himself [ 4 July 2017 ]
St. Petersburg's former City Attorney Brian Telfair said on February 16, 2016 the first threat came in the form of an email the previous Saturday. "It basically said Petersburg was a city full of N words," Telfair told Hipolit that day.

He said the second threat was made on February 16, 2016 over the phone.

"It was a physical threat of physical harm to certain individuals, council members, city staff, members of the administration," Telfair told Hipolit that day.
So a black lawyer committed Perjury in order to incite Black Hate & White Guilt. He knows the difference between right and wrong. When he gets to court it will turn out that he wasn't breastfed or whatever.


Blacks Murdered Pakistani Drug Dealer [ 4 July 2017 ]
Blacks are an imported problem. Her Majesty's Government did it to us with the active assistance of Her Majesty's Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition & the Main Stream Media.



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