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There are many Jewish organizations in Washington working to control American politicians and policies. They are very effective. One obvious example is that George Bush sent the American army to war in Iraq because the Zionists wanted control of Middle East oil. But they do have their problems from time to time. Being accused of espionage is just one of the hazards. That is what happened to AIPAC. Comment follows. Other players get a mention too. Haaretz is based in Israel so its bias is clear. It is honest sometimes

The number after the name of the outfit is the Alexa rating. A low number means higher traffic. Here are just some of them. The goodies have noticeably worse ratings from Alexa which implies that they are that much less effective but they do believe in human rights for Arabs too.

Jewish Tribal Review's List
This listing of ostensibly non-Jewish organizations makes mine look tiny.

Institute For Policy Studies
Is a propaganda operation run by Jews.



The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Is sound on Jewish racism. See inter alia Ethnic Cleansing and Israel’s Racist Discourse
Jewish Peace News
Means well but you have to enlist
NETUREI KARTA                                         441,173
Are anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews who have every sympathy with the dispossessed Palestinians and their  struggle for justice. Masada 2000 does not approve.
American Council For Judaism                   5,193,740
A decent outfit which has blown the whistle on Jewish attitudes to the rest of us and the nastier bits of the Talmud. For something this go to Jewish Ethnocentrism in the Talmud There has been no noticeable effect yet though. This is reflected in their Alexa rating.
Jews against Zionism                                     518,368
Traditional Jews Are Not Zionists Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews
Jews against Zionism     same name, different outfit, no Alexa rating
" ... the brutal and illegal tactics of the Israeli Defence Forces in the occupied territories ... [the] occupation, the forced evacuations, the settlements, the refugee camps, the whole shameful history of the dreadful suffering of the Palestinian people; Jews, of all people, with our history of suffering, should refuse to treat our fellow human beings like that." (Tony Kushner; Interview, London Times, 7 May 02)
Israel has shamelessly exploited the fate of European Jewry (the Nazi Holocaust) as a cloak for gross human rights abuses.
You cannot say that they are beating about the beating about the bush.
Jews for Justice for Palestinians
The name is an advertising prospectus but presumably their hearts are in the right place and London to boot.
Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict        2,265,260
Was published by Jews for Jews. Links to other interested outfits.
Yeshayahu Leibowitz (1903-1994)            1,572,900
Leibowitz was also uncompromising in his political views. Although he had been active in various political groups, he disapproved of the system of party rule and the numerous political parties, including the religious parties. He labored publicly against government corruption and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Following the Six Day War, he objected staunchly to retaining any Arab territory, arguing that occupation morally destroys the conqueror. He supported military conscientious objection to serving in the territories and in Lebanon, and it was largely his vociferous left-wing views that made him such a controversial figure.
Undeniable Facts                                         5,037,723
Palestinians on practical Zionism.


The Enemy

ADL = Anti-Defamation League                    33,057
One of the noisier and more effective mobs.


Daniel Goldhagen
Is a Jew, a liar and a propaganda front man.


Simon Wiesenthal Center                                63,164
Their rationale is chasing down Nazis and now they are running out of them but they will find new targets while ignoring ethnic cleansing and massacres in Israel.
Southern Poverty Law Center                          82,889
Run by Morris Dees and a very nice little earner.  Dees won  $51,875 for a black woman. He made  $9 million from fund raising operations featuring her son. She got not a penny of that. He pays himself  $275,000 per annum.  See also The Church of Morris Dees By Ken Silverstein Harper's Magazine, November 2000 - How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance. He has been accused of  being a   Child Molester, Pervert, and Liar but he is a rich one.


American Jewish Committee                               214,048
Has a list lifted from [ 661,000 ] complete with the spelling mistakes. It gives some useful looking sources.


American-Israel Public Affairs Committee [ AIPAC ]        380,330
AIPAC is considered one of the five most powerful lobbies in Washington, alongside giants like the American Association of Retired Persons and the National Rifle Association, whose budgets dwarf AIPAC's. Another proof of its power is the presence at the main banquet of its annual policy conference of senior U.S. politicians. Last year, about half the Senate and one-third of the Congress was at the banquet, alongside governors and dozens of other politicians. Not many other organizations can put on such a display.

AIPAC is sure that it hasn't lost its clout on the Hill. Dozens of lawmakers have demonstrated their support for the lobby since the start of the investigation; some have even lodged protests with the administration over the length and character of the investigation.
The Israel Lobby  says that AIPAC is the most powerful lobby; Haaretz says differently:-
AIPAC is widely regarded as the most powerful foreign-policy lobby in Washington. Its 60,000 members shower millions of dollars on hundreds of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Newspapers like the New York Times fear the Jewish lobby organizations as well. "It's very intimidating," said a correspondent at another large daily. "The pressure from these groups is relentless.
They have their problems currently. Two of their men have been fingered for espionage against America.
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem        690,345
Christians in America seem prone to believe that helping Jews take over Palestine should be a major part of their agenda.
Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) ZOA      695,910
Haaretz says that this is a right wing outfit.
Americans for a Safe Israel www.afsi    880,159
Canada-Israel Committee    925,323
Israel Policy Forum (IPF) Israel Policy Forum                    4,575,239
Haaretz says that this is a left-wing organization.

Americans For Peace Now ( APN )
Haaretz says that this is a left-wing organization.
B'nai B'rith District 21 of Australia and New Zealand
Commonwealth Jewish Council
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

Gatestone Institute
Harold Rhode’s Muslim problem may have just turned into a Harold Rhode problem.

Rhode, thankfully, no longer serves in the Pentagon, where he once headed up an in-house think-tank that played a role in cherry-picking and over-emphasizing shoddy intelligence in favor of attacking Iraq. These days, Rhode is relegated the Gatestone Institute, a spin-off of the Hudson Institute where right-wingers (along with Alan Dershowitz) champion hawkish, often “pro-Israel” policies and, not infrequently, rattle off Islamophobic blogposts. (Rhode also serves as a board member of the Islamophobic film production group, Clarion Fund.) In his latest Gatestone posting, Rhode goes on at length about what he thinks is a quirk more or less unique to Islamic cultures, and one that proves how violent they are. Here’s a long excerpt, with my emphasis:

Would we name our children Warrior, Conqueror, Sword, or Holy War? These are the meanings of personal names commonly used in the Muslim world, and may give some insight into Muslim values, especially regarding violence. Violence has been endemic to Muslim society from its inception more than 1,400 years ago. [...]

Western societies almost never give their children names which denote violence. The Protestants who settled America often gave their children names indicative of their values, such as Felicity, Charity, Prudence, Hope, Faith, Joy or Chastity. Other Christians gave their children names that reflect similar values, or names from the Old or New Testaments: Miriam, Mary, David, Luke. As names can be an indicator of how a civilization views itself and the outside world, names parents choose to give their children are at least something of a guide to what they hold in high regard and what they wish for their children. And as Muslims often choose names related to war and violence, could those possibly be indicative of their values?

Got that? Parents give their children violent names because they come from inherently violent societies. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Rhode got some ‘splainin’ to do, as the kids say. According to one baby name site, “Harold” means “leader of an army“; according to another, “army ruler“; another says it’s a “compound name composed of the elements here (army) and weald (ruler, power, control).” You get the idea. Surely this militarist outlook is exactly what Rhode’s parents wanted to project to the outside world, “indicative of their values,” values of violence and war. What does this say about Rhode’s civilization?
Being written up by Loon Watch is probably explanation enough.
Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

World Jewish Congress
World Jewish Council
It existed but it does not seem to have a web site. Shy and retiring people in some ways, especially when funds go missing.
Zionist Federation of Australia
Jewish Murderer Killed  [ 6 November 2005 ]
A Jewish Defense League thug, one Earl Krugel, 62, was killed in an assault Friday evening at the Federal Correctional Institution.  He got 20 years  for his role in a plot to bomb a California mosque and the office of a Lebanese-American US congressman. He concealed evidence about other Jewish thugs.

The Occidental Quarterly                                295,211
Gives us the following neo-conservative outfits and an analysis of their agenda.

  • AEI: American Enterprise Institute—A neoconservative think tank; produces and disseminates books and articles on foreign and domestic policy;
  • AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee—The main pro-Israel lobbying organization in the U.S., specializing in influencing the U.S. Congress;
  • CSP: Center for Security Policy—Neoconservative think tank specializing in defense policy; formerly headed by Douglas Feith, CSP is now headed by Frank Gaffney; the CSP is strongly pro-Israel and favors a strong U.S. military;
  • JINSA: Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs—Pro-Israel think tank specializing in promoting military cooperation between the U.S. and Israel; - 568,566
  • MEF: Middle East Forum—Headed by Daniel Pipes, the MEF is a pro-Israel advocacy organization overlapping with the WINEP but generally more strident;
  • PNAC: Project for the New American Century—Headed by Bill Kristol, the PNAC issues letters and statements signed mainly by prominent Neocons and designed to influence public policy;
  • SD/USA: Social Democrats/USA—“Left-neoconservative” political organization advocating pro-labor social policy and pro-Israel, anticommunist foreign policy;
  • WINEP: Washington Institute for Near East Policy—Pro-Israel think tank specializing in producing and disseminating pro-Israel media material;
  • ZOA: Zionist Organization of America—Pro-Israel lobbying organization associated with the more fanatical end of the pro-Israel spectrum in America;

This link gives us:-


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