Hate Crimes

Select the crimes; select the bias. That is how the media work because they have an agenda. They are anti-English and anti-white. The Stephen Lawrence case was used to fuel a major Main Stream Media outcry and a storm of anti-English hate. The law was perverted to make bring a second Malicious prosecution prosecution against the Englishmen alleged to have killed Lawrence. That is real Racism, official Racism.

When blacks are racist murderers it is very different. The main stream media suppress the truth, even assuming they do not lie in their teeth. The Beltway Sniper Attacks got major media coverage until they found that the perpetrators were black not 'an angry white man'. They changed their attitude then. It was the same with Damilola Taylor, a black murdered by his own. Rentamob & Racist hate before, silence after.

These are not one offs. See more at Criminal Of The Day and New Nation News Hate Crimes

The Sniper's Plan - Kill Six Whites A Day For 30 Days
One of the two snipers who murdered 10 people in a killing spree that terrorised Washington has revealed their plans to kill hundreds of children, policemen and rescue workers in an attempt to shut down cities across the country. John Allen Muhammad, 45, and his accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, 21, brought America's capital to a standstill in 2002 as they picked off white targets at petrol stations and shops in the city's prosperous suburbs. Malvo testified that Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its "slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy" and his belief that "the white man is the devil", planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days. Malvo alleged that Muhammad had said: "We are going to go to the Washington DC area and we are going to terrorise these people."


BBC Tells The Lie Direct - Sniper's motive remains a mystery
The Beeb is a propaganda machine which totally suppressed the fact that Obama was using a Forged Birth Certificate


Guardian Lies Too - Nomadic life of a confused killer with short fuse


The Independent Perverts The Truth Just Like The Rest


Jew Tells The Truth More Or Less
Pipes is a loud mouthed racist who uses the truth when it is convenient. He quotes sources. This piece is anti-Islamic.


Wikipedia Lies Like The Rest


Telegraph Tells Truth - broken link - also at http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1637912/posts
The sniper's plan: kill six whites a day for 30 days
By Harry Mount in New York
Last Updated: 1:00am BST 25/05/2006
One of the two snipers who murdered 10 people in a killing spree that terrorised Washington has revealed their plans to kill hundreds of children, policemen and rescue workers in an attempt to shut down cities across the country.

John Allen Muhammad, 45, and his accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, 21, brought America's capital to a standstill in 2002 as they picked off white targets at petrol stations and shops in the city's prosperous suburbs.


John Allen Muhammad

Muhammad: ‘a coward’

Malvo testified that Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its "slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy" and his belief that "the white man is the devil", planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days.

Malvo alleged that Muhammad had said: "We are going to go to the Washington DC area and we are going to terrorise these people."

They then intended to move to Baltimore for stage two of their campaign, to shoot a policeman and then blow up explosives at his funeral.

More explosives would target the ambulances that would then rush to the funeral. Another plan to kill three busloads of schoolchildren was thwarted because the pair were arrested when Malvo fell asleep while keeping watch at a Maryland petrol station.


Lee Boyd Malvo

Malvo: couldn't shoot a pregnant white woman

Muhammad's ultimate plan, Malvo testified, was to indoctrinate 140 young homeless men at a Canada compound who would "shut things down" in cities across America, unless they received £5 million.

Malvo had originally confessed to being the man who pulled the trigger because, as the younger defendant, he was likely to escape the death penalty. He has now admitted only one killing.

The other murders were allegedly carried out by Muhammad, who crawled into the back of their converted blue Chevrolet and shot the victims as they filled their cars with petrol, did their shopping or waited at bus stops.

The attacks left the Washington suburbs transfixed with terror. People knelt down by their rear wheels to pump petrol or sprinted into shops from their cars to avoid the snipers.

Muhammad had treated Malvo like an adopted son, but now the two have turned on each other in a dramatic courtroom confrontation as Muhammad, acting as his own lawyer, cross-examines his former accomplice.

Malvo's cross-examination, which began on Tuesday, continued yesterday before a court in Rockville, Maryland, outside Washington.

"I think he's a coward," Malvo said of the man he had called his father, before turning to him in court and calmly saying: "You took me into your house and made me a monster. You fed me, you clothed me and you made me your child."

Malvo further testified that Muhammad wanted him to shoot pregnant white women. At one moment, he even had a pregnant woman in his sights in a fast-food restaurant.

"I just couldn't take the shot," said Malvo. Between asking questions of his old protégé, Muhammad watched calmly, his chin resting on his hand, as Malvo, on the verge of tears, revealed the full gruesome extent of their plans.

In each attack, Malvo, on look-out duty, gave the order to fire to Muhammad who lay in the back of the car,

pointing his rifle through a hole cut above the rear number plate. When there were no witnesses, Malvo gave the signal to shoot, saying: "You got a go." Muhammad has been convicted of murder in Virginia where he is on Death Row and is now on trial for six of the killings in neighbouring Maryland.

Muhammad claims that both men are innocent of the six murder charges, while Malvo has already pleaded guilty, accepting six life sentences without parole.

Maryland prosecutors wanted a second trial in case the Virginia conviction is overturned on appeal.
Some newspapers tells some of the truth some of the time.

Muhammad                                           Malvo


From Here, Senatorial candidate Liz Michael gives insight into the DC Sniper
Here, Senatorial candidate Liz Michael gives insight into the DC Sniper case, with great excellence of thought and writing...

The Real Lesson of the DC Sniper
by Liz Michael  www.lizmichael.com
 Release date: October 31, 2002

I am probably going to catch high holy hell for writing this article. But I have to. I have to because nobody is saying this publicly, although a lot of people are thinking it.

First of all, every media outlet in the world has been falling all over themselves praising Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose. Theoretically, this sniper pair was caught only after vociferous digging, and many man hours of diligent police work, with the help of honest citizens willing to tell the police about any suspicion about anything they may have had.

Bull puckey.

Law enforcement really didn't have a clue about these guys. Law enforcement at all levels, and in all the jurisdictions where the killings occurred, were an example of sheer incompetence. Police profilers had the shooting pegged as the stereotypical "angry white male", probably either a gun nut, or a man with military training. Later, they turned up two Hispanic males determined to be illegal aliens because someone stated they saw the shooters and they were Hispanic. The Tarot Card thing had some people looking at a possible Special Forces connection, which also turned up empty.

And the truck. The white Astro van, or white box truck, which people allegedly saw in the area. When they did dragnets on I-95 looking for these trucks, apparently alleged snipers John Muhammad and John Malvo drove by these guys several times. Meanwhile, innocent citizens with white vehicles were routinely searched, most of them undoubtedly illegally, and if anyone had objected, and tried to assert their constitutional rights, undoubtedly they would have been paraded and slimed before the media as the prime suspect. I would bet the ranch and the dog that if they had stopped me, and I denied them a search, as I most certainly would have, that I would at worst currently be framed as the infamous sniper, and at best, be termed a "person of interest". Be honest. You KNOW this would have happened. Look at the Richard Jewell case.

Later on, if you recall, one of the witnesses admitted to lying to the police about most of these clues.

Law enforcement didn't figure it out, and wasn't close to figuring it out, until Muhammad himself placed the needed tips in their hands and got them to listen to them.

Muhammad wanted to be caught: why?
John Allen Muhammad wanted to be caught. In fact, truth be told, he was rather desperate to be caught. He left clue after clue as to his identity. The special DC Sniper Task Force actually HUNG UP on Muhammad numerous times when he tried to give them a clue. He seemed rather impatient that he WASN'T caught, and that the police, the FBI, and the ATF were such a bunch of bumbling boobs. Finally in desperation, he tipped them off to a killing he and his accomplice John Lee Salvo committed in Alabama about a month previous. It was that tip that caught him. The FBI, the ATF, and all the county law enforcement didn't dig up Jimmy Jack Sugar to get this guy this quickly. It may have taken them YEARS to solve this crime if they ever solved it. It took them seventeen years to catch Ted Kaczynski [ aka Unabomber, btw a Jew ].

Why would this sniper effectively turn himself in, and give up, or place himself in a situation were he could be easily identified and taken? For publicity? That's what most killers would do. But I don't think this was the case here. Most serial killers who go this route do a cat and mouse thing with police if they do anything at all. Wayne Williams [ 29 kills ], John Wayne Gacy [ 33+ kills ], Ted Bundy [ 33 to 36 or more kills ], the Green River Killer [ 90+ kills ], left very few clues about who they really were to police. The fact that their KILLINGS are on the front page is sufficient publicity enough.

It isn't guilt. Guilt only works on passion killings or convenience store robberies. Guys like this don't HAVE any guilt.

Was he programmed to do the killings and then self destruct? I have heard this theory posited. And while I am not unconvinced of the possibility, there is a more important motive that is staring me in the face, and if you have any knowledge of Mr. Muhammad's background, should be staring YOU right in the face, too.

Helter Skelter
Remember the motivation that Charles Manson had for going out and butchering two innocent groups of people neither he nor his disciples even knew? You don't have to guess, because Manson has already told you. He wanted to start what he called "Helter Skelter". He wanted to use the Tate and Labianca killings to inspire a race war between blacks and whites. He used those killings to try and inspire further killings. He wanted to show people "what to do".

However, Manson was essentially "talking" to a group of people who were not his people, and whom he had little knowledge of, and had no loyalty to. In fact, Manson hated blacks. He communicated nothing to black people.

Well, this is what Muhammad was trying to do. But the exception to Muhammad's vision of "Helter kelter" was that unlike Manson, Muhammad was trying to talk to people who WERE his people and who did understand his message in the killings. And it frustrated him that the authorities were maybe attributing this to a white guy, and maybe a few were attributing it to Arab terrorism, and not to a black man from the Nation of Islam.

If Muhammad was your average everyday common criminal, he would have been giddy with glee that law enforcement was so far off the track. If Muhammad was your average assassin, he wouldn't have cared who ultimately got fingered for these deeds, as long as he got away with them. Even your everyday soldier would not demand recognition, for recognition is not as important as doing the job.

The Nation of Islam and what they believe
John Allen Muhammad belonged to the Nation of Islam, a religious sect of Islam formerly led by Elijah Muhammad, and currently led by Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan puts a nice smiley face on it, and often tells the truth about the history of blacks in America. However, his religious belief is racist, as racist as any Christian Identity group. Elijah Muhammad routinely referred to the white race as "Devils", alleging that they were the literal sons of the union between Havah (Eve) and Hannachash, the Serpent (Lucifer, or Satan). He taught that the black man was the Original Man of Genesis. He taught that the black slave in America was from the tribe of Shabbazz.. He also taught that eventually the Black man would be strong enough to assert a demand for his own homeland nation in America. He also taught that the Black man would prevail over whites in a final "Battle of Armagheddon" as he termed it.

While certain Black Muslims may have rebuked this teaching, most notably Malcolm X (Malik Al Shabbazz), who was assassinated, probably by the Farrakhan faction, and while there are peaceful offshoots such as the group headed by the son of Elijah Muhammad, Warith Deen Mohammad, and while there are African-American Muslims who are followers of the more mainstream sects like the Sunnis, the Nation of Islam remains essentially an advocate of Black revolution. The NOI is estimated to have 200,000 members.

It is the Nation of Islam which is dominant among most blacks in prison. 25% of Blacks in prison are Muslims of some type.

The Black Muslims are heavily involved in what you might remember as a name from the 60's. The New Black Panther Party. The original Black Panther Party was a bit marxist in nature. The NEW Black Panther Party, however, is HEAVILY influenced by NOI activists.

Moreover, what also needs to be remembered is that for every MEMBER of the Nation of Islam, there are probably three to four SYMPATHIZERS with them, not Muslims, not as disciplined, but definitely brothers. Moreover, Farrakhan is notorious for his alliances with black CHURCHES, and black MINISTERS, and has spoken before many black CHRISTIAN congregations.

How violent can the Nation of Islam be?
How violent can this group potentially be? Well, they probably shot Malcolm, and he was a brother. Do you think they would not hesitate to shoot non-Muslims or non-blacks? Think about how violent many Black neighbourhoods are and how many of these young men have turned this violence upon one another. Then imagine the Crips and the Bloods and all the rest of the "gangstas" uniting to turn the gun on America.

You think it can't happen? Many of you have NO IDEA of the depth of the hatred some black people have for America. You see Condie Rice and Colin Powell, and think integration has succeeded and everything's copasetic. You see the many black politicians, the many black people loved in sports, in entertainment, the many black people who really are pretty well off now. Yes, in a large measure, integration has succeeded. There are pockets of white racism here and there but generally they are laughed at.

However, for every black person you see integrated and become a full fledged American, there is another black person you all rarely see. Many of these black people haven't been integrated. The biggest reason many of them have not is because they don't want to be integrated. Perhaps the former criminal background of others prevents their integration, as America is a society which lacks forgiveness when it comes to crime.

And of these people, Farrakhan commands more loyalty, respect and sympathy than any other man in the country.

Many blacks have shunned integration
The black people you see integrated into American society wanted to be integrated and accepted into it. The Nation of Islam, however, doesn't WANT integration. They are segregationists of the highest order. And to them, most of YOU are still "Devils".

The thing which makes NOI Muslims particularly dangerous is their discipline. They are probably the most disciplined black people in America, and among the most disciplined Muslims in the world. There is a security arm of NOI called the Fruit of Islam, which is one of the best trained militias in the country. Most of these people have been preparing for the day they GET to do what John Muhammad apparently HAS done. The training camp in Alabama frequently by many Black Muslims is reported to be linked to Al Qaeda.

The Nation of Islam and foreign influences
As for Farrakhan and foreign influences, a few years ago it was discovered that the NOI was being aided in funding by Moammar Khadafi the President of Libya. It is being discovered that foreign Arabs managed to get contributions into a number of Black Democrats, most notably, Cynthia McKinney. If it ever turns up that there is an Al Qaeda connection to the NOI, it wouldn't shock me in the least. Nor would a Palestinian connection shock me.

Back to what John Muhammad was trying to do
There is not a doubt in my mind that the intent of John Muhammad went far beyond personal aggrandizement or random violence. His acts went far beyond acting out a personal fantasy as a mujahideen killing infidels. His acts were not the acts of a precise assassin targeting specific people.

My sincere belief is, that given his training, what Muhammad wanted to do was leave a blueprint for every Black Muslim, maybe Blacks in general, to follow. He wanted to show you how easy it is to target America, and Americans, for terror. He probably picked suburban Maryland and Virginia because so many people there work for the United States government or are connected to it in some way. This was John Allen Muhammad's precursor to his own version of "Helter Skelter".

He could not do that with the police and the media fantasizing that this sniper was some redneck angry white guy who was a gun nut and probably a Republican and an NRA member. This is why he was so anxious to have police establish precisely who he was. I suppose he could have followed Eric Rudolph into obscurity in the wilderness if only the police would recognize WHO he was, and WHY he was doing what he was doing. But getting out the message of who he was, and why he was doing this was far more important than his freedom, which he could have protected at any time by getting out of Dodge.

And you know what. I don't think the police still get it. I don't think the media still get it. But Muhammad's target audience? They got it. They got it loud and clear. And probably other would be terrorists, foreign and domestic, against the American government also got it. And that message? That one man with a gun can do a lot of damage to the status quo. That many men with guns could bring down the status quo.

But why did Muhammad shoot blacks?
Do any of you have any familiarity with the beliefs of white racists, like the Aryan Nations groups, and the Christian Identity groups? Yes, they hate dark-skinned minorities. They hate Jews. But they also hate another group even worse than they hate Jews and minorities. They call those people "race traitors". They are whites who have associated themselves with minorities, defended minorities, befriended minorities, and sometimes even married minorities. They hate those people much, much more vociferously than the people they are supposed to really hate.

Now shift back to Muhammad and the NOI. They have their own "race traitor" concept, too. Malcolm X called such people "The House Negro". (And yes, I am substituting "Negro" for the other word he really said. Mrs Michael means Nigger presumably - Editor ].) How did he know he wasn't shooting another Black Muslim? Because usually Muslims tend to have a distinctive dress and manner about them. The other blacks in Washington could have been seen by Muhammad as just another bunch of "House Negroes".

No excuses
I am not saying that grave injustices have not been done to black people in America. Being a part of my ancestry, I know as well as anyone what blacks have historically suffered in the United States. I won't discuss here what solutions to these injustices I believe have merit and which are without logic and sense. But the fact of the matter is, nobody's going to discuss righting wrongs their ancestors may or may not have done when there is a literal and figurative "gun to their heads".

I am gravely concerned about John Muhammad's likely vision becoming reality. And I am gravely concerned about the response to any such internal war on Americans. It's not a pretty scenario, for anyone. White, black or any other colour. And numerically, I know darn well that a war that any side bases on race, or on religion, will invariably get a lot of black people killed, and get a lot of American Muslims killed, even if they didn't sympathize with any of its proponents.

I would never suggest that anyone has no right to believe what they believe. I am not suggesting that any individual or any group has no right to self defence, no right to arms, or no right to a pre-emptive strike. Neither am I suggesting that anyone hate or distrust anyone else for reason of race or religion. I am certainly not suggesting that any American's constitutional rights be curtailed. But that notwithstanding, I feel it is foolish to not prepare for things which may come. Sometimes we get a harbinger of things which are likely coming in our future.

A harbinger to come?
I believe the DC Sniper killings were one of those harbingers, and it is a lesson we ignore at our own peril. A lesson that our children are not really safe after all. A lesson that we cannot unilaterally disarm ourselves and think others will respect that. A lesson that the police and the FBI cannot, after all, protect us. A lesson that not everyone loves America, not even many born here. And a lesson that we need to be ever vigilant against potential enemies, not only enemies from half a world away, but enemies which may be in our own midst. Helter Skelter can be brought to our door at any time.

Liz Michael has formed a committee to run for the U. S. Senate from Arizona in 2004.

Copyright, 2002, LizMichael.com, www.lizmichael.com  Permission to reprint granted so long as the website and the copyright remains referenced. No exclusivity may be retained by any individual or press entity which reprints. 


Pay Back Time As Pakistani Kills 14 In California  [ 3 December 2015 ]
San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook met his Pakistani wife-turned-accomplice Tashfeen Malik while on the hajj in Saudi Arabia and appeared to have been radicalized, law enforcement officials revealed this afternoon. 

investigators [ sic ] told CNN that Farook, a native US citizen of South Asian descent [ Pakistani in fact - Ed. ] , was in touch by phone and via social media with more than one international terrorism subject.........

By noon, according to police, the couple had donned assault clothing, armed themselves with rifles and stormed a holiday party attended by San Bernardino County employees, killing 14 people and wounding 17 others. According to some reports, the duo had GoPro cameras strapped to their body armor during the shooting.
Both perpetrators were Pakistani but the Daily Mail hid this detail in the small print. Perhaps he did not like the people he worked with. It was not bad shooting. Another occasion when the Armed Citizen would have paid off.


Islamic Terrorism Cannot Be Stopped  [ 3 December 2015 ]
Will they even try? Hint: NO! The American government will make moves to make it even easier for bad tempered Islamics to infiltrate and easy for them to import weapons. Fred explains all.


Hate Crime Is Not Hate When Perpetrator Is Not White Alleges Judge [ 7 August 2016 ]
In yet another example of blatant anti-white double standards, a North American Indian woman who violently assaulted an innocent white passerby while shouting that she “hated whites” didn’t commit a racially motivated crime, a judge in Calgary, Canada, has ruled.

If, however, a white person had struck down a nonwhite anywhere while shouting a similar racial threat, the full force of “hate crime laws” would have been used against him or her—and the world’s media would have carried news of the event.
In an honest jurisdiction the judge would be charged with Perverting The Course Of Justice.


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