Crime has advantages. The cash flow can be excellent. The tax position has significant advantages. If you are important you can get away with it because you matter or because you know about the prosecutor's goings on. Blair stopped the Al Yamamah investigation because it was seriously big business that was going to go away otherwise. Blair got away with 'misleading' Parliament; a euphemism for lying in order to send men to Iraq and die for Israel. Cyril Smith got away with being a Paedophile pervert because the Director of Public Prosecutions chose to pervert the course of justice for him. Smith was political. That is why it is done.

One  major growth area in the industry comes from ethnics. They can't or won't do honest work so they go back to the time honoured traditions of their countries. Various politicians want to import more of them because they want Vote Rigging or cheap labour. The Main Stream Media lie about ethnic crime too. They have an agenda. So do politicians. Covering their monstrous villainy is just part of it.  Here is some evidence:-
You can report crime to the police using this link. This is to prevent them ignoring it. You can then publicize their collusion with criminals such as Members of Parliament.

Or you can use
for some crimes in London


Criminology Is Based On Willful Ignorance And Lies
John Wright, a Professor of Criminal Justice
The history of academic criminology is one of grand pronouncements that don’t often prove out in the real world. In the 1960s and 1970s, for example, criminologists demanded that public policy attack the “root causes” of crime, such as poverty and racism. Without solving these problems, they argued, we could not expect to fight crime effectively. On this thinking, billions of taxpayer dollars poured into ambitious social programs—yet crime went up, not down. In the 1970s and 1980s and into the 1990s, as crime rates continued to spike, criminologists proceeded to tell us that the police could do little to cut crime, and that locking up the felons, drug dealers, and gang leaders who committed much of the nation’s criminal violence wouldn’t work, either.

These views were shown to be false, too, but they were held so pervasively across the profession that, when political scientist James Q. Wilson called for selective incapacitation of violent repeat offenders, he found himself ostracized by his peers, who resorted to ad hominem attacks on his character and motivations..........

In short, while academic criminology has had much to say about crime, most of it has been wrong. How can an academic discipline be so wrongheaded? And should we listen to criminologists today when, say, they call for prisons to be emptied, cops to act as glorified playground attendants, and criminal sentences to be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated? Answers to the first question are readily available—and suggest the answer to the second.........

The current national conversation about criminal-justice reform is well-intentioned, but we run the risk of succumbing to passionate rhetoric and to being misled by promises built on flimsy evidence. Gains made in reducing crime have been hard-won, but faulty reform can easily erode them. Its costs will be measured in lost lives and suffering. The reality of crime does not easily lend itself to analysis by spreadsheet; nor is it a matter of arcane theory or philosophical principles to those who’ve been victimized. Reform efforts must recognize these stubborn facts. We encourage policymakers to listen to what criminologists have to say—but we also encourage them to pay attention to what they don’t say, which is often more important.
Professor Wright reads as a sensible man, at a stage in his career where he is immune to attacks by Left Wingers or other Fanatics.


American Crime Levels
Is not very revealing, more about concealing in fact. The Colour of Crime is more to the point.


American War Crimes
They were major and that was just in Germany after the war. These were being committed as the Nuremberg trials were in full swing.


The American government is leaning on foreign bribes while actively ignoring political corruption at home. They are unhappy with Her Majesty's Government's enthusiasm for letting them get away with it.


City Crime
Means fraud, multimegabuck fraud, highly profitable fraud. It is a very handsome living.


Colour of Crime
Goes over the connection between crime and race.


Corruption Index 2010
Rates bribery and corruption by country. England comes higher than our wonderful politicians deserve. The Jews are not amused by their rating.


Crime and Blacks
Hal Turner feeds us a selection from one day in America. It is a crime wave going on out there and the main stream media are in the business of lying about it.


Crime and Hispanics
It isn't just blacks. It is Hispanics too.


Crime And Motorists
Why do the police hound motorists and ignore real crime? It could all be to do with going easy on blacks.


Crime And Pakistanis
Corruption is the name of the game. Of course sexual perversion, forced marriages, dacoity and prostitution are part of the fun too.


Crime In England
Not all criminals are black. Not all blacks are criminals; some are mad. Are the main stream media in the business of telling the truth about them? If you think they are, it is time to think again or just have a glance at the mug shots. It is not an all black line up. There are Indians and Chinamen at it too.


Crime Pays Sometimes
But this wasn't one of them. He won't be trying it again.


Criminal Of The Day
Is an on going series about blacks, & browns. He finds them. He tells. The main stream media does the cover up. The main stream media is an enemy of civilization.


Criminal Justice System Reform
The crime industry pays off very handsomely for the people paid to prevent it and the lawyers who deal with what is laughingly call justice. Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance puts a position based on sound common sense, a rare virtue in this area.


Facebook Fraud
This story about two Americans stitched up by a Jew is true. The film version carries the underlying message that it is all right for a Jew to cheat people but not other Jews. This pretty much sums up 3,000 years of history.
Not all Jews are criminals - maybe. Not all criminals are Jews. We have our very own. Cromwell, the crypto-communist let them into England. They have been bad news ever since.


Gangs In America
They are there, they are black or Hispanic plus some white men.


Guinness Job
Four criminals did a big time stitch up. Three and a half were Jews. Their modus operandi was fraud


Hate Crimes
Are a political invention and a tool used by communist subversives to destroy England and civilization generally.


Holocaust® In Germany 
Germans get murdered by foreign undesirables. There have been around 9,000 in the last twenty years.  Politicians hide the truth. If some ethnic comes unstuck they are there like flies on the proverbial. Merkel panders to Jews as well.


Jews and Crime
They are out there. They are at it. Slaving, narcotics, gun running, major fraud, you name it and they are at it. Don't forget political manipulation because that is how they pull off really serious massacres, serious wars, serious fraud, serious you name it.


Jews And Crime II
Financial shenanigans is where they excel and gigabucks are preferred to mere megabucks.


Murder In America
Most [ 53% ] are carried out by blacks.


Some murders matter more than others. The BBC are still wittering about the Stephen Lawrence Job, which happened in 1993. Of course if black had murdered an Englishman that would have eagerly ignored him. That is real Racism - Treason too of course.


Piracy has made the headlines because it is not being dealt with. Blacks are thieving so we do nothing. If honest men were at it the reaction would be very different.


Rape is a political crime just like drinking and driving. The targets are a bit different though. The lust for power and oppression is identical. Feminists use rape [ unless the perpetrators are Islamics, blacks or whatever ] and Useful Idiots.


The Rat Book
It lists some 1,400 and rising crimes. They are all sourced.


Is another black specialist subject no matter what the Main Stream Media want you to believe.


The management used corrupt software to make their emissions look better. It isn't that difficult and there are plenty of bent business men out there.




Tesco Directors Charged With Major Accounting Fraud [ 11 September 2016 ]
The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has charged a trio of former Tesco directors with fraud linked to the £263m accounting black hole which rocked the supermarket two years ago...........

All three were part of the so-called “Cheshunt Eight” who were suspended from Tesco in late November 2014 after the supermarket was found to have inflated its profits by booking income from its suppliers too early. The fate of the other five is unknown.
The interesting thing about their accounts is that the auditors didn't notice a £263 million fraud. In other words auditors are worthless.


Criminals Out On Probation Murder 76 People A Year [ 5 July 2017 ]
Criminals have been charged with nearly 400 murders while under official supervision. Damning figures reveal the public is being put in danger by offenders who commit chilling crimes despite being on probation.

They are meant to be monitored closely, but 76 a year are being hauled before the courts for killing in cold blood.

Offenders on probation were charged with 382 murders between 2012 and 2016, according to figures from the Ministry of Justice – the department which changed the regime for managing criminals in the community in 2014.

They were also charged with 200 attempted murders, 34 manslaughters, 1,024 rapes or attempted rapes, 134 kidnaps, 54 arson attacks and 457 other serious sexual or violent offences – a total of 2,285 violent and sexual offences, or the equivalent of nine serious attacks a week.
Probation does not deter criminals. Putting them inside slows them down. Hanging stops them permanently. Official statistics have been massaged to conceal the increase in crime after hanging was stopped by Useful Idiots.



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