Immigrants And Crime

Most criminals are immigrants. The answers? Stop importing them. Deport perpetrators or hang them.
PS In England there are Superior Rights For Illegal Immigrants

Russian Murdered Lithuanian In Scotland [ 6 March 2009 ]
A FORMER soldier and his accomplice were jailed for life today for murdering a woman whose severed head was found on a Scots beach. Vitas Plytnykas, 41, was told he must spend at least 28 years in jail for the "monstrous" murder of Lithuanian migrant worker Jolanta Bledaite. Aleksandras Skirda, 20, will have to serve 20 years before he is eligible for parole, the High Court in Edinburgh heard...... Plytnykas, who has already been jailed for a drugs-related knife killing in Germany in 2001, denied murdering Ms Bledaite, 35, but a jury found him guilty of the crime last month. Skirda admitted her murder last October and gave evidence against his co-accused. Ms Bledaite's family said earlier the killers, who are also Lithuanian, should "get what they deserve". Her father Salunas Bleda died before hearing the outcome of the trial.


Polish Cowboy Prangs Lorry [ 11th March 2009 ]
A LORRY driver who crashed his HGV causing the A55 to be closed pleaded guilty to careless driving on Monday. Stanislaw Mulica, 56, from Poland was fined £600 and given eight penalty points on his licence after his 5-tonne Volvo HGV clipped a kerb and crashed onto the central reservation at St Asaph last month........ The lorry’s tacograph showed Mulica was travelling at 56mph in a 40mph zone. He told officers he clipped the kerb and lost control of the lorry which was loaded.


Pole Convicted Of Raping His Wife [ 12 March 2009 ]
A 28 year-old Polish man has been convicted at Derry Crown Court of raping his wife. The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was also found guilty of four charges of assaulting his Polish wife and one of threatening to kill her. He committed the offences in their home on dates between May 2006 and January of last year. The guilty verdicts followed a 10-day trial during which the jury was told of a history of domestic violence and abuse when the victim, who is also in her 20s, was subjected to a series of violent assaults.


Polish Thief  Gets Off Lightly In Salisbury [ 12th March 2009 ]
Piotr Gralak, 40, from Yeovil, Somerset, burgled a house in Homington Road, Coombe Bissett, with two accomplices. Two of them entered through a ground floor window and let the third man in through the door. They took items to the value of £3,500 including jewellery, two laptops and perfume......... He recently became unemployed, was drinking heavily and got into debt, leading to him committing this crime. 


Massacre In America, 337 Murdered By Immigrants This Year Alone [ 30 July 2011 ]
QUOTE’s Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Count—As Of July 28, 2011: 37 Cases, 337 Dead (Help Us Update This List!—No-one Else Is Counting!)
The July 22, 2011 mass shooting in Norway—committed, for once, by a Norwegian—led, predictably, to a witch hunt against conservatives, nationalists, and people who are skeptical about immigration...........

"OSLO—European authorities are investigating possible links between the man who has confessed to last week's massacre in Norway and right-wing elements across the region, putting Europe's recently ascendant far-right movements on the defensive.

“Europol, which handles transnational criminal investigations in Europe, has assigned dozens of officers to assist Norwegian police. A spokesman for the agency declined to offer specifics, but said Europol had given Norwegian authorities access to its database of 'European extremists.' "

Europe's Far-Right Parties Go on Defensive | Authorities Examine Possible Links With Norway Bomber, July 28, 2011

Of course, immigration patriot parties in Europe and Scandinavia  are already being persecuted by powerful bureaucracies for CrimeThink—see my  It Happened Here, for Belgium banning a flourishing political party; or Then They Came For Nick Griffin , for what keeps happening to the head of the British National Party.

But the Norwegian massacre made it ten times worse. It will be like those crackdowns on Islamic immigration and on mosques preaching jihad that didn't happen after either 9/11 or the London 7/7 Bombing. When we get actual immigrants committing mass murder, there isn't a witch hunt of any kind.
UNQUOTE tells the truth about immigration; the Main Stream Media conceals it. They are part of the Invisible Enemy. The answer? See the next one for part of it.


Over Half Of Rapes In Rome Committed By Immigrants, It's More In Milan [ 31 December 2012 ]
Daniel Greenfield,, Dec. 26, 2012

“He was horrible, he had no teeth, his face disfigured by scars”. This is how one of the latest victims of rape in Milan, a businesswoman of 42, described her attacker, Mohamed K., 32, an Iraqi illegal immigrant already convicted for theft, assault and wounding. Last week, when she was going out to see a friend so they could prepare for Christmas, Mohamed K. followed her, caught her in a public garden where she had tried to hide, threw her to the ground, beat her and raped her on the spot while shouting “Filthy Italian bitch”, before fleeing and stealing her purse.

Immigrants account for only 6 percent of Italians, but for an impressive 40 percent of Italy’s rapes........

In Rome, immigrants are responsible for 52 percent of rapes. In Milan the number goes up to 59 percent.........

In Bologna, 53 percent of the rapists were immigrants, of whom 11 percent were Moroccans....... Bologna has 6,200 Romanians and 3,400 Moroccans and Moroccans are responsible for 11 percent of the rapes and Romanians are responsible for 10 percent.

With statistics like these, it would appear that Italy doesn’t have a problem with sexual violence, it has a problem with Muslim immigration.
Our wonderful Main Steam Media keep on telling us about dear little Signor Berlusconi. The girls Silvio had fun with are a quarter of his age but they are not complaining. Meanwhile the media keep very quiet about a tidal wave of rape, because Immigrants, especially Islamics are the perpetrators. The media are Propaganda machines run by the enemies of England and civilization. They lie systematically.
PS The source, with the benefit of a Google translation is at Italian Rape Explained

Rape in Sweden; Islamic perpetrators just the same. Multiculturalism is wonderful, isn't it?


Black Raped 11 Year Old In England For 3 Hours [ 31 December 2012 ]
An 18-year-old is to appear in court charged with the rape of an 11-year-old girl who he attacked on Friday, November 23 at around 4.30pm in Enfield, north London, as she walked home from school. She was dragged into nearby Jubilee Park and raped in an ordeal that police said could have lasted as long as three hours. The girl, who was wearing her school uniform returned home at around 8pm and was taken to hospital. She had to undergo surgery for injuries sustained in the attack.
Her Majesty's Government imports Third World criminals as a matter of policy and of Treason. So does Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. See also:-
Nigerian Army Colonel Charged With Raping 16 Year Old
Black 17 Year Old Raped 7 Year Old Girl
Black Pastor George Akinyele, Paraded Naked For Raping 8 Year Old Girl In Lagos
Black Pastor Arrested For Molesting Eight Year Old, Claims He Was Strengthening Her Spiritually
Black 27 Year Old Trader Not Lynched For Molesting 11 Year Old Girl In His Shop In Lagos
Black HIV Positive Nigerian Gets 20 Years For Raping Young Orphans He Smuggled Into Britain
Black Kidnap, Rape And Murder 21 Year Old Colleague
Black 20 Year Old Woman Raped, Her Lip Was Slashed Off By Blacks
Black 20 Year Old Arrested For Raping Two Teenage Sisters
Black Rapes Girl In Lagos Church
Black Serial Rapist Captured After Molesting 8 Children
Black Homosexual Arrested For Raping 21 Year Old Man
Black Truck Driver Rapes 5 Year Old Girl In Lagos
Black Rapes Three Year Old Girl In Lagos
Black Pastor Charged With Raping 10 Year Old Orphan
Black 20 Year Old Caught Trying To Rape 61 Year Old Grandmother
Black Musicians Arraigned For Raping Teenager
Black Motorcyclist & Polygamist Gets Five Years For Raping Three Girls
Black Rapes And Impregnates Teenage Daughter On Instructions From His ‘Ancestral Spirits’
Black Policemen Arrested For Raping A Teenager
Black Raped To Death By His Six Wives
Black Pastor Molests 11 Year Old Girl Accused Of Witchcraft During Deliverance
Black Raped Five Year Old Girl
Black 19 Year Old Raped His  8 Year Old Sister After Promising To Buy Her Books


Armed Citizen Beheads Her Rapist [ 31 December 2012 ] 
A 26-year-old Turkish woman, who was impregnated by her rapist, reportedly shot and beheaded her alleged attacker to protect her honour. The case has forced the country into a new round in the intensifying debate over abortion.

Nevin Yildirim, a mother of two from Turkey's Yalvac district, faces charges of murder for the August killing of 35-year-old Nurettin Gider. Yildirim, according to CNN, is at least five months pregnant and claims she was rape-impregnated by Gider............. On Aug. 28, Yildirim claims spotted Gider climbing up a wall behind her house and grabbed a rifle that was hanging on the wall. "I knew he was going to rape me again," Yildirim said at an Aug. 30 preliminary hearing.

Yildirim allegedly shot Gider twice and chased him from her property. She claimed in court he was armed at the time. "He fell on the ground. He started cussing," she said. "I shot his sexual organ this time. He became quiet. I knew he was dead. I then cut his head off." Witnesses told police they saw Yildirim walk into the village square, carrying Gider's bloody head by his hair.

"Don't talk behind my back, don't play with my honour," Yildirim allegedly told witnesses in the square as she threw Gider's head to the ground. "Here is the head of the man who played with my honour."
The Armed Citizen pays off big time. Kill one rapist, make thousands nervous.

He will not try it on again. She didn't make a neat job of it but it is not that easy to do.


Detroit Massacre Gets 375 Murders In 2012, Main Stream Media Suppress Truth [ 31 December 2012 ]
With only a few days left in 2012, Detroit is poised to see its highest murder rate in nearly two decades. As of Dec. 16, there were 375 homicides -- more than the total each year since 2008, according to Detroit Police Department statistics..........

With the current known number of homicides, which is sure to grow by year's end, Detroit's homicide rate is roughly 53 homicides per 100,000 residents. The city's rate hasn't been this high since 1994, when it was roughly 54 homicides per 100,000 residents. In 2006, the rate hit 52 per 100,000. Meanwhile, New York City, with more than 8 million residents, recently reported a historic low of 414 homicides so far this year, putting the city's rate at 5 homicides per 100,000 residents..............

The majority of the homicides were the result of gunshots, and most of the victims were black men....... "It's so sad that our young black men are killing each other like that," she said. "I know there's hard times, but just to take a life for a couple dollars, I'm very saddened by it.".........

Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown said the Police Department needs to put more emphasis on seizing illegal guns. "The only difference between a homicide and a nonfatal shooting is maybe the aim," he said.
The Sandy Hook Massacre perpetrator was white so the Main Steam Media scream to the heavens. Blacks murder blacks so the Main Steam Media black out the stories. The Main Steam Media are Racist. They are Propaganda machines. Detroit is like Africa with guns and cars.


Rape Victim's Mother Murdered For Complaining [ 31 December 2012 ]
BETUL [ India ]: Imarti Bai (50) was shot dead not just for protesting against the rape of her daughter by a local goon. The tribal labourer woman from this dusty, nondescript small town in south Madhya Pradesh was fighting a war for her daughter's dignity against a well-organized gang of human traffickers while the police and district administration turned a deaf ear to her repeated calls for help.

On February 10, Imarti's daughter was allegedly raped by a gangster in the Majhinagar slum area where she lived on the outskirts of Betul district HQ, 180km south of Bhopal. The hoodlum, Rajesh Harore (32) with the help of a woman accomplice Rani Yadav, forced the 15-year-old girl on his bike and took her to a shanty where he allegedly raped her. The area's 1,200 or so residents watched the girl's abduction but none protested or tried to save the minor, a student of class VIII.

In this area, no one raises a voice against Rajesh Harore — a notorious land grabber and money lender. But Imarti Bai decided to fight back and went to the police. A case was registered under sections 376 (rape), 342 (wrongful confinement) and 506 (criminal intimidation) IPC.

Imarti Bai, the tribal labourer who tried to fight for justice after her daughter was raped, was shot dead on the night of March 23, when the rape accused Rajesh Harore returned with his gang to silence her. One of them — Mantu Yadav — shot Imarti dead in front of her family.
Foreign undesirables are at it. Foreign police are even more corrupt than ours. Her Majesty's Government wants to import scum like these. Her Majesty's Government does import them. Her Majesty's Government are traitors, in breach of their Oaths of Office.


Third World Rapist Beat Her Savagely Then Wanted Bail [  27 February 2014  ]

The judge didn't swallow that bit of insolence.


Black Rapist Executed In Missouri [  27 February 2014  ]

Perpetrator                                                       His victim

Black 'Nile Ripper' On Trial For Raping A Woman [  27 February 2014  ]

Stupid, vicious or both? At all events, imported by Treason.


Gypsy Rapists Attacked Children  [ 21 February 2014 ]
They were imported by Tories, by Labour, by Traitors, by Treason, by Her Majesty's Government with the collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.


Pakistanis Rape One Of Their Own, All 30 Of Them [ 21 February 2014 ]
This is an improvement on raping English girls. Using Sharia law could be the right way to deal with them. Castration, flogging & hanging make lots of sense.


Pakistani Solicitor Perverted The Course Of Justice, Judge Agreed To Cover Up For Her  [ 21 February 2014 ]
Was the judge another Pakistani? It seems not but he swallowed her story about cultural reasons so he has fallen for the Western Guilt story marketed by Cultural Marxists. He still went easy on her. She walked; Chris Huhne went to prison for telling the same lie.


Iraqi Asylum Seekers Screw Tax Payer Big Time [  28 September 2014 ]
Our wonderful government puts them in luxury flats. They sub-let. They get rich. You don't have to believe that Her Majesty's Government is bribing them to come here & sponge off us. You are wrong if you don't. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition colludes in this fraud. Foreign crooks are good for Labour's power base using Vote Rigging while Tories want them as cheap labour for Capitalist Swine. We are victims of our better instincts; Western Civilization has accepted the story of Western Guilt.


Politicians Have Blood On Their Hands After Allowing Foreign Criminals Into England [ 22 October 2014 ]
Politicians have "blood on their hands" for failing to tackle a growing problem with foreign criminals, a man whose daughter was left to die by a failed Iraqi asylum seeker after a hit-and-run collision has claimed.

As David Cameron, the Prime Minister, took personal responsibility for the emerging crisis, Paul Houston, whose 12-year-old daughter Amy died after being knocked over in 2003, said criminals' rights were still given priority over their victims.
An irate father is right. Cameron's allegation that he is taking responsibility is worthless lie.


Vicious Third World Thug Blinds Man In Bar Brawl [10 February 2015  ]
But he was charged with ABH not GBH; Actual Bodily Harm not Grievous Bodily Harm. Last time he left a baby permanently brain damaged by dangerous driving. He got away with 21 months that time. Is the prosecutor going easy again on Boparan because he is a Third World criminal or is it because he is rich? Of course it could be Racism, anti-English racism by all means but racism none the less.


Islamic Tried To Behead British Soldier [ 10 February 2015  ]
A teenage Islamist fanatic who idolised the Lee Rigby killers was caught in the street with a hammer and knife on his way to behead a British soldier, a court heard.

Brustholm Ziamani, 19, was stopped and found with the weapons wrapped inside an Islamic flag and had researched a series of military bases around London........

After his arrest he told a security officer at a police station that he had been on his way to “kill a British soldier at an army barracks,” prosecutor Annabel Darlow said.
This twerp, a third generation import presumably is the sort being used by Cameron and other corrupt politicians to destroy England by Ethnic Fouling In England, to be followed by Genocide.


Third World Thieves Stole £73 Million
AA City trader posed as a multi-millionaire with links to the Vatican and the Spanish nobility in an elaborate £73 million scam, a court heard. Luis Nobre, 49, was one of a gang of fraudsters led by Marek Rejniak who posed as international financiers to dupe Dutch shipping company Allseas Group Ltd into handing over the 'enormous sum' in 2011, it is claimed.......

They boasted they had access to "secret and lucrative" forms of trading through a trading platform connected to the Vatican via the Spanish nobility, The House of Aragon, to lure Allseas into parting with their cash.

Solicitor Buddika Kadurugamuwa, 46, allegedly helped launder £111,400 of criminal cash and appears in the dock alongside Mr Nobre.
'Spaniards' can act like decent human beings albeit sorting out the Spanish Armada made a lot of sense. Their lawyer is Singhalese or some such. There was a Pakistani among them who beat the rap by being written off as dead. Maxwell used that trick but then he was another enemy alien; a Jew at that. They were imported by Her Majesty's Government.


Romanian Thief Worked With Uber Drivers To Cheat The Firm [ 8 November 2017 ]
A teenager who teamed up with a gang of Uber drivers to fleece the taxi app out of thousands of pounds by booking fake journeys has been jailed for eight months. Onome Omonoseh, 19, created 'bogus' customer accounts with details of stolen credit cards from the dark web and booked long trips through the app. Omonoseh, of Islington, north London, would rack up a huge bill worth hundreds of pounds for a trip out of the capital and the driver would pocket three quarters of the fee.

Uber lost up to £10,000 while Omonoseh made at least £1,760 as the 'coordinator' of the scheme, however the prosecution accepted the figure was 'conservative'.
He got off lightly so he will soon be out with a lifetime of thieving in front of him. Is he going to be hanged or even just deported? Not a chance. Her Majesty's Government seem to prefer letting them stay. HMG is the real Enemy Within importing foreign undesirables, destroying Western Civilization.


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