History Perverted

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.
George Orwell

I would put a bit differently.

Who wants to control the present will control the past. Destroying our memories, the glue that holds us together means destroying history. It is part of the Marxist system of Entryism and Antonio Gramsci's approach to destroying civilization, his Long March Through The Institutions

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is a case in point.

Nelson' Second Death - Free Life Commentary No. 27, 26th January 1999
It celebrated a very distinguished naval history with the Battle of Trafalgar as perhaps its defining moment. The centerpiece was Nelson's coat, the one that he wore there, was shot in and died in. Now that has been downgraded to just another item in the collection. So too have most of the models of naval war ships dating back to 1650. They are now history rather than History.

Now we have exciting new displays which are relevant to modern age. There will be a large section on the slave trade telling people about England's guilty past. It does not to bother to tell us that England outlawed slavery on 23 August 1883 by way of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. It will definitely not tell us that the Royal Navy carried out major anti-slaving operations and lost more men thereby than died in two world wars.

The Americans gave Liberia to slaves and other blacks who wanted to go back. Few of them were stupid enough to take the offer. Her Majesty's Government did the same with Sierra Leone. See the  Wikipedia on the point.

All of these changes took place with the approval of the entire board of trustees including Prince Philip and Prince Andrew, both of whom served for real in the Royal Navy, according to the museum's director, one Richard Ormond, who also said:-

QUOTE - ex Free Life Commentary No. 27, 26th January 1999
"We're not spitting in our predecessors' graves, but when this museum was created the Red Ensign ruled supreme and as a maritime nation we were on the crest of a great wave. We are in a different world today," he said. "Unless we find new intellectual purpose and bring home to people that the sea is still central to our lives, we will become a sideshow museum dealing with traditional artifacts for an increasingly limited market."

He did not bother to say that the new intellectual purpose is the destruction of England and that he is following the advice of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the Communist Party. That would have given the game away. Nor did he attempt to justify the  displays devoted to multiculturalism - including an exhibit about London's Notting Hill Carnival. See The Telegraph on these changes. If you think that is only happening in one museum you should try looking at some others.


Abraham Lincoln
Offers us another example of the truth perverted. Some questions in history are honest. Others are the result of determined suppression in pursuit of a political agenda. The story line on the Bolshevik Revolution is another example.


Australia and Aboriginals
Abos are victims! This much is true. The loud mouthed patter merchants complaining about their plight are the perpetrators who caused their problems in the first place. It was documented by Keith Windschuttle. The left whined about being called liars but did not sue for Libel. In other words they are guilty as Hell.


Civil War I
Was NOT about slavery. It had to do with politics and secession.


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