The Occidental Observer

The Occidental Observer is an on line magazine run by Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at the California State University, Long Beach. The main theme of the Observer's writings is that Zionist crazies have infiltrated the Institutions which hold Western Civilization together in order to destroy it. The main tool they are using is Third World immigration into England, America, Europe & other civilized countries.

We should ask whether Professor MacDonald is right or wrong. It is a question about the survival of European peoples & Western Civilization. It is the most important question of the century. One approach to the question is to ask about the public reaction, or the Main Steam Media reaction. The public by and large is oblivious, except where it has the results inflicted on it. The lower classes have blacks, Indians, east Europeans living among them. They see the crime, degradation, disease that the media hide. The ruling class get the cheap servants, better service in the restaurants they use. Then there are the bribes too.

We can look the treatment of Professor MacDonald. The main one is to pretend he does not exist. He is a non-person, just like Joe Stalin's ex-friends, air brushed out of history. The Wikipedia is hostile but pretends to be even handed. None of them complain about the accuracy of his sources; there are plenty of them there to check. One of the Observer's writers is Francis Carr Begbie, who Wikispooks tell us about; he uses evidence and comment. He is worth a look

Here are some of TOO's offerings. They tend to be long, careful, factual with links to sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Pakistani Collectivist Culture Was At The Root Of The Rotherham Pathology
Professor MacDonald is at his perceptive best. All Pakistanis knew what was going on in Rotherham, not just some. English rapists have to keep very quiet about their deeds unless they want to go to prison. Pakistanis are just as keen on Mesirah, the code of silence as the Jews who protected Madoff.

Ricardo Duchesne’s “Multicultural Madness”

The High Mindedness Of The British, New Zealand & The United States

Maureen Dowd on Slithering Neocons: Why Isn't the ADL Outraged?

As The War Drums Beat by Merlin Miller

Anti-White racism condemned by a mainstream French politician by Peter Stuyvesant

Heads They Win, Tails We Lose by Jack Beauregard

California Assembly Attempts to Stifle Reasonable Debate on Israel and Jewish Power by Kevin MacDonald

The Republicans’ Last Hurrah? by Kevin MacDonald


Occidental Observer Sources

The Occidental Observer is a worthy source which tells us that Jews infest America to its very severe detriment. It does not merely say so; it proves it with documented sources.  Here are a few.


Breivik's "The great Satan, his cult and the Jews" by Kevin MacDonald
White Refugees from Third World Barbarism: The Case of South Africa, Part 2 by Lara Johnstone
White Refugees from Third World Barbarism: The Case of South Africa, Part 1 by Lara Johnstone


Anders Breivik as a Nordicist
 by Kevin MacDonald Condemning the Messenger: Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Anders Breivik, and the Politics of Repression by Kevin MacDonald Breivik: Sending a message to the elites by Yggdrasil Breivik: Imposing Costs on Multicultural Elites by Kevin MacDonald Jennifer Rubin's Self-Serving Analysis of the Norwegian Terror by Kevin MacDonald


Francis Carr Begbie ex Wikispooks

Title Document type Publication date Subject(s) Description
David Cameron in the Knesset. March 2014 article 26 March 2014 Israel-UK relations
David Cameron
Bejamin Netanyahu
A brief run down on the espionage involvement of Israeli firms active in the UK and US on the occasion of the visit of UK PM David Cameron to Israel on 12 March 2014
Doreen and Karen – a tale of two mothers article 15 August 2013 Racism in the UK A startling and telling comparison of the treatment of two horrific racially-motivated murders by the UK Establishment.
From Communist to Neoconservative review 25 February 2016 David Aaronovitch Review and critique of David Aaronovitch's book "Party Animals" exposing its selective, partisan presentation of the Post WWII Communist Party of Great Britain and the glossed-over Jewish domination of its membership.
The Labour Party turns on the Israel Lobby article 19 August 2015 Jeremy Corbyn
Israel Lobby
Labour Party
A useful analysis of the paranoia of the Jewish-dominated British Establishment and its media at the prospect of the Labour Party being led by someone who is not 'de-rigeur' subservient to the Israel Lobby