Men in medicine are keen to tell us how to run our lives and be safe. Then it turns out that their foul ups leave a trail of death behind them. Physician heal thyself and keep thy mouth shut.

Hugh Pennington - Infection Specialist
Read the horror story in the Main Stream Media then go to Professor Pennington for the truth.


Philip Francis Stanley in Talpa Texas
Is recommended by Fred as a eye doctor to avoid at all costs. Fred found out the hard way by losing his sight. Do you want to?  See Medical Disaster


Teixobactin ex Wiki
Is an antibiotic that will not cause drug resistance. It was developed in January 2015 by a collaboration of four institutes in the U.S. and Germany together with two pharmaceutical companies, who reported they had discovered a new antibiotic, killing "without detectable resistance". [1][2][3][4] Teixobactin was discovered from the previously uncultured Eleftheria terrae, using the iChip technique to screen unculturable soil bacteria.


Alcohol Guidelines Are Based On Determinedly Ignoring The Evidence
Boozing is unsafe at ‘any level’, thunders chief quack
Show us your science. What? You mean you don’t have any?


Is a political disease. It was spread by monkeys to blacks then to Homosexuals. The Homosexual lobby is powerful because it is used by Jews. The black lobby is used by Jews too and for the same reason, as part of the Culture War being waged against us. The objectives are Cultural Genocide  and Ethnic Fouling.


Better Than Penicillin
After breaking his foot five years ago, Toronto bass player Alfred Gertler got an infection that antibiotics couldn’t cure. Doctors told him he might have to have his foot amputated. But then he read about a radically different way to treat infections. The treatment was in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, at the Eliava Institute in Tbilisi..........

What Eliava did have was treatment that worked. They poured an ointment in the wound and within three days, the infection was gone..... The treatment used something called bacteriophage – or “phage” as some call it. Researchers at Eliava are convinced that phages are a fine, natural alternative to antibiotics......

No one thinks phages will replace antibiotics completely, but they may be part of the answer when antibiotics don’t work. “I think we’re absolutely crazy if we don’t learn to use them and to use them well and efficiently and effectively,” says Kutter.
Intralytix are working on the product in America but they will not be selling it so cheap as the Georgians.


Cancer is a condition that worries people but it is primarily a disease of old age. More people get it because they are living longer so it should qualify as a non-issue.


Cannabis Versus Aspirin
An eminent medical man takes a position.


Care in the community 'kills 40 a year'
The NHS releases lunatics into the community. Aforesaid lunatics murder 40 people a year. It saves the NHS millions. Does Her Majesty's Government care? No, not really. They want the money to waste on other things.


These are the trails left by aircraft spraying us with nasty chemicals for nefarious purposes. That is the theory. Then there is the evidence which is another matter; there isn't any.


Is it a medical issue or a sociological issue? Jews do it which makes it a religious peculiarity. Does that make it desirable? Not a chance. When it happens to girls that is very awful but Jews don't use it so we are allowed to say so; it's only Arabs, blacks and such like.


Doctors Can Damage Your Health
Doctors can kill. Doctors do kill. Usually it is by accident - but not always.


Doctor Death Can Kill You 
Medics in America are the third most successful cause of death. So avoid them like the plague, especially Third World ethnics.


Drink More Not Less - Treat Psychiatrists With The Contempt They Deserve
Lewis Page explains all. Oldies should keep on drinking in moderation.


Have been made illegal which distorts the market place and stimulated demand. They have created a multigigabuck industry which pays policing agencies, Free Traders and the American CIA, the world's biggest narcotic smuggler.


Death comes to us all in the end. Die hard or die easy? Make a choice. Going in comfort is the ideal way out. It is not going to happen by courtesy of the NHS. They don't offer the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient; they just give it. Keeping it secret from the relatives is policy. They would say it's not murder but................


Guns are Dangerous
Doctors want to take our guns. They kill more than guns. Governments want to take our guns. They kill far more than guns and doctors.


Health Care And The Guilds
Is a proposal for a better system of medicine that owes much to Pope Leo and Rerum Novarum


Heroin, Russia And Denial
Heroin is a killer in excess. So are whiskey, gin and even beer. Opium was dangerous, in excess. Perhaps the right response to ask why people go to excess. One answer is stress and there are no easy fixes. Looking after people is my answer for decent government. It is alien to Her Majesty's Government and even more so to Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. Pandering to bankers means pay offs later. Pandering to dole bludgers means votes now. But this is more to do with health in Russia where heroin leads to dirty needles and AIDS.


Is a fraud upon the public. Money rides on this one, your money makes their life style.


Homeopathy And Bad Science
Homeopaths have been suing someone [ Singh ] who says they are a bunch of chancers. The Graun puts a view. Singh won in spite of the judge.


Homosexuals Die Younger, Much Younger
The evidence is out there. I am not shedding  a tear about it. There are unfortunate exceptions but an average of thirty years less is impressive.


Measles was not a big issue. Now it is for reasons good, bad or indifferent.


Mutant Mosquitoes Able To Block Malaria
It sounds good but means that millions of blacks will not die so they will join the Third World aliens flooding England & the rest of Western Civilization. These mutants cannot transmit the disease but they spread through to 99.5% of a mosquito population in a year. Clever.


PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Is the trendy name for shell shock. There are views on it. Gwynne Dyer explains.


Was forced onto us during war years, until 1945. The Labour Party kept it going until 1954, long after it was justified. The nanny state becomes the bully state at the drop of a hat.


Hospital superbug claims 49 lives [ 1 October 2006 ]
Leading hospital trust admits that a 'hypervirulent' infection claimed the lives of at least 49 patients - and possibly as many as 78 people - in the space of nine months.
Medics are keen to tell us how to run our lives. They manage to kill thousands. Hygiene failures are a major cause.
PS 49 kills are the minimum. It could be 78.


Psychiatry Is A Boondoggle
This source makes a valuable point. Freud started this one. Freud was a charlatan. Where does that leave the rest?


Medics Kill Americans
Americans pay their medics well. They should get good treatment. They may well get some of the world's best. It is certainly not the worst. Things still go wrong. Then they sue for megabucks.


MMR Jab Research Was Fraudulent Says The Guardian [ 13 January 2011 ]
"Just hours ago," announced CNN's Anderson Cooper from New York last Wednesday, "the British Medical Journal – BMJ – did something extremely rare for a scientific journal. It accused a researcher, Andrew Wakefield, of outright fraud."

The occasion for this judgment was a BMJ editorial, backing the first report in a series by me. Following some two dozen of my MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine stories in the Sunday Times – dating as far back as February 2004 – I'd brought the evidence together in a 16,000-word epic for the journal, plus 10,000 more in references and footnotes. It laid out the full gory detail behind the flaws in Wakefield's original Lancet paper that kicked off the scandal over MMR and its supposed link to autism, leading to a significant drop in uptake of the vaccine.

This followed earlier revelations that he had been hired by a firm of lawyers to make a case against the three-in-one shot, that he had been paid £435,643, plus expenses, and that families were recruited for the study through anti-vaccine groups, rather than being a random sample..
This is disappointing. You like to think that scientists are doing research honestly. It does not work like that. The Global Warming mob proved that with their lies.


Or National Health Service is a government boondoggle with all that implies; corruption, idleness and de facto fraud included.


NHS kills 34,000 every year  [ 3 November 2005 ]
Shipman, an NHS doctor got 215 all by himself. That was for the fun of it. The NHS tends to kill by incompetence. They killed Tosher among the rest. Being sanctimonious about people doing what they want to do like drinking and smoking is part of the fun. Foul ups happen in civilized countries too.


NHS is not Wonderful - Say so and Get Sacked [ 22 October 2005 ]
Blair throws money at the NHS. Clerks get hired. The service gets worse. Say so and get sacked. The truth is not an option under New Labour.


Old America
You think life is tough? Just be grateful that you were not working for a living then.


Second Hand Smoking Risks Are Grossly Over Stated
The health industry uses propaganda. Propagandists use health and fear to control us. This is just another example.


Smoking, Cancer And Propaganda [ 24 December 2007 ]
For many decades the public health authorities, the media and politicians have propagated dire warnings about the harmfulness of smoking tobacco products for the individual smoker. When these dire warnings failed to persuade all smokers to stop, the public health authorities began propagating dire warnings about the effects of passive inhalation of tobacco smoke by non-smokers......
If the “official” truth that smoking tobacco is a horrifying health hazard is true, then international statistics on the rate of tobacco use in different countries should show a consistent relationship to the number of people who die from cancer and from heart disease in these countries.................

A rational person ought to conclude that the correlation between smoking tobacco products daily and horrible health consequences is quite weak.
If you expect governments to tell the truth you are naive or not paying attention. They are run by special interests. Health fanatics are only one such.


Swine Flu
The real issue is health scares and manipulating people rather than health per se.


Two-Thirds Of Medical Research Is Wrong Or Fraudulent [6 July 2010 ]
Have you been left confused by expert health advice? Even people like me, with years of experience in science and medical journalism, are left scratching our heads when research is contradicted by other studies or turns out to be wrong. In early 2008, new guidelines for life-saving emergency heart attack treatment said you should no longer bother with the 'mouth-to-mouth' part of CPR (­cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Instead, you should pump the chest non-stop. Having got my Red Cross certificate some years ago, I wanted to know more - but discovered that while this change was endorsed by the European Resuscitation Council, the Red Cross still trains people to give mouth-to-mouth..........

John Ioannidis, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases who is also a medical research analyst, has looked at hundreds of studies and discovered that two in every three conclusions published in medical journals are later found to be wrong. The problem is that those are the sorts of conclusion your doctor reads when deciding if it makes sense to prescribe an antibiotic for your child's ear infection, or if the benefits outweigh the risks in suggesting that middle-aged men take a small daily dose of aspirin. The two-out-of-three wrongness rate Professor Ioannidis found could be worse: he examined only the less than one- tenth of 1 per cent of research that makes it to prestigious journals. So, what is going on?
Some of the reasons for mistakes are creditable. When drug companies are paying the motive is clear and it really does make a difference.


World Health Organization
Is another bureaucracy spawned by the UN. Does it do good? For its employees yes. For others? Maybe.


Three Out Of Four Danger Doctors Are Third World Ethnics [ 2 January 2013 ]
New figures from the General Medical Council (GMC) show that the vast majority of doctors who have been struck off were trained abroad. The revelations will add to concerns that NHS patients are not adequately protected from health professionals from countries where training is less rigorous than in the UK, and from those who are unfamiliar with basic medical practices in this country...........

• Three quarters of doctors struck off the medical register this year were trained abroad.

• Doctors trained overseas are five times more likely to be struck off than those trained in the UK.

• The country with the biggest single number of doctors who have been removed or suspended from the medical register, is India, followed by Nigeria and Egypt.........

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the GMC, said the health service would not have survived without the contribution from overseas doctors, and that it was important not to demonise tens of thousands of professionals who had brought their skills to this country. [ Communist subversive, opportunist, moral coward, Useful Idiot? Take your pick - Ed. ]
They take your life in their hands then let you down. The dead don't complain. Why is this not all over the headlines? Because Subversives, especially those running the Main Stream Media use Racism as a weapon to suppress the truth. It works with the corrupt, the Useful Idiot, the employed and, to be fair, the well intentioned. How many have these Third World incompetents killed? We will never know but the answer has to be: Too many.
PS The Chinese score clean. New Zealand is all right of course.


Illegal Immigrants Import Tuberculosis To England [ 30 October 2015 ]
Tuberculosis rates in parts of London are 'worse than Rwanda and Iraq' due to lack of screening. Newham had highest rates in the country, with 107 per 100,000 people. The London Assembly, behind the report, said it was a 'national disgrace'. Prisoners, the homeless and drug users are most vulnerable to the disease...... Parts of London have higher rates of tuberculosis than Iraq, Rwanda and Guatemala, a new report reveals today.
Tuberculosis was wiped out in the 1970s, which is why screening stopped. But Illegal Immigrants Import Diseases. That is how Blair, Brown & Cameron brought it back.
PS The comments are worth a look. The Daily Mail's readers are not swallowing its lies, cover ups, its perversion of the truth. This is encouraging. People are realizing that Propaganda machines are part of the Enemy Within.
PPS Are Third World intruders an asset or liability? See the next few.


Tuberculosis & Cholera Brought Back to England By Third World Immigrants [ 29 December 2015 ]
Scarlet fever, scurvy and cholera has risen in England. Tuberculosis rate has reduced a bit in recent years but still it is significantly higher than other developed countries

It has been assumed that Victorian diseases are completely eliminated from developed countries but in reality this is not the case. Britain is particularly facing the resurgence of ancient diseases like tuberculosis, cholera, measles, whooping cough, scurvy and scarlet fever and the situation is getting worse with every year gone by. 

Over the past five years, scarlet fever has risen 136%, scurvy by 38% and cholera by 300% in England. Though, tuberculosis rate has come down a bit recently but still it’s alarmingly high in comparison to other developed countries. It is even considerably higher than many developing countries like Guatemala, Iraq and Rwanda. Last year, 5,457 people were diagnosed with tuberculosis in England..........

Experts believe that the main causes could be immigration, malnutrition, increased poverty and lack of access to health care.  

According to National Health Service, around 7,366 patients have been admitted to hospital due to malnutrition between 2014 and 2015, compared to 4,883 cases from 2010 to 2011. “We meet families from across the UK struggling to put enough food on the table and at the extreme end you get people who are malnourished.” Chris Mould from Trussell Trust, which runs a nationwide network of food banks in Britain, told The Independent.

“We often see parents who are going without food so that they can feed their children and these parents often struggle to afford enough nutritious food for their children, too. We don’t think anyone should have to go hungry in the UK, which is why we’re working to engage the public, other charities and politicians across parties to find solutions to the underlying causes of food poverty.”
Tuberculosis comes from the unpasteurised milk in e.g. Somalia. Cholera is imported by Third World undesirables then spread by bad hygiene but scurvy & malnutrition are locally produced issues. Nobody on the dole should go hungry but then Illegal Immigrants should not be getting it or anything else, if only because Illegal Immigrants Import Diseases. This report is blacked out by English Main Stream Media.


Health Fascists Succeed In Banning Tobacco In Prisons  [ 6 May 2017 ]
The results will be quite amusing - from a distance. Criminals are an ungrateful bunch. They don't seem to realise that being healthy means living longer, being able to commit more crimes.



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