The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the most influential special interest group in America, a big part of the Israel Lobby and that is saying a lot. AIPAC is doing its utmost to make America attack Iran. It was complicit in the fraudulent American invasion of Iraq and it has two men in court for spying on America. All of this is  for Zionist interests and America be damned. NB The source of the second story is Jewish and shameless. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

AIPAC and Israel
Fred explains. AIPAC makes Israel hated. It's easy; bombing, torture, rape, that kind of thing. Congress will have to choose between paying $20 a gallon for gas or humouring AIPAC. There is only one answer as far as voters are concerned. Gas matters. Zionist crazies do not.


American Israel Public Affairs Committee ex Wikipedia
The Wiki's agenda is highly operational when Jews are involved. They are not going to tell us that AIPAC bribes Congress and runs America even though it is true.


AIPAC espionage scandal from the Wikipedia
"The investigation and prosecutions, which began in 1999, have attracted attention because critics of U.S. Israeli policy have long claimed AIPAC has served ..."
This is from the Wikipedia, which is often a propaganda machine. Notice the enthusiastic use of Words as Propaganda Tools; words like alleged and claimed.


AIPAC - Fred Explains
Because Jews have a well-earned reputation for being intelligent, one might make the mistake of expecting them necessarily to behave intelligently. No. Brains only provide the means to be more elaborately and ornately stupid. The smart merely make more complex mistakes. Historically, horrendous misjudgements have usually been the children of good minds. When you mix acuity with fanaticism, you get an ungodly stew almost certain to end in disaster. This may be worth thinking about.

Intelligence does allow the fabrication of high-sounding motives. Thugs simply hit people on the head. It is a straightforward and honest undertaking. The smart come up with grand justifications. Americans had Manifest Destiny and now have Spreading Democracy. Israel says its settlements have the right of "natural growth" or, in German, Lebensraum. All these amount to "I want it. Give it to me or I'll kill you."
It is claimed that not all Jews are evil. Fred seems to think so. Birdman ditto. Perhaps it is just the thugs that run the place - that is Tel Aviv which in turn controls Washington - who enjoy mass murder.


AIPAC listed 2nd most powerful group on Fortune list
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

A forthcoming edition of Fortune magazine ranks the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as the second most powerful interest group in Washington. The magazine, which based its findings on a survey of Washington political players, said AIPAC - along with the Association of Trial Lawyers and the American Medical Association -

The pro-Israel lobby, which the magazine called "calculatedly quiet," has for years been successful in encouraging members of Congress and the administration to support U.S. foreign aid to Israel and other issues related to the U.S.-Israel relationship. Contrary to the article in Fortune's Dec. 8 issue, AIPAC does not contribute money to political candidates.

However, in response to a lawsuit, the Federal Election Commission found in 1992 that AIPAC spent money in an effort to influence congressional elections. AIPAC maintains that the specific expenditures were permissible under campaign finance laws.

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon weigh in on that issue, with arguments scheduled for Jan. 14 in a case involving AIPAC's legal status.

Reacting to the Fortune ranking, a national spokeswoman for AIPAC said, "If we are as successful as portrayed, it's due to the profound interest Americans have in ensuring the strong bonds between the U.S. and Israel, and their willingness to roll up their sleeves to do something about it."

Irving Shuman, AIPAC's Arizona state chair, said the No. 2 ranking did not surprise him. "The issues (facing) the U.S.-Israel relationship are so strong and so powerful that when there is a project, we mobilize to the Nth degree, like we did a couple weeks ago with regard to the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act," Shuman said.

"Every AIPAC member called people they had contact with in both the House and Senate and got an incredible amount of people to sign on (in support of that legislation.)"

The Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act would require the Clinton Administration to report to Congress when it has evidence a foreign person has transferred or attempted to transfer missile technology or related goods to Iran, and would require that trade sactions [ sic ] be imposed when such transfers are discovered. The legislation passed the House of Representatives and is expected to be considered by the Senate when it reconvenes in January.

Fortune polled members of Congress, top congressional staffers, senior White House aides, top officers of lobbying organizations and professional lobbyists, asking them to rank the clout of 120 leading interest groups. The American Association of Retired Persons got top ranking in the Fortune survey, which was conducted this fall by Democratic pollster Mark Mellman and Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

After AIPAC, the AFL-CIO, the National Federation of Independent Business and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America rounded out the top five.

The National Rifle Association, the Christian Coalition, the American Medical Association, the National Education Association and the National Right to Life Committee completed the top 10 list.

Daniel Kurtzman writes from Washington. Jewish News staff writer Randi Barocas contributed to this report.


AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington
"AIPAC's executive director spent twenty-seven minutes reading the "roll call" of ... AIPAC's interest, Israel's interest and America's interest are today ..."
Are they wrong about the danger AIPAC poses? No and various Christian twerps [ Christians United for Israel ] are backing them because of what they see in the Bible.


ADL Watch
Is very sound on AIPAC's systematic espionage, theft of classified documents and general treachery. See inter alia:-
AIPAC Bares All to Quash Lawsuit by Grant Smith
The back-of-the-envelope history of the A.D.L.
Jewish McCarthyism
New Film "Defamation" Is Expose of ADL
Desperate Fanatics: The ADL Pounds The Table!
ADL Pushes Legislation That May Threaten Talk Show Hosts And Free Speech


Can American Jews unplug the Israel lobby?
In 2004, Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings had the bad taste to reveal this inconvenient truth when he said, "You can't have an Israel policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here."........ "We can count on well over half the House -- 250 to 300 members -- to do reflexively whatever AIPAC wants." In unguarded moments, even top AIPAC figures have confirmed such claims.
The Israel Lobby means AIPAC mainly.


Christians United for Israel
"CUFI is a national Christian grassroots movement focused on one issue: supporting Israel. Although we’re less than one year old, we’re spreading like a ..."
People are prone to think that a lot of Americans are half wits. These twerps are first class evidence.


How Israel Lobby Took Control Of US Foreign Policy
It can be done. Cunning, bribery and blackmail are the principal techniques. It was done and still is.


The Mobsters Who Funded AIPAC
The wages of sin are tax free but giving to your own tribe buys silence from witnesses, blind eyes from investigators and favourable verdicts from bent judges.
PS This is solidly provable fact from government records. The guilty include Meyer Lansky associate Aaron Weisberg and mobster John Factor (aka "Jake the Barber").


Israeli Spy Worked With AIPAC - Israel's Propaganda Front [ 5 November 2009 ]
An agent of the Israeli intelligence service worked on the staff of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) according to a newly declassified FBI file. An August 13, 1984 secret communication from the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO) to the FBI director states, "WFO files disclose that AIPAC is a powerful pro-Israel lobbying group staffed by U.S. citizens. WFO files contain an unsubstantiated allegation that a member of the Israeli Intelligence Service was a staff member of AIPAC." The newly declassified document may be downloaded from the Israel Lobby Archive at: 

The secret FBI file was declassified and released to the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. IRmep sought the FBI files to file a third amicus brief urging Judge T.S. Ellis not to dismiss charges against two AIPAC staffers under the 1917 Espionage Act. The DOJ dropped espionage charges against former AIPAC staffers Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman on May 1, 2009. According to the newly released IRmep book "Spy Trade: How Israel's Lobby Undermines America's Economy," the 1984 and 2005 espionage incidents were not isolated events. Using declassified documents, "Spy Trade" documents Israeli covert actions against US military and industrial targets from the 1940s through the present. "Spy Trade" also presents a damage assessment for the 1984 AIPAC industrial espionage incident: US $71 billion in lost exports, equivalent to 100,000 jobs over the last decade. "Spy Trade" may be purchased at,, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores. The Israel Lobby Archive,, is a unit of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington. The Archive digitizes declassified documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act filings with law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The Archive facilitates permanent direct citizen access to critical records that briefly enter the public domain but vanish for lack of warranted mainstream media coverage.
SOURCE  Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy
So AIPAC are enemy aliens! Not news, merely confirmation.


On Israel, America and AIPAC
George Soros, a very rich Jew tells us that AIPAC is stupid AND vicious; a danger to Israel and world peace. I'll drink to that.


AIPAC Was Founded By A Communist Jew [ 12 March 2012 ]
Newly-released classified documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have revealed that the founder of the biggest Zionist lobby in America, AIPAC, was also a member of the US Communist Party.

AIPAC was founded in 1951 by Isaiah Leo Kenen. The FBI documents, available to download in full here, revealed that he was a member of the Cleveland unit of the Communist Party (CPUSA) in 1939.

Kenen, who died in 1988, relied upon a long association with Jewish political organizations to found the committee in 1954. The committee has been instrumental in assuring that Israel receives more military and economic aid from the United States than any other country..........

In 1992, AIPAC president David Steiner was forced to resign after he was recorded boasting about his political influence in obtaining aid for Israel. Steiner also claimed that he had �met with (then Bush U.S. Secretary of State) Jim Baker and I cut a deal with him. I got, besides the $3 billion, you know they�re looking for the Jewish votes, and I�ll tell him whatever he wants to hear � Besides the $10 billion in loan guarantees which was a fabulous thing, $3 billion in foreign, in military aid, and I got almost a billion dollars in other goodies that people don�t even know about.�

Steiner also claimed to be �negotiating� with the incoming Clinton administration over who Clinton would appoint as Secretary of State and Secretary of the National Security Agency. Steiner stated that AIPAC had �a dozen people in [the Clinton] campaign, in the headquarters� in Little Rock, and they�re all going to get big jobs.�
Treason and treachery are very much Jewish things.


Jews Smuggled 800 Nuclear Triggers Into Israel [ 15 April 2012 ]
California-based MILCO International Inc. shipped 15 orders totalling 800 Krytrons to the Israeli Ministry of Defence between 1979 and 1983. Israeli movie producer Arnon Milchan's Heli Trading Company brokered the transactions. A kryton is a gas-filled tube used as a high speed switch.  Export from the US requires a US State Department munitions license because krytons can be used as triggers for nuclear weapons.  The US rejected several requests for Kryton export licenses to Israel.  MILCO obtained the krytons from EG&G Inc.

A US Attorney tried to get MILCO President Richard Kelly Smyth to implicate Milchan in the illegal kryton export during plea bargaining. The negotiation failed, and in May, 1984, Smyth was indicted on 30 counts of smuggling and making false statements......... In November, Smyth was sentenced to 40 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, though he was free within four years.....

A 2011 biography called "Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan" claims Milchan was recruited into Israel's LAKAM economic espionage unit in his 20's and became a key operative for Benjamin Blumberg (head of LAKAM), and Rafi Eitan [ Israeli Chief of Staff and cabinet minister, involved in the Sabra and Shatila Massacres ] (who ran Jonathan Pollard and infiltrated NUMEC)..........

MILCO did 80 percent of its business with Milchan, including transfers of other US technologies useful to Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons programs. (Gyroscopes, neutron generators, high-speed oscilloscopes, computerized flight control systems.) 
Jews pretend they do not have Nukes. They are lying of course. They claim that Iran is making them; another lie of course. They are using it as an excuse to start World War III.


AIPAC Is Run By Jews Betraying America  [ 15 April 2012 ]
AIPAC [ The American Israel Public Affairs Committee ] Obtained Missile Secrets
The chairman of the American Palestine Committee and close confidant of �Rabbi Outcast� Elmer Berger nearly succeeded in having American Israel Public Affairs (AIPAC) Director Morris Amitay prosecuted for trafficking classified national defense information in the mid-1970s.

In 1975, the Ford administration attempted to sell improved Hawk anti-aircraft missiles to Jordan and duly sent notification containing classified Department of Defense data to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee. AIPAC Director Morris Amitay reviewed the classified document after being informed of its existence �secretly by aides of Senator Clifford P. Case, Republican of New Jersey, and Representative Jonathan B. Bingham, Democrat of New York� according to the New York Times. Amitay and AIPAC quickly mounted a massive campaign in opposition to the missile sale, telling constituent public pressure groups that the weapons were capable of �providing cover for offensive operations against Israel.� After delays, Jordan considered acquiring a similar system from the Soviet Union.....

While the Department of Justice may now have earned a reputation as the place where warranted prosecutions of AIPAC go to die, there is little evidence Israel�s lobby has similarly captured the pool of D.C. Appeals Court judges. The ghost of Norman Dacey � bane of American bar associations nationwide � may yet prevail.

Read more by Grant Smith
Israel�s Nuclear Triggers � March 21st, 2012
The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC � February 27th, 2012
AIPAC Tries to Bamboozle DC Appeals Court � January 10th, 2012
AIPAC Economic Warfare Also Targets US � December 9th, 2011
Americans Pay Dearly to Maintain Israel�s Nuclear Secrets � October 19th, 2011
Treason as normal, business as normal. America has a Zionist Occupation Government


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