History is a story, a true story. We cannot know all of it because the evidence just does not exist but we can try to discover the truth of what really happened. History teaching is another matter. It presents a view and can be grossly dishonest. It is then a propaganda tool. It is important to know who is telling the story and why.

Using the stories of slaves exported from Africa to America to make us ashamed of being English is part of the Culture Wars being waged against us by an Invisible Enemy. Their objective is Cultural Genocide. Their Long March Through The Institutions has succeeded. They have taken over the BBC and other communist subversives. They are God's Chosen People and mad dogs who will destroy the world if they are not stopped.

Here are some sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

History Perverted
Is a little "case study" of how these things are managed. Notice how the jargon of the left works its way in here.


Holocaust® History
The Holocaust® is not just history; it is not just propaganda used by Jews as an excuse for piracy, mass murder and ethnic cleansing. It is very profitable and tax free. Of course the survivors do not see much of the loot not even if they are Jews, even if they happen to be genuine. Who cares? They are just mug punters,


Inconvenient History
Is the best sort of history especially if it is true. It tells us who has an agenda and who is lying to us.


Jews Taking Over The Ukraine Holocaust
Projection: Who Were the Victims in the Ukraine?
One powerful clue we have to this twisted mystery is the effort even now to grotesquely turn the genocide of Ukrainians in the 1930s into a story of the victims themselves slaughtering the actual murderers............

Fr. Patrick Desbois, an obscure French priest.... penned the new book The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews. Though “unannounced, unexpected, and lacking any expertise in the history, culture or language of the Ukraine, a French priest, Fr. Patrick Desbois, suddenly emerged in 2004 in various Jewish media outlets as a man who had made a new, breathtaking, historical discovery about that nation!”

To wit, he claims that “the Ukrainians gunned down about two million Jews in 1941–42 by shooting them in the back of the head.” O’Connell considers this absurd. What is happening, he argues, is that Jews seeking to advance the Holocaust campaign (and to hide the crimes of Soviet Jewry) have once again gone trolling for a “useful idiot” to mouth their own message.............

This is an important story, for it instructs us in how Jews can consign their own murderous behavior to a trip down the memory hole, all the while blaming their victims for atrocities against Jews. This kind of projection of genocide needs to be exposed.
Perverting truth, perverting history; it is what Jews do so well. They are the masters of The Big Lie. They infiltrate governments, charities, education, law, business, even Holy Mother Church. There is nothing they will not stoop to. More source is at Ukraine  Massacres


Modern History
Starts with steam power taking over from muscle power.


Revisionism is the term used for historians that look for the truth about the Holocaust® story. It is one used by Jews who are marketing the Holocaust® and making lots of money out it, tax free dollars are much more useful because there are more of them. More and better details are at World Jewish Congress. It tells us who the perpetrators are.


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