Wars are dangerous and expensive. They happen none the less for that. When politicians have been to war themselves they are less inclined to send other, younger men. Some wars have a clear reason. Other, current operations in particular do not. The Second World War seemed necessary at the time. The First World War was a disaster and a disastrous decision. Saving the Belgiques from the Hun was unnecessary apart from anything else. The current war in Afghanistan is pointless, except perhaps as a way of getting gas out of the area. Others like the War on Drugs are government meddling and an excuse for robbing us of our rights. Here are some offerings on the subject. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Casus Belli
Is the case for war, in Latin of course. Legal justification is another matter.


What Is The Point Of War?
ponders the question. His answers are not satisfactory. Yes, all volunteer armies are the way to go - for corrupt politicians. They don't care about men who join up. They are rednecks, peasants. Untermenschen [ underman, sub-man, subhuman; plural: Untermenschen ] is the charmless Nazi term. They are Patriots who care about the land of their birth; in a word, mugs.


Smedley Butler
Major General Butler said that War Is A Racket. He was right. He still is right.


Why War Is Inevitable
Paul Craig Roberts, a one time politician explains. It is greed, arrogance, evil.


Thankful Villages
They are the villages of England & Wales whose men all came back after the First World War. There are none in Scotland or Ireland. Langton Herring in Dorset is one of the few that scored a double but then it is only a little place.


Merchants of Death
Wars cost billions, which go to the merchants of death. That is the way they like it. Merchants want money, more money. They supply the tools. They were the hard faced men who did well out the war. They still are.


Why? Pass. I didn't see the point at the time. I still don't.


Amber Of War AKA MUD
A defense expert commenting on my dispatch “Stuck in the Mud” recommended the book Mud:  A Military History.  I completed reading the book.  The recommendation was solid. The subject became more interesting in Iraq.  Goo would sometimes rain from the skies.  Later in Afghanistan, where mud also rains, my interest was sealed. I saw mud effects on the war in Nepal, in terrain where Americans could hardly fight under our current paradigms, other than by airstrikes and distant fires.  US ground forces with our heavy gear would be hopeless in Nepalese-type terrain.........
Soldiering means being out of doors, involved with the land, weather, aggravation. Mud slows things down.

Desert Storm
Was the invasion of Iraq to sort out Saddam Hussein.


Cold War
Ran from 1945 to 1991, the collapse of the USSR. We won. So did the people of Russia.


Cold War II
Now, in 2017 War Mongers are doing an action replay.


Are about small scale operations. There are new things to be said about them.


Fred Explains About War. Fred Was There For Real. Fred Made It Back On A Stretcher
The soldier from the county almost made it. He was approaching PCOD, Pussy Cut-off Date, determined by the germination time of gonorrhea, when his truck hit the mine. Nothing new here. Men in agony, exposed bone, crushed lungs, and the dying crying out for the trinity of the badly wounded, mother wife, and water. This time the soldier from the county was half gutted.

It was a grand adventure, though..

On the ward where they removed a length of his intestines, he saw many things. He saw the soldier with his jaw shot away who fed through a tube in his nose. He watched a high-school girl of seventeen from Tennessee as she saw her betrothed, stone blind, his face a hideous porridge that would gag a maggot.

Johnny…Johnny..oh Johnny.

He left the hospital with a colostomy  bag and instructions never to eat anything he liked. Women do not like colostomy bags, so he had time on his hands. He read. He thought. He came to hate, to hate with a shuddering intensity that unnerved his friends, who learned not to talk about the war.  Like soldiers since before time existed, he learned that the war was not about the noble things it was supposed to be about, God and country and democracy, but about money, power, contracts, and the egos of the men who, on the principle that shit floats, always rise to the top. For the rest of his life, he would really, truly, want to kill.
Fred was in the US Marine Corps. He was in Viet Nam until he was wounded. Fred has seen the results. Fred knows about the politicians that never served and were never going to. Fred can't see the funny side of it any more.


After the 9/11 Job chasing Osama bin Laden seemed plausible. But they did not find him. Now they are fighting a war for some reason, any reason, no reason. It does help keep the promotions coming. Defence firms supplying the machineries of war like it too.


Americans At War In The Pacific
See the pictures and realize just how big their war machine was. Hint: Enormous.


Anti-Tank Guns
They are big, noisy, dangerous to fools who do not know how to use them.


Boer War
Was ultimately about gold, diamonds and money. Who wanted war? Who wanted to be stinking rich? Who was pulling the strings? Who were the Puppet Masters? Mark Weber explains. Read this and wonder if the breaking of the South African government was an action replay.


Brits At War In Iraq Witnessed By An American
Men of The Rifles take the war to the enemy.

They did not upset women or children. There were no trigger happy incidents I am happy to say.


Concentration Camps
The Nazis ran several concentration camps. People died there. So did Jews according to Jews demanding compensation. That is one major reason why a lot of lies got told. The Holocaust® Industry tells us something about the tax free billions extorted by Singer and other light fingered rogues.


The Crusades were Christian invasions of Palestine which started in 1096 AD.


D Day Then And After
Americans, Brits and Canadians were there on the day.


Death In Syria
A woman was there with a camera to capture it all in glorious Technicolor®


Defence News
Gives sources and topical leads.


Ethnic Cleansing
Ethnic cleansing is an ugly euphemism for mass murder, terrorism and driving people from their land. It is popular in Israel. So is the cant going with it.


First World War
Was bad news for England and millions of men. My great uncle was just one such.


Is the killing of an entire people. It is what is being done to Christendom in this foul year of Our Lord.


Grenada - 1983
America invaded. America won. The BBC was keen to keep us ignorant about the enemy because they are Marxists. The locals were pleased by the invasion but they would have preferred the British Army to do what it took.


They fight the little wars or little operations. They knock out a truck so supplies do not get through. These trifles add up to a major problem, They are effective.


Iran And War
Jews want the Americans to invade Iran for them. The fact that Americans cannot win seems to be  irrelevant to the Jews. The fact that the Americans will lose too much oil is the main reason why they have not chanced it.


Was at the receiving end of Desert Storm. Stealing oil was the name of the game.


Iwo Jima, The Photo And The Story


John Paul Vann on war in Viet Nam
"This is a political war and it calls for discrimination in killing. The best weapon for killing would be a knife, but I'm afraid we can't do it that way. The worst is an airplane. The next worst is artillery. Barring a knife, the best is a rifle — you know who you're killing."
Man, aircraft or ship? When it comes to surgical strikes airmen lie in their teeth.


Lebanon War 2006
12 July 2006 - 14 August Lebanon War 2006 Jews left behind a million anti-personnel mines to maim children and other civilians. It included the Siege of Beirut  which achieved the murder of some 19 thousand civilians.


BBC who think governments should have a monopoly of mass murder. It is all part of the fun.


The Origins of World War 2
This article fingers the Jews which essentially means the Zionists among them.


That Reichstag Photo Was Manipulated
But the Iwo Jima photo was not.


Second World War
Was bad news, even worse than the one before.


Somalia Invaded By America In 1992
Unified Task Force (UNITAF) was a United States-led, United Nations-sanctioned multinational force which operated in Somalia between 5 December 1992 – 4 May 1993. A United States initiative (code-named Operation Restore Hope), UNITAF was charged with carrying out United Nations Security Council Resolution 794: to create a protected environment for conducting humanitarian operations in the southern half of Somalia.

UNITAF's original mandate was to use "all necessary means" to guarantee the delivery of humanitarian aid in accordance to Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, and is regarded as a success [ by whom? - Editor ].
The American army is enormous. While it is doing things generals have jobs, promotion prospects, fun, power. Peace means joining the dole queue. Failure means they need more men, more guns, more money.


Spanish Civil War
A trial run for the Second World War?




War Against the Weak by Edwin Black
Is a pretentious title for a propaganda book by a Jew with an agenda.


War Criminals
They are out there, walking the streets with armed guards to protect them from decent people and citizen's arrest. Blair is only one of them.

War Crimes

War on Drugs

War on Iraq IQ Test


Why Germany really lost World War II
The short answer, the simple answer is the lack of oil. It is why Auschwitz was set up, to convert coal into petrol.


World War I

World War II   

Cold War

World War III

Nuremberg War Trials
Were a gross travesty of justice. As the Lord Chief Justice of America said: It was a high class lynching party.


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