Capitalism is a good system according to some people. Others hate it but live on it. Pope Leo XIII told us in Rerum Novarum, his great encyclical of 1891  that Capitalism is bad but that Socialism, a reaction to it is worse.

Georges Doriot ex Wiki
Was innovator in Venture Capital, the idea of putting money into high tech start ups. He began in 1946.


Capitalist Fools
Some of them are genuine fools. Others find it convenient to pretend they are. It is a useful get out clause when things go wrong. It can keep a man out of prison.


Capitalist Swine
Capitalist swine are often deeply sincere. It is possible to ask just why they want that much. Greed can be utterly unlimited. Brown is one of the nastier examples. His income was well over 500 billion; he wanted more. Blair is another but more straightforward. He lied, finagled and cheated for his own benefit, not ours. Cameron is alleged to be another such but his greed is quite modest; he has got a couple of million.


Wall Street
Is not just in the belly of the beast; it is the beast.


Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
Wall Street financed the Bolsheviks. Believe it or believe it not; It is true. Both sides of the matter profited and that is the way they like it.