American War Crimes

Wars are fought and things happen. They are not always pretty. There are the small scale happenings like rape and looting which tend to be individual crimes. Then there are the large scale atrocities which come from much higher up the chain of command. The aftermath of the Second World War brought immense suffering to Germany which was deliberately inflicted. It also brought us the propaganda. We knew who won but rather less about the cost; our Empire went but perhaps that was not entirely bad.

We were told how nasty the Soviets were and we did hear lots and lots about the 6 million Jews who suffered so deeply - if they were not murdered with malice aforethought in The Holocaust® There was a deep silence about what happened to the Germans and why. Would you believe that the head policy makers were Morgenthau, a Jew and Eisenhower ditto [ or not as the case may be ]? The perpetual victims keep turning up as big time perpetrators.

Rebuilding was never going to be a lot of fun. But intentional starvation was part of it. Food was short afterwards; it was rationed in England until 1954. This was part of our reward for voting the Labour Party into power. Keeping Germans hungry led to well over a million deaths. Books have been written, published and ignored. Writers are not always honest but the Wikipedia in the Marshall Plan confirms the essential truth of men who might be written off as conspiracy theorists.

The Rhine Meadow Camps -!.htm
Maria Gruettner, a German confirms what I have proved to my own complete satisfaction but she gives us more facts. We are told all about those nasty Nazi Concentration Camps but the Main Stream Media keep very quiet about the American Death Camps In Germany. Having murdered 1.7 million German POWs you might think it would have been noticed. Propaganda is about hiding the truth.


545 People Responsible For America's Woes
Various politicians accepted bribes/bungs/brown envelopes/sweeteners/backhanders/whatever. They did not have to take them or act against American interests. They did. They are guilty.


Americans In Iraq Are Trigger Happy Hooligans
Or not as the case may be. See especially Soldiers of the War on Terror Talk


Busting the Torture Myths
Yes it did happen. No it was not the little people; they were just the ones who got thrown the wolves. Bush and Cheney were in it up to their necks.


The Campaign To Sell A Harsh Peace For Germany To The American Public, 1944–1948
In the spring of 1944, a group of [ unnamed ] prominent US opinion makers launched a campaign aimed at convincing the American public of the need for a harsh peace for Germany. By exploring the dynamics of this campaign, which revolved around the activities of the Writers’ War Board and the Society for the Prevention of World War III, this article focuses on an episode that has generally been neglected in the historiography of US post-war plans for Germany. It also adds a new dimension to the literature on the domestic mood in the US during the crucial period between the end of World War II and the onset of the Cold War, by first demonstrating how these anti-German spokesmen worked successfully to generate a hardening of popular opinion during 1944 and 1945, before charting how they found it increasingly difficult to sustain their campaign during 1946 and 1947. This failure was not simply a product of the natural cooling of popular passions or even the emergence of the Cold War. It also stemmed from the lobby’s inability to sustain the networks it had created during World War II, not to mention its tendency to overreach and oversell at key moments.
Patter merchants hated Germans, patter merchants lied. The Economist does not name them but they will have been largely if not entirely Jews. One Jew, Morgenthau was part of the scheme to murder Germans wholesale. More and better details are at Campaign For A Harsh Peace


Eisenhower's Death Camps
Is this article honest? I would like to think it is not but I doubt that the writer is lying.
PS Having spoken to the author I am sure that he is honest. He mentioned other incidents from the period.


Eisenhower's Death Camp At Gotha
The city of Gotha is mostly known to Americans, if at all, as the first headquarters of the American Army in Germany, set up by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in April 1945, and as the site of one of the Prisoner of War camps where captured German soldiers were treated in a barbaric fashion with total disregard to the rules of civilized warfare, according to an American prison guard............

On March 10, 1945 as World War II was coming to an end, General Eisenhower signed an order creating the status of Disarmed Enemy Forces for the German Prisoners of War who would soon be surrendering to the Americans. This order was a violation of the Geneva Convention because it allowed Eisenhower to disregard the rules for the treatment of Prisoners of War. It allowed him to starve the German POWs, deny them the right to send and receive letters, and to receive Red Cross packages and packages from German civilians.
This refers to Gotha in Eastern Germany in particular but tends to confirm the previous piece.


Eisenhower's Holocaust
Eisenhower was a Jew who hated Germans - or not as the case may be. He murdered around 1.7 million of them which is suggestive.


Holding prisoners without warrant is crime. Torture ditto. Of course if you control the law machine that is not an issue any more.


Jewish President Eisenhower's Holocaust
This was not written by a fan - more of a Nazi sympathizer really. Not big on sources.


Marshall Plan 1948 - 1952
The Marshall Plan...... was the primary program, 1948-52, of the United States for rebuilding and creating a stronger economic foundation for the countries of Western Europe, and repelling the threat of internal communism after World War II........ The reconstruction plan, developed at a meeting of the participating European states, was established on June 5, 1947. It offered the same aid to the USSR and its allies, but they did not accept it.  The plan was in operation for four years beginning in April 1948. During that period some US$13 billion in economic and technical assistance were given to help the recovery of the European countries that had joined in the Organization for European Economic Co-operation. This $13 billion was in the context of a U.S. GDP of $258 billion in 1948, and was on top of $12 billion in American aid to Europe between the end of the war and the start of the Plan.
Notice that George Marshall was a military man and opposing the communists was very much on the agenda.


Morgenthau Plan1944 - 1947
The Morgenthau Plan was a plan for the occupation of Germany after World War II that advocated measures intended to remove Germany's ability to wage war. It was proposed by and subsequently named after Henry Morgenthau, Jr., United States Secretary of the Treasury.......

In 1945 the German Red Cross was dissolved, and the International Red Cross and other international relief agencies were kept from helping ethnic Germans through strict controls on supplies and on travel. The few agencies permitted to operate within Germany, such as the indigenous Caritas Verband, were not allowed to use imported supplies. When the Vatican attempted to transmit food supplies from Chile to German infants the U.S. State Department forbade it.

In early October 1945 the UK government privately acknowledged in a cabinet meeting that, German civilian adult death rates had risen to four times the pre-war levels and death rates amongst the German children had risen by 10 times the pre-war levels. In early 1946 U.S. President Harry S. Truman finally bowed to pressure from Senators, Congress and public to allow foreign relief organization to enter Germany in order to review the food situation. In mid-1946 non-German relief organizations were finally permitted to help starving German children. During 1946 the average German adult received less than 1,500 calories a day. 2,000 calories was then considered the minimum an individual can endure on for a limited period of time with reasonable health...........

The Morgenthau plan faced strong opposition within Roosevelt's government. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, said he had "yet to meet a man who was not horrified at the 'Carthaginian' attitude of the Treasury. It is Semitism gone wild for vengeance and will lay the seeds of another war in the next generation." He further pointed out that the plan violated the Atlantic Charter, which promised equal opportunity for the pursuit of happiness to both victors and vanquished.
The Americans informed His Majesty's Government that we could agree to their plan or starve. Fun people? They are still into mass murder as any Iraqi can tell you. Winston Churchill may well have been talking about the treatment handed out to the Germans when he said In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity


Post-War Apology and Reconciliation
A retired officer in the US army has apologized to the German army for the mass deaths of German prisoners in US army camps after World War Two. Following extensive private investigations in the US and Germany, Merrit P. Drucker has sent an e-mail to Lt. Col. Max Klaar, head of the Verband der deutscher Soldaten (German Veterans’ Association), regretting the lethal conditions in the US camps where some 750,000 Germans died while they were denied available food and shelter.

Drucker has also formed a committee of six people, in Germany, the UK, Canada and the US to pursue further investigations and make amends by way of apologies to the families of the dead, and veterans’ institutions. Drucker’s first e-mail letter has been posted on the veterans’ website where there is also a questionnaire asking for details of prisoners’ internment.

The book Other Losses by James Bacque, which helped to set off the investigation, is being re-issued in an American edition in October. The launch will be held in Washington in the Marriott Hotel where Drucker plans to present a formal letter of apology to Klaar who is flying over for the occasion. Klaar will present in his turn a proposal for a peace treaty between the USA and Germany. It has 14 points. Two films about postwar Germany are included in the program.

Other Losses, a world-wide best-seller published in 13 countries, has been suppressed in the US for over 20 years. The new edition is being published by Talonbooks of Vancouver, whose editor, Karl Siegler, is the son of a former prisoner in a US army camp. When his father told him what had happened to him in the US camp, Siegler said, “I don’t believe you.” He changed his mind after reading Other Losses. Because of such sad events, Lt. Colonel Klaar has said that “Germany is a country of wounded souls.” Many Germans have already written to Major Drucker to thank him for taking a heavy weight of grief and guilt off their minds.

TIME AND PLACE Monday, October 31, 2011, at the Courtyard US Capitol Marriott Hotel, 1325 Northeast Street, Washington, DC 20002, (202) 898-4000. The meeting will be in the Congressional and Monument Rooms. Time TBA.

REQUESTS FOR INTERVIEWS Please contact Talonbooks: (604) 444-4889.

For further information, contact Kevin Williams ( or James Bacque at (705) 549-8148 or Merrit P. Drucker at (202) 722-6716
So it really happened. But the author has not fingered the Jew, the criminal that set up the murder of 1.7 million Germans.

American Government Willfully Supported The Islamic State [ 10 August 2015 ]
That is what Michael Flynn, lately the head of the Defence Intelligence Agency says You might think that he knows. Making war, using other people's armies of course makes sense to the psychopaths who run


US Dropping Weapons To Arabs In Iraq [ 10 August 2015 ]
The US and NATO are supplying the militants in Iraq and Syria with weapons and ammunition to fight against the Damascus and Baghdad governments, media reports said.......

In March, Qasim al-Araji, the head of the Badr Organization in Iraq, told parliament he had evidence the US has deliberately armed the Islamic Army, according to a report carried by the Arabic language Almasalah. The London-based organization Conflict Armament Research previously reported that ISIL fighters are using “significant quantities” of arms including M16 assault rifles marked “property of the US government.”
It all sounds like Vietnam again albeit Iraq is about power, the power to control Oil. Who controls Obama? Who is using Obama to steal Oil? Try the Zionist crazies running Israel.


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