Entertainment is a political weapon, a Propaganda tool. Does that sound  paranoid? More to the point, is it paranoid? Look at the evidence and see where it takes you. The BBC likes people to think that it was honest. Perhaps it was once to a degree. Perhaps it fooled people by being bland, low key and uninformative. Perhaps in the early days when it was run by Reith it really was taking it down the middle. Now it hardly bothers to pretend that is playing straight.





It has its serials, its soap operas and they are influential and highly influential when people do not realise that they are watching propaganda. They bill The Archers as a tale of everyday country folk. They were telling the truth once but not any more. Perhaps Coronation Street  was a reasonable reflection of life up North but not any more. Eastenders has little to do with the East End of London  and a lot to do with promoting the media's view of a new and normal England, one where England does not exist but Britain does, one inhabited by blacks and homosexuals. They use The Archers in precisely the same way to advance precisely the same agenda.







Do you follow any of these soap operas? Do you like their look, their feel, their underlying messages? Tell us about them, the characters, the plots, the whole thing. Help us to help you.

Do you want to do something about them? Complaining about a point might seem like too much fuss about a little thing. But there are lots of these little things and they are not there by accident. See Who to Complain To and How to Complain for something about what we can do.


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