IQ is short for Intelligence Quotient. It is part of an approach to measuring intelligence. The abbreviation was coined by the psychologist William Stern for the German term Intelligenz-quotient, his term for a scoring method for intelligence tests he advocated in a 1912 book. [1] When current IQ tests are developed, the median raw score of the norming sample is defined as IQ 100 and scores each standard deviation (SD) up or down are defined as 15 IQ points greater or less,[2] although this was not always so historically. By this definition, approximately two-thirds of the population scores an IQ between 85 and 115, and about 5 percent of the population scores above 125.[3][4]

Here are some essays on the point. One surprising result from IQ And The Wealth of Nations is the IQ given for Israel. At 94 it is a deal lower than the average of 100. A lot of Jews are very high achievers in science, maths, business, slave trading, major fraud, political manipulation, drug dealing and other fields needing brains and an ability to get away with crime. NB It seems that Ashkenazi Jews have the brains - see #Race And Intelligence but that Ethiopian Jews are gormless. The least intelligent being Bushmen in South West Africa.

Intelligence Is Mainly Inherited
That is obvious but it seems that some of the relevant genes have been identified, leading to better understanding. IQ can improve in a few generations.


Intelligence Really Is Inherited

The source is political so it may be biased, but in favour of blacks, not vice versa.


In Search of the Super Race The Six-Percent Solution
Fred tells us that Asians are more intelligent than us. He even shows us the proof so he is likely to be right. Will the Chinese or Japs be as vindictive and destructive as Zionist crazies. Fred does not say. NB Fred is evasive on the subject of Jews.


The Inevitability of Eugenics
Breeding for intelligence has got to the stage where it is very likely to be possible. What will the superman of the future think about the rest of us, the lesser mortals? It could be bad news. We already know, or should what the Jews, the Zionist crazies are doing to us. It could be bad, it could be dreadful.


Jews Breed For Intelligence
Thus saith Gilad Atzmon. Is he right? It seems entirely likely. He knows his own, which incidentally is why he left them to get on with it. He prefers England. Here he explains the Cognitive Elite. The idea is that rich Jews have been marrying their daughters to clever Jews for 1500 years. It works. That is why they are richer, more powerful et cetera.


Why Do Ashkenazi Jews Have High IQs?
They do have high IQs. The explanations are various.


Fred Explains IQ Reality
Fred has been around. Fred Is very readable. Fred makes lots of sense.


The LA Times Tells Some Of The Truth About IQ
The LA Times is very much part of the Main Stream Media, a  Propaganda machine run by the Puppet Masters.


IQ and Personality
I recently came across some statistics* about the personality traits of high-IQ persons (those who are in the top 2 percent of the population). The statistics pertain to a widely used personality test called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In the MBTI there are four pairs of complementary personality traits (which I sketch below): Extraverted/Introverted, Sensing/iNtuitive, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving. Thus, there are 16 possible personality types in the MBTI: ESTJ, ENTJ, ESFJ, ESFP, and so on.
I read this one as an honest man trying to understand intelligence. You might feel that it casts light on the subject.


Mexican IQ
Fred writes about Mexican intelligence. Fred lives in Mexico. Fred is married to a Mexican. Fred speaks Spanish. Fred sheds light on the numbers approach 


IQ And The Wealth of Nations
IQ and the Wealth of Nations is a controversial 2002 book by Dr. Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland. The book argues that differences in national income (in the form of per capita gross domestic product) correlate with differences in the average national intelligence quotient (IQ). The authors interpret this correlation as showing that IQ is one important factor contributing to differences in national wealth and rates of economic growth, but that it is not the only determinant of these differences. The data, methodology, and conclusions have been criticized.
The book was criticized. Does this mean it is wrong? No! Does it mean that various people do not like what they wrote? Yes! If honest men look at the evidence and draw conclusions they may well be right and provably so. A lot of propagandists are more than happy to abuse our ignorance of IQ testing, psychology and other issues. It is the same with Global Warming, another red herring used to distract us from the truth and honest government.


IQ Will Put You In Your Place
Imagine several hundred families which face few of the usual problems that plague modern society. Unemployment is zero. Illegitimacy is zero. Divorce is rare and occurs only after the children's most formative years. Poverty is absent - indeed, none of the families is anywhere near the poverty level. Many are affluent and all have enough income to live in decent neighbourhoods with good schools and a low crime rate. If you have the good fortune to come from such a background, you will expect a bright future for your children. You will certainly have provided them with all the advantages society has to offer. But suppose we follow the children of these families into adulthood. How will they actually fare?
More brain equals more money? True of false? Charles Murray has been over the ground, studied the evidence and knows the answer. Brains are better.


IQ Test
All right; you got here, so you can read. Now see how you rate against the rest. Have you got what it takes to beat the professionals or even the four year olds?


The Metapedia tells it like it is, unlike the Wiki.

Race And Intelligence    
East Asians: East Asia 105 60 7
East Asians: United States 101 26 1
East Asians: Elsewhere 102 9 5
Europeans: Europe 99 71 25

Race: Measurement region Measured average IQ Number of samples Number of countries
Aborigines: Australia 62 17 1
Aborigines: New Guinea 63 5 1
Amerindians: North America 86 19 2
Amerindians: Latin America 86 10 5
Arctic Peoples: North America 91 15 2
Bushmen: South West Africa 54 3 1

Jews And Intelligence  
Richard Lynn
, reviewing earlier IQ studies on Jews, in 2011 described the measured average IQs of the different groups:[1]



17 Year Old Lad Produces Mathematical Theorem [ 6 November 2015 ]
An Australian teenager has made a groundbreaking mathematical discovery, developing a theorem that could be the key to solving some of the greatest mysteries about the universe............

At 17, Brisbane schoolboy Ivan Zelich worked on a breakthrough theorem that calculates answers faster than a computer and could be crucial to advancing our knowledge of the universe and intergalactic travel. The incredible mind, who is thought to have IQ of around 180, has always been extremely advanced - stunning his parents when he began to speak at just two months of age.

After six months of intensive research with his US working partner, fellow 17-year-old Xuming Liang, together the teens developed the Liang Zelich Theorum [ sic ].
The lad in Oz has a European heritage. The Daily Mail does mention collaborating with a Chinese lad with a good brain. No blacks were involved. It happened in spite of the education system, not because. See evidence at e.g. NB Detroit is code for Black. Psychologists allege that IQ cannot be measured because it can but they do  not like the results.


Black Let Her Son Into Gorilla Cage, Gorilla Gets Shot, Not The Parents [ 6 June 2016 ]
Mother Michelle Gregg, 32 (right) and father Deonne Dickerson, 36 (left), revealed that three-year-old son Isiah (center) is 'doing well' as he continues to recover after falling into a gorilla enclosure
The child looks stupid too.


Washington Metro Drivers Jump Red Lights On A Regular Basis [ 18 August 2016 ]
Diversity hires are less competent. They get hired in spite of their shortcomings. Therefore things go wrong. People will die in Washington as a direct result of this politically inspired policy. Professor  MacDonald ‏@TOOEdit tweeted:-
A tad too much affirmative action hiring? An omen for the future as lower and lower IQ people are given these jobs.


Black Woman Dies Honouring Sea Goddess [ 3 February 2017 ]
She won't make that mistake again. It happened in Portugal, another country infested with Third World parasites.


Black Priest Eaten By Crocodiles While 'Walking On Water' [ 15 May 2017 ]
A Zimbabwean church pastor attempting to demonstrate how Jesus walked on water by crossing a river on foot was eaten alive when he was attacked by three crocodiles. Jonathan Mthethwa of the Saint of the Last Days church brought his congregation to the area known locally as Crocodile River before attempting his biblical recreation. 

According to witnesses, the pastor entered the water and waded out approximately 30 metres before attempting to make his way to the surface. Unfortunately for the pastor, three crocodiles pounced and devoured him. Only his sandals and underwear were recovered, according to a report in the Daily Post.
Stupidity can be fatal.


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