Back in the 1950s Holy Mother Church told us that the family was under threat. The Church was right. I did not see what they were talking about at the time. Everyone that I knew had parents, a house and went to school every day. Things are different now but not better. You might wonder whether it just happened or whether pressures were deliberately applied to destroy the fundamental unit of society and society itself. They were; it was being done with malice aforethought & still is. The Church was spot on with its analysis but not effective with its response Here are some sources regarding the attackers and the generality of the issue.
NB Biology needs sex to create a child. Civilization needs marriage and a family to raise that child.

Rerum Novarum was a letter written by Pope Leo XIII to the Bishops of the Catholic Church in 1891 on Capital and Labour. He tells us in sections 13 and 14 that it is the duty of the father to provide for his wife and children. Further the idea that a "civil government should at its option intrude into and exercise intimate control over the family and the household is a great and pernicious error".


Liberalism Versus Blacks
The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals' expansion of the welfare state. Most black children grew up in homes with two parents during all that time but most grow up with only one parent today.
This comes from Thomas Sowell, a black author. Englishmen should read liberal as leftist, if not Marxist.


Tories Destroying Families Using Financial Pressure
I didnít need the latest Joseph Rowntree report to tell me that the traditional one-earner family is facing extinction.

Every conversation Iíve had with young couples recently Ė couples whoíve just married, had a baby, or are hoping to Ė confirms they feel they have no option but for both to work and for the mum to go back as soon as she possibly can. Itís a choice between that and penury.

Itís not that it is what they want to do, when I tentatively suggest that leaving a young baby in daycare is far from ideal for baby or mum, itís that they simply donít dare do otherwise. Two jobs are a must to pay their rent or mortgage, cover the bills and afford a child before it is all too late.

This dual-earning norm counts as a success for the Conservative Coalition, not a failure. Ministers are in hock to the feminists who believe this to be a good thing, advancing their great quest to take on men [ women? ] at every level and in every sphere........

It is not a legacy I would wish to bequeath if I were a Conservative Prime Minister or Chancellor.
Does our wonderful government really care? NO!


Government Apparatchiks Pervert The Course Of Justice Et Cetera To Imprison The Innocent & Steal Their Children
Can this be true? Yes! Paul Craig Roberts tells it like it is. The Wiki gives more detail and makes it sound even worse. See Wenatchee Child Abuse Prosecutions. Hysteria was involved.


Can the Traditional Family Survive Feminism?
Quite possibly not. It is certainly in decline and Jews are at it. Destroying the basic building block of civilization is their objective - except in Israel, the Stolen Land of course.


Child Protective Services - The Dangers
"Know your rights before you talk to anyone from CPS/DCF or let them in your house, they won’t tell you your rights. CPS/DCF can’t do anything without your consent, demand a warrant and speak with an attorney first before speaking with anyone from CPS/DCF, it could cost you your children."

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said it best, "The government’s interest in the welfare of children embraces not only protecting children from physical abuse, but also protecting children’s interest in the privacy and dignity of their homes and in the lawfully exercised authority of their parents." Calabretta v. Floyd, 189 F.3d 808 (9th Cir. 1999). 
Using the law as a weapon to destroy families and keep apparatchiks off the dole serves two purposes and follows Antonio Gramsci's agenda. Destroying the family was part of his approach to destroying civilization by infiltrating it from the top down. This is about American law and malpractice. England has its horror stories too.


Connecticut And Child Protection
Based on statistics, children are physically abused 3 times more while in DCF Custody
Based on statistics, children are sexually abused 8.6 times more while in DCF Custody
Based on statistics, children suffer  neglect  two  times as much while  in  DCF Custody
Based on statistics, children suffer medical neglect 17%  more  while  in  DCF Custody
Based on statistics, children  DIE  at a rate  FIVE  times greater  while  in  DCF Custody
Do foster parents care? They certainly cost enough.


The version that operates in Texas is evil and conscienceless. So if someone kills a lot of them one fine day I will not be shedding a tear.


Marriage and the State
Marriage is a private matter between consenting adults, or is it? Not when governments decide to meddle it isn't. The results can be appalling.


Families and Marriage leads us to Paternity Fraud Epidemic
Law which refuses to accept absolute proof that a man is not the father is corrupt law. The same law is designed to make it difficult for a man to get the DNA evidence; that is judicial malpractice. Feminists are active in attacking the innocent in this business.


Girl unhurt in 'escape' plunge from 2nd floor
UNION CITY - A 7-year-old foster child is lucky to be alive after she jumped from a second-story window yesterday and landed on a pizzeria awning, officials said......... Police said the girl had been placed with a new foster mom Tuesday and that the woman told them she had to stay awake all night because the girl kept trying to flee the second-floor apartment. While making breakfast, the woman heard people screaming and saw the girl had taken the bars out of the window......When the woman looked out the window, she saw the girl 15 feet below, wedged in the awning that was partially broken by the impact...
Whether she got her freedom or her mother is a question.


The Family Violence Industry
"Husbands and wives have arguments. Does that now mean a trip to jail and a criminal conviction?"
"A case of alleged domestic violence now belongs to 'the family violence industry.'"
"The belief system is also one of extreme arrogance, that the family violence team knows better than anyone, particularly the family itself, of what is best for them."

Paul G. Stuckle, attorney at law is writing about the reality of the legal system in Texas. It could be many other places. Apparatchiks love it, like anything that  keeps them off the dole. It matters to them. Broken lives and broken families come down the line.


Family Violence And Women
The first nationwide study of partner assault in the United States, done in 1975, found that 4.6% of husbands were victims of severe domestic violence each year, while only 3.8% of wives were partner assault victims. Since then, annual assault rates against wives have fallen to 1.9%, while assaults on husbands remain high Ė 4.5% in 1992 (Murray Straus and Glenda Kantor. Change in Spouse Assault Rates from 1975 to 1992. Presented at the 13th World Congress of Sociology, July 19, 1994). Since 1975, over 100 scientific studies of partner assault have shown that women are as physically aggressive Ė or more aggressive Ė than men in their relationships with their male partners (Fiebert M. References examining Assaults by Women on Their Spouses or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography. 1998). When it comes to partner abuse, women have become fully the equal of men. Feminist organizations typically over-represent the proportion of male assaults often quoting that women represent 90% of abuse victims. These distortions are broadcast mostly for political advantage and for increased funding opportunities.
Every movement begins as a cause, becomes a business, and ends up being a racket.


In The Name Of The father
Fathers are important to families. They make for better families and better brought up children That is not quite the point of this article but it does go over the ground quite well. The Pathology of the Female Headed Family does it better.


The root cause of crime is broken homes
This book outlines the consequences of the destruction of the two-parent family and the need to stabilize it by strengthening its weakest natural link, the role of the biological father. It is written from a secular perspective and includes a few things with which the owner of the Fish Eaters Website would definitely quibble. But it most certainly makes its case about the need for patriarchy, destroying the myth of women being innocent, sexless little fluffballs in the process...
This makes the same point as the previous article; fathers matter to families and successful child rearing.


Betty Friedan - Jew And Subversive
Was a Jew, Marxist and subversive - see Betty Friedan  who did enormous damage. Her influence in feminism caused family break ups and single parent families which led on to young men running wild and doing extensive damage. See  The Pathology of the Female Headed Family for the reasons.
Back in l963, when Ms. Friedan unleashed feminism upon us with her book The Feminine Mystique, she said that her ideas "may disturb the experts and women alike, for they imply social change." The change has gone on long enough to permit an evaluation. Are women happier? Are men? Are children better mannered, better socialized? Is there more premarital sexual activity? More venereal disease? More single motherhood? More shacking-up? More adultery? Is the family more stable? Is educational performance superior to what it was in the early l960s? (Remember that the original "new life plan for women" was a program of education.) Are there fewer school dropouts? Is the level of public debate more civilized, more mature? Are better young people choosing teaching as a career and providing youth with better instruction and better role models? Are the streets safer? Do the media reflect a growing refinement of taste and morality? Are more or fewer women living in poverty? In substance abuse?
UNQUOTE - see Amneus/garbage/g2.html
The Telegraph's offering [ Betty Friedan ] might lead people to believe that she meant well.


List of Feminist Jews in America ex Wiki

This list is from the Wikipedia which has an agenda. Inclusion is highly likely to be right. Exclusion means rather less They have been highly influential in getting the feminism racket going. Friedan was very much a founder of its modern and virulent form.
NB, before relying on the Wikipedia as an honest unbiased source look at Wikipedia

Wikipedia on Betty Friedan

Wikipedia on  Gloria Steinem

Rachel Adler

Wikipedia on Camille Paglia - long biographies tend to mean they are approved of. This is a bad sign.


Why You Are Not Married - A Woman Explains All
It is women that are desperate to get married. Blokes tend to be more relaxed about the whole thing.


Child database 'will ruin family privacy' [ 22 November 2006 ]
Parents will be devalued and family privacy shattered by mass surveillance of children.
You can attribute this to malice or incompetence. It is a take over of the family, the most fundamental unit of society, without which it will fall apart. That is the intention. It is claimed that it will cost  £224 million for the data base. It got over budget. They always do. This is some £18 per child. Do you ever get the feeling that nests are being feathered and being a friend of Blair pays off big time?


Is this doctor responsible for parents being falsely branded as child abusers?  [ 29 October 2007 ]
Dr Southall, has been praised as a pioneer by colleagues, while vilified as arrogant and dangerous by patients [ He looks like an arrogant rogue - Editor ]. He has also been in trouble over remarks he made concerning the case of Sally Clark, the mother who was given two life sentences for the murder of her two children before being released after medical evidence emerged to prove she was innocent.....

The suspicion is that justice may have been perverted by the paediatrician because vital evidence in the files — which established that the children he diagnosed as victims of parental abuse had never been harmed but were, in fact, genuinely sick — was deliberately hidden from criminal court judges [ This gets into the realm of major crime - Editor ].
Marietta Higgs tried it on and had 121 children stolen from their parents. See The women who went through an ordeal beyond belief.  She may well be unrepentant to this day. Other medics backed her on a basis of deep ignorance. See Stuart Bell - the relevant MP and very good. Professor Sir Roy Meadow was  very dangerous  too.


Collapse Of Family Life - Half Of Children See Parents Split By 16 [ 18 April 2011 ]
The collapse of family life: Half of children see parents split by 16 as births outside marriage hit highest level for two centuries. The astonishing speed at which traditional family life has collapsed is laid bare today. Shocking figures reveal that births outside marriage are at their highest level in two centuries and nearly half of children can expect their parents to separate by the time they turn 16.

Nine out of ten couples now live together before Ė or instead of Ė tying the knot. Before the Second World War, it was fewer than one in 30. From a situation 30 years ago where it was often considered shameful to have a child outside of wedlock, it has now become the norm...... Some 46 per cent of children are born to unmarried mothers, according to research by the Centre for Social Justice.

The think-tank said a child growing up in a one-parent family is 75 per cent more likely to fail at school, 70 per cent more likely to become a drug addict, 50 per cent more likely to have an alcohol problem and 35 per cent more likely to be unemployed as an adult.
This is not really new but it is news and important news at that. Society is being destroyed by various influences. Financial pressure is one, perhaps the most dangerous. Young couples cannot afford to leave home and start families. Buying is impossible for them; renting merely prohibitive. The source for this article is Centre for Social Justice, set up by Ian Duncan Smith, a politician so it will not be ignored.




From The Garbage Generation: Chapter I

Women are necessary for children. Fathers are necessary for civilization.



"Women," wrote Ramsey Clark in l970, in his celebrated book Crime In America, "are not a threat to the public." But he also wrote, in discussing the male juvenile criminals who are a threat to the public, that "three-fourths came from broken homes." That means mostly female-headed homes. That means that while the single mothers of these criminals do not themselves commit crimes and go to prison, the socialization they give their children has an extraordinarily high correlation with the male crime of the next generation. This socialization, in fact, is the "root cause of crime" which Clark wrote his book to explore. He had found the explanation he sought and he didn't know it. It was concealed by the generation-long time-lag between cause and effect and by the sex-switch between generations: like hemophilia, crime is manifested in males but carried and transmitted by females--or rather by single females. Instead of seeing the true connection, Clark gave his readers this:

If we are to deal meaningfully with crime, what must be seen is the dehumanizing effect on the individual of slums, racism, ignorance and violence, of corruption and impotence to fulfill rights, of poverty and unemployment and idleness, of generations of malnutrition, of congenital brain damage and prenatal neglect, of sickness and disease, of pollution, of decrepit, dirty, ugly, unsafe, overcrowded housing, of alcoholism and narcotics addiction, of avarice, anxiety, fear, hatred, hopelessness and injustice. These are the fountainheads of crime.

Not so. If we are to deal meaningfully with crime, what must be seen is its relationship with the female-headed family. Most criminals come from female-headed families. Most gang members come from female-headed families. Most addicts come from female-headed families. Most rapists come from female-headed families. Most educational failures come from female-headed families. Every presidential assassin before Hinckley came from a female-headed family or one in which he had an impossibly bad relationship with his father. Most illegitimate births occur to females who themselves grew up in female-headed families.

If we are to deal meaningfully with crime, what we must do is reduce the number of female-headed families; what we must do is prevent the divorce courts from expelling half of society's fathers from their homes; what we must do is terminate a welfare system which displaces millions of men from the principal male role, that of family-provider. What we must do is make the father the head of the family.

The female role, says Margaret Mead, is a biological fact; the male role is a social creation. This is the primary reality concerning human society. Motherhood has been the dominant feature of mammalian life since its beginning some two hundred million years ago, most conspicuously since the great reptiles became extinct and the Age of Mammals began sixty-five million years ago. Fatherhood in the sense of major male participation in reproduction is only a few million years old. Fatherhood in the sense of male headship of families is only a few thousand years old.

What is happening to our society is that it is discarding patriarchal sexual regulation and reverting to the primeval mammalian pattern of a reproductive unit consisting of the mother and her offspring, the male putting in an appearance to perform his minuscule sexual function and then disappearing or being hauled away to the sausage factory or being reduced to the role of stud who can be discarded when his female tires of him. "Men and women," rejoices feminist-anthropologist Helen Fisher, "are moving toward the kind of roles they had on the grasslands of Africa millions of years ago....Human society is now discovering its ancient roots....The recent trend toward divorce and remarriage is another example of a throwback to earlier times....[T]he so-called new extended family [read: broken family] may actually have evolved millennia ago....At long last, society is moving in a direction that should be highly compatible with our ancient human spirit....The 'traditional' role of women is a recent invention."

Biologically speaking, it is indeed a recent invention, scarcely older than the civilization which it made possible and which emerged coevally with it and created the wealth which reconciled women to accepting it. But women's new economic independence is leading them to yearn for a return to the prehistoric mammalian arrangement. "[W]herever women are economically powerful," says Fisher, "divorce rates are high. You see it in the Kung and you see it in the United States." Let's say, wherever women are economically powerful and there are no social guarantees to ensure male headship of families, divorce rates are high--such being the case among the Kung and the Americans. The Kung have no social guarantees to ensure male headship of families because the Kung never emerged from the Stone Age. The Americans have no social guarantees to ensure male headship of families because there exists an elementary confusion in the heads of policy makers, lawmakers and judges, who imagine that the obvious strength of the biological tie between the mother and the infant (the "biological fact" Margaret Mead refers to) means that it requires their assistance. A biological fact does not require the services of the legal system. What does require these services is the weakest biological link in the family, the role of the father. It was the creation of this role--only a few thousand years ago--which made patriarchal civilization possible. Prior to that, mankind had to muddle through the million years of the Stone Age with the female-headed reproductive arrangements of the ghetto, the barnyard and the rain forest.

The Annex is an essential part of the argument of this book and logically belongs at this point in the text. To place it here, however, would be placing a stumbling block in front of the reader, asking him to plow through fifty pages of tedious documentation, filled with repetitious overkill, proving the assertions made in Chapter I. Like the textual notes in an edition of Shakespeare, which nobody reads and which only one reader in hundreds consults, it has to be in the book but it does not have to be read. It is enough that the reader should know that there exists (and can be consulted on pages 000-000) proof that the high-crime, low- achieving areas of society are those with the greatest numbers of families headed by women and that the low-crime, high-achieving groups in society are those with stable, patriarchal families--that the feminist/sexual revolution and its attempt to impose a social organization based on female kinship is a failure and that it is necessary to return to a social organization based on male kinship.

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