It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. That is what Joseph Stalin said. Uncle Joe knew what he was talking about. Ditto for mass murder. English voting was assumed to be fairly honest although with ethnics involved that is changing briskly for the worse. Americans have had problems much longer. Using computers to count votes made matters much worse.

Of course the clever criminals don't bother with this sort of thing so much. They buy politicians on all sides. Whence:-
Conservative Friends of Israel

Labour Friends of Israel
Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel

That way they win regardless. A stacked deck wins every time as long as people do not realize what is going on. Who is doing it? Have a look at:- Election 2015

Voting Machines are vulnerable to fraud. So says Bruce Schneier at https://www.schneier.com/crypto-gram/archives/2016/0815.html. He links to:-:

Election 2016 - A Battle Won, A War Yet To Win
This was the momentous election in America. Donald Trump won in spite of a torrent of Main Stream Media hate & lies. Using victory is hugely important. Magnanimity might make sense later.


Election 2017
Was called by Theresa May to clear the decks before Brexit negotiations get under way.


Election 2015
It has not happened yet but politicians are telling their lies, making their moves, feeding us the propaganda. Believe nothing until it has been officially denied.


Election 2010
Was in England marked by an exceptionally malicious campaign of hatred against the British National Party


Election 2008
An American election, a corrupt election driven by hate.


Election Fraud
Changing the system was sold as an improvement. It opened to the flood gates to wide spread corruption and the crooks moved in big time.

ES&S run 90% of the voting machines
English votes are hand counted. American voting is mechanized. English votes have  an audit trail. American voting does not. It is wide open to fraud and that is the way politicians want it.

ES&S was founded in 1980  by Todd and Bob Urosevich, they were financed by the Ahmanson family. The Ahmanson family made billions in the insurance and Savings and Loan field. These Russian Jews control 90% of the votes in America. A vice president of ES&S, Tom, was entangled in a bribery prosecution regarding voting machines - he took an immunity plea and a Georgia official went to jail.

Of course it is different in Afghan, or is it?


Voting USA
Americans are going to be voting for their next president fairly soon [ 2008? ]. All of the candidates are corrupt; bought and paid for. And the voting machines are wide open to fraud. Actually one candidate is honest; that is why the main stream media did a news blackout on him. Ron Paul is the only one worth having.
PS I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Ron Paul looked right, sounded right, had a track record to prove it then folded, went limp when he was needed most. His son, a little shit made some of the right noises then went the other way which is why he qualified as Race Traitor 2013. Subsequent of the Enemy Within are Bill Gates, Merkel, Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron & Obama; where do you stop with a list like this?



Illegal Immigrants In Vote Fraud [ 4 May 2012 ]  
FEARS of widespread vote rigging in today’s elections were raised after an MP discovered one in five migrants with no right to be here was on the electoral register. Nick de Bois cross-checked the names of constituents seeking his help to stay in the UK and found 21 out of a sample 100 had signed up for voting rights. The Tory backbencher is calling on ministers to tighten registration rules, claiming it is harder to get a library card than a ballot paper. Police have already identified a black market for selling voting papers online, while postal ballots are also open to abuse.

Mr. de Bois, member for Enfield North in London, said yesterday: “Maintaining the integrity of the voting register is crucial. In local elections particularly, when the difference between winning and losing for a candidate can be a handful of votes, it’s shocking that people who have no right to vote do vote.”

The MP said some people get on the electoral roll just to obtain credit cards or commit financial fraud. In Enfield, anyone applying for a library card needs to show two forms of identity and address including a utility bill. Yet people registering to vote only have to fill in and return a form posted through their doors.

Mr. de Bois wants the Government to “clean up” the register before the next elections. On Monday police began probing alleged voter registration fraud in Tower Hamlets, east London, which has a huge Bangladeshi community.
Labour Party policy is to import millions of Third World free loaders and make it easy for them to vote. It is bribery which gives power. The Tories are too stupid or incompetent to get a grip of the problem. Election Fraud is gross but they are doing nothing about it.


Violence And Race Hate In Britain's Grubbiest By-Election [ 18 February 2017 ]
The police are now almost as busy as the candidates in what is fast-becoming the grubbiest by-election of modern times. And we still have six days to go before the voters of Stoke Central choose their new MP...........

Stoke-on-Trent happens to be the most pro-Brexit city in the UK. A whopping 70 per cent of voters chose to leave the EU last year................

And right now Labour desperately needs its core vote more than ever. Historically, this solidly working-class West Midlands seat has loyally returned anything wearing a red rosette. But now, many Labour voters are about to part company with a party that, in their view, no longer shares their values having taken them for granted for so long...........

Last week’s YouGov poll showing Labour has fallen to third place behind the Tories and UKIP among blue-collar voters merely reinforces the point. Whatever the result, we are already witnessing the death of something important: the tribal vote which has sustained Labour for so long.
The headline is verbatim and tosh. On the face of it Stoke people voted for Brexit. They couldn't vote Tory but they know they were betrayed by Labour so they really voted against the flood of Pakistanis, in particular the Pakistani Perverts who are allowed to Rape English girls. Notice that the Liberal Party are running an Islamic; they are stupid as well as corrupt.


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