Election Fraud

Voting in England has been assumed to be fairly honest and, I think, was. The system was corrupt in the Eighteenth Century and bribes were blatant but it had a virtue. The voters were men of substance with an interest in stability.

One issue came from the Rotten boroughs where the number of voters had shrunk, giving them undue influence at elections. Old Sarum in Wiltshire was famous for having 3 houses and 7 voters. There was  criticism from Tom Paine and William Cobbett, both sound men. The Reform Act 1832 was a start in cleaning up the system and giving something like genuine democracy.

A weakness of the current system is that enrolling in the big towns is effectively anonymous. Someone puts down the names of people allegedly living at an address. Whether he is telling the truth is unknown and, in at least 99% of cases unchecked. Mohamed can put his wives and a dozen sons down. If questions are asked he can claim that they have gone back to Pakistan to study the Koran. In practice this means they didn't exist or that they are learning how to make war against civilization.

Another weakness is that people go along to vote without proving their identity. If this weakness is not grossly abused by Mohamed there is something odd about him.

The whole business of postal votes is a way of making fraud much easier. A judge, Richard Mawrey who was commissioned to investigate one particular case had a pungent view:-

QUOTE ex Purity of Elections in the UK - http://www.jrrt.org.uk/sites/jrrt.org.uk/files/documents/Purity of Elections in the UK.pdf
Judge Richard Mawrey QC suggested that the evidence pointed to a level of organised fraud “that would disgrace a banana republic”............ In an Afterword....... Mawrey took issue with a governmental statement asserting that “the systems already in place to deal with the allegations of electoral fraud are clearly working”:......... The systems to deal with fraud are not working well. They are not working badly. The fact is that there are no systems to deal realistically with fraud and there never have been. Until there are, fraud will continue unabated.
One moral is that politicians lie as a matter of course.

One issue that has benefited from a Main Stream Media blackout is that a lot of fraud is committed by Third World foreigners from countries where corruption is normal. This is because the media form a Propaganda machine operating against British interests and English interests.

One of the changes brought in with postal voting by the Jew, Straw as Home Secretary was granting votes to lunatics, people who are not responsible for their own actions. His contempt for democracy showed through. Her Majesty's Government showed its real attitude to fraud by claiming that there is no problem. They just ignore problems. 

An answer might be looking at how Americans do things. They have had corruption for a long time now. The move to computers was a major step backward. The honest among them want to go back to paper with an audit trail. See the article on the firm called ES&S.

Voting USA
Americans are going to be voting for their next president fairly soon [ 2008? ]. All of the candidates are corrupt; bought and paid for. And the voting machines are wide open to fraud. Actually one candidate is honest; that is why the main stream media did a news blackout on him. Ron Paul is the only one worth having.


Vote Rigging
We do not hear much about fraudulent voting in England. The main stream media do not want us to know. Nor does Labour. It is where they get their power from. The Tories let them get away with it because they are stupid, corrupt or both. Read about the cases, convictions, mug shots. It is not an all Pakistani line up. There is a Jew and even a couple of Englishmen. Yes, we do have our very own criminals albeit most of them are Parliament or police.


Purity of Elections in the UK - Causes for Concern
The title sounds rather pompous; the phrase comes from Joseph Rowntree who was a Quaker with a conscience. His foundation does things and this report is one such. It is not particularly even handed which is a pity.

Telling us that proportional representation is a good thing without pointing out its defects is one example. PR means that political parties choose who gets office while the current system means that people choose. Politicians owe their loyalty, such as it is to voters, not power brokers. The author tells us that most proven fraud is committed by Englishmen but all of the names mentioned are those of Pakistanis so the man is lying. To be fair he also says that the system is wide open to abuse and, without any enthusiasm that systematic corruption is very much a Pakistani thing.


ES&S run 90% of the voting machines
English votes are hand counted. American voting is mechanized. English votes have  an audit trail. American voting does not. It is wide open to fraud and that is the way politicians want it. ES&S was founded in 1980  by Todd and Bob Urosevich, they were financed by the Ahmanson family. The Ahmanson family made billions in the insurance and Savings and Loan field. These Russian Jews control 90% of the votes in America. A vice president of ES&S, Tom, was entangled in a bribery prosecution regarding voting machines - he took an immunity plea and a Georgia official went to jail


Labour Voting - Fraud Is Policy  [  29 April 2008 ]
THE ASSEMBLED student volunteers in the car park of a boarded-up pub in Gipton, Leeds, were hoping to do their small bit to avert Labour’s predicted electoral meltdown. The rundown suburb — a former Labour stronghold — is crucial in the party’s fight to seize back control of the city council. Labour is only too aware that heavy defeats in Thursday’s local elections will sour the expected coronation of Gordon Brown as leader this summer. Keith Wakefield, the Labour group’s leader, was also present in the car park, underlining the importance of the Gipton and Harehills ward to the party.....

The secret tape recordings she made last week would appear to confirm many people’s fears that senior Labour figures are carrying out sharp practices which could have a decisive effect on the outcome of this week’s local elections.

The purpose of the gathering in the car park was to instruct the students to “chase” postal votes. Wakefield had told our reporter during the car journey: “Our job... will be to make sure they [the voters] have either done it [sent in their postal votes] or we will help them...If we can get back these votes for Labour, we can win this.”
Crime is a way of life for some and anyone who wants power should be disqualified. Fraud is easier with Pakistanis. They understand bribery so much better. Lewisham Council make fraud as easy as possible for illegal immigrants. The enrolment forms for voting  are vague about who qualifies so that they can claim that they didn't understand. Policy? Believe it unless you are very naive.
PS The perpetrators of this one seem to have gotten away with it. The police are idle, corrupt or frightened of bent politicians


Voting Fraud Is Extensive In The 'Immigrant Community' [ 1 May 2008 ]
Ministers are considering introducing individual registration for voters - as a report claims elections in the UK are vulnerable to large-scale fraud.............. The problem is partly because "previously robust" administration systems have now reached "breaking point", says the report, called Purity of Elections in the UK: Causes for Concern.
The BBC is are lying using a mixture of suppression, half truths and irrelevancies. That is what the BBC is so very good at; they have had a lot of practice. Pakistanis are cheating. Rowntree says so but claims that there are more Englishmen at it. The Beeb is happy to use their version. The rest of the main stream media have done a fairly complete black out. Going to the source [ Purity of Elections in the UK - Causes for Concern ] and ploughing through the drivel is the answer to the Beeb's subversion. It is not a very good report; it ignores the American's in depth experience of crooked computer programmes which are easy to cheat and leave no audit trail. It claims that it is not ethnics who are systematically cheating then gives us names like Fazal Subhan,Rafique Malik, Mozaquir Ali, Saeed Akhtar Chaudhary, Mozaquir Ali and Muhammed Afzal, who got away with it on appeal. So rest assured that this May Day election could be the most corrupt ever and that includes the malpractices in Rotten Boroughs that led to the Reform Act 1832.
PS See Labour Voting - Fraud Is Policy

Election Fraud In London - Officials Ignore The Problem [ 2 May 2008 ]
The newly elected British National Party councillor for Tilbury Riverside in Thurrock, Emma Colgate, reports in from the Alexandra Palace counting station:
“We have lodged an official complaint with the Returning Officer here over the large number of ballot boxes, stored overnight, which have had their seals broken and the contents obviously interfered with. The ballot boxes here are quite literally hanging open. The Returning Officer says they have taken note, but that there is nothing we can do about it.”
Councillors Richard Barnbrook and Bob Bailey, leader and deputy leader of the BNP on Barking and Dagenham Council, and also the number one and two candidates on the GLA top-up list for the BNP, have, just a few minutes ago of writing, lodged a complaint with the election observers at ExCel in Central London.
Election fraud is problem for some and a solution for others. It is also a criminal offence but it has benefited from a main stream media silence. They just are not interested.


Six Pakistanis Jailed For Using Ghost Votes To Rig Poll [ 2 May 2009 ]
The toughest sentence for postal-vote rigging was handed down yesterday as six men were jailed for using ghost voters to help the Conservatives to win a local election.  Mahboob Khan, 46, was jailed for 4� years for his role in a scam that prosecutors described as part of an epidemic threatening to destroy British democracy. Eshaq Khan, a father of ten, who ousted a longstanding former Labour mayor to snatch victory in a council seat, was also jailed. The rigged poll in Slough in May 2007 highlighted how easy the introduction of postal-voting-on-demand has made it to steal elections....

Mahboob Khan, who pleaded not guilty, was jailed for conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and perjury. Eshaq Khan, 52, and Basharat Khan, 46, were jailed for 3� years for the same offences. Arshad Raja received 18 months for conspiracy to defraud; Altaf Khan, 53, was jailed for four months for conspiracy to defraud and Gulnawaz Khan, 58, eight months for personation. 
To be fair these crooks are using the approach set up for them by Blair and the Labour Party. Inciting fraud to keep themselves in power is the name of the game. They are creating a Totalitarian State in England with malice aforethought.


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