Time Line

The point of a time line is to see how significant events come together. Dates do not prove cause and effect but they can be helpful.

1607 - Cavaliers got to Virginia

1620 - Puritans got to New England

1760 - 1830 Industrial Revolution

1776 Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations which said Slavery is not worth having

1805 Battle of Trafalgar Nelson broke the French navy

1807 the Slave Trade Act became law

1808 to 1860 West Africa Squadron captures 1600 slave ships - too many men died of disease

1815 Battle of Waterloo Wellington broke the French army 

1828 HMS Black Joke captured 11 slave ships

1830 Stephenson's Rocket goes public on 15 September.

1833 Wilberforce got the Slavery Abolition Act 1833  

1848 Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto

1891 Pope Leo publishes Rerum Novarum - saying capitalism is bad, socialism is worse 

1900 Unions form the Labour Party

1900 Fabian Society infiltrate Labour Party

1910 Fabian Window designed by George Bernard Shaw as a statement of Treasonous intent 

1914 First World War begins on 28 July

1917 February Revolution Russians revolt, Russians win. 

1917 October RevolutionMarxists take over Russian Revolution, destroying nascent democracy

1917 Americans join First World War on 6 April because Jews want them to

1917 Balfour Declaration 2 November - Palestine used to pay Jews for getting Americans into war

1919 Housing Act 1919 passed because so many Brits were under-nourished in a 'land fit for heroes'.

The Act followed the 1917 Tudor Walters Committee Report into the provision of housing in the United Kingdom, commissioned by Parliament with a view to post-war reconstruction. In part, this was a response to the shocking lack of fitness amongst many recruits during World War One, attributed to poor living conditions; a belief summed up in a housing poster of the period "you cannot expect to get an A1 population out of C3 homes" - referring to military fitness classifications of the period.

1939 Second World War begins on 1 September

1941 Japs attack Pearl Harbor on 7 December

1941 America declares war on Germany & Japan 11 December

1945 Germans surrender on 4 May 1945 to Bernard Montgomery on Lüneburg_Heath

1945 Labour Party wins UK General Election on 5 July 1945

1946 The New Towns Act 1946 made Council houses into a growth industry. Houses were generally rubbish before the bombing. The Progress Estate, built in 1915 is a happy exception

1948 National Health Service started

1948 Jews take over Palestine, start Ethnic Cleansing and call it Israel

4 July 1954: Meat and all other food rationing ended in Britain - see Rationing in the UK ex Wiki - good for health allegedly.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_Kingdom
Political reaction
In the late 1940s the Conservative Party exploited and incited [ Is the Wiki taking it down the middle? NO! - Editor ] growing public anger at rationing, scarcity, controls, austerity and government bureaucracy. They used the dissatisfaction with the socialistic and egalitarian policies of the Labour Party to rally middle-class supporters and build a political comeback that won the 1951 general election. Their appeal was especially effective to housewives, who faced more difficult shopping conditions after the war than during it.[32]


Post 1945 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_house but before as well

Nationalization in England

Canals of Great Britain important in the Industrial Revolution

1960 Americans get involved in Vietnam War. England does not - SAS apart. Wilson refused. Wilson lied about it too, albeit the SAS became 'American' for the duration. See What was England's involvement in Vietnam?

Washington encouraged its SEATO allies to contribute troops. Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines[205] all agreed to send troops. Major allies, however, notably NATO nations Canada and the United Kingdom, declined Washington's troop requests.[206] The U.S. and its allies mounted complex operations, such as operations Masher, Attleboro, Cedar Falls, and Junction City. However, the communist insurgents remained elusive and demonstrated great tactical flexibility.

1975-04030 the Fall of Saigon

1970 or thereabouts Holocaust® Story marketing starts

2006 Fabian Window, revealing Treasonous intent unveiled by Blair, Fabian and War Criminal

2008 Jews begin Gaza Massacre I on 27 December

2012 Jews begin Gaza Massacre II on 14 November