Is in South America, Spanish speaking, with a left wing government and of major interest to America. To put it slightly differently, it has oil, lots of it. The Venezuela tar sands have more than Saudi Arabia. It is getting noticed. So is the head man one, Hugo Chavez, Wayne Madsen had something to say about it on 4 October 2005.
PS Private Eye tells us at 1400/21 [ in 2015 ] that government thieves are stealing billions while people go hungry. Jeremy CorbynDiane Abbot, a fat ugly black ratbag of the Hard Left are keeping quiet about the place.

October 4, 2005 -- Washington Post Calls Venezuela "Undemocratic." The Washington Post, which employs Washington's largest stenographers' pool, yesterday referred to Venezuela in an article on Nicaragua as "undemocratic." In an attack piece on Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, the Post not only referred to Ortega as a child molester, a corrupt politician, and a marginal figure in Nicaraguan politics, but insinuated that Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and Ortega were in cahoots in some sort of "Bolivarian" axis.

These are exactly the talking points that are emanating from the neo con Latin American policy provocateurs in the Bush administration. The Washington Post dutifully repeated them in its editorial. People like Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have recently made threatening comments against the newly-emerging bloc of left-wing governments in Latin America, a bloc that may soon extend from Argentina and Chile through Bolivia, Brazil, and Venezuela, to Nicaragua and Mexico.

Never mind the fact that Ortega has achieved, through the electoral process, commanding political power in Nicaragua. And Chavez won his elections in 1998 and 2000 with 56.2 percent and 59.7 percent of the votes, respectively. After a 2002 U.S.-backed coup d'état against Chavez, Chavez won a U.S.-inspired recall referendum in 2004 with 59.25 percent of the vote. It was an election endorsed as fair by President Jimmy Carter and the Organization of American States. Carter could not say the same about the 2000 or 2004 U.S. presidential elections, fraudulent events the Washington Post refused to investigate.   And Bush could only dream of the electoral pluralities won by Chavez.


Hugo Chavez Warns Venezuela Of American Invasion [ 15 November 2009 ]
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has renewed his charges that the US and Colombia have sealed a "devil's pact" to wage war against Venezuela. For the second time in little over a week, Chavez called for his military and the country's militia to prepare for war to protect the sovereignty of Venezuela against the threat posed by the US using Colombian soil........... Chavez is furious over last month's signing of a military cooperation deal between Bogota and Washington granting the US the use of seven military bases on Colombian soil.
Bush invaded Iraq to steal their Oil for Israel. Venezuela has oil, lots of oil so Mr. Chavez is right to be worried or at least right to get his people alert. Remember that Bush and Blair lied about those nasty WMDs and that Obama was going to shut GITMO and stop Torture. He lied about that. Politicians lie like they breathe.


Ukraine Rioting Gets Saturation Coverage - Venezuela Gets Ignored - So Does Guinea  [ 21 February 2014 ]
Not quite total indifference. Guido Fawkes is telling it like it is. The rest don't care - as long as oil keeps coming. Venezuela has lots of it.


Socialism Works In Venezuela - Allegedly - Government Murders Voters [ 21 February 2014 ]
"Venezuela's socialist President Maduro was lauded by Labour MPs as proof that a better way is possible" when he came to power. Today the country has descended into violence. Its opposition leader has been detained and faces ten years in prison, hundreds of protesters have been arrested, several killed reportedly by government sponsored gunmen, and many more injured. It is well worth taking a look at some of the photos coming out of Caracas this afternoon. Back in Britain, the Labour MPs and loony lefty commentators who shilled for Maduro refuse to condemn him…
PS Diane Abbot is a fat ugly ratbag of the Hard Left


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