Christmas Under Attack

Christmas is a Christian festival for Christians and  harmless fun for everyone else. Right or wrong? Wrong it seems. Our rulers do not like Christmas. They are making it difficult to celebrate Christmas. They are giving it different names. They are pushing alternatives which are pagan, Jewish or made up by political activists. Who are the enemy? What are their motives? See Trashing Christmas by Thomas Clough for an informed view.

Ed Steele [ RIP ] puts it all as well as usual with his essay - Jesus Christ, Outlaw. See  outlaw.htm

Hanukkah, like all Jewish holidays, celebrates the slaughter of gentiles by Jews. It is, in reality, a very minor Jewish holiday, at that, which has been blown all out of proportion simply as a part of the attempt to neutralize Christmas.

Christmas approximately coincides with the winter solstice and was co-opted by Christianity long ago when the Church

Thus saith Ed, a rather sound man.


War on Christmas ex Wiki
Is lengthy. Trustworthy? Perhaps.


Cultural Marxists Attack Christmas In Holland [ 23 November 2014 ]
Cultural Marxists
hate Christianity. Indeed it is their main target. Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communists in Italy knew it was their main obstacle. It is why he started the Long March Through The Institutions, attacking Western Civilization from the top down. Marx did it from the bottom up, which is why he failed. Gramsci is winning because Useful Idiots believe the lies. Paddy Ashdown is just one of them. He Wants More Refugees, who will cause Ethnic Fouling In England.


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