Psychiatry Is A Boondoggle

From Wikipedia with thanks. The Wiki is a propaganda operation. When it tells the truth about Jewish criminals I am pleasantly surprised. Some more is at Hoaxes

ADHD Fraud
It sounds right to me albeit the comedian marketing this one does not inspire confidence.


QUOTE ex The Trap
A separate strand in the documentary is the work of R.D. Laing, whose work in psychiatry led him to model familial interactions using game theory.........

Reference is made to the Rosenhan experiment, in which bogus patients, surreptitiously self-presenting at a number of American psychiatric institutions, were falsely diagnosed as having mental disorders, while institutions, informed that they were to receive bogus patients, "identified" numerous supposed imposters who were actually genuine patients. The results of the experiment were a disaster for American psychiatry, because they destroyed the idea that psychiatrists were a privileged elite able to genuinely diagnose, and therefore treat, mental illness.
This is something that patter merchants have been able to keep secret. The theory that Freud was 90% charlatan gets much the same sort of brush off but then Freud was a Jew too.


Rosenhan Experiment
The study concluded "It is clear that we cannot distinguish the sane from the insane in psychiatric hospitals" and also illustrated the dangers of depersonalization and labelling in psychiatric institutions. It suggested that the use of community mental health facilities which concentrated on specific problems and behaviors rather than psychiatric labels might be a solution and recommended education to make psychiatric workers more aware of the social psychology of their facilities.
A certificate of sanity is a very dubious thing to have. Using it might be thought a proof that it is wrong. Very sound on the worth of psychiatry.


Sigmund Freud
Was a Jew and very big in psychology. He is the recipient of a hard sell from the mass media. This are just some of the reasons for believing that he was at least 90% charlatan.

These offerings came from John Bryant's  DAILY READS and are unread so far


Curt Maynard recommends video:
Very good video about the fraud of psychiatry. Short, only a few minutes. Absolutely true in
every respect. I've got an MS in psychology and will confirm that the
entire discipline is fucked.
PS It comes from Citizens Commission on Human Rights which is a Scientology front. However I totally agree with Curt on this one. The video points to which makes the same point.

After watching the above, you might find this interesting in that it
reinforces everything said in the first.
PS It is also from Citizens Commission on Human Rights
The above is of interest to me, because it reinforces the truthfulness of
Sigmund Freud's comments back in 1909 when he told Carl Jung that they
[Freud and Jung] weren't bringing salvation to America, but were in fact
"bringing the plague." This conversation documented at Cambridge
University Press in a book entitled the Cambridge Companion to Lacan and
can be found here on page xxiv  


Psychoanalysis Is A Creation Of Jews And Frauds
The thesis of this chapter is that it is impossible to understand psychoanalysis as a "science," or more properly as a political movement, without taking into account the role of Judaism. Sigmund Freud is a prime example of a Jewish social scientist whose writings were influenced by his Jewish identity and his negative attributions regarding gentile culture as the source of anti-Semitism.

The discussion of Jewish involvement in the psychoanalytic movement was until recently, "as though by tacit agreement, beyond the pale" (Yerushalmi 1991, 98). Nevertheless, the Jewish involvement in psychoanalysis—the "Jewish science"—has been apparent to those inside and outside the movement since its inception:

History made psychoanalysis a "Jewish science." It continued to be attacked as such. It was destroyed in Germany, Italy, and Austria and exiled to the four winds, as such. It continues even now to be perceived as such by enemies and friends alike. Of course there are by now distinguished analysts who are not Jews. . . . But the vanguard of the movement over the last fifty years has remained predominantly Jewish as it was from the beginning. (Yerushalmi 1991, 98)
Freud was a chancer on the make using neurotic women's fantasies. The rest is rubbish too.


Measuring intelligence makes sense. So does using it. But politics get in the way. Psychologists measured it then decided they did not like the answers they got so now they claim it cannot be measured. This is partly because blacks rate low.


Is a use of torture.


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