Culture Wars

Culture wars are about destroying a country by destroying its culture, its identity, its history and sense of shared worth. It is being done to us deliberately, slowly, insidiously and maliciously by post Marxists with an agenda; the destruction of civilization. What do they think will replace it? I do not know. Do they? Perhaps they are just Useful Idiots driven by hatred,  envy and Western Guilt. Marxists believed what Karl Marx had to say and sent over 85 million people to their deaths. Post Marxists are followers of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party who decided that it would be easier to destroy civilization from the top down rather than Marx's way from the bottom up. This means infiltrating all of country's institutions, especially Education and the Media. This is thought control for real; they call it the Long March Through The Institutions. Marxist propaganda was crude. The post Marxist version is more subtle and far more dangerous as a result.

The media attack is wide ranging. It is operating throughout Christendom and involves three main fronts news and entertainment & language because Words are Propaganda Tools. It has an advantage for us. We can do something about it. Read down for more.

Aboriginal Culture
Doctor Kelly explains why culture matters and how Western culture & Abo culture are being destroyed.


Cultural Relativism
Is the proposition that no culture is better, only different. So Aboriginals living off the land are just as good as the people who created Western Civilization. Believe it if you want. I do not.


Culture ex Wiki
Culture, in sociology means the beliefs of a people. The Wiki takes much longer to tell us something of the sort. Modern culture is largely created in Hollywood, the media generally and the education industry. This means we can be manipulated by malign forces. We are being manipulated.


Cultural Genocide
Means destroying a culture by taking over its institutions especially the Main Stream Media. & Education industry. They suppress history and feed people a corrupt version. It also means flooding a place  with foreign undesirables; anything to destroy unity.


Cultural Revolution Culture War
Doctor Gabb explains all. Those foul left wing philosophers [ that is what they would call themselves ] are dangerous and effective. Know thine enemy. His book is at Download free pdf file.


Cultural Pessimism ex Wiki
Cultural pessimism
arises with the conviction that the culture of a nation, a civilization, or humanity itself is in a process of irreversible decline. It is a variety of pessimism formulated by a cultural critic........ 

Cultural pessimism of the Oswald Spengler epoch might be seen as a refusal, of the rather intellectual and secular choice between Nihilism and modernism. Politically this tended to squeeze liberal thought.

Specific criticism of the West [ i.e. Western Civilization ], in the first years of the twentieth century, is usually taken as of the Old World of Europe, excluding therefore North America in particular.


Culture War
Is being waged against by our self appointed Invisible Enemy. His objective is world domination achieved through Cultural Genocide


Cultural relativism ex Wiki
Cultural relativism is the principle that an individual human's beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual's own culture. This principle was established as axiomatic in anthropological research by Franz Boas in the first few decades of the 20th century and later popularized by his students. Boas first articulated the idea in 1887: "...civilization is not something absolute, but ... is relative, and ... our ideas and conceptions are true only so far as our civilization goes." but did not actually coin the term "cultural relativism."
This idea is a bit of obscurantist drivel marketed very successfully to Useful Idiots. Culture is the system of beliefs in a nation or tribe. It can be studied, understood and compared with others. The relativism is a claim that no culture is better or worse, merely different. Franz Boas, the originator was a Jew from Germany albeit he had real brains; his doctorate was in physics. The Wiki does not quite say that he became a social activist with a view to destroying civilization but then the Wiki was set up by Jews.


Words as Propaganda Tools
The post Marxist disciples of Antonio Gramsci have taken control of English. Homosexuals are now gays and pushed at every opportunity. The BBC are very enthusiastic about this one. It is for their own private interests. They have an especial loathing of racism if they are accusing Englishmen. Blacks get a pass on this one no matter what.


Individual news items can be reported fairly accurately and honestly. Suppressing matters that they don't  want us to know about can always be excused. National news cannot cover everything. The agenda is there and working flat out against us.


This is the most insidious part of media subversion. The Archers were every day country folk. Not any more. The BBC line would be that they are part of a vibrant, multicultural Britain. The BBC is a propaganda machine waging war, a  Culture War on England. They are Cultural imperialists.


Charlton Heston Speaks - Winning The Cultural War
Charlton Heston is an American actor who came in for big roles. But he was more. He flew from England as a gunner during the war years when flying was not so safe as it is now. He speaks and he speaks well.


Christmas Under Attack
Perhaps you have noticed that there are people who talk about Happy Holidays. There are others who push Hanukah and the entirely fraudulent Kwanza. Could there be reasons, an agenda? It certainly looks like it.


This web site owes its origin to Sean Gabb, the leading theoretician of the right in England and a libertarian. You can find him at You can find his writing at Free Life. Here is a sample.

The Ideology of the New Ruling Class
We have in this country a new ruling class. It is no longer the Monarchy and the network of land-owning and mercantile interests that clustered around it, or anything identifiable as the old—alleged—working class movement that competed with them. Instead, we are ruled by a coalition of politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, academics, media people, and businessmen who look to an enlarged state as the source of their income or status. When it came to power is hard to say with precision.

It had taken over the ideological state apparatus long before the 1997 general election that gave it formal political office; and that election result more intensified than redirected the course of events. Undoubtedly, though, it is now supreme.

The ideology this ruling class has taken up to produce internal unity and to justify itself before the ruled has nothing to do with the national past or the currently perceived interests of the majority. It is incidentally about regulating everything that moves in the interests of health and safety, and sometimes banning them, and incidentally about preventing alleged dangers to the environment, and incidentally about making us all into the subjects of a centralised European state. But these are only incidentals. They are not the core ideology. Though it has not entirely broken with the past, and though it may appeal to tradition as convenience requires, the new ruling class defines its basis of legitimacy lies in the proclaimed right and ability to bring about a transformation of the country into something entirely new. The old ethnic and cultural homogeneity are seen as evils. In their place, we are to have “a rich diversity of communities”. Some of these are to be sexual, some religious. But the real passion is for ethnic diversity. To take one instance of this, in 1998, the Government set up a Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain. Its purpose was to analyse the current state of multi-ethnic Britain and propose ways of countering racial discrimination and disadvantage and making Britain a confident and vibrant multicultural society at ease with its rich diversity.3

Chaired by Bhikhu Parekh, an academic placed in the House of Lords by Tony Blair, the Commission was a sub-division of the Runnymede Trust, a formally private body “devoted to promoting racial justice in Britain”. Its Report can be seen as a digested expression of the transformation intended for this country. Among the recommendations were a formal declaration by the State that Britain was now a “multicultural society”, and a commitment that deep-rooted antagonisms to racial and cultural differences [should be] defeated in practice, as well as symbolically written out of the national story.4

3 Report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic


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