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The Freedom Party of Austria or Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs is on the right lines and getting votes. That is how it works in Democracies. The opposition witters about populist policies as distinct from popular, implying that the party is pandering to base instincts, that the critics have superior Morals. They haven't - they are ignoramuses, fools, rogues or Lenin's Useful Idiots.

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The Freedom Party of Austria[note 1] ( German: Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) is a right-wing populist[12][13] political party in Austria. Ideologically, the party is a descendant of the pan-German and national-liberal camp, which dates back to the 1848 revolutions. The FPÖ itself was founded in 1956 as the successor to the short-lived Federation of Independents (VdU).

The party, led by Heinz-Christian Strache, sits in the Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European Parliament.

In the Austrian party system, the FPÖ was from its foundation a third party with only modest support until it entered into government together with the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ), following the 1983 legislative election. When Jörg Haider was chosen as new FPÖ party leader in 1986, the party started an ideological journey which was described by observers as representing a turn towards right-wing populism. This new political course soon resulted in a strong surge in electoral support, although it also led the SPÖ to break its ties. In 1993, after a controversial proposal on immigration issues, the adherents of a position closer to classical liberalism broke away from the FPÖ and formed the Liberal Forum (LiF). This new party took over the FPÖ's membership in the Liberal International, since the FPÖ considered itself forced to leave.

In the 1999 legislative election the FPÖ won 26.9% of the vote, its best-ever result in a nationwide election, and came ahead of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) by a small margin. This led the ÖVP to agree to form a coalition government with the FPÖ in 2000. The FPÖ soon became uncomfortable with governing and fell sharply in the 2002 legislative election, where it gained only 10.0% of the vote; however, the two parties agreed to continue their coalition following the election. In 2005 increasing internal disagreements in the FPÖ led Haider and many leading party members (including the party's ministers) to defect and form the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ), which replaced the FPÖ as government partner.

Since then, under the leadership of Heinz-Christian Strache, the party has again attracted an increase in its popular support. In the 2013 legislative election the FPÖ won 20.5% of the vote and, more recently, it came ahead either of the SPÖ or the ÖVP in some state elections, entered in a SPÖ-led government in Burgenland and gained more than 30% of the vote in Vienna.

In the 2016 Austrian presidential election, FPÖ member Norbert Hofer won the first round, receiving 36.40%. Hofer will face Alexander Van der Bellen in the second round on May 22.


Austria Votes Right - Austria Gets It Right [ 23 May 2016 ]
Hofer: 51.9%. Van den Bellen: 48.1%. The FPÖ’s Norbert Hofer has won an outright majority of 144,006 votes in the second round of the Austrian presidential elections held today—but the final result will only be known on Monday morning, May 23, when the postal votes are counted.

According to the final official results issued by the Austrian Ministry of Home Affairs, Hofer took 1,937,863 votes, or 51.9 percent of the vote, to the communist/Green Alexander van den Bellen’s 1,793,857 votes, or 48.1 percent.

This means that Hofer leads Van der Bellen by 144,006 votes. There are an estimated 750,000 postal votes yet to be opened and counted on Monday morning.

Should the postal votes be split the same way as the election on Sunday—namely a rough 50/50 split—then Hofer stands a good chance of being declared the winner.
This is good news for once. The Daily Mail alleges that Norbert Hofer and his party are Far Right. The Mail lies about decent Patriots but then the Mail is a Propaganda machine just like the BBC & The Guardian. Of course it just has to drag in naughty Adolf, a total non sequitur. But the Mail's readers aren't fool enough to believe it. Read the comments & know.


Update - Communist Wins Austrian Election [ 24 May 2016 ]
The Communist-Green party candidate, backed by the socialists and conservatives, has won the presidential election in Austria by 31,026 votes. Hofer polled 2,223,458 votes, or 49.7 percent, and Van der Bellen polled 2,524,484 votes, or 50.3 percent of the vote.

Van der Bellen came from behind after the polling on Sunday to win just over 60 percent of the postal ballots. Even so, he only beat Nobert Hofer by some 31,000 votes, which means that the total vote split 50-50 between the FPÖ and all the other parties—an astonishing achievement in light of the establishment conspiracy against that party.........

“The whole of the old party system (the SPÖ, three former ÖVP leaders, the Greens, the Neos, EU-Juncker, EU-Schulz, etc.) campaigned against Norbert Hofer.
The Establishment all hate him, which tells us more about corrupt collusion between Left Wing and alleged Right Wing than it does about the Freedom Party Of Austria. The Main Stream Media reaction is one of delight. They hate Democracy too. The Mail is pleased; its readers are not.


Update II - Jews Ecstatic After Hofer Defeat [ 24 May 2016 ]
The presidents of the Conference of European Rabbis and the British Jewish Board of Deputies have lost no time in expressing their glee at the narrow defeat of Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential elections—even though  Israel has the identical policies toward Muslims and “refugees” espoused by the FPÖ.

According to a report in the UK’s Jewish Chronicle, Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, said that

We would like to congratulate Mr. Van der Bellen on his victory in the Austrian Presidential election. This is a clear sign that Europe is beginning to realize that hate and fear politics are not the answer to the many challenges we are facing as a continent.

Israel—the favored homeland of Rabbi Goldschmidt and Mr. Arkush—is one the nations which has completely refused to take in any “migrants” at all.........

In an official statement released by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office in September 2015—dealing with the building  of a border fence to keep Arabs out of Israel—Benjamin Netanyahu said that

Today we see what is happening to countries that have lost control of their borders. The combination of very brutal terrorism, labor migrants, smugglers, and the loss of control . . . says that we must restore control and ensure Israel’s control of its borders…

The Israeli Prime Minister went on to boast that Israel had been able to do “what no Western country had been able to do”—namely halt illegal immigration:......

These comments—among many others—are in fact far more “extreme” than anything that Hofer or the FPÖ have ever said—but Rabbi Goldschmidt and Mr. Arkush are of course very happy to support these policies in Israel—and condemn them when Austrians try to protect their own borders..
These insolent rogues meddling in our affairs, Subverting civilization, are Seditious criminals, Racist criminals, psychopaths full of hate. Netanyahu is a mass murderer who runs Concentration Camps In Israel. He doesn't want Israel, the Stolen Land overrun with Blacks.


Vote Fraud In Austria Helped Marxist President [ 25 May 2016 ]
The Austrian Ministry of the Interior has announced an investigation into “voting irregularities” in four towns during the recent presidential election. In all cases, the FPÖ’s candidate Norbert Hofer won the “live” votes, but lost when the postal votes were counted.

According to an official statement from Interior Ministry spokesman Robert Stein, the “irregularities” all involved the opening and “counting” of postal votes the night before they should have been.

The Interior Ministry has not said that there has been any fraud, and that its investigation—at this stage—merely wants to “close the gaps” in how tens of thousands of postal votes could have lain opened all night.........

In all these cases, it has been confirmed that the postal vote counting started on Sunday without witnesses and in contradiction to the official rules............

However, the communist-Green candidate Alexander van der Bellen was allocated the vast majority of the 12,378 postal votes in the four towns, pushing him into the lead in three of them.
Malpractice? Yes. Fraud? Quite possibly. Given that Jews were so pleased about beating Herr Hofer it is the way to bet.


  [ 14 December 2017 ]
The Daily Mail's headline is a lie. The Freedom Party Of Austria is not Far Right but it is Nationalist. That is why they don't want Austria overrun by Third World parasites on the make. They are also Liberals, the real sort; they are about Liberty It is why they are in favour of freedom of choice as distinct from the Tyranny of the anti-smoking, anti-everything of the Food Fascists & the Hard Left. They are driven by Legitimising Ideologies, which start with sweetness and light then became the rationale for mass murder.