Pressure Groups

There are dozens of them. Some wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others have hidden agendas. Given the reality that governments are not by the people, of the people and for the people but are the tools of special interest groups the issue is important. Here are some of the players. The stakes are high. Governments extort billions and a golden shower is poured on the men who make the right noises in the right quarters. Then there is death. Governments make war for reasons, good, bad and indifferent. The invasion of Iraq is the grossest current example and was set up by a few dozen criminals, very few of whom ever wore uniform, far less heard a shot fired in anger. They called themselves NeoConservatives. They were largely Jews and Trotskyists.

ACLU is short for the American Civil Liberties Union. Is it controlled by Jews? If you ask the right questions you can get the right answers. If you don't ask it is much less likely. Lots of people sit in front of their television sets watching the rubbish day after day not realising that it is a major part of the cultural genocide being inflicted on us by a traitorous ruling class. But read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Amnesty International
Amnesty sounds decent. It is effective and it is subverted; taken over by Zionist crazies with an agenda. You might think that AI would be against mass murder. You would be right unless Jews are the perpetrators. That is why it was infiltrated.


This mob is honest to a slight extent. It does not pretend that it is not run by Jews for Jews. It may well be that it should be registered as an agent of  a foreign power since it is run by Zionist crazies acting for the murderous regime in Tel Aviv.
PS Two of their men are currently on trial in America for espionage.


The Awareness Centre
Is one of the decent ones. It is run by a Jew who publicises Jewish perverts and sex criminals. This does not always make her popular.


Is part of the media and a very rich part at that. It is a major propaganda machine which has achieved a reputation for impartiality which is a function of their cunning.


Are pressure groups with tax advantages. They can also be conduits for money laundering.


Conservative Friends of Israel
Labour Friends of Israel
Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
The similarity of names is not just coincidence. All three groups are in Parliament clustered round the sources of power and patronage. Making the rules for their own benefit is the name of the game.


Jewish Front Organizations
Is what the name says. They tend to be more conspicuous in America.


March of the Living
Are a bunch of parasitic Jews making a living out of the Holocaust® Racket. Holocaust survivors, whether real or alleged come down the line. It's Devil take the hindmost.


World Jewish Congress
Are master con men. They took various governments for $20 BILLION using the Holocaust® Story.


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